Walker, Kansas: 1886

Jan 2, 1886 Went to Gorham. Took butter. Got posts for shed.
Jan 2 Snowing hard from north. Fearful day on stock.
Jan 3 Sunday snowing most all day. Mr. Clay died. Terrible time.
Jan 4 Went up to Walker. Snow flying. Went to Clays.
Jan 5 Fixed on shed. Fox here in eve. Cold.
Jan 6 Worked on shed. Clear & cold. Mr. Clay was buried.
Jan 7 8 deg. below zero & snowing. The worst day yet. Terrible storm.
Jan 8 18 deg. below zero & snow flying. Terrible day on stock.
Jan 9 12 below zero. Clear. Shoveled snow out.
Jan 10 Sunday 8 below zero. Went to Mr. Fagons. Visiting.
Jan 11 Snowing from south. Cold & chilly.
Jan 12 15 below zero. Went to look at heifer. South west wind. Got last weeks mail.
Jan 13 Cold. Went bought 9 heifers for $210.00. Hauled straw.
Jan 14 Fixed cattle shed. Hauled straw. Damp snow from south.
Jan 15 Colder snow from north. Hauled straw and cane. Very cold.
Jan 16 Hauled straw. Went to Gorham. Got overshare and very cold.
Jan 17 Snowed most all day. Cold & bad on stock.
Jan 18 Snowing. Hauled straw & went hunting. Cold.
Jan 19 Hattie washed 15 below zero. I hauled straw and cane.
Jan 20 Went up to store. Clear most all day. Not so cold.
Jan 21 Hattie ironed. I hauled straw & cane. Cold.
Jan 22 10 below zero. High wind at nite. Loafed.
Jan 23 Hauled cane forenoon. Went to Walker to get coal. Nice day.
Jan 24 Sunday. S. W. wind. Clear & nice. Went to Radfords.
Jan 25 Hattie washed. Clear & fine.
Jan 26 Rained last nite & sleeted. Snowed most all day.
Jan 27 Nice day, but cold. Went to Walker. Got last draft.
Jan 28 Went to Gorham. Got money paid Mr. Fagon in full for his land. Got deeds & thawed fast.
Jan 29 Froze hard last night. Went to Gorham. Got post 2 by 8.
Jan 30 Clear & fine. Thawed some. Hauled hay, cane.
Jan 31 Sunday at home all day. Mrs. Clay here. Thawed.
Feb 1, 1886 Went to Walker. Damp snow from S. E.
Feb 2 At home cold & chilly all day. Hattie washed.
Feb 3 Cold chilly S. E. wind. Went to Walker.
Feb 4 Went to Walker. Cold and chilly last nite.
Feb 5 Very warm. Thawed fast all day.
Feb 6 Thawed fast all day. Hauled straw.
Feb 7 Sun. got letter & picture from Ella. Thawed.
Feb 8 Hattie washed. Mr. Mrs. Radford here in eve. Thawed fast. Water raised in draw.
Feb 9 Commenced snowing afternoon and snowed hard. High wind from north.
Feb 10 Snow. Blowed some. 20 deg. Above zero. Thawed little. Hauled cane & straw.
Feb 11 Nice day. Went to store took eggs. Husked corn.
Feb 12 Hauled hay forenoon. I and Hattie went to Walker. Warm and fine.
Feb 13 Thawed very fast all day. Draw high. Snow all gone but drifts.
Feb 14 Thawed very fast all day. Draw high. Spit snow a little.
Feb 15 Mort came brought horses here. Very clear and muddy.
Feb 16 Unloaded Morts cars. Nice day.
Feb 17 Went helped Mort on stable. Clear nice day.
Feb 18 Worked for Mort on stable. Nice day.
Feb 19 Put wire up. Got stable covered.
Feb 20 Hauled manure and cane. Nice day. Clear.
Feb 21 Sunday Viola & children came last nite.
Feb 22 Hauled load rock. Cool & chilly. Hauled hay & cane.
