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Lawrence Waters, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born at England, about 1603.1 He died at Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, 9 December 1687, aged "near 85."1,2,3

Lawrence married Ann Linton, daughter of Richard Linton, about 1633.1,4

Lawrence Waters was a carpenter, and immigrated probably in 1635 as his first child was born in Watertown, 14 Feb 1635/6 (though the year could easily be 1634/5 as it is difficult to resolve double dating issues in January - March given the arrangement of the Watertown records). He had enough education to sign his deeds but does not appear to have held any civil offices or positions in the towns where he lived.

He first lived at Watertown, then removed to Lancaster by 1645, evacuated to Charlestown in 1675 at the outbreak of hostilities in King Phillip's War, but soon returned to Lancaster.

His lands are described in various deeds, grants, and town inventories of land grants:
25 July 1636, he was granted twenty-five acres in the Great Dividend at Watertown.
He was granted four acres in the Beaverbrook Meadows, 28 Feb1636/7.
Granted four acres in the Remote Meadows, 26 Jun 1637.
Granted a Farm of one hundred five acres, 10 May 1642.

The two four acre grants indicate a household of four: Lawrence, wife Ann, son Lawrence, and daughter Sarah.

6 Mar 1637/8, he was bound for £10 for his wifes appearance at the next Quarter Court. Appearing 5 Jun 1638, "Laurence Waters his wife was enjoined to give John Finch 18d., & Nicholas Theale to give Jno. Finch 18d., & Edward Lambe to give him 2., & Lambe was fined 15s. 6d. for his contempt, & all of them were admonished to avoid dancing."

In the Watertown Inventory of Grants, he is shown with with six parcels:
a homestall of eight acres;
four acres of plowland in the Further Plain;
four acres of Remote Meadow by estimation & the ninety-four lot;
twenty-five acres of upland by estimation being a Great Dividend in the Third Division & the tenth lot;
twelve acres of upland by estimation beyond the Further Plain;
one acres of meadow in Patch Meadow.

In the Watertown Composite Inventory, he again held six parcels:
a homestall of eight acres;
four acres of plowland in the Further Plain & the 111 lot;
four acres of meadow in the Remote Meadows & the 94 lot;
twenty-five acres of upland being a Great Dividend in the 3 Division & the 10 lot;
twelve acres of upland beyond the Further Plain & the 14 lot;
a Farm of one hundred & five acres of upland in the 6 Division

An undated inventory of the first division of land at Lancaster shows he held:
his houselot "part whereof lies in that field he hath enclosed by his house there being six aces and half and nine acres of intervale in that field butting south upon the highway that lies between the carting place in the north river . . .,
more he hath a part of his upland lot lying on the east side of the Swan's Swamp being about thirteen acres and half or thereabouts . . .,
more he hath eleven acres of intervale lying on the east side of the Penicook River . . .,
all which parcels of upland and interval lying for his upland lot and intervale lot and lying for forty acres.

"Richard Linton of Lanchaster" deeded to "my daughter Ann Waters the wife of Laurance Waters of the same town ten acres of land of the north part of my house lot . . . and also one acres more of land which is a part of my orchard adjoining unto the house lot of the abovesaid Laurance waters . . . [also] four acres of intervale land liying at the Plumtrees adjoining unto a parcel of meadow of the abovesaid Laurance Waters, 13 Mar 1659[/60?] ."

15 July 1662, he gave some land to his son Adam:
fourscore and five acres of upland, being a part of Lawrence's second division;
his first division of meadow, being the 4th lot in number lying at the south meadow, being about 11 acres;
"common right belonging to fifty pound of my estate that is entered into the town book to draw land; by. . . , excepting four acres of meadow lying at the Broad Meadow, belonging to the aforementioned meadow, bearing the name of allowance.

11 August 1666 he have lands to his son Stephen:
"half of my second division land that lay upon the Four Mile Brook between Wataquadock Hill and Long Hill, the said brook running through it, and the said Stephen is to have that half in the east end accordingly as it is already divided & laid out . . . being laid out for eighty acres . . . together with four acres and half of my second division meadow which lyeth upon the said brook within the said land in several parcels, as also common right so much as fifty pounds of my estate entered in the town book will draw."

