Return to Decatur Co.: 1904

Jan 10, 1904 Snowed for 1st time to cover ground.
Jan 9 Butchered 2 hogs. Nice day.
Jan 2 Minnie and I went to Jennings. Was offered $4.50 for 1 load cattle. Bought cooper.
Jan 19 Took 45 hogs to Jennings. Average 230 lbs. at $4.40
Jan 23 Put 80 head of cattle in Cramer stalks. Snowed last night.
Jan 24 Sunday all went to S. S. Very cold E. wind. This has been a nice open winter till now.
Jan 25 Fine show. 6 deg. Below zero.
Jan 26-28 Mr. Price, Mr. F. Brock and Mr. Morfed here. Finished hauling corn.
Jan 31 Found Essie’s heifer dead and 1 two year old steer dead from Stalks.
Feb 1, 1904 Black steer died. Terrible wind & dust.
Feb 2 Clear & nice. No school. Harrowed stalks all day.
Feb 6 Took 35 head of steers to Jennings. Average weight 1448 lbs. and acted the fool and sold them at $4.40. Three of shrinkage and they sold in K. C. for $4.85 hundred. Lost over $100.00
Feb 11 Went to Mr. Gardeners to a big birthday dinner. Cold.
Feb 12 Phillips, Bliss & Joe Henry stayed all nite last night.
Feb 13 Very warm. Windy & dusty. Turned cold in eve.
Feb 14 Sunday went to S. S. Mr. Millers here. Cold.
Feb 16 Took Dexter to Phillips.
Feb 23 I, Minnie, Elsie, Kent and Rossy went to Jennings. Got suit of clothes. $5.80
Feb 25 Tore down old cattle shed and burned trash. 13 sows has 102 pigs. Hauled hay.
Feb 26 I and Stella went to Jennings. Minnie and Essie finished quilt.
Feb 27 Made garden. Roy & Hughie cleaned out hog barn good.
Feb 28 Nice day. Went to S. S. Have 130 pigs now.
Mar 9, 1904 Put in telephone. At home. Went Spall sale.
Mar 10 Went & bought 18 fat hogs out south.
Mar 11 Went to Jennings. Bought hogs of Mr. Fish & Duncan.
Mar 12 Mr. Small & May here. Ore sow had 16 pigs. Took 48 hogs to Jennings.
Mar 14 My birthday. 48 yrs. old. Minnie gave me a whick broom & Stella a hanckerchief, Roy dished. Huey harrowed. Black cows calf came.
Mar 15 Hogs sold this winter & spring. 162 head brought $1888.70. 162 head brought $1670.74. Dehorned & marked calves.
Mar 19 Sold 2 sows and grinder to shoe maker.
Mar 21 Assessor here. Last of sows had pigs today. Washed. Took up carpets. White washed. Fixed garden fence. We have 192 pigs from 24 sows.
Mar 22 Papered 2 north rooms. Nice day. Huey harrowed.
Mar 23 Finished harrowing alfalfa. Terrible wind & fire N. W. Jennings. Papered 2 rooms.
Mar 25 Went to Jennings. Took eggs.
Mar 26 Cut wart off colts leg.
Apr 1, 1904 I, Roy, Hughy & Kent took 36 fat cattle to Jennings. Hot & windy.
Apr 3 Easter Sunday. Mrs. Dochow & Pearl came. I went to K. C. with stock.
Apr 12 Planted potatoes on S. Bottom.
Apr 14 Hauled 2 loads hogs to Jennings.
Apr 15 Took 2 loads hogs to Jennings. Estella, Elsie and Essie rode along with Roy and got their new spring hats. Terribly cold.
Apr 16 Took 4 loads hogs to Jennings. Averaged 184 lbs.
Apr 17 Bought hogs of Teel and Shoerinsky and Nellins. At $4.60
Apr 24 Sunday at home all day. Blue cows calf came. Snowed in eve.
Apr 25 Washed. Cold. Planted sweet potatoes.
Apr 26 I, Roy, Hughy & Kent went to Jennings. Odd fellow day.