Feb 23 Hauled 2 loads rock. Chilly south wind. Stella sick.
Feb 24 I and Ed. Keith went to trade harness and horse. Stuck out willows. Stella sick.
Feb 25 Went to Walker in morn, then had chills and fever. Stella sick.
Feb 26 High S. W. wind. Mrs. Fragon here. Stella better.
Feb 27 Rained some last nite. Misty, foggy. Hauled cane and millet.
Feb 28 Sunday went got mail home most of day.
Mar 1, 1886 Fixed wire fence. Mrs. Foadscan came. Snow. Went to Walker.
Mar 2 Went to Blue Hills. Got load stone. Skift snow last night.
Mar 3 Sleet and snow last night. Sowed clover seed.
Mar 4 Cloudy & dull. Misty, rained. Loafed. Hunted ducks got wet.
Mar 5 Hattie washed. Clear & fine. Went to Gorham.
Mar 6 Sowed clover seed. Snowed all afternoon. Hauled hay.
Mar 7 Sunday home all day. Clear and warm.
Mar 8 Snowed all day. Went up to store.
Mar 9 Went on cattle trip. Bought bull $25.00.
Mar 10 Went got bull. High S. wind. Chilly.
Mar 11 Snowed most all day. Mr. Fagon here. Hauled corn.
Mar 12 Icy. Went up to store. Thawed.
Mar 13 Went to Gorham. Took floor back. Chilly.
Mar 14 Mr. Kratzer & Fagon here. Went to Morts afternoon.
Mar 15 I, Mr. Kratzer & Fagon went got 2 cows. Nice day.
Mar 16 Hattie washed. Put cattle in field quit feeding. I went to Boops. Hunted ducks.
Mar 17 Mr. K. helped haul hay. Got auger bored for water.
Mar 18 Wally F. helped butcher hog. Mort & Viola here & Russians.
Mar 19 I and Mort went traded mules. Took well auger home.
Mar 20 Spit snow in morn. Cleared off. High wind. Hauled manure.
Mar 21 Went to meeting, then to Mr. Hules. Nice day.
Mar 22 Made stalk break, then broke stalkes all day.
Mar 23 Set out fruit trees forenoon. Broke stalks afternoon.
Mar 24 Set out fruit. Broke stalks. Fine weather to work.
Mar 25 Burnt off bottom. Set out plug trees. Made garden.
Mar 26 Planted potatoes, peas, beets, cabbage seed. Moved fence around willows.
Mar 27 Snowed most all day from N. Went to Gorham. Got posts 30. Wire 5.33.
Mar 28 Snow Sunday at home. Bad on stock. Cold.
Mar 29 Hattie washed. Got load coal. Hard freezing. Set posts.
Mar 30 Set posts forenoon. Went to Gorham. Got posts afternoon.
Mar 31 Went got posts. Fixed hen house. Heifer had calf. Cold & chilly.
Apr 1, 1886 Set 86 posts & wire. Cold and chilly.
Apr 2 Went got posts and wire. Cold & chilly.
Apr 3 Went to store. Snowing most all day. Hauled straw for cattle.
Apr 4 Cold & chilly. Mort here. Big bone heifer calf came.
Apr 5 Set posts forenoon. Took Floss to Grunts eve.
Apr 6 Fixed calf pen forenoon. Finished setting posts. Put up braces.
Apr 7 Put wire on fence. Very windy. Snow most all day.
Apr 8 Put on wire. High south wind. Rained at night and all day.
Apr 9 Went to Fagons. Got 84½ lbs wire put on fence. Good on wheat. Rained.
Apr 10 Misty. Hauled manure. Finished fence. Warm.
Apr 11 Sunday went to Morts visiting. Warm.
Apr 12 Hauled 2 loads rock from Jones. White heifer calf came in morn. Windy. Hard rain at night.
Apr 13 I and Wally Fagon hitched up cattle. Flora went to Gorham. Windy.
