Return to Decatur Co.: 1895

Jan 1 1895 Last day school. Exhibition at night.
Jan 2 I took children to Allison school. Fixed stable. Cold.
Jan 3 Chopped & done chores. Cold & chilly.
Jan 4 Damp & cold. Essie stayed home. Looks like snow.
Jan 5 Trees white with frost. Husked 5 shocks corn.
Jan 6 Sunday at home. Conrads here all day.
Jan 7 Washed forenoon. Cut ice afternoon. Cold.
Jan 8 Put up 36 blocks ice. Cold day. Ice 7 in thick.
Jan 9 Fixed stable. Mrs. J brought beef home. Nice day.
Jan 10 Hauled 2 loads manure. Geo. S. helped. Saw trees afternoon.
Jan 11 I made 80 posts. Cold wind. Very tired.
Jan 12 Made posts till noon. I and Hattie went to Mr. Cass.
Jan 13 Sunday at home all day. Geo. S. here. Cold.
Jan 14 Husked corn on bottom. Nice day.
Jan 15 Washed forenoon. Damp S E wind.
Jan 16 Husked & shelled corn. Damp & chilly.
Jan 17 Husked corn. Clear & chilly. Nice afternoon.
Jan 18 Finished husking corn on bottom. Nice day.
Jan 19 Hauled brush & stumps. Went to Allison eve.
Jan 20 Sunday at home all day. Mrs. McKenna here.
Jan 21 Washed forenoon. Went to Mr. Steels. Cold & chilly.
Jan 22 Went to Evans morn. Grubbed up stumps. Chilly.
Jan 23 I went & measured off E. line fence. I and Luther set posts.
Jan 24 I and Luther set posts all day. Cold S. E. wind.
Jan 25 Snowing & blowing terrible all day from north.
Jan 26 Went to Allison to get mail in eve. Cold.
Jan 27 Sunday at home all day. Nice day.
Jan 28 Washed forenoon. Clay Steele here. Nice day.
Jan 29 Snowed. Went Got 2 colts of Mr. Chenothes on note. $48.00
Jan 30 Helped Stanfast. Sawed wood. Cold & chilly.
Jan 31 Took 34 lbs popcorn Wheelocks. 4 cts lb. Snow & wind.
Feb 1, 1895 Hauled ice. Cold.
Feb 2 I and Roy hauled ice & put around trees. Thawed.
Feb 3 Sunday snowed last night. Conrad & boys here. They had a time. Terrible cold.
Feb 4 I took children to school. Roy went got Topsy. Cold.
Feb 5 Children went to school. Cold & chilly all day.
Feb 6 Terrible blizzard of snow & dirt all day. Very cold.
Feb 7 22 deg below zero. Cold at home. Done chores.
Feb 8 Hauled fodder. Went got 2 loads stove wood.
Feb 9 Cold light snow last night. Went & got mail.
Feb 10 Sunday at home all day. Spit snow.
Feb 11 Washed morn. Snowed & blowed afternoon. Cold.
Feb 12 Cold & windy. Killed 2 jackrabbits. Done chores.
Feb 13 I and Roy went hunting. Went to Allison in eve.
Feb 14 Split up stumps. Cold. Spit snow. Done chores.
Feb 15 Went to Asas place. Got plow & sun shinning.
Feb 16 Worked on south fence. Put on wire. Very tired.
Feb 17 Sunday Wills all here. High wind & dirt.
Feb 18 Washed. Terrible dirt form N. W. all day.
Feb 19 Took bu potatoes to Chandler. Got $1.00 bu.
Feb 20 Hauled 2 loads manure. Windy. Dust flying.
Feb 21 Took 6 bu potatoes to Jennings. 75 cts. bu. Nice day.
Feb 22 Finished setting posts on S. line. Warm.
Feb 23 I, Hattie, Huey, Kent & Elsie to Lenora. Took 22½ bu potatoes. Got $1.00 bu.
Feb 24 Sunday S. S. & Mr. Kinsers here. Nice & warm.
Feb 25 I and Roy finished S. fence. Rained & misted.
Feb 26 Still misting. Had fine rain. Took out 10 stumps.
Feb 27 Took out 11 bu. potatoes. Very warm in eve.
Feb 28 Took out stumps. Done chores. Nice day. Plowed onion bed.
Mar 1, 1895 Took out stumps. Run sub soiler afternoon.
