Lt General William Wynyard

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Lt General William Wynyard, son of Lt General John Wynyard and Mary Maxwell, was born at Minorca, Mediterranean Sea, British Empire, 1732.1,2 He died at Kensington Palace, England, 25 January 1789.1

William married (1) Mary Sophia Otway, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), say 1753;1,3 he married (2) Catherine Saint Leger, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), at Kingsbury Holy Innocents, England, 5 February 1758;1 he married (3) Sarah Lilly, daughter of Ambrose Lilly, Gent. and Sarah Moss, at Camberwell St. Giles, Southwark, England, 26 November 1767.4,1

The early service of Lt General William Wynyard was in the Third Regiment of Foot Guards, in which he held a commission for nearly thirty years. He obtained the rank of lieutenant and captain in 1754, captain and lieutenant colonel in 1761, major with the rank of colonel in 1775, the lieut.-colonelcy in 1777, and the rank of major-general in 1779. On 25 March 1782, King George III appointed him to the colonelcy of the Twentieth regiment and he was promoted to the rank of Lieut. General in 1787.5

In or before 2004, an autograph collector-dealer was selling a certificate with George III's signature:

46. GEORGE (WILLIAM FREDERICK) III (1738-1820). King of Great Britain and Ireland, grandson of King George II, last king to rule over America. He was the first king of the Hanovarian dynasty who was a native of England rather than Germany, and was somewhat more popular with his subjects as a result. He was not originally expected to become king, but the untimely death of his father made him Prince of Wales in 1751 and king in 1760. It was George III’s policies, and those of his government, that led directly to the Declaration and the American Revolution. Royal decree authorizing a payment of £200 to the widow of Lieutenant-General William Wynyard for her husband’s "long and faithful services in Our Army." Dated May 14, 1790, and boldly signed as king, "George R." $885.00.6

The will of his daughter Maria left legacies to several of her siblings and other relatives:
brother, The Reverend Montague John Wynyard
brother, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Burkley Wynyard
sister, Emily Bingham the Widow of The Reverend William Bingham, deceased
Mother-in-law, Mrs Sarah Wynyard
Aunt, Amelia Elizabeth Wynyard
Sister, Jemima Caroline Wynyard
First cousin, the Honorable [____] West of Cul[___] Court in the County of Berks
Edward [___] Burkley [___] [___] in the County of Southampton Esquire
Niece [___] [___]
Nephew Robert Henry Wynyard
Remainder to brother Lieutenant General Henry John Wynyard, who was also appointed Executor

The probate file includes the phrase: "by the oath of Henry John Wynyard Esqr the Brother by the half Blood. . . ."4

Family 1

Mary Sophia Otway
  • Maria Caroline Wynyard1 b. 9 Feb 1754, d. 3 Sep 1834
  • John Otway Wynyard1 b. 24 May 1755, d. 15 Oct 1785

Family 2

Catherine Saint Leger b. 1736, d. 17 May 1764
  • Lt General William Wynyard1 b. 20 Jun 1759, d. 11 Jul 1819
  • General Henry John Wynyard4,1 b. 8 Jun 1761, d. 3 Apr 1838
  • Col. George West Wynyard1 b. 18 May 1762, d. 14 Jun 1809

Family 3

Sarah Lilly b. 31 Aug 1750, d. 5 Nov 1834
  • Ambrose Lilly Wynyard1 b. 23 Apr 1769, d. 9 Nov 1792
  • Sarah Amelia Wynyard4,1 b. 1 Jan 1771, d. 14 Jun 1852
  • Jemima Caroline Wynyard7,1,4 b. 12 Feb 1772, d. 2 Jul 1845
  • Sophia Wynyard7,1 b. 8 Aug 1774, d. 28 Nov 1844
  • Charles Montague Wynyard1 b. say 1776
  • Charles Montague Wynyard1 b. say 1778
  • Charles Montague Wynyard1 b. say 1780
  • Montagu John Wynyard+7,1,4 b. 17 Feb 1781, d. 14 Dec 1857
  • Charles Wynyard1 b. 27 Oct 1784, d. 1801
  • Georgina Charlott Wynyard7,1 b. 6 Sep 1786, d. 8 Mar 1860
  • General Edward Buckley Wynyard4,1,7 b. 6 Sep 1788, d. 24 Nov 1864
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