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John Carder, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), died at Greene Co., Tennessee, before 24 July 1809 when his will was proved.1

John married Dorcas [Harrold] at Greene Co. about 1803.1

Previous research appears to have conflated a John Corder (father of Martha, Orpha, Ruth, Peggy, and Elijah mentioned below) with this John Carder (d. 1809). John Corder appears to have removed to Missouri about 1803, and died there sometime after 1820

John Carder (which one is uncertain) received land grants in Greene Co., Tennessee in 1787 and 1791.

In Washington Co., Missouri, "12 October 1816 John Corder of Greene County, Tennessee, seized of 440 arcres, appointed David Jane of Missouri Territory, his attorney to sell same," citing A:132 of Washington Co., land records.

Court records for 1805-09 show him serving on juries, making bond, and as overseer of the public road "from the ford of Lick Creek . . . to Washington Co. line."

Greene Co. tax books for 1809 show John Corder, 0 polls (possibly indicating he was over 50), 150 acres on meadow Creek. The 1810 record shows the same acreage.

John Corder had daughters who married in the 1790's. John Carder had sons who were quite young when he died in 1809. It was once thought that Dorcas may have been a second wife and mother of the six younger children. As noted, John Corder was certainly alive and well in 1816 when he sold his Missouri holdings.

The Inventory and Sales Book includes the "Inventory of the goods and chattels of John Carder Deceased," as of 26 Oct 1812. On 13-14 Nov 1812, all the property except the land was sold. As noted below, this record has not been found in available records of Greene Co. Amase Harrold continued as executor of the estate, paying taxes, etc. through at least 1817. In a Sep 1817 settlement, he noted "Gabriel Morgan to making coffin Widow Carder, $2.00." At that time, he claimed a balance of $81.82 1/2.

Greene Co. marriage records show:
1 Feb 1790, Martha Corder to Jacob Job.
2 Jul 1790, Ruth Corder to Issac Allen (John Corder, security).
7 Aug 1792, Orpha Corder to Robert Montgomery
31 Jul 1794, Orpha Corder to James Seers.
2 Mar 1801, Peggy Corder to William Slaughter (John Corder, father of Peggy, gives his consent.)
5 Apr 1814, Elijah Corder to Polly Glassup.
3 Aug 1826, John Corder to Patsy Harrold.

Greene Co. Court Minutes:
27 Jan 1813: "John Carder an orphan boy aged nine years on 1 Jan, be bound apprentice to Simon Pope . . . until he arrives at the age of 21 years."
24 Apr 1815: "...George Carder an orphan boy aged 5 years on the 1st of Oct last, be bound unto Henry French. . . ."

Washington Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions:
Nov 1812: "...Thomas Carder be bound to David White until he arrive at full age."
Aug 1813: "...Samuel Carder a minor bound unto John Grimsley. . . ."

Greene Co. tax records:
In 1810 show Dorcas holding 100 acres in the Lick Creek Survey and John Carder, Sr. holding 150 acres on Meadow Creek.
In 1811 & 1812 are the same except Dorcas holds 200 acres.
For 1813-5 show, "Amasah Harold for John Corder's heirs, 200 acres, Lick Creek." The Meadow Creek entry for John Carder is continued through 1816.
For 1817-27 are missing.
In 1828 show "Masa Harrold, 92 acres Clearfork" followed by "The same for Carders David 30 acres." This record also lists Jonathan, John, George, and Samuel Carder.
In 1829 is the note, "Same for Carder Heirs 20."

Greene Co. Deed Book 14:
1 Sep 1826, Samuel Carder, son of John Carder descd, sold 28 1/2 acres to Isaac Babb (five shares of 28 1/2 acres and seven heirs at law noted).
26 Mar 1826, Jonathan Justice sold one share of John Carder estate to Isaac Babb.
13 Sep 1828, David D. Carder executed deed for his share to Isaac Babb.
17 Oct 1829, George Carder sold 28 1/2 acres to Isaac Babb . . . mentions as inherited from John Carder as one of the heirs.

