Susanna Dupree

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Gaspard Karner to Dora Myrtle (Woolsey) Smith
Susanna Dupree died after 1750, when her property was mentioned in another property description.1

Susanna married (1) Anthony Mattoon, say 1718;2 she married (2) John Gaspard Carner, son of Gaspard Gueruer, about 1720.2

Susanna was involved in a number of small lawsuits as recorded in the Goochland Co. Court Order books between 1728 and 1731:

Carner v Rapene: She charged Anthony Rapene with trespass, which he denied, but was charged to pay her three pounds and court costs.3

Carner v Quin: She was the assignee of John Brown, plaintiff who charged John Quinn with an unstated offense. Quinn was ordered to pay 30 shillings with Costs and Attorneys fees.4

Paine & Guerrant v Carner (two cases): Both John Paine and Daniel Guarrant Jr had to ask for a court judgement for Susanna to pay them for being witnesses in the Rapene case. She was charged to pay each 30 lbs of Tobacco with costs. Presumably, but it's not certain, these costs were passed on to Rapene.5

Carner v Atkinson (two cases): In the first, Susanna decided not to prosecute (the issue is not stated).6 In the second, five months later, she charged Henry Atkinson with Trespass and Tarlton Fleming was appointed to examine and settle the several accounts in dispute between the two. After a couple of continuances, the Atkinson failed to appear and conditional judgement was awarded to Susanna. At the next session, Henry still failed to appear, so the sheriff was appointed to determine damages. At the next session, Thomas Prosser, attorney for Atkinson, appeared and agreed to a judgement of 267 pounds of tobacco with costs and lawyers fee.7

Bryant v Carner: She was charged with trespass, but neither party appeared at court so it was dismissed.8

Carner v Fleming: This was a case of trespass against John Fleming, administrator of the estate of John Legand, deceased, defendant. This was probably going to get complicated so she declined to prosecute and it was dismissed.9

She is named in several deeds where her land abutts a parcel that was being sold. This occurred in several counties even though she never sold her property as several counties were created and subsequently divided in the early 1700's:

First in Goochland County:
23 April 1740: Martha Chastaine makes her will and describes a piece of property "joining widow Carner". 10

19 May 1741: John James Dupuy sells the Chastaine property (mentioned above) describing it as bounded by (in part), "the river, Susanna Carner..."11

Oddly, she is not named in the 1744 List of King William Parish, but her sons are listed.12

Now in Albemarle County:
1 August 1748: Alexander Trent sold 410 acres bounded in part by "Susanna Carners line running thence on Carners North East to a pine. . . ."13

14 August 1750: William Rice sold 440 acres bounded in part by Susanna Carner.1

So far, this is the last record of her or her property. Albemarle Co. deed books from 1752-1758 appear to be missing, and in 1761 this area became Buckingham County. Unfortunately, Buckingham County records were destroyed by fire in 1869. In 1777 the area was cut off to Powhatan Co. Those records have not yet been searched.

Family 1

Anthony Mattoon d. bef. 1720

Family 2

John Gaspard Carner b. abt. 1697, d. 9 Jan 1725/26
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