Return to Decatur Co.: 1892-1904

Aug 30, 1892 Got ready to go back to Ks. Started from Blandinsville today.
Aug 31 Staid last night in Keokuk, then came to Eldon & on to St. Joe.
Sep 1 Traveled all day & got in Ks.
Sep 2 Got to Athol at 2 oclock this morning. Unloaded car.
Sep 3 Went to Smith Center in wagon. Hot & dry.
Sep 4 Went to Warren Libbys. Cool nights.
Sep 5-7 Hattie got here. Very tired. Staid in Athol.
Sep 8 Went to Smith Center. Got organ & box. Tired.
Sep 9 We all started for Decatur Co. in wagon with 10 horses & colts.
Sep 10 Staid all night near Marion. Horses tired.
Sep 11 Staid all night east Densmore. Hot.
Sep 12 Staid west of Lenora. Horses tired.
Sep 13 Got to Willies in buggy. Tired out traveling.
Sep 14 Went Mr. Cass’s looked at land.
Sep 15 I went with Asa to Jennings.
Sep 16 Bought Mr. Tompsons. 160 acres land. Paid $750.00
Sep 17 I and Mr. Tompson went to Jennings to made deeds.
Sep 18 I and Mr. Tompson went to Thornbure & Bishops.
Sep 19 Went to Lenora. Got wagon. Put horses in Stanfasts pasture.
Sep 20 Cut corn. Mr. Thompson helped.
Sep 21 Cut corn. Thrashed. Bought another 160 acres ground for $875.00 also included crop, colts & mare.
Sep 22 Done chores. Got ready to go to Smith Co.
Sep 23 to 28 Went to Athol. Shipped stuff 1600 lbs to Jennings. Brought load home.
Sep 29 Washed forenoon. Went & got grapes in P. M.
Sep 30 Went to Jennings. Brought load home.
Oct 1, 1892 Went to Jennings. Brought load home.
Oct 2 Sunday Willies all here. Nice day.
Oct 3 Children started to school to Mrs. Loney.
Oct 4 Made Jar Krout. Very still & hot.
Oct 5 I and Asa went to Jennings. I paid him $306.00 and $250.00 for horses.
Oct 6 Washed forenoon. Went to Tompkins for grapes.
Oct 7-9 Took trough, post & wire to Asas. Sowed rye.
Oct 9 Sunday went church forenoon. Took Queen to Stanfast pasture.
Oct 10 Done chores. Went to P. O. Roads dry.
Oct 11 Picked off grapes & went working road.
Oct 12 Rained. Rolled wire on barrel.
Oct 13 Helped Will stack millet. Cool & windy.
Oct 14 Stacked sorgum & millet for me at Asas.
Oct 15 Washed forenoon. Went & got post wire in eve got corn.
Oct 16 Sunday at home all day. Terribly windy.
Oct 17 Worked on road & bridge. Cold & chilly.
Oct 18 Went to Jennings. Got stove and lumber.
Oct 19 Went to Asas. Laid kitchen floor.
Oct 20 Moved 2 loads. Asa one. Staid all night. First night in our new home.
Oct 21 Put down carpets. Went got cow & organ. Dry.
Oct 22 Went to sale at Jennings. Got lumber & coal. Cool.
Oct 23 Sunday went to meeting. Cloudy & dull.
Oct 24 Washed. Went with Kenser & Brock. Got last corn. Bought 6 calves for $43.50. Got cabbage $20.00.
Oct 25 Went to Jennings. Got lumber for crib. Bought rocking chair.
Oct 26 Worked on crib & fence all day. Very tired. Windy.
Oct 27 Worked on lot. Bought 6 steers of Cass for $80.00
Oct 28 Went to Mr. Kmchsons. Got 6 calves $43.00. Tired.
Oct 29 Made feed troughs. Went got load corn & trough. Went meeting in eve at Allison.
Oct 30 Sunday went to Stanfasts. Got Queen & potatoes. Looks rainy.
Oct 31 Went got rafters on sod house at Stanfasts.
Nov 1, 1892 Went to Rices. Caught 9 calves. Brought them home. Very tired.
Nov 2 Worked on feed racks. Very nice day.
Nov 3 Got 8 hogs of Chenoweth 5 ct. lb. $47.40. Nice day.
Nov 4 Washed forenoon. Worked on cattle shed. Warm & fine.
Nov 5 Went got load straw. Went to Allison to see steers.
Nov 6 Sunday cloudy. Cold high wind. Very bad day.
Nov 7 Put hay on shed. Gathered load corn. Tired.
Nov 8 Went traded calves for steers with Stanfast. Election. Rain & snow in eve.
Nov 9 Hauled straw. Set posts by road. Very tired.
Nov 10 Went to Leonra to mill. Got heater. Roy boots, Huey shoes. Nice day.
Nov 11 Gathered corn. At home. Nice day to work.
Nov 12 Went got load corn. Set posts. Done chores.
Nov 13 Sunday very windy. All went to Willies.
Nov 14 Washed forenoon. Went Thompsons place. Got load of corn.
Nov 15 Went got load corn. Fixed shed. Done chores.
Nov 16 Got 2 loads corn. At home. Finished sod. Rain & snow I evening.
Nov 17 Went got load of fodder. Nice & clear.
Nov 18 Went & hauled load straw. Done chores.
Nov 19 Done chores. Went to Allison. Cold & misty.
Nov 20 Sunday went for Mrs. Rice & Onie. Kent was born at noon.
Nov 21 I washed & done chores. Children to school.
Nov 22 Done the housework & fed the stock.
Nov 23 Done chores etc.
Nov 24 Done chores. Stanfast hauled corn. Chilly.
Nov 25 Done chores & Stanfast brought corn.
Nov 26 I went to Jennings. Got coal. Very chilly.
Nov 27 Sunday at home. Onie & Will, Mrs. Steele & Chenoweth here.
Nov 28 I done big washing. Fixed trench in cattle yard.
Nov 29 Went got big load corn. Done chores.
Nov 30 Went got load corn. Done chores.
Dec 1, 1892 Finished gathering corn. Got 2 barrells wire.
Dec 2 Went got wire & posts. I and Brad measured land.
Dec 3 I and Roy went got wires and posts. Hauled S. train.
Dec 4 Sunday at home. Went to Church. Was very warm.
Dec 5 Cloudy, damp & misty. Washed. Went to Taylors. Bought 4 cows for $31.00.
Dec 6 Cloudy Misty, Hauled manure. Went got big load fodder. Snowing hard.
Dec 7 High wind last night with snow. Done chores. Coldest yet.
Dec 8 Went got big load fodder. Done chores. Cold.
Dec 9 Hauled load fodder to Wills in eve. Killed rabbit.
Dec 10 Went to Tom Whites to see pigs, then got straw. Very cold & frosty. Went to Allison in eve.
Dec 11 Sunday at home. Cold. Shelled corn for calves.
Dec 12 Damp. Went to see sorgum. Went to Allison. Bought sorgum of Cass. Snowing hard in eve.
Dec 13 Washed forenoon. Shelled corn. Cought 2 quail in trap.
Dec 14 Hauled 4 big loads sorgum. Killed 3 quails. Spit snow.
Dec 15 Went to Jennings. Sent taxes $52.05. Got salt. Cold.
Dec 16 Shelled corn. Spit snow most all day. Done chores.
Dec 17 Shelled corn forenoon. Went to Allison eve. Cold & damp.
Dec 18 Sunday clear & fine. At home. Geo. Stanfast here.
Dec 19 Snowed last night. Washed shelled corn. Done chores. Cold.
Dec 20 Snowed & storming all day. Very wintry.
Dec 21 Got load straw. Cold & wintry.
Dec 22 Snowing hard morn. Went to Wills. Hunted rabbits.
Dec 23 Went to mill at Lenora. Nice day. Roads fine.
Dec 24 Shelled corn. Done chores. Helped with X tree at home.
Dec 25 Sunday Xmas. Snowed hard all day. Wills all here.
Dec 26 Bought load corn of Will. 6 deg below zero.
Dec 27 Washed forenoon. Went set posts all day. Nice day.
Dec 28 Willie & I measured land. Set posts. Thawed.
Dec 29 I set posts all day. Thawed some. Tired.
Dec 30 I set posts all day. Done chores. Very tired.
Dec 31 Put wire on fence forenoon. To Allison in eve.
Jan 1, 1893 At home all day. Clear & fine. Windy.
Jan 2 Washed forenoon. Shelled corn. Done chores.
Jan 3 Shelled corn. Done chores. Brad took hogs to Lenora. $5.40 hundred.
Jan 4 Helped Willie butcher. Nice day to work.
Jan 5 Set 1 post to windmill. Done chores. Fine.
Jan 6 Went to Allison. Got tobacco for calves. Cooler.
Jan 7 Cold. Spit snow. Tended to calves. Shelled corn.
Jan 8 Sunday colder. At home. Chilly wind.
Jan 9 Washed forenoon. I went to Mrs. Underwoods.
Jan 10 Damp in morn. Went got fodder. Cleared off.
Jan 11 High wind last night and all day. Done chores.
Jan 12 Shelled corn. Windy. Fixed harness. Done chores.
Jan 13 Went to Lenora. Took wheat to grind for feed. Nice.
Jan 14 Shelled corn. Done chores. Snowing in morn.
Jan 15 Sunday colder. At home all day. Done chores.
Jan 16 Washed forenoon. Got mullen cow in eve.
Jan 17 Butchered beef in afternoon. Cold.
Jan 18 Shelled corn. Done chores. Fixed hen house.
Jan 19 Shelled corn. Done chores. Fine weather.
Jan 20 Done chores. Went to Tompkins. Got load corn.
Jan 21 Went to Jennings on pony. Got money from bank.
Jan 22 Sunday warm & fine. At home all day.
Jan 23 Hauled corn & Frank hauled one. Went to Allison in eve.
Jan 24 Washed forenoon. Tended calves. Done chores. Warm & fine.
Jan 25 Done chores. Went got wheat. Hattie went to Mrs. Underwoods. Chilly.
Jan 26 Snowing. Very cold. Went to Wills. Ground 8 sacks wheat. Bad day.
Jan 27 Snowing from east. Tom Kerr here. Bought 50 bu. corn of him at 23 cts bu. Pd. him $7.65. Owe him $5.00. Went to school.
Jan 28 Hauled 2 loads fodder. Geor S. & Bradbury here. Cold.
Jan 29 Sunday cold & chilly Roy sick. Mr. Kenser here in eve.
Jan 30 Washed forenoon. Shelled corn & done chores.
Jan 31 Done chores. Went to Allison afternoon. Chilly.
Feb 1, 1893 Snowing & very cold. Children had no school.
Feb 2 Clear & cold. I am sick with the grip.
Feb 3 Let Standfast have wagon to take hogs to Jennings. Chilly.
Feb 4 Went to Lenora with wheat to grind for feed.
Feb 5 Sunday Stella sick in bed. Chilly.
Feb 6 Washed forenoon. Done chores.
Feb 7 Done chores. Went to Allison to get mail.
Feb 8 Shelled corn. Nice day. Done chores.
Feb 9 Went to Allison. Got mail. Done chores.
Feb 10 Went to Jennings on pony. Sold 7 hogs at $7.25 hundred lb.
Feb 11 Took hogs to Jennings. 7 head had 102.95. Bought 10 more fore $61.00
Feb 12 Sunday went to Willies. Nice day. Done chores.
Feb 13 Took hogs to Schule. Went to Allison. Got piece to fix pump. Terrible snow storm all night.
Feb 14 Cold snow flying. Cold, but cleared off in eve.
Feb 15 Clear & warmer. Went to Mr. Keys. Got 9 bu wheat.
Feb 16 Took 8 sacks wheat to Bowls at Jennings. Nice day.
Feb 17 Done chores. Husked & shelled corn all day. Windy.
Feb 18 Went got straw in morn. All went to Allison P. M.
Feb 19 Sunday at home. I and Roy went to Mr. Kensves. Mrs. V. here. Warm & fine.
Feb 20 Foggy in morning. Went & got straw. Cleared off.
Feb 21 Washed forenoon. Windy. Husked corn.
Feb 22 Hauled load of straw. Shelled corn. Wallack hauled 100 bu. for 25ct bu.
Feb 23 Went broke prairie forenoon. Too dry. Windy.
Feb 24 to 28 Done chores. Went to Jennings & etc.
Mar 1, 1893 Clear & still. Warm. Done chores.
Mar 2 Nice days. Warm. Freezes nights.
Mar 3 Snowing & blowing from north. Got very cold.