Apr 14 Dug holes for apple trees. Terribly windy.
Apr 15 Went to Hays with Fagen. Got apple trees. Nice day.
Apr 16 Sat out apple trees 54 and 2 pears 2 crabs. Hauled manure.
Apr 17 Hauled manure. 80 deg. Warm. Planted potatoes.
Apr 18 Sunday at home all day.
Apr 19 Hattie washed. I broke stalks. Dry and warm.
Apr 20 Plowed on cane patch. Very warm.
Apr 21 Plowed. Went got load rock. Hot.
Apr 22 Went got load rock. Lulas colt came. Warm.
Apr 23 Hauled 2 loads rock. One horned cow had calf.
Apr 24 Haked stalks. Viola here in eve. Rained at night.
Apr 25 Sunday rained. Fine rain. At home all day.
Apr 26 Dug in cave. Raked stalks in evening. Cool.
Apr 27 Took rake home. Made garden. Planted melons. Warm.
Apr 28 Went Hisleys. Got load rock. High wind. Worked in cave. Radford & Iona here.
Apr 29 Harrowed potatoes. Worked in cave. Got rock in eve. Frosts & ice. Hattie went to Violas.
Apr 30 Floss took Grunts horse. Got load rock. Cool at night.
May 1, 1886 Went got rock & lumber for cave. Worked in cave. Burnt stalks at night.
May 2 Fine rain last night. Cool and damp.
May 3 Planted corn with lister. Very cool.
May 4 Finished 12 acres corn. Very warm. Warm.
May 5 Harrowed corn forenoon. Planted on bottom in eve.
May 6 Misty & damp. Fearful hail storm. Done lots damage.
May 7 Took Floss to Grunts 3rd time. Went to Hays got saddle.
May 8 Warm. Planted corn on side hill. Went to Gorham. Broke cultivator.
May 9 Sunday high wind forenoon. Went to Morts. Hules and Kratzer there.
May 10 Will Seybold commenced well. Got load rock. Grunts cow took bull.
May 11 Misting rain. Went got rock. Boys worked in well.
May 12 Finished planting corn. Very hot. Boys commenced wall well.
May 13 Finished walling well. Got load lumber. Gorham agreed to furnish my lumber. Bell Hard ware for $270.00.
May 14 Raining. Hauled 2 loads rock from Mr. Keiths and one from Guarry. Took Windlass home.
May 15 Went got load lumber. Took Floss to Grunts. Warm.
May 16 Sunday went to meeting. Nice rain in evening.
May 17 Hauled rock. Warm. Went to see cows. Harrowed orchard.
May 18 Mr. Hule commenced work. Tried to get well rock. Commenced foundation to house.
May 19 Worked on foundation. Got load rock.
May 20 Went to Gorham. Got lumber. Finished foundation. Got caine tied.
May 21 Sowed and harrowed in 3 acres cane. Ground dry.
May 22 Went to Russell. Got brick pump and set out sweet potatoes.
May 23 Violas here. Nice day, but getting dry.
May 24 Hoed garden. Plowed potatoes.
May 25 Hauled load lumber. Took Lula to Grunts.
May 26 Plowed corn. Very warm.
May 27 Finished 8 acres corn first time. Got load lumber.
May 28 Finished 12 acres. Plowed in bottom afternoon.
May 29 Fine rain last nite. Went to Gorham to get lumber, but had not came.
May 30 Sunday at home all day. Nice day.
May 31 Went to Gorham. Got 44-2-18 ft. Damp.
Jun 1, 1886 Hoed in garden. Cool and fine.
Jun 2 Replanted corn in orchard. Hoed garden.
Jun 3 Plowed orchard and bottom piece corn 2nd time.
Jun 4 Went fishing forenoon.
Jun 5 Went to Russell to get lumber for house. Warm.
Jun 6 Sunday went to S. S. Stopped at Kragens in eve.
Jun 7 Worked on road all day. Warm and dry.
Jun 8 Plowed on Mr. Fagons land. Sowed cane.