Mar 2 Took out stumps. Plowed. Sowed onions.
Mar 3 Sunday cold high wind from N. Mr. McKennys here.
Mar 4 Washed forenoon. Sub soiled some. Disagreeable day.
Mar 5 Hauled 2 loads manure. Finished sub soiling.
Mar 6 Hauled load posts by Evans. Went to Cass’s. Set posts. Warm.
Mar 7 Put wire on fence forenoon. Took out stumps afternoon.
Mar 8 Took up potatoes. All went to Mr. Cass’s. Nice day.
Mar 9 Went white washed apple trees & bedroom. Nice day.
Mar 10 Sunday cold chilly. Went fed sows.
Mar 11 I and Luther Chenoweth went to Cass place. Washed & cleaned house.
Mar 12 We all went & papered. Put down carpet.
Mar 13 Very cold. I & Luther took load in eve.
Mar 14 Took 2 big loads morn and one in eve. Cold. Moved to our new home.
Mar 15 Very cold. Fixed stable. Washed. Trimmed grape vines.
Mar 16 Fixed hen house. Went & got chickens.
Mar 17 Sunday nice day. At home all day.
Mar 18 Washed forenoon & sowed strips for flume on dam. Nice day.
Mar 19 I went to Jennings. Got chop and 1 bu. sorgum. Snowed and blowed from N. E.
Mar 20 Mr. Leiber & Lerrill helped work on dam. Nice day.
Mar 21 I and Mr. Lieber worked on dam. Nice.
Mar 22 Leiber Terrill & Hull helped on dam. Nice day.
Mar 23 I and Leiber worked on dam. Took up turnips. I sowed lettuse & radishes.
Mar 24 Sunday warm & fine. At home resting all day.
Mar 25 Washed & subsoiled north orchard. Nice & warm.
Mar 26 Subsoiled all day. Hot & dry. Very tired.
Mar 27 Finished subsoiling. Hauled stove wood.
Mar 28 Went to Jennings. Got 25 bu. corn at 50 cts bu. Hauled wood.
Mar 29 Set out trees. Scraped on dam. Went got breaking plow.
Mar 30 Broke sod on bottom. Dusty terrible wind.
Mar 31 Sunday cold N. E. wind. Looks like snow. Dusty.
Apr 1, 1895 Washed forenoon. 2 in. snow last night. Cold. Plowed sod afternoon.
Apr 2 Hauled 2 loads wood. Made buggy shed. Plowed afternoon.
Apr 3 Plowed forenoon. Planted garden. Children set strawberries.
Apr 4 Finished sod forenoon. Put sod on dam. Nice day.
Apr 5 Plowed for strawberries. Set posts south creek. Terribly windy & dusty.
Apr 6 Terrible N. wind & wet snow. Turned to rain.
Apr 7 Sunday north wind. Cold & cloudy. At home.
Apr 8 Washed forenoon. Went to Mullen place and sowed alfalfa seed.
Apr 9 Went & finished alfalfa. Nice & warm.
Apr 10 Harrowed & sowed alfalfa N. of house all day.
Apr 11 Plowed in alfalfa west hog lot. Very warm.
Apr 12 All went to Mullin place. Planted 2 acres potatoes.
Apr 13 Finished sowing alfalfa. Planted sweet corn.
Apr 14 Easter Sunday at home. Nice & warm. Fished eve.
Apr 15 Terrible high N. wind. Washed. Rained at night.
Apr 16 Harrowed sod south of creek. Warm & fine.
Apr 17 Went to Mullin place. Huey swallowed rivet.
Apr 18 Listed corn all day. Fine growing weather.
Apr 19 Resowed alfalfa north of orchard. Listed corn.
Apr 20 Listed corn all day. Hot. Threatened rain. Cooler.
Apr 21 Sunday rained a little last night. G. W. and wife here also Wheelocks.
Apr 22 Finished listing corn at Mullin place. Warm.
Apr 23 Washed & listed in S. place by Terrills. Hot.
Apr 24 Planted sorgum on sod south creek forenoon. Listed corn N. place.
Apr 25 Finished piece N. of house. Hot. Finished sorgum.
Apr 26 All went to Jennings. Got corn at 52 cts. bu.
Apr 27 Planted corn north road. Planted melons. Set cabbage.
Apr 28 Sunday all went school house. Organized S. S. I was Supt.
Apr 29 Listed corn. Stevenson cow had calf. Nice & warm.
