Deacon Thomas King

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Deacon Thomas King, son of Elder Thomas King and Sarah Tinker, was born at Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, 21 June 1645.1,2 He died at Scituate, 1 December 1711.1

Thomas married (1) Elizabeth Clapp, daughter of Thomas Clapp and Jane (…), at Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts, 20 April 1669;1,2,3,4 he married (2) Deborah [Briggs], whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), at Scituate, 15 June 1699.1,2,4

Thomas King is called carpenter in deeds dated 1695-6 & 1709; and husbandman in another dated 1709. He was elected and succeeded his father as deacon, a man respected in the church and community.

7 Feb 1687/8 an agreement was made regarding the laying out of seven shares of grants in Marshfield according to the grant of 18 Feb 1677/8. Elder Thomas had one share and his 20 acres of land was laid out near the Scituate town line. Deacon Thomas King took the oath of fidelity in 1668 and was elected constable on 7 Jan 1674/5, but, refusing to serve, was fined.

Some time before 1680 he bought the Nathaniel Rawlin's farm at Stoney Cove Brook in Scituate. He served on the Grand Jury on 1 Jun 1680, was elected surveyor of highways on 6 Jun 2683 and a selectman on 3 Jun 1690. On 7 Feb 1695/6 he sold to Josiah Torrey 10 acres of land located at Beaver Dam in Scituate. He acknowledged the deed on 17 Jan 1706/7. On 28 May 1702 he and Edward Wanton redivided lands in Scituate. King owned a great lot of 60 acres of upland which had been granted to his father, Elder Thomas King. This was number two of the great lots and was bounded by the "share Line." King also owned a 7 acres lot at "Drinkwater." Wanton owned 4 great lots numbered 1,3,4, and 11 of 60 acres each. On 21 Feb 1709/10 King deeded to his son Ichabod, of Rochester, 4 acres of meadow located in Marshfield, 80 acres in Gilmour’s Plain, Scituate, and 70 acres which King had received in exchange with Edward Wanton. Daniel and George King witnessed the deed. On 19 Sep 1709 Thomas King deeded to his son George, a carpenter, 10 acres located in George Moore's Swamp, valued at L25, as a part of George's inheritance.

His will was dated 5 Nov 1711 and in it he left to son Daniel the homestead on Belle House Neck, daughter Anne was to live in the house, Daniel was to pay 25s annually to mother-in-law Anne Sutliffe; to son John, “all of the farm in Marshfield on which the said John King now dwelleth” and any divisions of common lands in Marshfield, John to pay 25s annually to mother-in-law; son Ichabod had already received lands of considerable value; to son George, the house and lot "where I now dwell," he to pay 25s annually to mother-in-law; and L30 each to daughters Mercy Winslow and Anne King. The inventory of his personal estate totaled L274.5,6

Family 1

Elizabeth Clapp b. say 1649, d. 18 Mar 1698
  • Sarah King5 b. 3 Jan 1669/70
  • Thomas King5 b. 20 Aug 1671
  • Jane King5 b. 14 Nov 1673, d. bef. 5 May 1711
  • Daniel King5 b. Jul 1675
  • John King5 b. Apr 1677, d. 1721
  • Mercy King+5 b. Nov 1678, d. 16 Feb 1733
  • Ichabod King5 b. Oct 1680
  • George King5 b. Aug 1682, d. 16 Jun 1754
  • Anna King5 b. May 1684
  • Ebenezer King7 b. 22 Feb 1685/86

Family 2

Deborah [Briggs] d. 15 May 1711
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