Apr 29 Rained listed corn southwest field.
Apr 30 Went to town. Rained. Lots of water everywhere.
May 2, 1904 I and Mr. Gardner went Norton. Roy listed.
May 3 Rained last night & today. Went set posts in east pasture.
May 11 Boys got wire of Wilsons and went and put on E. pasture. Bought steers of Terrill. Lulas colt came last night dead. First lettus.
May 13 Took 94 steers to E. pasture. Grass good.
May 14 Put in flume. Roy bought calves of McClure.
May 15 Sunday went to S. S.
May 16 & 17 Worked on road all day. Cool & fine.
May 19 I went to Jennings. Pearl Dochow here. Commenced to wean Ross.
May 20 We have 130 little chickens. Went to pasture to see cattle.
May 21 Children went to town. Walter Steel awful sick.
May 22 Went S. S. In afternoon to see Mr. Cramers.
May 23-28 Cut and stacked alfalfa.
May 29 Sunday went to meeting. Essie was Baptized. Lots here.
Jun 1, 1904 Went to Jennings. Bought team of F. Simpson.
Jun 2-3-4 Cut hay. Sprinkled rain. Turned hay dull & cloudy.
Jun 5 Cool & cloudy. Maudes colt came in morn.
Jun 6-7 Stacked hay. Went got Dr. for Maude. She died in night.
Jun 8 Rained morn. Stacked 4 loads alfalfa.
Jun 9 big rain last night. Roys cows calf came.
Jun 10-11 Stacked alfalfa both days.
Jun 12 Sun. nice day. Went to S. S. Children went to Mr. Gardners.
Jun 13-14-15 Stacked hay & plowed corn.
Jun 17 Big rain last night. I and Pete went to Jennings for stacker.
Jun 18 Stacked hay cut north with new stacker.
Jun 19 Sunday another big rain. Mr. Mrs. Jake Langor are here.
Jul 1, 1904 Finished stacking 1st crop alfalfa.
Jul 19 I went to Jennings to oil meeting.
Jul 20 Put hay up north of house. Essies team, Nellie & Coly with rake run away. I got hit very bad. Dr. Funk came. I lay senseless 1½ hrs.
Jul 21 Filled W. barn with hay.
Jul 22 Boys went to other place. I and children went to get sow at Phipps.
Jul 24 Sunday Mr. & Mrs. Gardner were baptized.
Jul 25-27 Put up hay. Finished 2nd crop.
Jul 28 I and children went to Jennings. Hot.
Jul 29 Very hot. 98 deg in shade. Rested.
Aug 30, 1904 Bought 47 head of cattle from Mr. Lunney. At $3.25 Averaged 948 lbs.
Aug 31 I and Minnie, Kent & Elsie went to Norton to fair. Nice day.
Sep 1, 1904 I took Roy Stella, Huey & Essie to Lenora. They started to Worlds Fair in St. Louis. I bought 240 acres of land from L. Larrick for $9500.00. One Mile west of Lenora.
Sep 8 Frosted last night. Finished putting up alfalfa.
Sep 13 Went to Jennings. Took 20 bu. apples at 85 cts. bu. 27 musk melons, 13 watermelons at 20 cts. each.
Sep 16 Dup 40 bu. potatoes.
Sep 17 Took 24 cows & heifers to Jennings to ship to K. C.
Sep 18 Shipped the cattle. Mils Wilson went with them. Paid Shook for Jennings Echo to be sent to Hebe Kline. Blandinsville Ill.
Sep 19 Went to Jennings. Sold land to Brock.
Sep 20 I and Minnie made deeds to land. Dug about 70 bu. potatoes.
Sep 22 I went to Jennings. Took Shook 40 watermelons at 10 cts each, musk melons 5 cts each.
Sep 23 Dug potatoes by melon patch. Made cattle trough.
Sep 24 I, Roy, Stella & Essie went to Jennings. Got new hats.
Sep 25 Sunday all went to S. S. Mr. Wilsons here.
