Johannes de Wandelaer

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Johannes de Wandelaer, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), died at Albany, Albany Co., New York, probably soon after 20 June 1705, when he made his will describing himself as indisposed and sick in body.1

Johannes married Sara Schepmoes, daughter of Jan Janzen Schepmoes and Sara Pieterz, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), at New York City, New York, 17 March 1672.2,3

He wrote his will 20 June 1705:
In the name of God, Amen. On the 20th day of June, in the fourth year of her majesty's reign and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and five, I, Johannes de Wandelaer, senior, trader in Albany, now indisposed and sick in body, but of sound mind, senses, memory and speech, God be praised for His grace : considering the certainty of death but not of the time thereof, therefore not wishing to depart hence without having disposed of my temporal estate and effects, real and personal, that the Great God has granted me far above my deserts, hereby revoking, annulling and canceling all former wills, gifts or bequests heretofore made, [declare] this to be my last and ultimate will and testament drawn up in form and manner following:

1 I commend my immortal soul to the gracious hands of Almighty God my Creator, hoping and only trusting for grace and pardon for my manifold sins and transgressions in the bitter suffering and death of the blessed Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, my Deliverer and Savior, and my body to the earth in a Christian burial in hope of glorious resurrection at the last day.

2 I give my son Anderis the sum of twelve shillings current money for his birthright because he is my eldest son, to be paid to him by my overseers or administrators when the estate shall be divided among my heirs at the time hereinafter specified.

3. My will is that all my minor children shall be maintained out of the whole estate until the youngest then living shall become of age or marry "provided they be taught a good trade or handicraft and go to school and that no partition shall be made before the youngest child then living shall become of lawful age and that my minor children shall dwell in my house with my son Johannis until my youngest child becomes of age or marries. But if it happen that one or more marry before the youngest child becomes of age or marries, then they shall no longer receive lodging: and upon the majority or marriage of my youngest child, my son Johannis shall have the refusal of the said house at the valuation set upon it by two impartial persons, to wit, the house and lot standing and lying here in Albany on Browers street.

4 My will is that my minor children, before any partition is made, shall each have a proper outfit in reasonable burgher style, and each one who marries before the youngest child becomes of age shall receive [his or] her outfit at once.

5 My will is that the four daughters hereinafter named shall have all my household furniture, finished woolen and linen goods, and other household stuff, save that to my body belonging, to be equally divided among them share and share alike, excepting these in particular, to wit : my daughter Sara shall have my large closet (Kass) that is in York; my daughter Catharina shall have my large table that is likewise in York; my daughter Anna shall have my chest of drawers and my youngest daughter Alida shall have my little glass closet, and what one article is considered worth less than another shall be made up out of the other furniture; and if one or more of these my above-named daughters happen to die before their marriage then their portions shall be equally divided among the survivors of my daughters.

6 My will is that my house in New York standing and lying in Queen's street shall be let until an opportunity shall present itself to sell the same to the best advantage of my heirs, as my administrators shall think best and advisable; so also my garden lot lying in Albany on the plain is to be sold when they find it for the advantage of my heirs, together with all my merchandise, as well dry as wet, and an inventory thereof to be made and sold as they, my administrators, shall deem advisable; also all my coined money, gold a d silver, book debts and obligations which shall be found after my death with the above proceeds from the aforesaid house and garden lot and merchandise shall be put out on interest as my administrators shall judge proper until my youngest child shall become of age and whatever money remains over as aforesaid shall be equally divided among my eight children, save the aforesaid birthright, to wit, to each one an eighth part, to Anderis an eighth, to Johannis an eighth, to Adrejaen an eighth, to Pieter an eighth, to Sara an eighth, to Adrejaen an eighth, to Pieter an eighth, to Alida an eighth, to one no more nor less than to another or to his heirs

7 Lastly, my will is that every article in this my last will shall be observed without one article's annulling another, but according to the just intent and meaning of everything herein specified, and my desire is that my son Johannis and Thomas Williams shall be administrators of my estate and guardians of my minor children with express power to administer and execute every article herein mentioned without contradiction or giving account to any of my said children or any other person, only at the end of their administration to give a statement to the majority of my aforenamed children or to the majority of those who may then be living in the province of New York, hereby giving to my administrators Johannis De Wandlaer and Thomas Williams of this city of Albany full power to sell and dispose as aforesaid and then the same to convey or make over which[conveyance] shall be holden by them or any of my aforenamed children or their heirs as valid and inviolable. In witness of the truth of which I, Johannes De Wandlaer, senior, have subscribed and sealed this in Albany, the day and date first above written

Was signed:
Johannes De Wandelaer (L.S.)

Signed and sealed in presence of.
Hend: Hansen, Justice
Johannis Mingael, Justice
Evert Jansen.1


Sara Schepmoes b. 12 Apr 1654, d. bef. 20 Jun 1705
  • Andries Wandelaer3
  • Johannes Wandelaer3
  • Adrejaen Wandelaer3
  • Abraham Wandelaer3 b. 22 Mar 1685, d. bef. 20 Jun 1705
  • Sara Wandelaer3 b. 3 Apr 1687
  • Catherine de Wandelaer+4 b. 17 Aug 1689, d. 16 Aug 1767
  • Anna Wandelaer3 b. 7 Feb 1692
  • Pieter Wandelaer3 b. 19 Nov 1693
  • Alida Wandelaer3 b. 18 Dec 1695
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