Return to Decautur Co.: 1892

Aug 30, 1892 Got ready to go back to Ks. Started from Blandinsville today.
Aug 31 Staid last night in Keokuk, then came to Eldon & on to St. Joe.
Sep 1 Traveled all day & got in Ks.
Sep 2 Got to Athol at 2 oclock this morning. Unloaded car.
Sep 3 Went to Smith Center in wagon. Hot & dry.
Sep 4 Went to Warren Libbys. Cool nights.
Sep 5-7 Hattie got here. Very tired. Staid in Athol.
Sep 8 Went to Smith Center. Got organ & box. Tired.
Sep 9 We all started for Decatur Co. in wagon with 10 horses & colts.
Sep 10 Staid all night near Marion. Horses tired.
Sep 11 Staid all night east Densmore. Hot.
Sep 12 Staid west of Lenora. Horses tired.
Sep 13 Got to Willies in buggy. Tired out traveling.
Sep 14 Went Mr. Cass’s looked at land.
Sep 15 I went with Asa to Jennings.
Sep 16 Bought Mr. Tompsons. 160 acres land. Paid $750.00
Sep 17 I and Mr. Tompson went to Jennings to made deeds.
Sep 18 I and Mr. Tompson went to Thornbure & Bishops.
Sep 19 Went to Lenora. Got wagon. Put horses in Stanfasts pasture.
Sep 20 Cut corn. Mr. Thompson helped.
Sep 21 Cut corn. Thrashed. Bought another 160 acres ground for $875.00 also included crop, colts & mare.
Sep 22 Done chores. Got ready to go to Smith Co.
Sep 23 to 28 Went to Athol. Shipped stuff 1600 lbs to Jennings. Brought load home.
Sep 29 Washed forenoon. Went & got grapes in P. M.
Sep 30 Went to Jennings. Brought load home.
Oct 1, 1892 Went to Jennings. Brought load home.
Oct 2 Sunday Willies all here. Nice day.
Oct 3 Children started to school to Mrs. Loney.
Oct 4 Made Jar Krout. Very still & hot.
Oct 5 I and Asa went to Jennings. I paid him $306.00 and $250.00 for horses.
Oct 6 Washed forenoon. Went to Tompkins for grapes.
Oct 7-9 Took trough, post & wire to Asas. Sowed rye.
Oct 9 Sunday went church forenoon. Took Queen to Stanfast pasture.
Oct 10 Done chores. Went to P. O. Roads dry.
Oct 11 Picked off grapes & went working road.
Oct 12 Rained. Rolled wire on barrel.
Oct 13 Helped Will stack millet. Cool & windy.
Oct 14 Stacked sorgum & millet for me at Asas.
Oct 15 Washed forenoon. Went & got post wire in eve got corn.
Oct 16 Sunday at home all day. Terribly windy.
Oct 17 Worked on road & bridge. Cold & chilly.
Oct 18 Went to Jennings. Got stove and lumber.
Oct 19 Went to Asas. Laid kitchen floor.
Oct 20 Moved 2 loads. Asa one. Staid all night. First night in our new home.
Oct 21 Put down carpets. Went got cow & organ. Dry.
Oct 22 Went to sale at Jennings. Got lumber & coal. Cool.
Oct 23 Sunday went to meeting. Cloudy & dull.
Oct 24 Washed. Went with Kenser & Brock. Got last corn. Bought 6 calves for $43.50. Got cabbage $20.00.
Oct 25 Went to Jennings. Got lumber for crib. Bought rocking chair.
Oct 26 Worked on crib & fence all day. Very tired. Windy.
Oct 27 Worked on lot. Bought 6 steers of Cass for $80.00
Oct 28 Went to Mr. Kmchsons. Got 6 calves $43.00. Tired.
Oct 29 Made feed troughs. Went got load corn & trough. Went meeting in eve at Allison.
Oct 30 Sunday went to Stanfasts. Got Queen & potatoes. Looks rainy.
Oct 31 Went got rafters on sod house at Stanfasts.
Nov 1, 1892 Went to Rices. Caught 9 calves. Brought them home. Very tired.
Nov 2 Worked on feed racks. Very nice day.
Nov 3 Got 8 hogs of Chenoweth 5 ct. lb. $47.40. Nice day.