Mar 4 Cold last night. Went to Allison. Warmer.
Mar 5 Sunday. Nice day. Bedford Jennings here.
Mar 6 Washed forenoon. Went to show at Allison eve.
Mar 7 Shelled corn. Went to Stanfasts. Got note & [liece?]. Rained.
Mar 8 Cloudy & windy. Plowed S. of house. Ground too dry.
Mar 9 Finished plowing S. of house. Nice day.
Mar 10 Plowed sod on N. E. 40 acres. Terrible high wind.
Mar 11 Plowed forenoon. Last day of school. Roy got French harp. Estella book. Essie cards. Mr. Cass had exhibition at night.
Mar 12 Sunday nice forenoon. Terrible dust & wind P. M.
Mar 13 Plowed sod all day. Terribly windy & chilly.
Mar 14 Froze hard last night. Could not plow. Went to Allison. Done chores.
Mar 15 Went to Lenora to Mill. Got children a wagon. Terrible cold S. E. wind.
Mar 16 Shelled corn. Done chores. Went to see Coop eve.
Mar 17 Done chores. Freeze at nites. Cold & chilly.
Mar 18 Took 25 head cattle to Bedford Jennings. Got $580.00. Nice day.
Mar 19 Sunday went to Wills, then home. Cold.
Mar 20 to 26 Plowed corn. 4½days. Cool and good to work.
Mar 26 Sunday went to Kensets afternoon. Nice.
Mar 27 Plowed sod all day. Commenced on W. side.
Mar 28 Plowed all day. Very warm & hot.
Mar 29 Plowed all day. Tired. Ground terrible dry.
Mar 30 Plowed all day. Dry. Very tired.
Mar 31 Plowed till noon. Hauled 2 loads cobs.
Apr 1, 1893 Plowed all day. Tired at night.
Apr 2 Sunday went to Wills afternoon. Hot.
Apr 3 Finished plowing sod at noon. High wind. Dry.
Apr 4 All went to Jennings. Got me Roy & Huey hats.
Apr 5 Made drag. Hattie washed. I let Mrs. Underwood have $5.00 till night.
Apr 6 Harrowed S. W. of house forenoon. Terrible prairie fire N. W. Went & helped fight it till night.
Apr 7 Harrowed out N. in morn. Husked and shelled corn. Killed hog in eve.
Apr 8 Done chores forenoon. Went to Allison eve. Got brush for drag. Cool.
Apr 9 Sunday went to S. School at church organized it. Nice day, but cool.
Apr 10 Washed forenoon. Shelled corn. Done chores. Went to meeting at school in eve.
Apr 11 Light rain last night. Helped Mr. Chenoweth shell corn. Hauled manure in eve.
Apr 12 Went to trial at S. House as witness for Mike Stanfast. In eve to meeting.
Apr 13 Bros Mitchell & Wilkinson here. Went to Wills to meeting at night.
Apr 15 Washed morn. Done chores. Still cool & dry.
Apr 16 Sunday all went to S. S. and meeting. Mr. Mason and Mitchell here.
Apr 17 Done chores and Hattie & I went to Thompson place in eve. Warm.
Apr 18 Washed forenoon. Went to meeting afternoon. Hattie was baptized. Warm.
Apr 19 Windy & disagreeable. Cold at night. Done chores.
Apr 20 At home. Terrible wind, dust and cold.
Apr 21 At home shelled corn. Done chores.
Apr 22 Went Jennings. Got home 4 oclock. Essie sick. Went to Jennings. Got medicine.
Apr 23 Sunday terrible wind. I and Hattie went to meeting. Essie & Stella sick. Mr. Samples here.
Apr 24 Washed forenoon. Oiled harness. Stella sick. Nice day.
Apr 25 Damp & misty from north. Cold. Done chores. Stella better.
Apr 26 Stella had ear ache. Done chores. Went to Chenoweths for medicine.
Apr 27 Shelled corn. Done chores. Terrible dry. Wheat about gone.
Apr 28 Done chores. Went to Allison & to Mr. Chenoweths. Cold.
Apr 29 Took 5 hogs to Jennings 890 lbs. Got $6.50 hundred lbs.
Apr 30 Sunday light snow last night. I, Essie & Stella to S. S.
May 1, 1893 Washed in morn. Sowed 6 bu. cane seed P. M. Warmer.
May 2 Sowed cane. Went to Thornbrus got harrow. Bred Queen 2nd time.
May 3 Foggy in morn. Harrowed in cane. Took it home.
May 4 Tried to plant potatoes, but too dry. Dragged cane. Windy. Done chores.
May 5 Went and appraised land for Stanfast. Cold & rainy.
May 6 Took load hogs to Jennings for Stanfast. Cold and rainy.
May 7 Sunday I have sore eye. Hattie and children went to School house to meeting. Cloudy & cool.
May 8 Planted potatoes all day. Nice day. Huey sick.
May 9 Washed forenoon. I planted sorgum. Warm.
May 10 Went to Lenora. Huey still sick. Hot wind.
May 11 Listed in corn. Huey very sick. Very tired. Dry.
May 12 Listed corn part day. Done chores. Very dry.
May 13 Listed in rye all day. Dusty.
May 14 Sunday I went to Jennings. Got Dr. take flint out of my eye.
May 15 Washed forenoon. Done chores. Got lister sharpened.
May 16 Listed corn till noon. Mauds colt came.
May 17 & 18 Topsys colt came. Wind & dust all day.
May 19 Set posts by pasture. Done chores. Rested.
May 20 Went to Allison afternoon. Cool & dry. Crops not started much yet.
May 21 Sunday went to meeting. Ray Rutherfords here. Dry.
May 22 Rained last nite. Very cold & chilly.
May 23 Planted potatoes. 7 rows. Cool. Done chores.
May 24 Washed. I planted corn. Cold. I went to Stanfasts.
May 25 Went to Jennings. Sent $20.00 to Mr. Shipley. Cold.
May 26 Planted corn & then listed in corn. Cool at nights.
May 27 Listed in corn part day. Done chores.
May 28 Sunday went S. S. then to Mr. Simpsons.
May 29 Finished listing corn N. of house. Cool.
May 30 Went got sod planter & planted corn. Terrible wind.
May 31 Took planter to Pauls. Got it fixed. Planted corn.
Jun 1, 1893 Planted corn finished the sod. Ground very dry.
Jun 2 Shelled corn. Planted beans. Harrowed Potatoes.
Jun 3 Took 2 hogs Jennings. Got $6.25 hundred. Stella commenced to take music lessons.
Jun 4 Sunday nice & warm. All went to S. School.
Jun 5 Plowed sod. Ground very dry.
Jun 6 Washed morn. Plowed most all day.
Jun 7 Plowed some. Terrible hot & dry.
Jun 8 Plowed till noon. Hot winds. Terrible.
Jun 9 Plowed forenoon & in eve. Corn dying.
Jun 10 I and Mr. Chenoweth went to Jennings to funeral.
Jun 11 Sun. all went to meeting in grove. Hot & dry.
Jun 12 Plowed corn morning. Corn wilted so I quit. Hot.
Jun 13 Plowed corn morning. Went to see Brock about land. Dry, Dry.
Jun 14 Went to Stroups to see about land. Surveyed. Hot.
Jun 16 Plowed corn all day. Hot & dry.
Jun 17 I and Stella went to Jennings. Hot & dry.
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Jul 16, 1893 Sunday went to school, then to Chenoweth. Huey sick.
Jul 17 Plowed corn west of house. Rained.
Jul 18 Plowed corn in morn. Hot & dry.
Jul 19 Plowed corn. Went to Allison in eve. Hot & dry.
Jul 20 Plowed corn on back setting.
Jul 21 Plowed corn morn. All went to Grove. Dry. Will made ice cream.
Jul 22 I and Stella went to Jennings. Kent sick. Went to Allison. Corn suffering for rain.
Jul 23 Sunday I and children went to meeting morn. All went in eve.
Jul 24 Very dry & hot. Finished plowing corn 1st time on back setting.
Jul 25 Dry & hot. Went to Allison. Big rain in eve. Geo. Standfield here. Staid all night.
Jul 26 I and Standfield & Chenoweth all went to Oberlin. Heard Weaver speak. Cool & fine.
Jul 27 Staid in Jennings last night. Came home and plowed corn.
Jul 28 Harrowed corn out N. W. & done chores.
Jul 29 A very heavy rain last night. Creek high. Went to Jennings.
Jul 30 Sunday all went to S. S. Mr. Basno and Chenoweth here.
Jul 31 Plowed all day. Cool & fine. Corn growing fast.
Aug 1, 1893 Hoed potatoes. Finished laying by corn. Sowed turnips.
Aug 2 Washed forenoon. Raining. Plowed corn.
Aug 3 Plowed corn north of house and done chores.
Aug 4 Went helped put up seats in Grove in eve.
Aug 5 Plowed corn forenoon. Finished seats afternoon.
Aug 6 All went to S. School to meeting in Grove in eve.
Aug 7 Plowed corn. Done hard days work.
Aug 8 Finished plowing young corn. N. W. house first time.
Aug 9 Went to Norcatur on pony. Saw some nice fields corn.
Aug 10 Done chores. Went to Allison with Chenoweth eve. Big rain last night.
Aug 11 Done chores. Went to Standfast. Got load cobs.
Aug 12 I and Stella went to Jennings. Topsy sick afternoon.
Aug 13 Sunday all went to S. School. Mr. Ruthfords and Chenoweths here.
Aug 14 Had toothache all last night. Went to Jennings on pony. Had it broke off.
Aug 15 Worked on road. Cloudy & cold. N. E. wind.
Aug 16 Washed forenoon. Went to Brocks. Went to Chenoweths in eve for supper.
Aug 17 Done chores. I went to Allison in eve. Hattie went to Wills.
Aug 18 At home. Got mail & rested most all day.
Aug 19 Went to Allison eve. Hot. Needs rain bad.
Aug 20 Sunday all went to S. S. and to Grove to meeting in eve. Bro. Boswarty preached.
Aug 21 All went south to quarterly meeting and to Bro. Ruthefords.
Aug 22 I and Hattie washed. I have toothache bad all day.
Aug 23 I done chores. Stella & I went to church to sing. Rained some.
Aug 24 Fixed stable. Done chores. Cool & fine.
Aug 25 At home. Went to Allison. Done chores.
Aug 26 Went west 12 miles to Grave to picknic.
Aug 27 to Sep 1 Done chores and rested.
Sep 1, 1893 All went to Jennings in wagon. Got corn.
Sep 2 All went to Jennings. Got corn.
Sep 3 Made sled for corn cutter. Went to Allison. Eve.
Sep 4 All went to S. S. & to Mrs. Chenoweths.
Sep 5 Cut corn all day. Quiet tired. Terrible day.
Sep 6 Cut corn all day. Hot & dry.
Sep 7 I carried chain for road surveyors.
Sep 8 Went & helped Luther cut corn all day.
Sep 9 Luther helped me cut corn till noon. Went to singing in eve.
Sep 10 Sunday went to S. S. Mr. Rathfords here.
Sep 11 I and Hattie cut corn forenoon. Done chores.
Sep 12 Washed in morn. I went to Standfasts to get cobs. High wind.
Sep 13 I and Roy cut corn by school house.
Sep 14 Mr. Stephenson cut corn for me all day. 1.50 I finished team.
Sep 15 Finished cutting corn. I raked in eve. Windy.
Sep 16 Viola & Mort came. I met them in Jennings in morn.
Sep 17 Sunday all went to S. S. & meeting in Grove.
Sep 18 I and Hattie took Morts to Jennings in eve.
Sep 19 I finished raking sorgum & shocked some.
Sep 20 Washed morn. Set up corn by school house. Hauled hay. Windy.
Sep 21 Hauled 2 loads sorgum & hay. Cut sorgum by hand.
Sep 22 Hauled 5 loads sorgum. Still hot & dry.
Sep 23 I & Willy cut sorgum. Windy. Tired.
Sep 24 Sunday all went to S. S. Mr. Mrs. Thornblue & Bishops here.
Sep 25 I and Willie cut corn all day. Still dry.
Sep 26 Finished cutting corn at noon.
Sep 27 Washed forenoon. Hauled feed afternoon. Dry.
Sep 28 Finished hauling. Mowed sorgum. Rained.
Sep 29 Ground very wet, best yet. Got 2 loads wood.
Sep 30 Went to Jennings. Got salt. Chicken feed in wagon.
Oct 1, 1893 Sunday I and Chenoweths went to Bishops, then to S. Church.
Oct 2 Made hen house. Cut & hauled wood.