Jun 9 Plowed and sowed cane finished. Hot & dry.
Jun 10 Hauled 2 loads lumber from Gorham.
Jun 11 Helped Hattie forenoon. Finished hauling lumber.
Jun 12 Painted door & window frames. Violas & us went fishing.
Jun 13 Went to S. S. afternoon. Very warm.
Jun 14 Plowed corn. Hot. Mrs. Hules here. Hard rain in eve.
Jun 15 Went to Gorham forenoon. Painted on house afternoon.
Jun 16 Hard wind storm. Hail & rain 2 oclock this morn. Blowed new house down & house we live in off foundation. Neighbors came and helped move house. Warm.
Jun 17 Built new hen house and done lots of work.
Jun 18 Went and got lumber. Worked hard.
Jun 19 Helped harvest at Mr. Hules.
Jun 20 Went to S. S. in eve.
Jun 21 Helped harvest at Mr. Hules.
Jun 22 Harvested at Fred H. Ground drying fast.
Jun 23 Cut for Fred & Burns.
Jun 24 Got Frank Keith to help my place. Went to Gorham got lumber.
Jun 25 Cut wheat with mower. Raked it in bunches. Got draft from mother for $100.00.
Jun 26 Mowed wheat and raked. Painted on house. In eve went to Morts.
Jun 27 Went to S. S. nice day.
Jun 28 Plowed corn. Nice day. Spread lumber to dry.
Jun 29 Rained forenoon. Hauled and stacked harvest wheat.
Jun 30 Finished hauling wheat. Went to Gorham.
Jul 1, 1886 Scattered lumber. Plowed corn.
Jul 2 Cut wheat for me on east land. Wheat little green.
Jul 3 Plowed corn. Very warm with strong south wind.
Jul 4 Sunday went to S. S. Hot and dry.
Jul 5 Went to Russell to celebration. Hot.
Jul 6 Cut wheat afternoon. Warm.
Jul 7 Cut wheat forenoon finished. Rain in eve.
Jul 8 Went on bottom piece. Mr. Shaw came. Plowed corn finished.
Jul 9 Built flue to new house. Mr. Shaw helped. Hot.
Jul 10 Plowed corn in orchard. Went to Gorham. Took back lumber.
Jul 11 Went to meeting to Mr. Hules. Then to meeting in eve.
Jul 12 Plowed fire guard with lister around 50 acres. Dry & hot.
Jul 13 Had 1st fried chicken. Worked on house. Mr. Hule finished house.
Jul 14 Worked on new house. Very hot and dry. Went to Morts. 100 deg.
Jul 15 Worked in new house. Moved in afternoon.
Jul 16 Went to Gorham. Very hot and dry.
Jul 17 Finished west rooms. Moved in eve. Hot and dry.
Jul 18 Sunday very hot. Went to S. S.
Jul 19 Sprinkled rain last nite. We thrashed had 160 bu. wheat.
Jul 20 Made walk to well. Fixed E. pasture fence. Cool.
Jul 21 Went to help Mr. Hopkins thrash. Morts here.
Jul 22 Helped Mr. Hopkins thrash all day. Skunk got chickens at night.
Jul 23 Put floor in hen hose & very heavy rain at night.
Jul 24 Damp and misty. Fixed crib door. Got plow & slept.
Jul 25 Went to S. S. Very warm.
Jul 26 Plowed all day. Ground most too wet.
Jul 27 Helped Mr. Hule thrash. Warm.
Jul 28 Plowed all day. Martha Keith here.
Jul 29 Plowed. Mort and Viola here.
Jul 30 Went to Gorham. Big rain last night. Plowed in afternoon.
Jul 31 Hard rain last night. Went up to store. Hot.
Aug 1, 1886 Went to Morts, then to Sunday School.
Aug 2 Took wheat to Gorham forenoon. To Walker in eve.
Aug 3 Heavy rain last nite. Very wet.
Aug 4 Took load wheat to Walker. 40 cts bu.