Apr 30 Listed north of house on Greens. Got almost to sod house.
May 1, 1895 Fixed fence south creek. Listed sorgum.
May 2 Listed sorgum. Harrowed potatoes.
May 3 Listed sorgum. Fine shower. Went and scrubbed out school house.
May 4 Listed sorgum. Worked in grapes.
May 5 Sun. all went to S. S. & to preaching in eve to Wills.
May 6 Listed corn all day in S. field. Warm.
May 7 Washed forenoon. Hoed. Listed corn afternoon.
May 8 Took Chenoweths cow & Stephensons to Stanfast. Listed afternoon.
May 9 Finished listing S. field. Listed onion bed.
May 10 Plowed grapes all day. Hauled wood & manure.
May 11 Staid up last night. 32 deg. Kept fires in orchard.
May 12 Sunday kept fires in orchard this morn. 31 deg. Went to S. S.
May 13 to 18 Cut weeds and hoed on Mullen Place. Dam been opened.
May 19 Sunday Fred E. and wife, Mr. Fosters here.
May 20 Went & finished cut weeds.
May 21 Washed forenoon. Cut weeds on Greens afternoon.
May 22 Roy cut weeds & I hoed. Made brush fence by garden.
May 23 Cut weeds on Green land. Terrible dry.
May 24 Cut weeds on south garden. Hoed.
May 25 Worked on dam all day. Hot & dry.
May 26 Sunday went to S. S. Mr. Cramers here.
May 27 Washed forenoon. Will here. Terrible wind.
May 28 Went plowed corn on bottom. Terrible wind. Hot & dusty.
May 29 Finished bottom. Commenced to rain at night.
May 30 Rained last night. 2 big rains. River high. Took out dam. I and Roy went to Mullin place Got wet.
May 31 Got plow & plowed sod S. of creek. Water high.
Jun 1, 1895 Plowed orchard. Set out 170 sweet potato plants. Got gate out of dam at Mullin place.
Jun 2 Sunday big rain last night. A terrible heavy rain.
Jun 3 Washed forenoon. Went to Mullin place.
Jun 4 Shingled the hay shed. River still high.
Jun 5 Took Red Stephinson cow died.
Jun 6 Harrowed corn on Mullin place. Nice day.
Jun 7 Plowed corn on Mullin place.
Jun 8 I plowed. Roy cut with weed cutter.
Jun 9 Sunday cloudy & cool. Sprinkled rain.
Jun 10 I finished plowing corn 1st time. Roy cut weeds 2nd time.
Jun 11 Rained last night. Washed. Cut weeds. Cooler.
Jun 12 Plowed corn. Big rain. Pulled weeds.
Jun 13 Cut weeds in orchard. Hot.
Jun 14 Went mowed weeds on alfalfa. Plowed corn afternoon.
Jun 15 Mowed weeds. Broke Mower. Finished. Roy cut weeds 3rd time.
Jun 16 Sun. all went to S. S. & preaching, then rested.
Jun 17 Cut weeds. Roy cut weeds south field.
Jun 18 Took mower home. Plowed corn on Mullin place. Roy cut weeds.
Jun 19 Finished corn by road 1st time. Roy cut weeds.
Jun 20 Plowed corn by road. Hot, but nice to kill weeds.
Jun 22 Plowed corn. Went to Mrs. Winter burying. Hot.
Jun 23 Sun. went to S. S. At home No. S. S.
Jun 24 Plowed corn north of house 2nd time. Cool.
Jun 25 Plowed potatoes & corn at Mullin place.
Jun 26 Plowed corn on S. field. Hot. Very tired.
Jun 27 Plowed sorgum on south field. Terrible rain & hail.
Jun 28 Done chores. River high. Mrs. Cass here last night.
Jun 29 Cut weeds. Done chores. Hot.
Jun 30 All went to S. S. then to Mr. Johnson. Back by Wills.
Jul 1, 1895 Plowed corn & sorgum all day. Ground in fine shape.
Jul 2 Fixed dam at Mullin place. Hot. River up.
Jul 3 Plowed corn. Lots of rain.
Jul 4 All went to Jennings. Had pictures taken. Hot.
Jul 5 Plowed corn south field. Terrible hot.
Jul 6 Plowed corn forenoon. Roy plowed afternoon.
Jul 7 Sun. went to S. S. then to Fred E. Had nice time. Cool.