Oct 3 Went to Jennings. Got coal & drill. $16.00. Nice day.
Oct 4 Drilled in wheat all day. Mrs. Knser here. Nice.
Oct 5 Raining went Mr. Bishops. Bought ½ calf. Killed it in eve. Cold.
Oct 6 Drilled in wheat day fine. Ground damp.
Oct 7 Took cow to Jennings. Got 1½ cts lb. Weight 1240 lbs.
Oct 8 Sunday warm & fine. Went to S. S. then to Mr. Thonbrue.
Oct 9 Went & drilled wheat at Thompson place. Hot.
Oct 10 Drilled in wheat all day. Cooler. Fine for work.
Oct 11 Went to Chenoweths. Got draft from Bensing. Sleeted. Went to Allison. Got coal oil.
Oct 12 Hauled fodder & sorgum. Drilled wheat.
Oct 13 Drilled in wheat all day. Fine for work.
Oct 14 I and children dug potatoes. Drilled wheat.
Oct 15 Sunday went to S. S. Mr. Johnstons and Thorntons here. Nice day.
Oct 16 Drilled wheat all day. Very nice fall weather.
Oct 17 I and Hattie, Kent & Huey went to Jennings. Got Huey boots. Had tooth pulled.
Oct 18 Drilled wheat all day. Very tired.
Oct 19 Washed forenoon. Finished drilling 60 acres.
Oct 20 Dug potatoes all day. Very tired at night.
Oct 21 I and children dug potatoes. Had 20 bu. Helped Will in afternoon to dig his.
Oct 22 All went to S. S. & to Mr. Bishops. Nice day.
Oct 23 I finished helping Will dig potatoes. Nice day.
Oct 24 Washed forenoon. Helped Chenoweth kill hog. Got 20 lbs shoulder meat.
Oct 25 I took potatoes & eggs to Jennings. Got me nice boots. Nice day.
Oct 26 Gathered corn forenoon. Done chores.
Oct 27 Gathered corn on sod. Cool & dry.
Oct 28 I and children went got cane seed. Fixed shed.
Oct 29 Sunday all went to S. S. Wilsons, Steels and Tompsons here. Went to Prayer meeting night.
Oct 30 Hauled some feed. Got cabbage. Will pulled turnips.
Nov 1, 1893 I went to Lenora with Mr. Wilson. Warm & fine.
Nov 2 Went got 51 lbs beef of Mr. Knser. Warm & fine.
Nov 3 I and Hattie went to Masons. I got coal at Jennings.
Nov 4 Hauled feed morn. Went to Allison afternoon. Nice.
Nov 5 Sunday all went to S. S. and meeting. All went to Prayer meeting at night.
Nov 6 to 11 Washed. Very windy & dry. Done chores. Cold nights.
Nov 12 Sunday went to S. S. & to Mr. Johnsons.
Nov 13 Went to Chenoweths & helped load hogs etc.
Nov 14 Chenoweths stayed all night. I helped them load hogs.
Nov 15 Went to school. Put in window glass. Nice day.
Nov 16 Went Jennings. Got note on Chenoweth $95.00 and on Bresters $185.50
Nov 17 Cold high wind. Fixed stable & shed. Done chores. Very cold.
Nov 18 Hauled load feed in morning. Went to Allison in eve. Cold.
Nov 19 Sunday all went to S. S. afternoon. Warm & fine.
Nov 20 Washed forenoon. Mrs. Steele here. Rained in eve.
Nov 21 Put up curtain in kitchen. Done chores. Cold & windy.
Nov 22 Killed 2 hogs. Spit snow. Clear night cold.
Nov 23 Hauled load sorgum. Went to Mays, then to Allison. Got Watch.
Nov 24 Cold & chilly. Hauled 3 shocks of fodder. Done chores.
Nov 25 Went to Allison afternoon. Got mail from Cass.
Nov 26 Sunday all went to S. S. afternoon. Warm.
Nov 27 Washed morn. I went down river to see the sick.
Nov 28 Hauled load fodder. 2 loads manure. Went Tompsons.
Nov 29 Went Jennings. Got trees set. Bought low wagon. $10.00
Nov 30 Cold N. wind at home. Very disagreeable.
Dec 1, 1893 Cold S. E. wind. Done chores.
Dec 2 Went to Allison. Got mail in eve. Cold.
Dec 3 Sunday went to S. S. In eve Geo. S. & wife here.
Dec 4 Went to Mr. Kensers last night. Sat up with Mrs. Kenser. Went to Clay Steeles had bond made.
Dec 5 Finished hauling feed. Got load corn from Brock. Put stock in field.
Dec 6 Shelled corn. Washed. Very tired. Nice, but dry.
Dec 7 Went got part load corn. Shelled it. Done chores. Warm.
Dec 8 Finished shelling corn. Let J. Stroup borrow $50.00
Dec 9 Done chores. Went to Allison & to Mr. Cass’s in eve. Dry.
Dec 10 Sunday went S. S. in eve. Warm & fine.
Dec 11 Warm. Washed forenoon. Went to Mr. Wilsons. Cold.
Dec 12 Went to Jennings. Got 52 bu corn at 25 cts bu. Chilly.
Dec 13 At home. Done chores. Cold S. wind.
Dec 14 Went to Mr. Ruthefords. Nice day. Frosty morn.
Dec 15 Went to Allison. Will & boys came from Ill. Send Macillus deed. Have recorded. Sent for cards for Xmas.
Dec 16 I and boys went up to M. Ilers. Got 2 yr. old heifer for $10.00. High wind in eve.
Dec 17 Sunday went to S. S. eve. Nice & warm.
Dec 18 Washed forenoon. Went tied up apple trees. Came back by Mackeys.
Dec 19 Hattie went Mrs. Kensors. I hauled manure. Nice.
Dec 20 Mrs. Winter here. I helped Mr. Thornbue on house.
Dec 21 Took hay to Jennings. Got $4.25. Bought 57 bu. corn at 20 ct. bu.
Dec 22 Hauled manure. Hung meat. Unloaded corn. Etc.
Dec 23 I and Roy went to Jennings in wagon. Dusty. Nice day.
Dec 24 Sun. rained last night. There was no S. S. Misty & cool.
Dec 25 Xmas at home all day. Nice. Not cold.
Dec 26 Washed forenoon. Went Tom Whites afternoon.
Dec 27 Let Mr. Thormbau have $50.00. Nice day.
Dec 28 Hauled 2 loads wheat. Went to see Mr. Cass afternoon.
Dec 29 Colder at home all day. Done chores.
Dec 30 Went to Allison eve. To Bishops. Got sheller. Nice day.
Dec 31 Sunday all went to S. S. Mr. Rutherfords. I gave S. S. cards.
Jan 1, 1894 Washed forenoon. Done chores. Nice day.
Jan 2 Killed beef. Nice day to work.
Jan 3 Snowing in morn. Hauled 6 shocks of corn.
Jan 4 Went to Jennings. Took four quarter of beef. Got 4 cts lb. Very cold.
Jan 5 Snowed most all day. Went to Standfast to stake off line.
Jan 6 16 deg. Below zero. Clear. Coldest this winter. Went to Allison in eve.
Jan 7 Sunday very cold last night. Walked to meeting, but there was none.
Jan 8 Washed forenoon. Done chores. Cold afternoon.
Jan 9 Hauled out fodder & done chores. Warmer.
Jan 10 I went Jennings in buggy. Nice day.
Jan 11 Done chores. Went to Allison eve. Seen Cass.
Jan 12 Done chores. Went to Tompson place. Got wire.
Jan 13 I and Roy went to Jennings. Stella sick.
Jan 14 Hattie, Roy, Essie went to meeting in morn. I, Roy & Huey in evening.
Jan 15 Washed forenoon. Done chores. In eve to meeting.
Jan 16 Rested and read. Went to meeting in eve. Fine.
Jan 17 Done chores. Rested. Wilkison and Bradburys here.
Jan 18 At home. Preacher went to Robinsons. Nice.
Jan 19 I and Bro. Wilkinson went to Jennings. Cold.
Jan 20 Nice snow last night. At home. Done chores.
Jan 21 Sunday at home till noon. Went to Social meeting in eve.
Jan 22 Washed forenoon. Went to Allison. Sent 70 for testament.
Jan 23 Very cold and snow flying. No school today. Coldest we’ve had in Kansas.
Jan 24 25 deg below zero. Clear & moderated P. M.
Jan 25 Cold. Went to Allison. Mr. Wheelock dead. Done chores.
Jan 26 Went to Jennings. Got set of harness. $27.00. Cultivator $25.00 Weed cutter $11.00 Calf $2.00.
Jan 27 All went to Mr. Wheelocks funeral. Nice day.
Jan 28 Sunday very high wind from N. Dusty. At home.
Jan 29 Township board here & Mr. Robinson & wife here. Nice.
Jan 30 Cold & chilly. Went got 15 hogs at Jennings. Got 1120 lb. Paid $67.20. Turned last of bank deposit. Took $165.46.
Jan 31 At home till noon. Took petition to Winter Evans & Kensers. Am most sick.
Feb 1, 1894 Washed forenoon. Warm & sunny. Done chores.
Feb 2 Went to Jennings. Nice day. Got 9 bu. ground wheat 45 ct bu. Took 13 bu to take to mill.
Feb 3 Light snow last night at home. Done chores.
Feb 4 Sunday. Kent poorly. I, Stella & Roy went to Bible reading. Nice day.
Feb 5 Washed forenoon. Went timber. Made posts. Warm & fine.
Feb 6 Went to Lenora to mill. Hot did not get grist.
Feb 7 Mr. Mrs. Johnson here. Warm. Went up river farm.
Feb 8 Went with team to Mullen place. Set posts on east side. Went to Cass’s.
Feb 9 Quite a snow last night & wind. At home.
Feb 10 Cold N. E. wind. Commenced to snow. I went to Allison for mail.
Feb 11 Sunday snowing. At home. Bad on stock.
Feb 12 Cold at home. Stroup paid me. I let Mr. Rutherford have $20.00
Feb 13 Washed forenoon. Done chores. At home. Cold.
Feb 14 Very cold & disagreeable. At home. Done chores.
Feb 15 Went to Mullen place. Tore down crib & curtains. Cold.
Feb 16 Went to Bradburys & to Mr. Rutherfords. Thawed fast afternoon.
Feb 17 Thawed. I & Roy worked. Lula to Allison.
Feb 18 Sun. went to meeting in eve, but was none. Turned cold. High N. E. wind.
Feb 19 Cold. Rutherford & Bro-in-law here. Have rented Tompson place.
Feb 20 Terrible cold last night. Done chores. Rested.
Feb 21 Washed forenoon. Done chores. Nice clear day.
Feb 22 Went Jennings. Got coal, 50 lbs sugar. Cold.
Feb 23 Hauled out fodder. Finished N. E. of house. Cold.
Feb 24 Went to Allison. Got mail. Cold & chilly.
Feb 25 Sun. at meeting eve. Nice & warm. Muddy.
Feb 26 Washed. Nice day. Snow melting fast.
Feb 27 Went got load brush. Worked on hen house.
Feb 28 Went to Lenora to Mill. Got Brushlers money $193.20.
Mar 1, 1894 Nice day. I went to Allison. Bought note of Cass.
Mar 2 Plowed sod south of hog house. Nice day.
Mar 3 Made pig pen & culvert for dam. Went to Allison in eve. Sold cow & 6 hens to Randalls $20.00 on time.
Mar 4 Sunday rained last night. Thunder & lightening.
Mar 5 Went to Jennings. Took Rev. Fulkenson. Nice day.
Mar 6 Went to river. Fixed fence on E. hog lot. Last day of school.
Mar 7 I and Roy hauled 2 loads rock for dam.
Mar 8 Plowed & scraped in dam. Terrible tired.
Mar 9 Worked on dam. Warm & fine day.
Mar 10 Started for dam, but came back. Terriblest wind & dust.
Mar 11 Sunday went to social meeting in eve. Nice day.
Mar 12 I and Roy went worked on dam. Windy.
Mar 13 All went worked on dam. Hattie made garden.
Mar 14 I & Roy went dam. Washed thro stone.
Mar 15 I and Roy went to Jennings. Took 4 2/3 bu potatoes. Got $1.00 bu.
Mar 16 All went put long box in dam. Worked hard. Huey fell in creek.
Mar 17 I and Roy hauled stone. Worked on dam. Hot & windy.
Mar 18 Sunday cooler, cloudy. N. wind. Went to Randalls in eve.
Mar 19 I and Roy hauled 3 loads rock & worked on dam. Warm.
