John Gaspard Carner

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Gaspard Karner to Dora Myrtle (Woolsey) Smith
John Gaspard Carner, son of Gaspard Gueruer, was born about 1697 being age 29 at death.1 He died at King William Parish, Manakin, Henrico Co., Virginia, 9 January 1725/26.1

John married Susanna Dupree, daughter of John Dupree, about 1720.2

He appears on a list (made about 1714) of a list of French protestant refugees as Jean Gorner, between Jean Dupre, believed to be his future father in law, and Gaspard Gorner, believed to be his father and would be one of the unnamed children of "Gaspard Gueruer" given in the passenger list of the Peter and Anthony.3,4

"John Gorner" is in the list of tithables for King William Parish in 1713.5 In 1714, he is "John Garner" and shown next to Jean Dupre.6

In 1715, the list shows Jean Dupre, Gaspard Gorn. and John G. Garner together and a second Jean Garner separate from the others.7

In 1717, the list has Gaspard Korner, John Gaspard Korner, and John Dupre together, and John Korner in a separate household.8

In 1719, the listings change just a bit: "John Gaspard Korner, Abra. Mathon, Isaac Mathon" are together, and Jean Korner and Jean Dupre are both separate.9

In 1720, he is shown as John Gaspar Karner;10 in 1723 he is John Gaspar Korner;11 and in 1725 he last appears as Jean Kaspar Korner.12

Probably, the 1713 and 1714 listings are for the separate John/Jean Garner/Gorner/Korner of later years. John Gaspard's listing includes his middle name (presumably that of his father) to distinguish him from the other John Korner. Further, it would seem that 18 was the age of majority, at least as far as the church was concerned: Given his approximate age at death, John Gaspard was not old enough to be listed until 1715, and the record is consistent with that. One researcher says the older man was Gaspard's brother, and the father of John and William. This may be following Nemeth,13 but the names in the register for the sons in the early 1720s point toward the young John Gaspard Carner (however it's spelled), as the ancestor of the Kentucky Carners.

There are two birth records in the register which I interpret as follows:

For the first, the printed register shows "Jean Gil[mer] [blank] of Jean Gasper [Gil]mer and Susanne his wife, indicating that Gilmer is something of a guess by the transcribers. There are no Gilmers (or Gilliams) on the Vestry lists at the time and no other Jean Gaspers, Gaspers often being used to distinguish him from another of the same name. The only Jean Gaspers in the parish at the time was Jean Gaspers Garner. The wife Susanne is also consistent with a later deed she executed, showing her married name as "Kernier".

For the second, the child is not named, and the father is given as "Jan Gasp [blank] Ka [blank] and the rest is missing.14,15,2


Susanna Dupree d. aft. 1750
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