Nov 4 Washed forenoon. Worked on cattle shed. Warm & fine.
Nov 5 Went got load straw. Went to Allison to see steers.
Nov 6 Sunday cloudy. Cold high wind. Very bad day.
Nov 7 Put hay on shed. Gathered load corn. Tired.
Nov 8 Went traded calves for steers with Stanfast. Election. Rain & snow in eve.
Nov 9 Hauled straw. Set posts by road. Very tired.
Nov 10 Went to Leonra to mill. Got heater. Roy boots, Huey shoes. Nice day.
Nov 11 Gathered corn. At home. Nice day to work.
Nov 12 Went got load corn. Set posts. Done chores.
Nov 13 Sunday very windy. All went to Willies.
Nov 14 Washed forenoon. Went Thompsons place. Got load of corn.
Nov 15 Went got load corn. Fixed shed. Done chores.
Nov 16 Got 2 loads corn. At home. Finished sod. Rain & snow I evening.
Nov 17 Went got load of fodder. Nice & clear.
Nov 18 Went & hauled load straw. Done chores.
Nov 19 Done chores. Went to Allison. Cold & misty.
Nov 20 Sunday went for Mrs. Rice & Onie. Kent was born at noon.
Nov 21 I washed & done chores. Children to school.
Nov 22 Done the housework & fed the stock.
Nov 23 Done chores etc.
Nov 24 Done chores. Stanfast hauled corn. Chilly.
Nov 25 Done chores & Stanfast brought corn.
Nov 26 I went to Jennings. Got coal. Very chilly.
Nov 27 Sunday at home. Onie & Will, Mrs. Steele & Chenoweth here.
Nov 28 I done big washing. Fixed trench in cattle yard.
Nov 29 Went got big load corn. Done chores.
Nov 30 Went got load corn. Done chores.
Dec 1, 1892 Finished gathering corn. Got 2 barrells wire.
Dec 2 Went got wire & posts. I and Brad measured land.
Dec 3 I and Roy went got wires and posts. Hauled S. train.
Dec 4 Sunday at home. Went to Church. Was very warm.
Dec 5 Cloudy, damp & misty. Washed. Went to Taylors. Bought 4 cows for $31.00.
Dec 6 Cloudy Misty, Hauled manure. Went got big load fodder. Snowing hard.
Dec 7 High wind last night with snow. Done chores. Coldest yet.
Dec 8 Went got big load fodder. Done chores. Cold.
Dec 9 Hauled load fodder to Wills in eve. Killed rabbit.
Dec 10 Went to Tom Whites to see pigs, then got straw. Very cold & frosty. Went to Allison in eve.
Dec 11 Sunday at home. Cold. Shelled corn for calves.
Dec 12 Damp. Went to see sorgum. Went to Allison. Bought sorgum of Cass. Snowing hard in eve.
Dec 13 Washed forenoon. Shelled corn. Cought 2 quail in trap.
Dec 14 Hauled 4 big loads sorgum. Killed 3 quails. Spit snow.
Dec 15 Went to Jennings. Sent taxes $52.05. Got salt. Cold.
Dec 16 Shelled corn. Spit snow most all day. Done chores.
Dec 17 Shelled corn forenoon. Went to Allison eve. Cold & damp.
Dec 18 Sunday clear & fine. At home. Geo. Stanfast here.
Dec 19 Snowed last night. Washed shelled corn. Done chores. Cold.
Dec 20 Snowed & storming all day. Very wintry.
Dec 21 Got load straw. Cold & wintry.
Dec 22 Snowing hard morn. Went to Wills. Hunted rabbits.
Dec 23 Went to mill at Lenora. Nice day. Roads fine.
Dec 24 Shelled corn. Done chores. Helped with X tree at home.
Dec 25 Sunday Xmas. Snowed hard all day. Wills all here.
Dec 26 Bought load corn of Will. 6 deg below zero.
Dec 27 Washed forenoon. Went set posts all day. Nice day.
Dec 28 Willie & I measured land. Set posts. Thawed.
Dec 29 I set posts all day. Thawed some. Tired.
Dec 30 I set posts all day. Done chores. Very tired.
Dec 31 Put wire on fence forenoon. To Allison in eve.