Mar 20 Damp S. E. wind. Hauled fodder to Mullin place. Finished. Scraped on sod house.
Mar 21 Washed forenoon. Colder damp snow. I and Roy worked on sod house.
Mar 22 Still blowing & snowing some. Fixed hen nests. I went to Cass’s & Allison.
Mar 23 Set posts for wind mill. All went & planted 2 bu. potatoes. Warm & some winds S. W.
Mar 24 Damp N. E. wind & snow. Done chores.
Mar 25 Sunday organized Sunday school. Mr. Randall & wife here.
Mar 26 Snowing forenoon. Washed. At home. Worked on dam.
Mar 27 Went worked on dam. Cold & disagreeable.
Mar 28 Blowing cold. Worked on Mullen place.
Mar 29 We all went to Jennings. Windy. Got Roy & Huey clothes.
Mar 30 Went got corn. Paid 27 cts bu. Warmer.
Mar 31 Put lock on sod kitchen at Mullen place. Cold.
Apr 1, 1894 Sunday all went to S. S. Mr. Rutherfords & Masons here.
Apr 2 Washed planted potatoes north of stable. Windy.
Apr 3 Went to Geo Currys. Got cherries, strawberries, plumbes & apricots to set out.
Apr 4 Went worked on dam & set posts. Tired.
Apr 5 Worked on fence. Finished it at nite. So tired.
Apr 6 Went & plowed. Hauled 5 loads sod and put by dam.
Apr 7 Took 7 hogs to Jennings. 1164 lbs. Got 4 cts lb. Warm & dry.
Apr 8 Sunday went to S. S. Terrible dust & wind.
Apr 9 Washed forenoon. Planted potatoes N. of stable. Warm & dry.
Apr 10 Went to Cass’s got grape vines & blackberries, raspberries. Set them out.
Apr 11 Cleaned house. Plowed hay lot. Asa M. here.
Apr 12 Listed in sweet corn. Went worked on dam.
Apr 13 Rained last night. Cleaned house. Sewed up colts leg.
Apr 14 I and Roy & Stella went & planted 2 sacks of potatoes.
Apr 15 Sunday warm & fine. Went to S. S. & to Mr. Ruthefords.
Apr 16 Listed corn all day. At home. Went with John to dam.
Apr 17 I and Luther hauled 9 loads sod and built wall by dam.
Apr 18 We hauled 9 loads sod and but by dam. Cool.
Apr 19 Washed morn. Went and scraped on dam. Windy.
Apr 20 Done chores. Put sod on ends of dam.
Apr 21 I and family went & planted potatoes. Warm.
Apr 22 Sunday all went to S. S. & to Mr. Randalls. Warm.
Apr 23 Listed corn & harrowed corn west of house.
Apr 24 Listed corn. Had big rain yesterday eve.
Apr 25 Listed in corn out south Cool.
Apr 26 Listed corn. Cool & fine.
Apr 27 Finished listing. Fred here in eve.
Apr 28 Went listed corn on Mullen place.
Apr 29 Sunday went to S. S. Dusty. To Mr. Teals in eve.
Apr 30 Listed corn on Mullen place all day.
May 1, 1894 Listed corn all day. Cool.
May 2 Listed corn all day.
May 3 Listed corn. Got done with creek.
May 4 Took 4 hogs to Jennings. Got 4.35 hundred lbs.
May 5 All went to Mullen place. I listed corn. Hattie planted peas. Set out cabbage.
May 6 Sunday went to S. S. Mr. Teals, Pifar and Rutherfords all here.
May 7 Went listed corn on Mullen place.
May 8 Finished field S. of creek. Came home. Big 2 in. rain at Night.
May 9 Commenced listing on N. E. 40. Hot.
May 10 Listed corn. Ground in fine fix.
May 11 Listed corn on sod. Fine to work.
May 12 Listed all day. Tired. Big week. Listed 46 acres.
May 13 Sunday all went to meeting in Grove.
May 14 Finished N. E. by noon. Commenced to run weed cutter.
May 15 Sowed sorgum in little pasture. Cut weeds.
May 16 Cut weeds forenoon. Hoed. Went to Allison.
May 17 Went listed sorgum south field on Mullen land. Wind terrible.
May 18 Went to Lenora. Sent $300.00 to pay Mort on Marcellus land.
May 19 All went to Mullen place. Listed sorgum. Froze last nite. Killed fruit.
May 20 Sunday cold E. wind. All went to S. S.
May 21 Cut weeds all day. North place.
May 22 Corn looks well. Cut weeds all day.
May 23 Cut weeds all day.
May 24 Cut weeds on Mullin land.
May 25 Finished with creek. Plowed corn W. of house.
May 26 I and Chenoweth went to Jennings.
May 27 Went to S. S. in morn & to Brocks in eve.
May 28 Homer plowed corn & I cut weeds.
May 29 I white washed in Mullin house. Bred Topsy.
May 30 Took 2 loads & moved to Mullen place.
May 31 Homer cut weeds. Moved beds stove etc.
Jun 1, 1894 Went tried to plow sorgum. Too dry.
Jun 2 Cultivated corn S. W. of house forenoon. Done chores.
Jun 3 Sunday all went to childrens meeting and preaching. Dry & hot.
Jun 4 Homer plowed by house. I cut weeds on cane and caffer corn.
Jun 5 Rained some last night. Cool. Both plowed out N. of house. Aces place.
Jun 6 Homer finished N. of house 1st time. I plowed peanuts & went & plowed Asas place.
Jun 7 Went & plowed all day. Finished 35 acres 1st time. Cool. Brought buggy home.
Jun 8 I went to Jennings. Bred Maud. Dust & wind.
Jun 9 I took cultivator. Got harrow. Give Homer $5.00
Jun 10 Sunday all went to S. S. and meeting & baptizing.
Jun 11 Homer plowed till noon. I plowed potatoes & sorgum.
Jun 12 I finished piece S. Creek. Cut weeds in sorgum.
Jun 13 Drilled rice, corn & sorgum. Roy run weed cutter.
Jun 14 Drilled in sorgum on back setting. Rained at night.
Jun 15 Very hot. Drilled in sorgum. Took drill home.
Jun 16 Plowed corn by school house. Warm. Brought organ home.
Jun 17 Sunday nice rain. Went to S. S. Klines, Masons and Randalls all here.
Jun 18 Went to S. field. Plowed in sorgum all day. Dry.
Jun 19 Went to Mr. Bishops. Hot.
Jun 20 Went plowed corn by house Marcellus place all day. Dry & hot.
Jun 21 Fine rain this morn. Set out cabbage and plowed sorgum at Ares.
Jun 22 Went to Marcellus place. Finished kaffer corn 1st time. Laid corn & potatoes by on bottom.
Jun 23 Big rain last night. Went to Bowls. Got 6 bu corn at 50 cts. bu. Set out sweet potatoes.
Jun 24 Sunday clear & fine. I went to S. S. with Chenoweths.
Jun 25 Plowed corn west of house. Homer came eve.
Jun 26 Plowed corn S. of house. Ground wet.
Jun 27 I & Homer finished corn N. of house. Windy.
Jun 28 Went & plowed on Marcellus place. Windy hot.
Jun 29 Terrible hot. Plowed till 3 & came home.
Jun 30 Plowed all day south of creek. Hot day.
Jul 1, 1894 All went to S. S. Came home & rested.
Jul 2 Homer finished south of creek. I plowed.
Jul 3 I went to Jennings. Got $25.00 for school order.
Jul 4 Cool & fine all went to Allison for celebration.
Jul 5 I plowed & Roy run cutter N. E. 40.
Jul 6 We both hoed weeds. Culters came home.
Jul 7 Cut weeds on sorgum. Fixed dam.
Jul 8 Sun. all went to S. S. Home rested.
Jul 9 Hoed melons, sweet potatoes & run lister between rows of potatoes.
Jul 10 Worked on dam morn. Went to Allison P. M. Hot.
Jul 11 Terrible dry. Worked on dam. Pulled weeds.
Jul 12 Terrible hot. Fixed hog fence. Most sick.
Jul 13 Fixed hog lot. Went & got gate finished hog fence.
Jul 14 I and Mason hoed forenoon. Mrs. Vandozen here. Fixed fence. Went to Allison.
Jul 15 Sunday all went to meeting, then to Chenoweths. Hot.
Jul 16 Hoed & washed. Corn drying up.
Jul 17 Worked on road all day. Hot & dry.
Jul 18 Worked on road till noon. Hot.
Jul 19 I and Standfield went to Harts Grove to speaking. Hot.
Jul 20 I and Roy went to Jennings. Hattie & children went to Mackeys.
Jul 21 Plowed sorgum in S. field. Went to Allison.
Jul 22 All went to S. S. Mrs. Bishop, Verna, Masons here.
Jul 23 I worked on dam. Hattie washed. Randalls all here.
Jul 24 Got calf of Randalls. Worked on dam. Very warm.
Jul 25 Hot winds. Worked on dam. Corn dying.
Jul 26 Hot winds. I and children went & cut load of corn. Went to school meeting. Was elected clerk.
Jul 27 Went & bought 2 cows of John S. $25.00. Very hot.
Jul 28 Went to Jennings. Stephinson bought cows in eve.
Jul 29 Sunday Hot & dry. Went to S. S. then home.
Jul 30 Hattie washed board. Met here. Hot & dry.
Jul 31 I and Roy went cut corn on sled all day. Hot.
Aug 1, 1894 Light rain in eve. Cut corn A. M.
Aug 2 The river out of banks. Highest water we ever saw on Solomon.
Aug 3 Went plowed sorgum. Hot. Went to Jennings. Got 2 pigs. Paid $2.00
Aug 4 Finished plowing sorgum. Hot & dry.
Aug 5 All went to meeting, then home. Hot & dry.
Aug 6 Cut corn by school house. Went to baptizing, then Wilken & wife here.
Aug 7 Cut corn. Nice, but dry.
Aug 8 Cut corn till noon. Went on pony. Bought calf.
Aug 9 Bought 10 calves. Holcomb $50.00. 4 of Lieber $16.00 2 of Pine $10.00
Aug 10 At home. Glassmop brought calves. Lieber 6 head.
Aug 11 Put wire on fence. Went to Allison. Done chores. Hottest day yet 115 deg in shade.
Aug 12 Sun. all went to S. S. Hot & dry.
Aug 13 I and Roy cut corn till noon. Holcomb’s house burned.
Aug 14 Cut corn. Got chips. Hot.
Aug 15 Cut corn till noon. Bought 4 calves of Mays. 3 from Taylors.
Aug 16 Cut corn till noon. Made krout. Done chores.
Aug 17 Cut corn till noon. Made krout. Got barrel full.
Aug 18 I and Roy took 50 cabbage to Jennings. Got 2 cts lb.
Aug 19 Sunday big rain. Went to S. S. Randolls here.
Aug 20 Cut corn. Hattie washed. Got rock for dam and load chips. Hot.
Aug 21 Cut corn. Finished on Rices land. Went and set posts north of school house.
Aug 22 Went set posts till noon. Hot & dry. Done chores.
Aug 23 Finished setting posts.
Aug 24 Put wire on fence forenoon. Hot.
Aug 25 Finished fence by house. Went to Allison in eve.
Aug 26 Sun. went to S. S. then to Masons. Cool & fine.
Aug 27 Cut corn S. of house. Washed forenoon.
Aug 28 Cut corn & done chores. Hot & dry.
Aug 29 Cut corn. Board met afternoon with Chenoweths.
Aug 30 Went to Allison & Jennings. Got draft for $215.04
Aug 31 Cut corn morn. Went to Allison. Hired Mr. Cass teacher.
Sep 1, 1894 Cut corn morn. Hot & dry.
Sep 2 Sunday went to S. S. then to Bro. Randalls.
Sep 3 Washed. Cut corn all day. Hot.
Sep 4 Rained most all day. Done chores.
Sep 5 Rained. Worked on road till noon.
Sep 6 Cut corn. All went to Bakers speaking. Harts Grove.
Sep 7 Give Randalls $20.00 to buy seed wheat in Haxie. Cut corn. Dug potatoes, got chips. Cool & fine.
Sep 8 Went to Jennings. Took $5.00 trade. Cool.
Sep 9 Sun. went to Harts Grove to Co. S. S. convention.
Sep 10 Took new trough to Asa’s place. School began.
Sep 11 Took calves to Asa’s place. Cut corn.
Sep 12 Worked on Hen house all day. Cut weeds. Windy.
Sep 13 Hauled, shocked corn & husked it.
Sep 14 Dug potatoes all day. Cool & fine.
