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Elizabeth Pierce, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born about 1739.1 She died at the Bowery, New York, New York Co., New York, 6 June 1815, at age 76,1 and was buried at the Methodist Cemetery on 2nd Street, New York, New York Co., New York.1

Elizabeth married Elbert Anderson, son of Pieter Anderson and Cornelia Holmes, at New York, New York Co., New York, 22 October 1767.2,3

She was the consort of a Henry Cuyler when her first child John was baptized at Trinity Church, the entry noting John was the bastard child of Henry and Elizabeth. Whether she and Henry were ever married is not known and there is no divorce record yet found. If there was a marriage, Elizabeth may have retained her maiden name which was common among the Dutch, although fading out in this era. She was still Elizabeth Pierce when she married Elbert Anderson. The wills of three Henry Cuylers of the period give no indication of having any sons named John or Stephen nor do any Cuyler wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) covering Canada. A baptism record for Stephen has not been found.

The Mitchell Ancestry reports: "All available Pearce genealogies have been searched for a record of the antecedents of Elizabeth Pearce who married Elbert Anderson but without avail. Since the record shows that she was "of ireland," it would seem that all genealogy of her ancestors would be there so no further search for her antecedents has been made."

What record shows she was "from Ireland" is not given specifically, though there is a general reference to "New York City Churches—Methodist Episcopal Manuscripts Vol. 233 in the New York City Public Library." Per the NYPL catalog (https://archives.nypl.org/mss/1978#detailed), v. 233 consists of records of John Street Church covering:
See also: #454, #249, Oversize Box #1, #66 (watercolor drawer)
Baptisms     1784-1795
Burials     1785-1787
Classes     1785-1787
Expulsions 1787-1791
Marriages 1785-1798.4,5

Elizabeth left a will dated 16 February 1815, and proved 27 June 1815:

In the name of God Amen. I Elizabeth Anderson Widow of Elbert Anderson late of the City of New York deceased do make publish and declare this as and for my last will and Testament, in manner following that is to say

First. I give and bequeath to my Eldest son Stephen Cuyler my Mahogany dining Table Card Table and oval Tea Table, all my Windsor Chairs, two large Looking Glasses ten pictures burned upon Glass, my best mahogany Stand, my Silver Tea Pot, Tea Tongs four old fashioned Silver Tea spoons, my large Silver Soup Spoon and five Silver Table Spoons, my Field Bedstead and my best bed, the two best of my Bed Quilts, my white Counterpin, my best Bolster and Bolster case and my best pair of pillows and pillow cases and a pair of Russia Sheets, my best pair of Andirons and my best Fire Tongs and Shovel and a pair of Window blinds, and I further give to my said son Stephen Cuyler the Sum of one hundred dollars and I give and bequeath to his daughter Eliza the sum of fifty dollars.

I also give and bequeath to my daughter Cornelia wife of the Reverend Edward Mitchell the Sum of one hundred dollars, and my Sideboard, Sopha and easy Chair, my Tea urn, my cut Glass Decanters, my cut Glass Salts, my gilt pitchers and three window Curtains chintz. And I give and bequeath to her daughter Eliza the Sum of fifty dollars and four large Silver Tea Spoons and Tea Tongs, and give to the said Edward Mitchell husband of my said daughter Cornelia the China Bust of the late Reverend John Wesley deceased.

I also give and bequeath to my daughter Mary wife of William Young the Sum of one hundred dollars, and my best and largest Room Carpet and my Stair and Entry Carpets, my white Linen Bed Quilt, my Calico Bed Quilt, my blue and white Cotton Bed Spread and a pair of Russia Sheets and my Breakfast Table and I give and bequeath to Eliza daughter of the said Mary the said [wife of] William Young the sum of Fifty dollars and four large Silver Tea Spoons and a Silver Table Spoon.

I also give and bequeath to my daughter Eliza wife of Samuel Cowdry the Sum of one hundred dollars and all my Mahogany Chairs my Close Stool Chair, my large brass Kettle, my large tin bake oven, and my largest Iron Pot and I give and bequeath to Eliza daughter of the said Eliza and Samuel Cowdrey the Sum of fifty dollars and four large Silver Tea Spoons.

I also give and bequeath to my daughter Judia wife of Elija Hebard the Sum of one hundred dollars and two Card Tables a Feather Bed a Bedstead and a pair of Russia Sheets, the Carpet on my front Room below Stairs being the second best and all my Rag Carpets and Carpeting, my Silver Sugar dish and Silver Milk Pot, a Copper Tea Kettle and two Iron Pots my small Dutch oven and Pye Pan, my Frying Pan and Spider, all my knives and forks my bread Tray, my second best pair of andirons Fire Tongs and Shovel, my small brass Kettle, my Boiler and all my odd China ware and two China Plates and my small oval Looking glass, my field bed Curtains and a pair of window Curtains, my Library of Books and my Camp Tent and Camp Stools and my best Tea Tray.

I also give and bequeath to Eliza P Anderson daughter of my son Elbert Anderson my set of white and Gilt china ware marked with the letters E. P. A. and Gold watch, the said gold watch to remain in her father’s, the said Elbert Anderson’s care, and

I lastly give and bequeath all the rest and residue of my Household furniture my wearing apparel and all the rest and residue of my Personal Estate whatsoever not hereby otherwise disposed of to my daughters Cornelia, Mary, Eliza and Judia to be equally divided between and amongst them share and share alike and

I do hereby Constitute and appoint my said son Elbert Anderson and Paul Hick Executors and my said daughter Cornelia Executrix of this my last will and Testament.

In witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal the Sixteenth day of February one thousand eight hundred and fifteen.3

Family 1

Henry Cuyler
  • John Cuyler6,7 b. 30 Dec 1758, d. bt 1813 - 1814
  • Stephen Cuyler6,3,8,9 b. 1764, d. 17 Feb 1818

Family 2

Elbert Anderson b. 4 Dec 1745, d. 4 Aug 1813
  • Cornelia Anderson6,3 b. 6 May 1768, d. 8 Apr 1840
  • Mary Anderson3,6 b. 22 Dec 1769, d. 13 Jan 1847
  • Elbert Anderson10 b. 17 Aug 1771, d. abt. 1774
  • Peter Anderson10 b. 9 May 1773, d. 23 Sep 1803
  • James Anderson6 b. 18 Feb 1775, d. 26 Sep 1822
  • Elbert Anderson6,3 b. 18 Oct 1776, d. 17 Apr 1830
  • Eliza Anderson+6,3 b. 11 May 1779, d. 4 Apr 1857
  • Judia Anderson6,3 b. 20 Jan 1783, d. 21 Jun 1833
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