17 Mar 1668/9, he and wife Ann sold to Robert Harrington of Watertown:
twenty acres in the bounds of Watertown, "in lieu of plowland and township land,"
four acres of remote meadow
a farm of one hundred five acres "and is the thirty-fourth lot"
"with all my town rights, dues & privileges whatsoever that either now is or hereafter shall be or heretofore hath been due me in Watertowne, since the day that I sold the aftoresaid Robert Harrington the aforesaid lands, rights & privileges which was on the first of June in the year of our Lord 1655, all which aforesaid lands, rights & privileges being granted the aforesaid Laurance Waters by the town of Watertown."

In a list of those who had taken refuge in Charlestown, 20 Mar 1675/6, the selectmen took note of "Lawrence Waters & his wife & Samuel Waters & wife & 2 children. These are at Stephen Waters house. They came from Lancaster & are entertained upon the law to the relief of the distressed. Stephen Waters doth also engage to the selectmen & their successors to secure the town from any charge by the said persons."

The court answered a petition of Lawrence Waters, of Lancaster, 12 Oct 1676: "humbly desiring the favor of this court to order the payment of his accounts mentioned in his petition, of seven pounds, fifteen shillings & four pence, or thereabouts, due to him from the country, his rate of forty-two shillings being deducted, the balance may be paid him, being aged & blind, &c., it is ordered that the treasurer make payment to the petitioner the sum above mentioned, provided that if it is belonging to the old treasurer, & not charged in his account, that he pass it to the new treasurer."

He and Ann apparently returned to Charlestown where "Anna, wife of Lawrence Waters, late of Lancaster, now of Charlestowne," died 6 Feb 1680/1, and he died 9 Dec 1687, "near 85."

He died intestate, and his son Lawrence sold to Stephen Waters of Charlestowne, house carpenter, and John Sketh of Boston, cordwainer, the tracts and parcels of land "that Laurence Waters deceased died siezed:"
within the township of Lancaster, seven acres of upland & nine acres of interval land
the house lot with thrteen acres of upland
the remainder of the houselot by Swan Swamp
seventy-one acres of upland, part of his second division
fifty acres of second division interval & swamp
five acres of convenience & one acre of meadow adjoining
three acres of meadow at Broad Meadow
two acres of meadow at Watoopatuck Meadow
five aces of second division meadow
four 1/2 acres of third divsion meadow
twenty acres of upland that used to be the houselot of Adam Waters
85 acres of second division upland lying upon the South Meadow Brook
about 11 acres of meadow at the South Meadow
"convenience or privilege in town land unto two hundred pounds estate or thereabouts according to town grant & entered in the town book of records"
one acre of orchard land that used to be Richard Linton's
Ten acres of upland that was part of houselot of Richard Linton.5


Ann Linton b. abt. 1614, d. 6 Feb 1680
  • Laurence Waters1 b. 14 Feb 1634/35, d. 26 Sep 1693
  • Sarah Waters1 b. 7 Dec 1636, d. aft. 22 Jan 1707/8
  • Mary Waters1 b. 27 Jan 1637/38, d. abt. May 1713
  • Rebecca Waters1 b. Feb 1639/40, d. bef. 1 Mar 1639/40
  • Daniel Waters1 b. 6 Feb 1641/42
  • Lieutenant Stephen Waters1 b. 24 Jan 1642/43, d. 15 Jan 1719/20
  • Rebecca Waters+1 b. abt. 1644, d. aft. 1718
  • Adam Waters1 b. 1645, d. 15 Sep 1670
  • Joseph Waters1 b. 29 Apr 1647
  • Jacob Waters1 b. 1 Mar 1649/50, d. 15 Dec 1714
  • Rachel Waters1 b. 1 Mar 1649/50, d. 31 Mar 1650
  • Samuel Waters1 b. 14 Jan 1651/52, d. 2 May 1729
  • Joanna Waters1 b. 26 Mar 1654, d. 21 Apr 1654
  • Ephraim Waters1 b. 27 Jan 1655/56, d. 17 Jun 1659
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