Sep 15 Took $15.40 to trade at Jennings.
Sep 16 Sun. went to S. S. then to Mr. Johnsons.
Sep 17 Worked on road by Wheelocks. Tired.
Sep 18 Worked on road. Finished it by Wheelocks.
Sep 19 Washed & dug well by kitchen door. Tired.
Sep 20 Went to Hill City. Got 40 bu. rye & started home.
Sep 21 Came on home with rye. Hot & terrible dry.
Sep 22 Fixed well curb. Dust storm. Went to Allison for Republican Primary.
Sep 23 Sun. Roy and I, Essie & Stella went to S. S.
Sep 24 Dug potatoes all day. Very tired at night.
Sep 25 Took 15.50 bu. potatoes. Got $1.00 bu. trade in.
Sep 26 I and Hattie washed forenoon. Hauled fodder.
Sep 27 Done chores. Hauled load fodder.
Sep 28 I and Hattie went to Wills. Took sweet potatoes. Dust.
Sep 29 Big rain last night. Hauled load popcorn.
Sep 30 Sandy Creek high. Went to S. S. Clear & cool.
Oct 1, 1894 Drilled in rye south creek. Rained some.
Oct 2 Drilled in rye by school house. Very windy.
Oct 3 Washed in morn. Dug 3 sacks potatoes P. M.
Oct 4 Took 5 bu. potatoes. 95 cts bu. 40 lbs Sweet potatoes. 2cts lb. 2 hogs for 4½ cts. lb. To Jennings.
Oct 5 Hauled fodder A. M. Drilled rye P. M.
Oct 6 Hauled 2 big loads fodder. Went to get alfalfa seed.
Oct 7 Sunday cold N. wind. At home. Piled up pumpkins & squash.
Oct 8 Hard freeze last night. Cut off sweet potatoes vines. Cut hay out south.
Oct 9 Washed forenoon. Got one load hay. Drilled rye afternoon.
Oct 10 Cut hay hauled 2 big loads. Dug sweet potatoes.
Oct 11 Drilled rye forenoon. Sold 27 calves. 6½ dollars each. Dug sweet potatoes.
Oct 12 Drilled rye in morn. Fixed fence. Warm.
Oct 13 Went to Conrads. Bought 2 steer calves for $11.00. Dug potatoes.
Oct 14 Sunday all went to S. S. then home.
Oct 15  I and Will dug potatoes all day. Waldron took 31 steer calves cool & fine.
Oct 16 Went to Lenora. Took 38¼ bu. potatoes. $1.00 bu. in trade & case .90
Oct 17 Washed forenoon. Dug potatoes afternoon.
Oct 18 Dug potatoes all day. Very tired.
Oct 19 Went took 27 bu. potatoes to Green, then to Lenora.
Oct 20 I and Will dug potatoes all day. Very tired.
Oct 21 I and children went to S. S. Reynolds here.
Oct 22 I and Will dug potatoes all day. Very tired.
Oct 23 I and Will & Leona finished digging potatoes. Had 225 bu.
Oct 24 Washed morn. Put potatoes in cave. Done chores.
Oct 25 Drilled rye forenoon. Done chores.
Oct 26 Mr. Beers got 20 bu. potatoes at 90 cts bu. Fixed fence.
Oct 27 Went to Jennings. Took Pumpkins. Got coal. Windy.
Oct 28 Sunday cold & windy. Home all day.
Oct 29 Washed. Board met here. Cold & chilly.
Oct 30 Drilled rye. Cleaned house afternoon.
Oct 31 Drilled rye. Cleaned house. Sent for subsoil plow.
Nov 1, 1894 Drilled rye & hauled out weeds & vines.
Nov 2 Finished drilling 45 acres rye. Done chores.
Nov 3 Took 3 colts to Aces place. Shelled corn. Got wire & posts.
Nov 4 Sunday went to S. S. Cold & windy.
Nov 5 Washed forenoon. Done chores.
Nov 6 Went Jennings. Got plow. $12.65. Voted.
Nov 7 Hauled fodder & vines for shed. Very dry.
Nov 8 Set posts. Fixed fence. Went to Allison.
Nov 9 Fixed fence & done chores. Cold & windy.
Nov 10 Went to Jennings. Got sub soil plow & coal for school house and 100 lbs sugar. $5.35.
Nov 11 Sunday I & children went to S. S. Cold & windy.
Nov 12 Monday Elsie Logan was born. Terrible wind. Plowed some with new plow.
Nov 13 I washed. Terrible high wind. Traded land with Mr. Cass.
Nov 14 I helped do house work. Took no land Mr. Cass.
Nov 15 Done chores. Went to Mr. Randalls. Windy.
Nov 16 Plowed. I most sick. Tonselitus. Cold. Done chores.
Nov 17 Plowed morn. Town board met afternoon. Warmer.
Nov 18 Sun. at home all day. Mrs. Conrad here.
Nov 19 Done chores. Went to Allison eve, then home.
Nov 20 Went to Allison to meet spook, but it did not come. Went to Casse’s & Shields.
Nov 21 Mr. Cass & J. Shields made deeds to land. Queen got nail in hind foot.
Nov 22 Went got drill at Asas place. Grubbed trees. Windy.
Nov 23 Grubbed trees S. of house. Cut wood.
Nov 24 I and Roy & Huey went to Casse’s. Tied up apple trees. Have had a nice week.
Nov 25 Sunday went to meeting. There was none. Came home.
Nov 26 Washed forenoon. I grubbed out trees. Nice.
Nov 27 Chopped wood. Grubbed trees. Nice day.
Nov 28 I drilled rye all day. Queen very lame from nail in her foot.
Nov 29 Thanksgiving. Nice. Mr. Johnsons all here.
Nov 30 I drilled rye south creek all day. No school.
Dec 1, 1894 I and Roy went to Jennings. Got new shoes. Chilly.
Dec 2 Sunday cloudy & dull. At home all day.
Dec 3 Drilled rye all day. Fred E. grubbed trees all day.
Dec 4 Washed morn. Went to Thompsons. Got wheat. Let Johnson have 15 bu. at 30 cts bu.
Dec 5 Finished S. field with wheat. Nice day.
Dec 6 Worked at trees south side lot. Made posts and hauled brush.
Dec 7 Plowed. N. W. wind & dirt.
Dec 8 Killed heifer in morn. Fred helped. Took a quarter to Wheelocks. Got 4 cts lb.
Dec 9 We all went to Willies. Cool but nice day.
Dec 10 Washed. Commenced to snow.
Dec 11 About 2 in. snow on ground. Cold wind.
Dec 12 Subsoiled forenoon. Fred & wife here. Nice day.
Dec 13 Fred helped me grub trees. Took 7 out. Nice day.
Dec 14 I grubbed forenoon. Went to Allison. Let Terrill have trees cut on shares.
Dec 15 Plowed forenoon. I plowed P. M. Nice day.
Dec 16 Sun. at home. Mr. Kinser here in eve.
Dec 17 Washed forenoon. I plowed afternoon. Nice day.
Dec 18 I plowed & grubbed trees. Very tired.
Dec 19 Plowed in morn. Grubbed afternoon. Warm.
Dec 20 Grubbed stumps. Plowed.
Dec 21 Plowed and grubbed all day. Fine.
Dec 22 I and men dug Mr. Chenoweths grave. Tied trees.
Dec 23 Sunday all went Mr. Steels & to burying.
Dec 24 Finished sub soiling 20 acres. Nice & warm.
Dec 25 Had Xmas tree for children. Roy got ax. Huey blocks. Kent whistle. Stella cup & saucer. Essie cup & saucer. All went to Mr. Johnsons.
Dec 26 Washed forenoon. Chopped wood. Done chores.
Dec 27 Cold & chilly. Chopped wood & done chores. Cold.
Dec 28 Cold & chopped wood. Mr. C. went to Conrads.
Dec 29 I and Roy cut wood. Went to Allison eve. Cold.
Dec 30 Sunday light snow last night. Roy sick. Cold.
Dec 31 Cold. Washed forenoon. Done chores.
Jan 1 1895 Last day school. Exhibition at night.
Jan 2 I took children to Allison school. Fixed stable. Cold.
Jan 3 Chopped & done chores. Cold & chilly.
Jan 4 Damp & cold. Essie stayed home. Looks like snow.
Jan 5 Trees white with frost. Husked 5 shocks corn.
Jan 6 Sunday at home. Conrads here all day.
Jan 7 Washed forenoon. Cut ice afternoon. Cold.
Jan 8 Put up 36 blocks ice. Cold day. Ice 7 in thick.
Jan 9 Fixed stable. Mrs. J brought beef home. Nice day.
Jan 10 Hauled 2 loads manure. Geo. S. helped. Saw trees afternoon.
Jan 11 I made 80 posts. Cold wind. Very tired.
Jan 12 Made posts till noon. I and Hattie went to Mr. Cass.
Jan 13 Sunday at home all day. Geo. S. here. Cold.
Jan 14 Husked corn on bottom. Nice day.
Jan 15 Washed forenoon. Damp S E wind.
Jan 16 Husked & shelled corn. Damp & chilly.
Jan 17 Husked corn. Clear & chilly. Nice afternoon.
Jan 18 Finished husking corn on bottom. Nice day.
Jan 19 Hauled brush & stumps. Went to Allison eve.
Jan 20 Sunday at home all day. Mrs. McKenna here.
Jan 21 Washed forenoon. Went to Mr. Steels. Cold & chilly.
Jan 22 Went to Evans morn. Grubbed up stumps. Chilly.
Jan 23 I went & measured off E. line fence. I and Luther set posts.
Jan 24 I and Luther set posts all day. Cold S. E. wind.
Jan 25 Snowing & blowing terrible all day from north.
Jan 26 Went to Allison to get mail in eve. Cold.
Jan 27 Sunday at home all day. Nice day.
Jan 28 Washed forenoon. Clay Steele here. Nice day.
Jan 29 Snowed. Went Got 2 colts of Mr. Chenothes on note. $48.00
Jan 30 Helped Stanfast. Sawed wood. Cold & chilly.
Jan 31 Took 34 lbs popcorn Wheelocks. 4 cts lb. Snow & wind.
Feb 1, 1895 Hauled ice. Cold.
Feb 2 I and Roy hauled ice & put around trees. Thawed.
Feb 3 Sunday snowed last night. Conrad & boys here. They had a time. Terrible cold.
Feb 4 I took children to school. Roy went got Topsy. Cold.
Feb 5 Children went to school. Cold & chilly all day.
Feb 6 Terrible blizzard of snow & dirt all day. Very cold.
Feb 7 22 deg below zero. Cold at home. Done chores.
Feb 8 Hauled fodder. Went got 2 loads stove wood.
Feb 9 Cold light snow last night. Went & got mail.
Feb 10 Sunday at home all day. Spit snow.
Feb 11 Washed morn. Snowed & blowed afternoon. Cold.
Feb 12 Cold & windy. Killed 2 jackrabbits. Done chores.
Feb 13 I and Roy went hunting. Went to Allison in eve.
Feb 14 Split up stumps. Cold. Spit snow. Done chores.
Feb 15 Went to Asas place. Got plow & sun shinning.
Feb 16 Worked on south fence. Put on wire. Very tired.
Feb 17 Sunday Wills all here. High wind & dirt.
Feb 18 Washed. Terrible dirt form N. W. all day.
Feb 19 Took bu potatoes to Chandler. Got $1.00 bu.
Feb 20 Hauled 2 loads manure. Windy. Dust flying.
Feb 21 Took 6 bu potatoes to Jennings. 75 cts. bu. Nice day.
Feb 22 Finished setting posts on S. line. Warm.
Feb 23 I, Hattie, Huey, Kent & Elsie to Lenora. Took 22½ bu potatoes. Got $1.00 bu.
Feb 24 Sunday S. S. & Mr. Kinsers here. Nice & warm.
Feb 25 I and Roy finished S. fence. Rained & misted.
Feb 26 Still misting. Had fine rain. Took out 10 stumps.
Feb 27 Took out 11 bu. potatoes. Very warm in eve.
Feb 28 Took out stumps. Done chores. Nice day. Plowed onion bed.
Mar 1, 1895 Took out stumps. Run sub soiler afternoon.
Mar 2 Took out stumps. Plowed. Sowed onions.
Mar 3 Sunday cold high wind from N. Mr. McKennys here.
Mar 4 Washed forenoon. Sub soiled some. Disagreeable day.
Mar 5 Hauled 2 loads manure. Finished sub soiling.
Mar 6 Hauled load posts by Evans. Went to Cass’s. Set posts. Warm.