Aug 5 Took wheat to Gorham & load corn. 45 ct bu.
Aug 6 Painted forenoon on house 2nd coat. Plowed.
Aug 7 Plowed all day. Very cool & fine weather.
Aug 8 Mr. Fanahill and J. Keith here. Went to S. S.
Aug 9 Plowed all day. Very hot afternoon.
Aug 10 Plowed. Hot afternoon & hot at night.
Aug 11 Plowed. Took plow to get sharpened. Very hot.
Aug 12 Plowed all day. Cooler. Good wind.
Aug 13 Finished plowing 20 acres for rye. Hot.
Aug 14 Went to Gorham in morn, then to quarterly meeting.
Aug 15 Sunday went to meeting. Mr. Nickols & wife here.
Aug 16 I and Mort went to Russell. Met Mother. Very warm.
Aug 17 Went to Morts. Mother came home with us. Very warm.
Aug 18 Mother & Morts and us all went to hills & coal shaft.
Aug 19 Ground sickle. Went to Morts. Mother came home with us.
Aug 20 Went to Walker. To Morts in eve. Made deed to land west to Mort.
Aug 21 Hauled some stone. Cut cane. Went to Walker.
Aug 22 Sunday Morts, Mr. Hules & mother here. Warm.
Aug 23 Mother started to Wills and I finished cutting cane.
Aug 24 Hattie dried corn. Commenced cut hay. Broke bolt. Went to Gorham.
Aug 25 Mr. Atchinson here. Cut hay. Raked cane.
Aug 26 Finished cutting hay. Put up rick afternoon.
Aug 27 Stacked hay forenoon. Put up cane in eve.
Aug 28 Finished hay & cane. Dug potatoes. Sowed turnips.
Aug 29 Sunday went to S. S. Nice day.
Aug 30 Cut corn. Went to Gorham. Cool at nights.
Aug 31 Went to Russell. Got me suit clothes. Took 5 doz. Chickens. Got $12.40 for all them.
Sep 1, 1886 Hattie washed I helped. Hunted on Flora.
Sep 2 Cut 7 shocks corn, then went to Mr. Radfords. Visiting in eve. Rained.
Sep 3 Cut 5 shocks corn, clear & hot. Went to Morts in eve.
Sep 4 Harrowed all day. Ground in fine fix.
Sep 5 Went to Morts & to meeting. High wind.
Sep 6 Went got rye & drilled in about 7 acres. Nice & cool.
Sep 7 Drilled rye forenoon. Cut corn. Went to Gorham. Got 15 bu. rye. Rained.
Sep 8 Cut corn. Very wet. Morts here in eve. Hattie washed. Insured house.
Sep 9 Cut corn forenoon. Mowed hay on 27 afternoon.
Sep 10 Cut corn. Raked hay. Hauled 2 loads in eve.
Sep 11 Caster R. helped haul hay. Got done by noon. Went to Bond election. Heavy rain.
Sep 12 Went to S. S. Kraten here. Nice day.
Sep 13 Plowed all day on oats. Nice & cool.
Sep 14 Cut cane forenoon. Mrs. Keith here. Drilled rye.
Sep 15 Finished drilling rye. Raked cane. Took safe home.
Sep 16 Shocked cane. Set posts. Nice & cool.
Sep 17 Went to Gorham. Plowed. Clear & fine.
Sep 18 Finished plowing stripe north of rye.
Sep 19 Went to S. S. Nice day.
Sep 20 Worked on stable. Casper Bool helped. Hauled cane.
Sep 21 Worked on stable. Windy getting dry.
Sep 22 Made wire gates. Hung 2. Set posts.
Sep 23 Dug potatoes. Ella & Emma Hule & Cloe Fagan here.
Sep 24 Put wire on fence east of house. Misted rain. Windy.
Sep 25 Went to Gorham. Got me new pair boots. Took sweet potatoes & eggs. Built hen house. Moved chickens.