Bledsoe Co. Deed Book E, pg 255: David D. Carder of Bledsoe Co. conveyed to Isaac Babb a Deed of conveyance . . . to an undivided tract of land lying in Greene County, Tennessee on the waters of lick creek . . . which descended to me from my father John Carder . . . signed David D. Carder.2,1

John left a will dated at Greene Co., 14 May 1809, and proved 24 July 1809:
In the name of God Amen. I John Carder of the State of Tennessee and County of Greene being weak in body but sound in memory thanks to God for the same and calling to mind the mortality of my body and that it is appointed once for man to die I do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament disavowing and revoking all former and acknowledging only this. And first of all I recommend my soul to God that give it and my body to the dust to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors hoping by the power of God that I shall receive the same at the resurrection of the just and as touching such worldly goods as it hath pleased God to bestow on me I give and bequeath in the following manner Vix all just debts to be paid out of my estate and all dues to be collected by my Executors Item I give and bequeath to my loving Wife Dorcas Carder all my goods and property with lands to her to freehold and possess during her widowhood or at her marriage to be equally divided between herself and my children otherwise if she continues my widow til her death then to be equally divided amongst my children as before mentioned either to be sold or by agreement of all parties concerned therein. And lastly of all I do appoint my beloved wife Dorcas Carder and Amace Harrold my Executors of this my last Will and Testament.
Signed Sealed and confirmed this fourth day of May eighteen hundred and nine 1809 in presents of us.
David Snodgrass, William Jolly, John Jaquess

John Carder his mark

Whereupon came Dorcas Carder and Amace Harrold the Executrix and Executor in the said will named and having taken an oath to execute the same it ordered that letters Testamentary issue to them accordingly.

Monday, 26 October 1812, "Amasa Harrold, surviving Executor of the Last Will and Testament of John Carder deceased, exhibited in Court an Inventory of the goods and chattels of the testator, and the same ordered to be recorded." This record has not yet been found.1,3

Apprenticeship records for the boys were made in various county court minutes over the next several years:
Greene Co., 27 Jan 1813: "Ordered that John Carder an orphan boy aged nine years on the first day of January, instant, be bound apprentice to Simon Pope of this County, until he shall arrive at the age of Twentyone years, to receive eighteen months schooling, and at his freedom, to receive a Horse worth sixt Dollars, also a Saddle, Bridle, a pair of Geers, one [---], and mattock, and two good suits of clothes [etc.?] and it is ordered that the Chairman of this Court, with the said Simon Pope, execute an Indenture accordingly"
Greene Co., 24 Apr 1815: "Ordered that George Carder an orphan boy aged five years on the 1st of October last be bound unto Henry French of this County, until he shall be twenty one years of age, to be taught to read the scriptures of the Old and New testaments perfectly, to write a legible hand and to cypher as far as the single rule of [---] and also the art and mistery of coopering, and at his freedom to have given him two goood suits of clothes, one common and the other a good Sunday suit.
Washington Co., 2 Nov 1812: "Ordered by Court that Thomas Carder be bound unto David White untill he arive[sic] at full age.
Washington Co., 3 Aug 1813: "Samuel Carder a minor bound unto John Grimsley."4,5

Greene Co. land records show there were seven heirs of John and Docas who shared two 100 acre tracts of undivided land along Lick Creek. Over the course of eight years and several transactions, the seven shares were consolidated into the possession of Isaac Babb. Each share was a little more than 28 1/2 acres. In these deeds, only Samuel is specifically named a son of John Carder.

14 July1822, Jonathan Justice bought two shares (of seven) from Jonathan Herrold, he being one of the heirs of John Carder, deceased. It's unknown how Jonathan came to possess two shares.6

5 December 1825. Isaac Babb purchases four of the seven shares from Jonathan Justice. It's unkown how Jonathan came to possess the two additional shares.7

13 November 1826. Isaac Babb purchases a single share from Samuel Carder, a son and one of the heirs of John Carder, deceased.8

15 September 1828. Isaac Babb purchases a single share from David D. Carder, one of the heirs of John Carder, deceased.9

25 April 1830. Isaac Babb purchases a single share from George Carder, one of the heirs of John Carder, deceased.1011


Dorcas [Harrold] d. bef. 26 Oct 1812
  • John Carder1 b. 1804
  • Jonathan Carder1 b. abt. 1805
  • Thomas Carder1 b. abt. 1806
  • Samuel Carder1 b. 30 Oct 1807, d. 4 Dec 1892
  • David D. Carder+1 b. abt. 1808, d. aft. 1870
  • George Carder1 b. 1 Oct 1809
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