Sep 26 Made cattle trough. Mrs. Dochow here. Went to Mr. Steeles funeral.
Sep 27 Cut 4th crop alfalfa. Bought corn of McClure.
Sep 28 Went to Lenora. Got lumber for scales.
Sep 29 Went to E. place. Got cattle. Divided. Took back 30 calves & 1 cow. Put all fat cattle together over in hay on potatoe patch.
Oct 11, 1904 put 126 head cattle in feed lot.
Oct 13 Stacked alfalfa. Rained. Marked 170 pigs.
Oct 17 Finished stacking alfalfa. Hay seed. I and Roy made feed troughs. Minnie, Essie & Elsie picked Gennet apples. Minnie made 10 gal cider. Mr. Randell finished hauling 396 bu. corn.
Oct 20 Went got 3 boars of Fish for $30.00. Commenced to bred sows.
Oct 27 Went to James sale. Bought 2 sows and 1800 bu. corn at 30 cts bu.
Oct 29 Went to Jennings. Took wheat for Baxter. For st Mizer put 6 head horses on alfalfa. At $1.00 mo. W. E. Wilson put 4 head in.
Oct 31 Went to Jennings. Bought of different ones. 3200 bu corn at 30 cts. bu.
Nov 1&2, 1904 Roy & I husked corn. Nice weather.
Nov 3 Killed hog. Got 3 loads corn. Went school to speaking at night.
Nov 4 Got 3 loads corn. Nice day.
Nov 5 Mrs. May got $2.50 worth apples and did not pay. Got 3 loads corn.
Nov 6 Went to S. S. Mr. Gardners here. Nice day.
Nov 7 Got 3 loads corn. Randall hauled 3 loads.
Nov 8 Went to Election at Jennings. Had Rossies picture taken.
Nov 9 Sprinkled hogs. Worked on feeder. Randall and Black boys got killed.
Nov 10 Snowed all day. Cold.
Nov 12 Brought cattle from Tyrell place. Got 8 loads corn this week. 23 loads to date.
Nov 13 Sunday nice day. Went to S. S.
Nov 14 Done chores. Got 2 loads corn.
Nov 15 I went to Jennings. Got Barrells & coop. Roy got load corn.
Nov 16 Dressed 72 turkeys. Roy got one load corn. Got draft from mother.
Nov 17 Took turkeys to Jennings to ship to Denver.
Nov 21 Went to Gardners & Teals. Did not buy cattle.
Nov 30 Commenced thrashing alfalfa. Had 22 bu.
Dec 1, 1904 Finished thrashing 65 bu. Cold tonight.
Dec 3 Dehorned steers, got of Teal. Hauled hay. Leil Mackey helped move fence.
Dec 4 Snowing all day. Mrs. Dochow here.
Dec 5 Nice clear day. Roy started to school. I done chores. Fixed fence. Bedford Jennings put 49 horses in stalks. $1.00 per head each mo.
Dec 7 I and Stella went to Jennings. Stella had picture taken.
Dec 8 Went to Lewis to see cattle. Nice day.
Dec 9 Hauled hay for hogs from W. Tired.
Dec 10 Butchered 2 hogs. Done chores etc. Nice day.
Dec 11 Sun. at home. Cold N. wind.
Dec 12 Got 10 loads corn. Morford stayed all night.
Dec 13 Snowing. Cold. Done chores.
Dec 14 Made pen in front of big barn.
Dec 15 Hauled hay from over east for sows.
Dec 16 Windy. Done chores. Minnie & Stella canned & sorted 24 qts. apples.
Dec 17 I and children went to Jennings. Nice day.
Dec 18 Sunday I and Rossie staid home. Rest went to meeting.
Dec 19 Mr. Reed hauled corn. Nice day.
Dec 20 Got 11 loads corn. Dressed 17 turkeys. Went to Miss Tuckers burying.
Dec 21 I and Minnie took Turkeys to Jennings. Got 10 loads corn.
Dec 31 Bert Taylor me 32 steers. $409.23.