Sep 26 Sunday went to Morts. Mrs. Coon here. Windy.
Sep 27 Tore down stable & went to Gorham. Got sells to move crib.
Sep 28 Moved corn crib. 1st frost. Clear and fine. Morts & Mrs. Cover here.
Sep 29 Went to Gorham. Got lumber for stable sheds. Hauled wheat.
Sep 30 Worked on stable all day. Very tired. Frost. Went up post office.
Oct 1, 1886 Worked on stable. Brought Piper cow home. Nice day.
Oct 2 Fixed fence east stable. Windy & dry. Went to Morts. Helped raise barn. Snapped load corn.
Oct 3 Sunday Morts & Mrs. Cover here. May, Ruby and Charlie here. Went to S. S. and lecture at night.
Oct 4 Set posts. Picked load corn. Dug sweet potatoes. Warm.
Oct 5 Set posts and worked on cattle shed all day. Very warm & dry.
Oct 6 Put wire on east lot fence. Boards on cattle shed. Got load corn from bottom field.
Oct 7 Finished bottom field. At noon went to Walker. Got coal.
Oct 8 Went to Hays City to fair. Cool  and cloudy.
Oct 9 Marked calves. Went to Morts. Cloudy.
Oct 10 Sunday went to S. S. then to Morts. Took sweet potatoes to give Ella.
Oct 11 Snapped 2 loads corn. Took turnips to Gorham. Dry.
Oct 12 Got 2 loads corn. Dry and windy.
Oct 13 Got 3 loads corn. Dry and windy.
Oct 14 Got 2 loads corn. Very dry.
Oct 15 Got 3 loads corn. Very dry and warm.
Oct 16 Got 2 loads corn.
Oct 17 Went to Morts. Mr. Simpson came home with us.
Oct 18 Went west to look at land. Very windy. Mrs. Cover went home. Mort here in eve.
Oct 19 Windy. Mr. Simpson & I went to Hays.
Oct 20 Got 2 loads corn. Went to Morton morning.
Oct 21 Finished gathering corn. Hauled dirt from cave.
Oct 22 Fine rain last night. Got $20.00 for mother. Went to Gorham. Hauled fodder.
Oct 23 Hauled fodder. Plowed fire guard. Went up east try to plow. Too dry.
Oct 24 Went to S. S. Nice day.
Oct 25 Hauled load coal. Put wire on fence. Cold & windy.
Oct 26 Took 3½ doz. Chickens to Gorham. Got $2.02 dox. Went to Morts.
Oct 27 Hauled fodder. Cool. Went bought corn of Keith. 100 bu. at 22 cts. bu.
Oct 28 Gathered load corn on Keiths farm. Warm & fine.
Oct 29 Husked load corn on Keiths. Fixed cave.
Oct 30 Went to Russell. Got 36 Apple trees and 100 mulberries.
Oct 31 Sunday went to S. S. then to Mr. Hules.
Nov 1, 1886 Went to Gorham. Sold chicks, then went to drill for water.
Nov 2 Went to election then dressed 50 chickens.
Nov 3 Drilled for water all day. Cool & fine.
Nov 4 Frank Keith got me load corn. Worked for water.
Nov 5 Went bored for water, found it. Froze hard. Trade for land.
Nov 6 Cleaned out hen house morning. Killed beef in afternoon. Cold nights.
Nov 7 Went to S. S. Clear and fine.
Nov 8 Went husked load corn. Got trees. Helped fix corn pen for Mr. Simpson.
Nov 9 Worked colt down to Morts. Helped Mr. Fox thrash.
Nov 10 Hattie washed. Put down carpet. Pulled turnips. Cold north wind.
Nov 11 Went to Gorham. Got stove lumber. Finished cattle shed. Very cold.
Nov 12 Hauled load manure. Shock corn and cane.
Nov 13 Hauled fodder. Went to Gorham. Paid for shed lumber all I owe them up to this date.
Nov 14 Sunday Morts here. Went to S. S. Ella Evans here.