Mar 7 Put wire on fence forenoon. Took out stumps afternoon.
Mar 8 Took up potatoes. All went to Mr. Cass’s. Nice day.
Mar 9 Went white washed apple trees & bedroom. Nice day.
Mar 10 Sunday cold chilly. Went fed sows.
Mar 11 I and Luther Chenoweth went to Cass place. Washed & cleaned house.
Mar 12 We all went & papered. Put down carpet.
Mar 13 Very cold. I & Luther took load in eve.
Mar 14 Took 2 big loads morn and one in eve. Cold. Moved to our new home.
Mar 15 Very cold. Fixed stable. Washed. Trimmed grape vines.
Mar 16 Fixed hen house. Went & got chickens.
Mar 17 Sunday nice day. At home all day.
Mar 18 Washed forenoon & sowed strips for flume on dam. Nice day.
Mar 19 I went to Jennings. Got chop and 1 bu. sorgum. Snowed and blowed from N. E.
Mar 20 Mr. Leiber & Lerrill helped work on dam. Nice day.
Mar 21 I and Mr. Lieber worked on dam. Nice.
Mar 22 Leiber Terrill & Hull helped on dam. Nice day.
Mar 23 I and Leiber worked on dam. Took up turnips. I sowed lettuse & radishes.
Mar 24 Sunday warm & fine. At home resting all day.
Mar 25 Washed & subsoiled north orchard. Nice & warm.
Mar 26 Subsoiled all day. Hot & dry. Very tired.
Mar 27 Finished subsoiling. Hauled stove wood.
Mar 28 Went to Jennings. Got 25 bu. corn at 50 cts bu. Hauled wood.
Mar 29 Set out trees. Scraped on dam. Went got breaking plow.
Mar 30 Broke sod on bottom. Dusty terrible wind.
Mar 31 Sunday cold N. E. wind. Looks like snow. Dusty.
Apr 1, 1895 Washed forenoon. 2 in. snow last night. Cold. Plowed sod afternoon.
Apr 2 Hauled 2 loads wood. Made buggy shed. Plowed afternoon.
Apr 3 Plowed forenoon. Planted garden. Children set strawberries.
Apr 4 Finished sod forenoon. Put sod on dam. Nice day.
Apr 5 Plowed for strawberries. Set posts south creek. Terribly windy & dusty.
Apr 6 Terrible N. wind & wet snow. Turned to rain.
Apr 7 Sunday north wind. Cold & cloudy. At home.
Apr 8 Washed forenoon. Went to Mullen place and sowed alfalfa seed.
Apr 9 Went & finished alfalfa. Nice & warm.
Apr 10 Harrowed & sowed alfalfa N. of house all day.
Apr 11 Plowed in alfalfa west hog lot. Very warm.
Apr 12 All went to Mullin place. Planted 2 acres potatoes.
Apr 13 Finished sowing alfalfa. Planted sweet corn.
Apr 14 Easter Sunday at home. Nice & warm. Fished eve.
Apr 15 Terrible high N. wind. Washed. Rained at night.
Apr 16 Harrowed sod south of creek. Warm & fine.
Apr 17 Went to Mullin place. Huey swallowed rivet.
Apr 18 Listed corn all day. Fine growing weather.
Apr 19 Resowed alfalfa north of orchard. Listed corn.
Apr 20 Listed corn all day. Hot. Threatened rain. Cooler.
Apr 21 Sunday rained a little last night. G. W. and wife here also Wheelocks.
Apr 22 Finished listing corn at Mullin place. Warm.
Apr 23 Washed & listed in S. place by Terrills. Hot.
Apr 24 Planted sorgum on sod south creek forenoon. Listed corn N. place.
Apr 25 Finished piece N. of house. Hot. Finished sorgum.
Apr 26 All went to Jennings. Got corn at 52 cts. bu.
Apr 27 Planted corn north road. Planted melons. Set cabbage.
Apr 28 Sunday all went school house. Organized S. S. I was Supt.
Apr 29 Listed corn. Stevenson cow had calf. Nice & warm.
Apr 30 Listed north of house on Greens. Got almost to sod house.
May 1, 1895 Fixed fence south creek. Listed sorgum.
May 2 Listed sorgum. Harrowed potatoes.
May 3 Listed sorgum. Fine shower. Went and scrubbed out school house.
May 4 Listed sorgum. Worked in grapes.
May 5 Sun. all went to S. S. & to preaching in eve to Wills.
May 6 Listed corn all day in S. field. Warm.
May 7 Washed forenoon. Hoed. Listed corn afternoon.
May 8 Took Chenoweths cow & Stephensons to Stanfast. Listed afternoon.
May 9 Finished listing S. field. Listed onion bed.
May 10 Plowed grapes all day. Hauled wood & manure.
May 11 Staid up last night. 32 deg. Kept fires in orchard.
May 12 Sunday kept fires in orchard this morn. 31 deg. Went to S. S.
May 13 to 18 Cut weeds and hoed on Mullen Place. Dam been opened.
May 19 Sunday Fred E. and wife, Mr. Fosters here.
May 20 Went & finished cut weeds.
May 21 Washed forenoon. Cut weeds on Greens afternoon.
May 22 Roy cut weeds & I hoed. Made brush fence by garden.
May 23 Cut weeds on Green land. Terrible dry.
May 24 Cut weeds on south garden. Hoed.
May 25 Worked on dam all day. Hot & dry.
May 26 Sunday went to S. S. Mr. Cramers here.
May 27 Washed forenoon. Will here. Terrible wind.
May 28 Went plowed corn on bottom. Terrible wind. Hot & dusty.
May 29 Finished bottom. Commenced to rain at night.
May 30 Rained last night. 2 big rains. River high. Took out dam. I and Roy went to Mullin place Got wet.
May 31 Got plow & plowed sod S. of creek. Water high.
Jun 1, 1895 Plowed orchard. Set out 170 sweet potato plants. Got gate out of dam at Mullin place.
Jun 2 Sunday big rain last night. A terrible heavy rain.
Jun 3 Washed forenoon. Went to Mullin place.
Jun 4 Shingled the hay shed. River still high.
Jun 5 Took Red Stephinson cow died.
Jun 6 Harrowed corn on Mullin place. Nice day.
Jun 7 Plowed corn on Mullin place.
Jun 8 I plowed. Roy cut with weed cutter.
Jun 9 Sunday cloudy & cool. Sprinkled rain.
Jun 10 I finished plowing corn 1st time. Roy cut weeds 2nd time.
Jun 11 Rained last night. Washed. Cut weeds. Cooler.
Jun 12 Plowed corn. Big rain. Pulled weeds.
Jun 13 Cut weeds in orchard. Hot.
Jun 14 Went mowed weeds on alfalfa. Plowed corn afternoon.
Jun 15 Mowed weeds. Broke Mower. Finished. Roy cut weeds 3rd time.
Jun 16 Sun. all went to S. S. & preaching, then rested.
Jun 17 Cut weeds. Roy cut weeds south field.
Jun 18 Took mower home. Plowed corn on Mullin place. Roy cut weeds.
Jun 19 Finished corn by road 1st time. Roy cut weeds.
Jun 20 Plowed corn by road. Hot, but nice to kill weeds.
Jun 22 Plowed corn. Went to Mrs. Winter burying. Hot.
Jun 23 Sun. went to S. S. At home No. S. S.
Jun 24 Plowed corn north of house 2nd time. Cool.
Jun 25 Plowed potatoes & corn at Mullin place.
Jun 26 Plowed corn on S. field. Hot. Very tired.
Jun 27 Plowed sorgum on south field. Terrible rain & hail.
Jun 28 Done chores. River high. Mrs. Cass here last night.
Jun 29 Cut weeds. Done chores. Hot.
Jun 30 All went to S. S. then to Mr. Johnson. Back by Wills.
Jul 1, 1895 Plowed corn & sorgum all day. Ground in fine shape.
Jul 2 Fixed dam at Mullin place. Hot. River up.
Jul 3 Plowed corn. Lots of rain.
Jul 4 All went to Jennings. Had pictures taken. Hot.
Jul 5 Plowed corn south field. Terrible hot.
Jul 6 Plowed corn forenoon. Roy plowed afternoon.
Jul 7 Sun. went to S. S. then to Fred E. Had nice time. Cool.
Jul 8 Cool. Plowed corn on green land. Done big days work.
Jul 9 Finished laying by corn. Rained.
Jul 10 Rainy. Went to Jennings. Got twine. 100 lb sugar $5.55 Plowed by corn on Mullin place.
Jul 11 I and Roy plowed corn Mullin place. Finished. Roy plowed single plow.
Jul 12 Plowed in orchard forenoon and corn south field afternoon.
Jul 13 Plowed in orchard & grapes. Big rain.
Jul 14 Sunday rained. Went to S. S. At home.
Jul 15 Went & tried to cut rye. Too many weeds.
Jul 16 Plowed corn in S. field. Fine for corn.
Jul 17 Plowed corn all day, but terrible hot.
Jul 18 Plowed corn forenoon. Mowed alfalfa in eve.
Jul 19 Finished plowing corn & sorgum. Tired out.
Jul 20 Fine rain last night. Mowed weeds.
Jul 21 Sunday pretty cloudy. Went S. S. Rained at night.
Jul 22 Got hog for Cresler sow. Cut weeds. Rained.
Jul 23 Went up west to buy calves. Got 2. Rained.
Jul 24 Washed & cut weeds. Bought 6 calves. Hot.
Jul 25 Cut alfalfa by Terrells. Hot. Cut weeds.
Jul 26 Mowed weeds in alfalfa by Mullins. Hot.
Jul 27 Men brought 8 calves. Raked & shocked alfalfa.
Jul 28 Sunday Hot. Went to S. S. Fred E. here.
Jul 29 Washed forenoon. Cut rye & alfalfa on Mullin place.
Jul 30 Worked on crossing at creek. Warm.
Jul 31 Went raked & hauled rye home. Hot.
Aug 1, 1895 Went got load rye. Hauled 1st load rock for barn.
Aug 2 Big rains last night. Took 10 calves to Mullin place. Washed out crossing.
Aug 3 Worked on road forenoon. Cut rye & hauled rock for crossing.
Aug 4 Sunday went to S. S. W. Leiberes here. Nice day.
Aug 5 Put flume in crossing. Hauled rock for stable.
Aug 6 Hauled rock all day. Warm & hot.
Aug 7 Hauled rock & brick. Warm & fine for corn.
Aug 8 Hauled rock & went got letters.
Aug 9 Hauled 2 loads rock for stable. Fine for corn.
Aug 10 Hauled brick & got lime box.
Aug 11 Sunday at home. Johnsons here. Warm.
Aug 12 Commenced work on stone stable. Leiber helped.
Aug 13 Worked on stable all day. Very warm.
Aug 14 Took hog home. Will chopped corn. I sick.
Aug 15 Worked on stable. Hot & dry.
Aug 16 I hauled rock & lime. Boys worked on stable.
Aug 17 Worked on stable.
Aug 18 Sunday went to Mullin place in eve. Elsie took sick. Went for Mrs. Terrill & Wheelock.
Aug 19 Hauled rock & lime. Elsie better.
Aug 20 Hauled rock. Hired Carrie E. teach school.
Aug 21 Cut hay till noon. Raked eve. 2 boys helped.
Aug 22 Hauled & stacked 8 loads rye & hay. Hot.
Aug 23 Cut hay till noon. Got grapes. Looks like rain.
Aug 24 Leiber helped with hay. Got 5 loads & raked some.
Aug 25 Sunday all went meeting, but Hattie & babyes.
Aug 26 I cut hay till noon, then raked. Hot.
Aug 27 Cut hay forenoon. Got done. Raked P. M.
Aug 28 Rainy & misty. Hauled hay. Made cane cutter.
Aug 29 Went Jennings A. M. Got lime. Hauled hay.
Aug 30 I and Fred hauled hay. 7 loads. Very hot.
Aug 31 Rained last night. Weaned colts. Put up hay.
Sep 1, 1895 Sunday all went to Mr. Cramers. Cloudy.
Sep 2 to 8 Worked on rock stable all week.
Sep 9 Worked on stable. I hauled sand & cut sorgum.
Sep 10 I cut sorgum. Men worked on stable. Finished.
Sep 11 Went Jennings. Bought calf Leiber.
Sep 12 I & Roy cut sorgum. Very hot & dry.
Sep 13 Cut sorgum all day. Hot & dry.
Sep 14 Roy & Hattie went to Jennings. I cut cane.
Sep 15 Sun. all went to Ericksons. Hot & dry.
Sep 16 Conrad cut sorgum. I and Roy cut with sled.
Sep 17 Cut sorgum. Very tired. Hot & dry.
Sep 18 Cut sorgum forenoon with sled. Afternoon cut with knife.
Sep 19 Finished cutting with sled. Went to Caucus cut forks.
Sep 20 Shocked sorgum. Put up rafter on stable.
Sep 21 Conrad finished working for Flora.
[Sep 21 to Nov 1 Pages missing.]
Nov 1, 1895 I husked corn S. of bottoms. Pete at Mullins.
Nov 2 I husked corn. Went to Jennings. Got shoes.
Nov 3 Sunday cloudy & dull. All went to Mr. Johnsons.
Nov 4 Went got 2 loads corn on S. field. Big prairie fire S. S.
Nov 5 Went to election forenoon. Load corn P. M.
Nov 6 I finished S. bottom. Pete got load at Mullin place.
Nov 7 We both went to Mullin place got big load.
Nov 8 Got 2 big loads. Fine to work.
Nov 9 Got 2 big loads corn. Warm & fine.
Nov 10 Sunday at home. Clear & fine. Rested.
Nov 11 Went and husked big load corn on Mullin place. Cresler sow at pigs.
Now 12 Husked corn on Mullin place. Fine to work.
Nov 13 Rained and snowed last night. Warm. Fixed manger & hen house.
Nov 14 Husked corn all day at Mullin place. Muddy.
Nov 15 Husked corn. Fine & warm. Corn worth 15 cts bu.
Nov 16 I and Roy husked load corn. Put up heater. Put roosts in hen house.
Nov 17 Sunday clear & fine at home all day. Resting.
Nov 18 Gathered corn at Mullin place. Fine day.
Nov 19 Finished corn at Mullin place 25½ loads.
Nov 20 I and Elmer cramer husked corn north of road. Clear & fine.
Nov 21 Both husked corn all day. Warm. Turned cold in eve.
Nov 22 Snowing and very cold. Fixed mangers for cows. Hauled cane.
Nov 23 Hauled sorgum. Fixed hog shed. Went to Jennings. Spit snow. Cold.
Nov 24 Snowing hard. Sunday home all day.
[Nov 25 to Dec 4 Pages missing.]
Dec 4, 1895 I husked corn all day out north.
Dec 5 I got corn in S. field. Elmer and Grant finished out north.
Dec 6 I husked and snapped corn in S. field. Corn shellers came.
Dec 7 Shelled corn till noon. Broke sheller. Roy & I skinned steer.
Dec 8 Sunday nice. All went to Wills & Kinsers.
Dec 9 Washed forenoon. Commenced to build sod hen house.
Dec 10 Shelled corn forenoon. Had 900 bu, then I and Mr. Cramer worked on hen house.
[Dec 11 Missing line.]
Dec 12 Husked corn forenoon. Worked on hen house.
Dec 13 Husked corn. Worked on hen house. Got walls done.
Dec 14 Went to Jennings. Took hog.
Dec 15 Sunday all went to Fred Erickson. Chilly S. wind.
Dec 16 Washed. Snapped 2 loads corn. Fine day.
Dec 17 Got 2 loads corn. Hauled cobs. Fine day.
Dec 18 4 in. snow last night. Got 4 cows from Mullin place.
Dec 19 Fred got molasses. Mrs. Chenoweth made me deed to west ½ S. E. 14. Hauled sorgum. Set posts. Took feed to Mullin place. Went to school house.
Dec 20 I and Roy finished gathering corn.
Dec 21 Sunday cloudy & cold. I went to Wills on pony.
Dec 23 Washed & went to Jennings. Took 2 turkeys to town. Got 9 cts. lb. Cold.
Dec 24 Hauled sorgum. Put on hen house. Done chores.
Dec 25 Willies, Fred Erickson, Mr. Cramers & Johnsons here.
Dec 26 Spotted Halstein calf died. Done chores.
Dec 27 Hauled sorgum. Put on stable. Damp & frosty.
Dec 28 Sunday cold N. W. wind. At home. I went and fed calves.
Dec 29 Washed. Very cold & cloudy. Hauled sorgum.
Dec 30 Hauled sorgum. Took feed to calves. Cold.
Dec 31 Done chores. Went to Allison etc.
[Jan 1 1896 to Mar 7] [Pages missing.]
Mar 8, 1896 Sunday nice day. We went to Erickson.
Mar 9 Washed forenoon. Plowed sod south of stable.
Mar 10 Plowed all day S. of stable. Windy & cold.
Mar 11 Went to Jennings. Took case eggs. Got 7½ cts doz. Took butter. Got 10 cts lb.
Mar 12 Went to see Asa morn. Plowed sod P. M.
Mar 13 Froze last night. Snowing some. Done chores.
Mar 14 Cold & stormy. Sheltered the corn in crib at stable.
Mar 15 Sunday clear & very cold. Last night. Thawed.
Mar 16 Washed forenoon. Went to Conrads.
Mar 17 Snowing and stormy. Helped Mr. Cramer.
Mar 18 Went to Jennings. Took 21 lbs butter. Windy.
Mar 19 Hauled corn to stable. Plowed sod.
Mar 20 Sorted and sacked potatoes. Finished sod.
Mar 21 I and Roy & Huey took potatoes to Lenora. Got 35 cts. bu.
Mar 22 Sunday all went to Mr. Johnsons. Cold and chilly.
Mar 23 Washed morn. Commenced backsetting eve.
Mar 23 Plowed. Nice & warm. Ground is not wet deep.
Mar 25 Went to Jennings. Took 22 lbs butter. Plowed in eve.
Mar 26 Finished backsetting. Last day of school. Terrible wind.
Mar 27 Hauled sod on dam. Made garden in eve.
Mar 28 Sunday at home all day. Nice & warm.
Mar 29 Missing
Mar 30 Went got 20 bu oats from Smith. Got drill. Roy harrowed stalks.
Mar 31 Jim Kline and bride came last eve and stayed till eve. Stormy.
Apr 1, 1896 Tried to drill oats. Took drill home. Sowed and cultivated oats.
Apr 2 Sowed and cultivated in oats. Nice & warm.
Apr 3 I and Hattie went to Jennings. Took butter. Planted potatoes.
Apr 4 Sowed and cultivated in oats. Nice dry day.
Apr 5 Easter Sunday all went to Mr. Cramers. Nice warm.
Apr 6 Finished sowing and harrowing in oats. Warm & dry.
Apr 7 Hauled rock etc on dam. Terribly windy.
Apr 8 Went to Jennings. Took 21 lbs butter. Planted potatoes by mill dam.
Apr 9 Planted potatoes and corn by mill dam. Roy harrowed weeds.
Apr 10 Hauled rock on dam. Went burying Mr. Steeles baby. Finished by mill dam.
Apr 11 I and Roy took 3 colts to Mullin place and fixed fence.
Apr 12 Sunday rained all night and today.
Apr 13 Took Donley cow to Conrads. Done chores.
Apr 14 Went to Clay Steeles to rent land, but couldn’t.
Apr 15 Went to Jennings. Took butter & case of eggs.
Apr 16 Ground wet. Done chores. Listed corn north of house.
Apr 17 Plowed in orchard. Black cloud from west eve. Big rain.
Apr 18 Ground wet. Fixed fence and dam. Jim gone.
Apr 19 Fred Erickson & wife here. Hunted Jim. Warm.
Apr 20 Plowed orchard and harrowed. Hot and fine for crops.
Apr 21 Harrowed orchard & S. W. of stable. Got 2 bu. alfalfa seed $11.50
Apr 22 Harrowed & sowed 2 bu. alfalfa seed. Set out cabbage plants.
Apr 23 Listed piece corn S. of creek. Warm & fine.
Apr 24 Finished harrowing and rolling alfalfa. Commenced to list on Greens.
Apr 25 Listed all day on Greens. Warm.
Apr 26 Sunday Mr. Johnsons here all day. Warm.
Apr 28 Took cattle to Mullins pasture. Went to Jennings in eve.
Apr 29 Went to Mullin place planted potatoes. Raked weeds eve.
Apr 30 Listed corn. Raked leaves & burned. Warm.
May 1, 1896 Listed corn on Greens all day. Done big days work.
May 2 Finished on Greens. Harrowed potatoes. Plowed garden. Set out tomato & cabbage plants.
May 3 Sunday at home. Warm & fine. Rested.
May 4 Took Donley cow to Conrads. Went to Mrs. Chenoweths burying. Listed corn.
May 5 Listed corn on Mullin place.
May 6 Listed corn on Mullin place.
May 7 Listed corn all day. Rained at night.
May 8 Fine rain last night. Worked on dam at Mullin place. Finished listing north of creek. Tired.
May 10 Sunday cloudy & dull. At home.
May 11 I and Roy went to Jennings. Worked Bet. Listed corn on Mullin place.
May 12 Listed corn all day.
May 13 Listed corn all day. Cool & fine to work.
May 14 Finished listing corn at noon. Mrs. Taylor and Duncan here.
May 15 Rained forenoon. Made weed cutter. Plowed south for sorgum.
May 16 Plowed and sowed sorgum. Very tired.
May 17 Sun. All went to Wills. Worked Nell. Warm.
May 18 Plowed and sowed sorgum. Roy cut weeds.
May 19 Big rain in morn. Went to C. Fosters. Finished sorgum.
May 20 Made hog pen. Cresler sow had 20 pigs. Roy & Hattie went to Jennings.
May 21 I took sick last night with tooth. Harrowed potatoes. Went to bed.
May 22 Took weed cutter to shop. Replanted corn. Straight had 9 pigs.
May 23 Plowed and sowed Millet. Killed 5 skunks. Very hot.
May 24 Sunday all went to meeting out south. East dinner at Bro. Cramers.
May 25 Roy cut weeds on Greens. I plowed and sowed millet. Preacher came.
May 26 Took preacher to Dresden. Hot. Plowed corn N. of house.
May 27 Plowed corn. Went got cattle.
May 28 Cut weeds south of creek. Cut alfalfa west of hog lot by Terrills.
May 29 Went to Mullin place. Cut weeds. Stacked alfalfa. 4 loads. Rained I eve.
May 30 Plowed cabbage. Roy cut weeds.
May 31 Sun. big rain last night. At home.
Jun 1, 1896 River is up. Went to Mullin place. Fixed fence.
Jun 2 Took cattle to pasture. Hattie and girls went to Jennings.
Jun 3 Went cut alfalfa on Mullin place. Roy cut weeds. Rained in eve.
Jun 4 Finished cutting alfalfa 1st time. Raked afternoon.
Jun 5 C. Foster helped stack hay. Roy cut weeds.
Jun 6 Finished stacking at 3 oclock. High wind. Plowed corn. Rained in eve.
Jun 7 Sunday clear & warm. Home resting.
Jun 8 I and Foster plowed corn north on Green place.
Jun 9 to 11 Mowing weeds. Planting corn.
Jun 11 Fine rain. Hattie & girls went to Jennings.
Jun 12 Roy finished weed cutting. I plowed on Mullins.
Jun 13 Roy harrowed. I plowed corn. Very hot.
Jun 14 Sunday Mr. Cramers here. Hot and sultry.
Jun 15 I and Roy plowed corn on Greens. Very hot.
Jun 16 Finished plowing on Greens 1st time. Plowed some S. of creek.
Jun 17 Plowed on Mullin place. Hot & dry.
Jun 18 Finished plowing N. creek 1st time. Plowed some S. of creek.
Jun 19 Hoed and cut weeds forenoon. I and Hattie went to Jennings eve. Very hot.
Jun 20 I and Roy plowed all day at Mullin place. [Roy was only 11 yrs. old & yet was plowing all day.]
Jun 21 Sunday all went to Mr. Johnsons. Cool.
Jun 22 I and Roy plowed corn at Mullin place. Got over it 1st time.
Jun 23 Fine rain last night. Pulled weeds.
Jun 24 Cut weeds. Went to Jennings. Took 42 qts currants. Got 6½ cts. quart.
Jun 25 Moved weeds in grapes. Began to lay by corn on Terrills.
Jun 26 Misty & damp. Mowed orchard. Done chores.
Jun 27 Plowed corn all day. Night meeting at school house. New preacher.
Jun 28 I and Hattie went to Geo. Wheelocks. Hot.
Jun 29 Windy. I and Roy plowed corn on Greens. Hot.
Jun 30 Had a big rain last night and hail. Cut weeds.
Jul 1, 1896 I plowed. Hattie & Roy went to Jennings.
Jul 2 I and Roy finished on Greens. Went to Mullin place afternoon & plowed.
Jul 3 I and Roy plowed at Mullin place all day. Corn fine.
Jul 4 Big rain this morn. Went to McKennys. Took Jim to pasture. Corn is fine.
Jul 5 Sunday went got Jim. Found McKennys at home.
Jul 6 Went & pulled weeds out of potatoes. Fred helped. Roy plowed.
Jul 7 I and Roy sowed N. of house on Mullin place. Broke plow.
Jul 8 Plowed S. of creek all day. Big days work. Cool & fine.
Jul 9 Finished plowing corn at noon. Plowed potatoes.
Jul 10 Mowed weeds forenoon. Jim McClure and I went to Jennings.
[pages missing to Sep17]  
Sep 17, 1896 Went to Lenora. Cass paid mortgage $721.00. Mr. C. shocked corn.
Sep 18 Rained last night. Cut wood.
Sep 19 Worked on cattle shed. Mr. C. and Foster helped.
Sep 20 Sunday went to Mr. Cramers visiting.
Sep 21 I and Mr. Cramer worked on shed.
Sep 22 First frost. Worked on shed all day. Cool.
Sep 23 Foster worked till noon. All went and got sorgum seed.
Sep 24 I and Roy put brush on shed. Dug potatoes eve.
Sep 25 I went Jennings got Kent his 1st suit. (Kent was 4 yrs old.)
Sep 26 I and Mr. Foster finished covering shed. Cut poles for crib.
Sep 27 Sunday went to school house to Baptist meeting.
Sep 28 Will Lieber [next?] commenced work on corn crib. I cut alfalfa.
Sep 29 Finished cutting N. orchard. Will worked on crib.
Sep 30 Will went to Mullin place. Got corn P. M.
Oct 1, 1896 Will gathered corn. I hauled alfalfa. Hot & dry. Killed hog in eve.
Oct 2 I and Will & children went to Mullin place. Put in flume. Got cane.
Oct 3 All went to picknick at Bradburys. Dusky and smoky.
Oct 4 Sunday went to Mr. Johnsons. Nice day.
Oct 5 Made wagon box in morn. Sold $4.00 of poles in eve.
Oct 6 Helped Will get load corn. Went Jennings. Got load lumber in eve.
Oct 7 to 10th


Shocking corn & helping Straup thrash.
Oct 11 Sunday hard freeze last night. J. Klines here.
Oct 12 I and Roy & Stella went got 26 bu potatoes. Husked corn.
[missing entries]  
Oct 19 I husked 2 loads corn at Mullin place. Got something in my eye.
Oct 20 I and Leiber got 2 loads corn at Mullin place. Finished N. of River.
Oct 21 I got 2 loads S. of creek. Went to Jennings to see Dr. but he was gone.
Oct 22 Got 2 loads S. of creek. Lieber quit work at noon. Rained last night.
Oct 23 I and Roy took 2 hogs to Jennings. One weighed 415 lbs. Got $2.65 hundred lbs. and one weighed 215 lbs. Got $2.80 hundred lbs. for it. Got floor for kitchen.
Oct 24 I and Roy got 2 loads on Mullin place. Nice day.
Oct 25 Sunday clear & fine. At home all day.
Oct 26 I got 2 loads corn on Mullin place.
Oct 27 Missing
Oct 28 Went got load forenoon. Fixed lot. Rained.
Oct 29 Rained most all night last night and snowed all day today. Lots wet.
Oct 30 Cut forks for stable. Thawed fast but cold wind.
Oct 31 Went to Jennings to see Dr.
Nov 1, 1896 Sunday at home. Resting all day.
Nov 2 Got load corn from Mullin place. Worked in house afternoon laying floor.
[Nov 3 & 4 Did same thing as on 2nd.]
Nov 5 Got one load corn at Mullin place. Plastered in house. Hattie and Mrs. Johnson put up curtains.
Nov 6 Helped Will get big load corn. Went Jennings. Got big load lumber eve.
Nov 7 to 10 Shucking corn & helped Stroup thrash.
Nov 8 Sunday hard freeze last night. Resting.
Nov 9 Went got last load corn at Mullin place. Worked in house afternoon.
Nov 10 Put in ridge slats at Mullin house. White washed etc.
Nov 11 Stacked hay all day for Mr. Johnson. Tired.
Nov 12 Took 2 loads sorgum. Covered stable, etc.
Nov 13 Husked load corn on Greens A. M. Killed hog in eve.
Nov 14 Warm & fine. Got 2 loads corn.
Nov 15 Sunday warm & fine. Went to Mullin place.
Nov 16 Planted peach seed. Washed. Husked corn eve.
Nov 17 Cold damp mist & frost & ice. Husked 2 big loads corn.
Nov 18 Husked 2 loads corn. Cold & disagreeable.
Nov 19 Husked 2 loads corn. Cold & chilly.
Nov 20 Husked 2 loads. Cold all day.
Nov 21 I and Roy got load corn. Hauled wood. Put up heater.
Nov 22 Sunday cloudy & cold. Mr. Johnsons here all day.
Nov 23 Washed. Snapped load corn morn, and husked one.
Nov 24 Very frosty & damp. Husked corn. Hauled 2 loads manure.
Nov 25 Warm & damp. Got done gathering. Most sick at night.
Nov 26 Thanksgiving day. Coldest day yet.
Nov 27 9 deg below zero. Helped Mr. Cramer saw wood.
Nov 28 Missing
Nov 29 9 deg below zero. Sawed wood. Took salt to calves.
Nov 30 Washed. I cut trees on ice. Done chores. Nice day.
Dec 1, 1896 Hauled wood. Went to Jennings. Took 24 doz eggs. Got 17 cts. doz.
Dec 2 Cut poles for feed pen. Nice day.
Dec 3 Helped Mr. Cramer saw wood.
Dec 4 Hauled 2 loads sorgum. Put up heater in kitchen.
Dec 5 Got load alfalfa. Got colts. Hauled 2½ loads sorgum. Tied up apple trees.
Dec 6 Sunday all went to Mr. Johnsons. Nice day.
Dec 7 Helped wash. Hauled load sorgum. Got white corn. Warm & fine.
Dec 8 Hauled sorgum. Sawed wood.
Dec 9 Made kettle of hominy. Got sorgum. Pulled tree out of creek.
Dec 10 Sawed wood. Took up around 40 posts.
Dec 11 Set posts around orchard. Jim Kline got poles. Traded colt for more.
Dec 12 Hauled stove wood. Fixed fence by school house. Got sorgum.
Dec 13 Sunday warm & fine. At home all day.
Dec 14 Hauled sorgum. Washed. Done chores.
Dec 15 Hauled 4 loads sorgum. Warm & fine.
Dec 16 Hauled sorgum. Rolled up wire on barrel.
Dec 17 Dressed 21 turkeys. Had surprise supper on Stella. Stellas birthday. 13 yrs old. Mr. Johnsons here.
Dec 18 I and Hattie went to Jennings. Shipped turkeys. (These were turkeys Essie & Stella raised and were shipped to Denver.)
Dec 19 Hauled sorgum. Sold 250 brick. Salted calves.
Dec 20 Sunday clear & fine. At home all day. Done chores.
Dec 21 Went to Jennings. I and children to Mrs. Kers. Funeral. Chenoweth paid me $50.00
Dec 22 Washed forenoon. Fixed fence. Fine weather.
Dec 23 Fixed fence. Hauled feed. Done chores.
Dec 24 Hauled feed. Went to Allison. Done chores.
Dec 25 Christmas. All day at home. Put wire on fence. Killed rabbit.
Dec 26 Bought cow of J. Conrad. $18.00. Done chores.
Dec 27 Sunday at home. Chilly & windy.
Dec 28 Washed & done chores. Nice day.
Dec 29 Done chores etc. Damp & chilly.
Dec 30 Went to Jennings. Sent butter to Denver. Got shoes and Crocks.
Dec 31 Went cleaned out well at Johnsons. Children went to school.
Jan 1, 1897 Ringed 10 sows. Hauled feed to beds sows. Cold.
Jan 2 Cold & high N. wind. Bro. Long came. Done chores.
Jan 3 Sunday went to meeting  morn & night. Butchered 2 hogs. Fine nights.
Jan 4 Done chores & went to meeting at nights to 18th.
Jan 18 Bro. Long & Willie Carns went home. Washed.
Jan 19 Cut wood. Herded cattle. Done chores. Traded Mary off for Jerry.
Jan 20 Cut wood. Herded cattle. Warm & fine.
Jan 21 Cut wood. Done chores. Hens are so fat they are dying. Warm & fine.
Jan 22 Made kettle hominy. Cut wood. Warm.
Jan 23 Hauled load wood. Done chores. Cold wind from north in eve.
Jan 24 Sunday at home all day. Cold & disagreeable.
Jan 25 Cold. 8 deg below zero. Done chores.
Jan 26 Washed forenoon. Cloudy & cold. [Essies note “I remember so well father setting in his rocking chair and holding a couple of we smaller children on his lap and singing such songs as Little Brown Jug, Nellie Gray, Tenting tonight etc”.]
Jan 27 Put out clothes. Coldest this winter. 10 below zero.
Jan 28 Went to Jennings. Took horses to sell. Cold.
Jan 29 Done chores. Cold. Split posts. Mr. Cramer here.
Jan 30 Finished hauling sorgum from S. field. Mr. Cramer here.
Jan 31 Went to 1st social meeting here. Mr. Cramer here.
Feb 1, 1897 Washed. Took butter to Allison in eve.
Feb 2 Done chores. Hauled manure.
Feb 3 Hauled 2 loads manure. Done chores.
Feb 4 Hauled manure. Done chores.
Feb 5 Went to Jennings. Got load coal for school. Got skates for children.
Feb 6 I and Roy hauled manure and wood.
Feb 7 Sunday all went to quarterly meeting.
Feb 8 I and Hattie went to Munson Bros. funeral. (These boys drowned at Jennings).
Feb 9 Washed forenoon. Cut wood. Herded cattle.
Feb 10 Colder. Herded and made fence around oat stacks. Snowing at night.
Feb 11 Colder. Herded and made fence. Done chores. I trimmed grape vines.
Feb 12 Trimmed apple trees. Nice day. Herded cattle.
Feb 13 I and Roy hauled 3 loads manure. Mulched currants & apple trees.,
Feb 14 Sunday all went to social meeting. Snow from south. Walter Steele came at night and said Aunt Leona Fathers sister died. I went and stayed till morning.
Feb 15 We went to Sister Leonas funeral and burying. Nice day.
Feb 16 Washed forenoon. Done chores. Cleaned house.
Feb 17 Fixed fence between I and Mr. Terrills. Harrowed stalks in S. field.
Feb 18 Harrowed stalks. Traded colts to Cooks for horses.
Feb 19 Made hen nests. Went to Willies. Jim Kline here in eve. Nice day.
Feb 20 Hung meat. Hauled rock and sod on dam. Raked and burned stalks P. M.
Feb 21 Sunday commenced snowing hard. Went to Bro. Johnsons. Quit snowing.
Feb 22 Washed. Done chores. Went to Allison eve.
Feb 23 Mr. Cramer cut wood. Mrs. Cramer and Hertie here. Nice day.
Feb 24 Done chores. Cut wood. Brought Dick horse.
Feb 25 Went to Jennings. Drove Frank and Queen. Sold 14 hogs at 3 cts. lb.
Feb 26 Took 7 hogs to Jennings. 1720 lbs. We got Huey clothes. Roy had tooth pulled. Got calf and pig of cook.
Feb 27 I, Roy & Huey took 7 hogs to Jennings.
Feb 28 Cold N. E. wind. Fred Cook & wife here.
Mar 1, 1897 Cloudy & cold. Did not wash.
Mar 2 Put out clothes. Went Johnsons. Done chores.
Mar 3 Mr. Mrs. Johnson here. Done chores.
Mar 4 Went tried to sell Mullin place to Stanfast.
Mar 5-6 C. Johnson here. Cold wind and rain.
Mar 7 Went to Willies. Nice & warm.
Mar 8 Plowed by road. Washed. Nice & clear.
Mar 9 Plowed all day. Very tired.
Mar 10 Finished by road. Tired. Ground getting dry.
Mar 11 Went to Jennings. Took butter.
Mar 12 Went to Johnson. Got harrow. Finished backsetting by stable.
Mar 13 Snowed last night and forenoon. Set posts around pasture.
Mar 14 Sun. Willie & children here. Mr. Johnsons here. Cold.
Mar 15 Washed morn. Plowed S. of creek. Chilly.
Mar 16 Plowed most of day. Mrs. