Isaac Amsden

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Isaac Amsden, son of Isaac Amsden and Frances Perriman, was born at Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, 1655.1,2,3 He died at Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, 3 May 1727.1,2,3

Isaac married Jane Rutter, daughter of John Rutter and Elizabeth Plympton, at Cambridge 17 May 1677.1,2,3,4,5

In 1676 Isaac Amsden, about age 21, gave a deposition in a bestiality case against John Lawrence, testifying:
Thomas Michelson came to him . . . and was greatly affrighted and as a man amazed and said to him he had seen that that morning that he had rather given £100 than to have sene it . . . . He [Amsden] was too far away to witness the act.

Without two witnesses, Lawrence was later acquitted in a trial, 8 March 1676/7.

Isaac played some part in King Philips War. On 24 Jun 1735, about 60 years after the war, Narragansett township #6 had a drawing of lots--presumably in reward of services given at the time of King Philip's War. Lot #75 was drawn for Isaac's service; Lot # 87 was for his brother Jacob's service. Thomas, son of Isaac, represented the family.

Isaac was a proprietor of Marlborough. For 14 years he was a Selectman. He served as Town Clerk and as a Justice of the Peace. He is often referred to as Captain. In 1690 he took the Oath of a Freeman.

His name is found among others in the community petitioning the Court to sanction a purchase of 6000 acres from certain of their Indian neighbors. The deal came to be known as the Ockoocangansett Purchase. The purchase was made, unfortunately, before the sanction was asked of the Massachusetts General Court. The purpose was to augment the town boundaries. The whole matter was a stalemate for some thirty years. The settlers who had participated held onto the property and improved it. Eventually, in 1719, the General Court gave its approval and the land was annexed to Marlborough.6,7

For more information on King Phillip's War, please see this Wikipedia article.


Jane Rutter b. abt. 1658, d. 22 Nov 1739
  • Elizabeth Amsden1,2,3 b. 3 Feb 1677/78
  • Isaac Amsden1,2,3 b. 29 Aug 1680
  • John Amsden1,2,3 b. 28 Dec 1683, d. 12 Nov 1761
  • Captain Thomas Amsden+1,2,3 b. 9 Jan 1686/87, d. 27 Apr 1760
  • Jacob Amsden1,2,3 b. 29 Feb 1688, d. bef. 23 Nov 1772
  • Abraham Amsden1,2,3 b. 15 Oct 1692, d. 7 Mar 1763
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