Jul 8 Cool. Plowed corn on green land. Done big days work.
Jul 9 Finished laying by corn. Rained.
Jul 10 Rainy. Went to Jennings. Got twine. 100 lb sugar $5.55 Plowed by corn on Mullin place.
Jul 11 I and Roy plowed corn Mullin place. Finished. Roy plowed single plow.
Jul 12 Plowed in orchard forenoon and corn south field afternoon.
Jul 13 Plowed in orchard & grapes. Big rain.
Jul 14 Sunday rained. Went to S. S. At home.
Jul 15 Went & tried to cut rye. Too many weeds.
Jul 16 Plowed corn in S. field. Fine for corn.
Jul 17 Plowed corn all day, but terrible hot.
Jul 18 Plowed corn forenoon. Mowed alfalfa in eve.
Jul 19 Finished plowing corn & sorgum. Tired out.
Jul 20 Fine rain last night. Mowed weeds.
Jul 21 Sunday pretty cloudy. Went S. S. Rained at night.
Jul 22 Got hog for Cresler sow. Cut weeds. Rained.
Jul 23 Went up west to buy calves. Got 2. Rained.
Jul 24 Washed & cut weeds. Bought 6 calves. Hot.
Jul 25 Cut alfalfa by Terrells. Hot. Cut weeds.
Jul 26 Mowed weeds in alfalfa by Mullins. Hot.
Jul 27 Men brought 8 calves. Raked & shocked alfalfa.
Jul 28 Sunday Hot. Went to S. S. Fred E. here.
Jul 29 Washed forenoon. Cut rye & alfalfa on Mullin place.
Jul 30 Worked on crossing at creek. Warm.
Jul 31 Went raked & hauled rye home. Hot.
Aug 1, 1895 Went got load rye. Hauled 1st load rock for barn.
Aug 2 Big rains last night. Took 10 calves to Mullin place. Washed out crossing.
Aug 3 Worked on road forenoon. Cut rye & hauled rock for crossing.
Aug 4 Sunday went to S. S. W. Leiberes here. Nice day.
Aug 5 Put flume in crossing. Hauled rock for stable.
Aug 6 Hauled rock all day. Warm & hot.
Aug 7 Hauled rock & brick. Warm & fine for corn.
Aug 8 Hauled rock & went got letters.
Aug 9 Hauled 2 loads rock for stable. Fine for corn.
Aug 10 Hauled brick & got lime box.
Aug 11 Sunday at home. Johnsons here. Warm.
Aug 12 Commenced work on stone stable. Leiber helped.
Aug 13 Worked on stable all day. Very warm.
Aug 14 Took hog home. Will chopped corn. I sick.
Aug 15 Worked on stable. Hot & dry.
Aug 16 I hauled rock & lime. Boys worked on stable.
Aug 17 Worked on stable.
Aug 18 Sunday went to Mullin place in eve. Elsie took sick. Went for Mrs. Terrill & Wheelock.
Aug 19 Hauled rock & lime. Elsie better.
Aug 20 Hauled rock. Hired Carrie E. teach school.
Aug 21 Cut hay till noon. Raked eve. 2 boys helped.
Aug 22 Hauled & stacked 8 loads rye & hay. Hot.
Aug 23 Cut hay till noon. Got grapes. Looks like rain.
Aug 24 Leiber helped with hay. Got 5 loads & raked some.
Aug 25 Sunday all went meeting, but Hattie & babyes.
Aug 26 I cut hay till noon, then raked. Hot.
Aug 27 Cut hay forenoon. Got done. Raked P. M.
Aug 28 Rainy & misty. Hauled hay. Made cane cutter.
Aug 29 Went Jennings A. M. Got lime. Hauled hay.
Aug 30 I and Fred hauled hay. 7 loads. Very hot.
Aug 31 Rained last night. Weaned colts. Put up hay.
Sep 1, 1895 Sunday all went to Mr. Cramers. Cloudy.
Sep 2 to 8 Worked on rock stable all week.
Sep 9 Worked on stable. I hauled sand & cut sorgum.
Sep 10 I cut sorgum. Men worked on stable. Finished.
Sep 11 Went Jennings. Bought calf Leiber.
Sep 12 I & Roy cut sorgum. Very hot & dry.
Sep 13 Cut sorgum all day. Hot & dry.
Sep 14 Roy & Hattie went to Jennings. I cut cane.
