John Walling

Service records show John Walling on the 1777 list of Cox's Militia Company and on the 1782 and 6 Sep 1782 Elk Creek Militia lists.

His pension file reveals:

He first served as a drafted militia man for a six month term in March when he was 21. He served in a company commanded by Captain John Cox & Lieutenant Alexander Cox, enrolled at Wythe Co., Virgina and attached to the Regiment commanded by Col Joseph Martin on an expedition against the Cherokee Indians. He marched from Wythe on through what is now Washington County, being then a Wilderness to Clinch River, Blackmore Fort; Col Martin dividing his men, sent a part to Custers Fort, and the balance to Blackmore, and John was amongst the latter group. He remained there until the last of August when they were discharged, and were not in any battles.

His second tour began in April after discharge from his first tour and he again served as a drafted militia man for three months, enrolled in Wythe County in a company commanded by Capt John Brydon & Lieutenant Alexander Brydon and attached to Col William Campbell's regiment "to be at all times in readiness at a moment's warning." They marched again "from Wythe passing through a frontier country on an expedition against the British to a place of rendezvous at one Capt Enoch Osbornes on New River highway and marched from there into North Carolina near the Hanging Rock with the intention of aiding the American Army at that place against the British and tories, but was met by an express with the news of the defeat of our forces there when within a few miles of that place, and received orders to retreat which was done and continued our march until we arrived at the place from whence we marched." Again, no battles fought.