Jonathan Cowdrey

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Jonathan Cowdrey, son of Jonathan Cowdrey and Jane Martin, was born at Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, 26 October 1753.1 He died at New York, New York Co., New York, 3 September 1816,1,2 and was buried in the Livingston St. graveyard, New York, New York Co., New York.1

Jonathan married Sally Hoyt, daughter of David Hoyt and Hannah Crissey, 31 May 1781.1,3,4

In 1790, his household was probably the one enumerated in the New York City East Ward, New York Co., New York, with 3 free white males over 16, 2 under 16, and 5 free white females.5

Jonathan had considerable service in the Revolution, his name appearing several times:
Among a list of Minutemen as a Private in Capt Samuel Reed's Co., Col Wm Prescott's Regiment that marched on the alarm of 19 Apr 1775. Six days service; resident of Littleton.

As a Private on a list of a Trainband under Capt John Walton; Reading, 15 May 1775.

As Corporal in Capt Samuel Gilbert's Co., Col Wm Prescott's Regiment, 1 Aug 1775.

In Capt Samuel Gilbert's Co., Col Wm Prescott's Regiment; Cambridge, 26 Sep 1775; resident of Reading.

One of many awarded a Bounty Coat or it's equivalent in money; Camp at Cambridge, Oct 1775.

As a Private in Capt Peter Ingersoll's Co., Col Hohn Brown's Berkshire Regiment. Enlisted 1 Jul 1777; discharged 21 Jul 1777; 21 days service including camp and home.

As a Private in Capt Boswell Downing's Co., Col Miles Powell's Regiment. Enlisted 19 Jul 1779; discharged 21 Aug 1779; 1 month, 9 days service at New Haven, Connecticut. Rolls sworn to in Berkshire Co., Massachusetts.

As a Private in Capt Ezra Whittelsey's Co. Enlisted 11 Oct 1780; discharged 18 Oct 1780; 4 days service at the westward (northward?) alarm.

As a Private in Capt John Bacon's Co., Col David Rosseter's Regiment, Gen John Fellow's Brigade. Enlisted 13 Oct 1781; discharged 20 Oct 1781; 13 days service, travel included. The Company marched to reinforce the Army under Gen Stark at Stillwater on an alarm.

As a cabinet maker, Jonathan was fairly well off, giving both sons a college education, owned several houses, and left his family well provided for. He was for many years an elder of the Rutgers Street Church, New York.

He was having tea at the house of Mr. McMasters, a brother elder, when he fell from his chair in a fit of apoplexy. He lived three days, but never regained consciousness. He was buried in the Livingston Street graveyard.1,6

Jonathan left a will dated 21 March 1816, He calls himself an "inspector of lumber" and "being in tolerable health of body and sound and disposing state of mind memory and understanding."2


Sally Hoyt b. 18 Sep 1759, d. 5 Mar 1850
  • Samuel Cowdrey, Esq.+2,7 b. 11 Jan 1782, d. 18 Aug 1843
  • Mary Cowdrey1 b. 13 Feb 1784, d. 7 Oct 1784
  • Sarah Cowdrey1 b. 10 Mar 1786, d. 21 Dec 1791
  • Jane Cowdrey2,1 b. 13 Apr 1788, d. bt 1844 - 1848
  • Mary Cowdrey1 b. 21 Jun 1790, d. 26 May 1795
  • Sally Cowdrey1 b. 2 Jan 1793, d. 24 May 1795
  • Hepzibah Cowdrey2,1 b. 7 Mar 1795, d. 9 Aug 1869
  • David Martin Cowdrey2,1 b. 9 Jun 1797, d. 5 Jun 1859
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