Damaris Wilder

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Damaris Wilder, daughter of John Wilder and Prudence Wilder, was born at Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, 8 August 1750.1

Damaris married Kenelm Winslow, son of Kenelm Winslow and Elizabeth Clapp, at Petersham 3 March 1773.2

The revised Book of the Wilders indicates the identification of Damaris, daughter of John and Prudence as the Damaris who married Kenelm Winslow is not proved. They further note however that she is the only Damaris known to be in Petersham whose age fits a marriage in 1773 and who is not otherwise recorded as marrying someone else.3


Kenelm Winslow b. 11 Dec 1746, d. say 1810
  • John Winslow4 b. 7 Sep 1773
  • Betty Winslow4 b. 17 Apr 1775
  • Polly Winslow+4 b. 12 Sep 1777, d. 23 Jul 1856
  • Sally Winslow4 b. 3 Jun 1780
  • Patty Winslow4 b. 15 Nov 1782, d. 3 May 1852
  • Carrissy Winslow4 b. 18 Dec 1784
  • Richard Winslow4 b. 18 Jul 1788
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