Nov 15 Hauled 2 loads hay & one cane. High wind.
Nov 16 Raining this morn. A fearful storm and blizzard on the stock. Continued all night.
Nov 17 Very cold. Settled with Mr. Keith. Paid $2.09 for boards for Mr. Simpson. I and Wally Fagon took Fillsers colt home.
Nov 18 Hattie washed forenoon. I and John Nices hauled hay. Cool.
Nov 19 Finished hauling hay. Cold & chilly. Thawed some.
Nov 20 Went to Gorham. Took 9½ bu. wheat. 44 cts paid to Gorham.
Nov 21 Foggy & dull. Went to S. S. Dr. Howlett preached.
Nov 22 Washed forenoon. Went to Morts in eve. Nice day.
Nov 23 Dr. Howlet & Darby here last night. Went to Russell. Cold today.
Nov 24 Hauled out fodder. Put in window glass. Cold & chilly.
Nov 25 Went to Morts. Mr. Cover & Trimmer there. Nice day.
Nov 26 Morts all here. Went to hills. Hunted antelope.
Nov 27 Went to Gorham. Got lumber. Worked on shed.
Nov 28 Holinger Preached forenoon, Darby afternoon. Dr. Howlet at night. We went each time.
Nov 29 Preacher Evans here last night & today. Nice weather.
Nov 30 Went to Russell. Got pump for F. Simpson. $10.00.
Dec 1, 1886 Mr. Darby here. Went with him to his ranch.
Dec 2 Mr. Cover here last night. Cold E. wind. Fixed calf stable. Shut up calves.
Dec 3 Hauled cane afternoon. Spit snow from N. E. cold.
Dec 4 Clear and cold. Went to school house to trial. Done chores.
Dec 5 Sunday. The coldest nite yet. To meeting at night. Went to Morts.
Dec 6 Got letter from mother and $100.00. Went to Gorham. Nice & warm.
Dec 7 Helped Mr. Fagon kill beef. Went to trial. Nice and fine.
Dec 8 I went to trial. Hattie went to Radfords. Mrs. Fagon & Mrs. Rick here in eve.
Dec 9 Got load coal. Made coal house. Plowed furrows for apple trees. Very windy. Let Bailey have money.
Dec 10 [Nothing written.]
Dec 11 Very warm. Plowed on the 46 acres. Rained in eve.
Dec 12 Went to S. S. Snowed a little forenoon. High wind.
Dec 13 Clear & fine. Hauled cane. Plowed afternoon. Hattie washed.
Dec 14 Very high wind from north. Plowed all day. Cool.
Dec 15 Froze last night. Went to Gorham. Settled with Gorham. Gave my note to him for $200 paid $43.60.
Dec 16 Hauled cane forenoon. Went to store. Got tax receipt. Hauled manure.
Dec 17 Hauled cane for Mr. Hule. Here got draft from mother.
Dec 18 Hauled cane. Went to Gorham. Paid him $100.00. Nice day.
Dec 19 Sunday went to S. S. Nice day.
Dec 20 Hauled 20 shocks cane. Put cattle in field. Warm.
Dec 21 Finished hauling cane. Cloudy dull.
Dec 22 Went to Russell. Got our Xmas things. Nice day.
Dec 23 Chilly windy. Done chores at home.
Dec 24 Went to Xmas Tree at school house.
Dec 25 Cold in morn. Cleared off nice day. Went to Morts.
Dec 26 Sunday cold N. E. wind. Flying snow most all day at home.
Dec 27 Hattie washed. The coldest this winter. 2 deg. Below zero.
Dec 28 Went to Gorham. Morts here in eve. Popped corn. Made popcorn balls.
Dec 29 Mr. Hules here. Nice winter weather. Got hogs 560 lbs. At 4 cts. pound.
Dec 30 Went helped Mort kill beef. Cold.
Dec 31 Got sausage moll. Made sausage. 7 gallon sausage 12 gal lard.