Sep 15 Sun. all went to Ericksons. Hot & dry.
Sep 16 Conrad cut sorgum. I and Roy cut with sled.
Sep 17 Cut sorgum. Very tired. Hot & dry.
Sep 18 Cut sorgum forenoon with sled. Afternoon cut with knife.
Sep 19 Finished cutting with sled. Went to Caucus cut forks.
Sep 20 Shocked sorgum. Put up rafter on stable.
Sep 21 Conrad finished working for Flora.
[Sep 21 to Nov 1 Pages missing.]
Nov 1, 1895 I husked corn S. of bottoms. Pete at Mullins.
Nov 2 I husked corn. Went to Jennings. Got shoes.
Nov 3 Sunday cloudy & dull. All went to Mr. Johnsons.
Nov 4 Went got 2 loads corn on S. field. Big prairie fire S. S.
Nov 5 Went to election forenoon. Load corn P. M.
Nov 6 I finished S. bottom. Pete got load at Mullin place.
Nov 7 We both went to Mullin place got big load.
Nov 8 Got 2 big loads. Fine to work.
Nov 9 Got 2 big loads corn. Warm & fine.
Nov 10 Sunday at home. Clear & fine. Rested.
Nov 11 Went and husked big load corn on Mullin place. Cresler sow at pigs.
Now 12 Husked corn on Mullin place. Fine to work.
Nov 13 Rained and snowed last night. Warm. Fixed manger & hen house.
Nov 14 Husked corn all day at Mullin place. Muddy.
Nov 15 Husked corn. Fine & warm. Corn worth 15 cts bu.
Nov 16 I and Roy husked load corn. Put up heater. Put roosts in hen house.
Nov 17 Sunday clear & fine at home all day. Resting.
Nov 18 Gathered corn at Mullin place. Fine day.
Nov 19 Finished corn at Mullin place 25½ loads.
Nov 20 I and Elmer cramer husked corn north of road. Clear & fine.
Nov 21 Both husked corn all day. Warm. Turned cold in eve.
Nov 22 Snowing and very cold. Fixed mangers for cows. Hauled cane.
Nov 23 Hauled sorgum. Fixed hog shed. Went to Jennings. Spit snow. Cold.
Nov 24 Snowing hard. Sunday home all day.
[Nov 25 to Dec 4 Pages missing.]
Dec 4, 1895 I husked corn all day out north.
Dec 5 I got corn in S. field. Elmer and Grant finished out north.
Dec 6 I husked and snapped corn in S. field. Corn shellers came.
Dec 7 Shelled corn till noon. Broke sheller. Roy & I skinned steer.
Dec 8 Sunday nice. All went to Wills & Kinsers.
Dec 9 Washed forenoon. Commenced to build sod hen house.
Dec 10 Shelled corn forenoon. Had 900 bu, then I and Mr. Cramer worked on hen house.
[Dec 11 Missing line.]
Dec 12 Husked corn forenoon. Worked on hen house.
Dec 13 Husked corn. Worked on hen house. Got walls done.
Dec 14 Went to Jennings. Took hog.
Dec 15 Sunday all went to Fred Erickson. Chilly S. wind.
Dec 16 Washed. Snapped 2 loads corn. Fine day.
Dec 17 Got 2 loads corn. Hauled cobs. Fine day.
Dec 18 4 in. snow last night. Got 4 cows from Mullin place.
Dec 19 Fred got molasses. Mrs. Chenoweth made me deed to west ½ S. E. 14. Hauled sorgum. Set posts. Took feed to Mullin place. Went to school house.
Dec 20 I and Roy finished gathering corn.
Dec 21 Sunday cloudy & cold. I went to Wills on pony.
Dec 23 Washed & went to Jennings. Took 2 turkeys to town. Got 9 cts. lb. Cold.
Dec 24 Hauled sorgum. Put on hen house. Done chores.
Dec 25 Willies, Fred Erickson, Mr. Cramers & Johnsons here.
Dec 26 Spotted Halstein calf died. Done chores.
Dec 27 Hauled sorgum. Put on stable. Damp & frosty.
Dec 28 Sunday cold N. W. wind. At home. I went and fed calves.
Dec 29 Washed. Very cold & cloudy. Hauled sorgum.
Dec 30 Hauled sorgum. Took feed to calves. Cold.
Dec 31 Done chores. Went to Allison etc.