Hendrick Myndertse Roseboom

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Hendrick Myndertse Roseboom, son of Myndert Roseboom and Maria Vinhagen, was born at Albany, Albany Co., New York, 15 September 17071 and baptized there, 21 September 1707.2 He died at Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York, 23 April 1803,1 and was buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery, Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York.3

Hendrick married Maria Ten Eyck, daughter of Barent Ten Eyck and Nelletje Schermerhorn, at Albany 29 October 1734.1

"An account book is preserved by the family, inscribed 'Rates of the Powder House; Hendrick Roseboom, 1775.' From this relic it appears that from 1771 to 1786 he held the important and necessarily dangerous office of "Cruyt magassihn meester," i. e., master of the power magazine, at Albany, in trust for, 'Die Committie,' --the Committee of Public Safety. For some years the deposits of ammunition in his care were small, his own son, Myndert, being among the first, apparently, to utilize the magazine; but as the great struggle of the war came on we find the old Dutch Magazijnemeester still in charge, and on one occasion loading up 25 wagons with no less than a hundred barrels, and delivering it into the hands of the military authorities, represented by Mr. Philip Van Rensselaer. Lead, buck-shot, swan-shot and flints were part of the 'stoor' supplies.

"Nearly 70 years old at the opening of the war, Mr. Hendrick Roseboom was unfit for service in the field, but he must have been still one of the efficient and trusted men of the community, to be continued in so vital a charge under such altered cirumstances. The 'rates,' as appear from the first page of the gun power book, were '4 shilings for every barrel, 3 shillings for every half barrel, 2 ditto for every quarter cask or lesser quantity.' The following entries, written partly in Dutch by Mr. R. himself, and partly in a beautiful English hand, perhaps by his cerk, reveal the nauture of the trust, and the names of some of the individuals concerned.

"1771, Nov. 22, Myndert Roseboom, Dr; to storage of 1 Barrel & 19 half ditto, Gun Powder.
"1773, Oct 27, Mindert ontfangen 5 Vatties van 100 lb. in stoor; ( Myndert (roseboom, Dr.) received 5 kegs of 100lbs each, in store.
"1773, Dec. 15, Aen (ditto) 5 Barrells Cruyt en Die Magessijn ontfangen (ditto, 5 Barrels of Powder receivedin the Magazine. The record gives powder stored for well known names, as Gerrit Jacob Lansingh, Hendrick Wendell, Peter Dox, Dannel Cambel, Hermanus Ten Eyck, etc.)
"1773, Oct. 27, Ontfangen Van Abraham Cuyler 10 Vatties van 50 per vat Cruyt in Die Magessijn gestort.
"1775, Jan. 7, van Goesse van Schajeck entfangen in Magessijn 24 Cwartter (quarter) Vatties Cruyt.
"1776, Aug. 8, 225 Powder, 500 Flints Kilyan Van Renselaer.
"1776, July 1, Powder in Store out of the other Side from the Committee 43 cask of 50 lb. each, etc., Delivard out of the Store of Commitee (by order to) Col. Lansing, Peter Van Ness, Dirk Jansen, Col. Van Renselaer, (Henry Kilyan), Anthony Van Bergen, Col. Van Den Bergh, Lt. S. J. Scyler etc., had dealings withthe Magazine.
"1777, June 10, 100 Barrells Loaded by order of Mr. Philip Van Renselaer 25 Wagons Each 4 Bar'l. This was out of the store of the Commitee. This large requisition of gunpowder was doubtless destined for the operations which ended in the surrender of Burgoyne, Oct 17, 1777, in which Col. H. K. Van Renselaer participated. Consignments of ammunition were also sent to Schenactady, Schohary, and to the friendly Indians at Onida."1


Maria Ten Eyck b. 30 May 1708, d. 9 May 1790
  • Myndert Roseboom1,2 b. 2 Jun 1735, d. 10 Apr 1806
  • Barent Roseboom1,2 b. 29 Oct 1736, d. 16 Feb 1796
  • Lt. John H. Roseboom+1,2 b. 23 Oct 1738, d. 4 Apr 1805
  • Neeltie Roseboom1,2 b. 20 Nov 1741, d. 6 May 1770
  • Maria Roseboom1,2 b. 13 Jun 1746, d. 24 Jan 1781
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