Lt. John H. Roseboom

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Lt. John H. Roseboom, son of Hendrick Myndertse Roseboom and Maria Ten Eyck, was born at Albany, Albany Co., New York, 23 October 1738 (N.S.),1 and baptized there, 14 October 1738 (O.S.)2 He died at Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York, 4 April 1805,3 and was buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery, Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York.4

John married Susannah Veeder, daughter of Myndert Veeder and Elizabeth Douw, at Schenectady, Schenectady Co., New York, 19 May 1763.5,6

In 1790, his household was probably the one enumerated at Canajoharie, with 4 free white males over 16, 2 under 16, and 2 free white females.7

Sometimes called John H., "Silversmith," the H being for his father Henrick.

He settled in Schenectady as a merchant, purchasing his home in 1764 on the northeast corner of roads to the Fort and Niscayuna.

His business acounts from 1772 to 1789 indicate he dealt with general merchandise, and silver ornaments which were bartered to those trading with Indians and receiving furs and leather which were forwarded to his brogher Myndert at Albany for shipment to London. Here are some typical entries from his account book:

"Messrs. Abr. Van Epes & Jacob Van Epes: 5 arm bands, 3 round moons, 4 pare rist bands, 1 box, 50 pare Eare rings, 13 pare large, 100 broaches, 50 Doo, small__L21,18, 0"

In April 1773, "Gereet Teller & Will'm Groesbeck" purchase, "eare wheels, large crosses, half moons, hare plaits, and 1 thousand gun-flints, to the amount of L115, 9, 0."

"Myndert Roseboom in Albany" is debited in Nove. 1774 with an invoice for L210, 17,2 for "1368 lbs. of read Lether at 2s. 9d. per lb., 33 of parchment, 16 Otters, 1 Fisher, 14 Mush Ratts, 13 gray Skins, 9 Bare skins, 5 Beaver, etc."

On 14 April 1786 he paid a bill: "To Doc't Will'm Adams, for attending in my family as Docktor, L9, 10."

As the revolution approached, on 6 May 1775, Schenectady voted him and nine others "to be a Committee of correspondence, safety and protection for the township."

"The Archives of the Militia and Roster of State troops," dated 20 Jun 1776 show John as "First Lieutenant of Capt. Oothout's, formerly Fonda's and Wasson's, company, in the Second, Col. Abm. Wemple's, regiment." Committee of Safety minutes, 2 Jun 1779, name him and three others as salt commissioners. The committee acted throughout the war to handle all the details of military matters including the raising of troops and trying cases of those charged as being "unfriendly" to the cause, i.e., Tories. One of those on the committee, Hugh Mitchell, had identified a Tory participant (Newberry) in the Cherry Valley massacre. In return, Mitchell's family was murdered. The committee took care of it's own, however, and Newberry was subsequently hanged.

While at Schenectady, he made at least one six week trip to Detroit, Michigan to trade with the Indians, the first part of the trip in boats on the Mohawk River.

Before 1790 he left Schenectady and moved to Canajoharie. On his farm there, he and several members of his family were buried, but about 1850 the remains were moved to Prospect Hill cemetery, Canajoharie.

At his death, he left 2244 acres in Cherry Valley, 708 acres in Oswebo, 750 acres in the Sackindaga patent, other land in Canajoharie, and several pieces in Albany, including "two acres on Albany Hill, a house on State street, and a stoor and lot on Market street."8


Susannah Veeder b. 18 Apr 1744, d. 26 Jan 1812
  • Hendrick Roseboom6 b. 15 Sep 1764, d. 21 Apr 1790
  • Myndert Roseboom6,5 b. 29 Jul 1766, d. 5 Feb 1788
  • Elizabeth Roseboom+6,5 b. 25 Dec 1768, d. 11 Jan 1850
  • Barent Roseboom5,6 b. 17 Jun 1771, d. 25 Mar 1807
  • Johannes J. Roseboom5,6 b. 25 Oct 1774, d. 15 Mar 1829
  • Abraham Roseboom5,6 b. 10 Aug 1777, d. 5 Jan 1867
  • Maria Roseboom5,6 b. 21 Feb 1783, d. 16 Apr 1796
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