George Bentley

George M Bentley married (1) Thursia Maria Jones, daughter of Joseph Marion Jones and Julia Matila Langwell. He married (2) Sarah J. Kretzinger, widow of another veteran, Thomas Kerr.

George enlisted in the Union Army on 25 Aug 1862 at Carthage, Ill. He held the rank of Private in Company H. Second Ill. Cavalry. He was discharged on a Surgeon's Certificate of disability on 15 Mar 1863. Although he served, and later was awarded a pension, George was not a war hero. His commanding officer noted on the discharge certificate: "I know nothing about the nature of his disease, he has not since his enlistment been able to perform the duties of a soldier." Silas C. Higgins, Capt.

When he died in 1903, he left his widow, Sarah J.; a son, Charles J. & William H. Bentley, both of Latham Illinois; a daughter, Mary E Gasamay; and six grandchildren: Estella, Roy, Essie, Huey, Kent, and Elsie Logan, children of his deceased daughter, Hattie Logan, wife of Dana Selwin Logan.

He died on 26 Jun 1903 in Logan Co., Illinois.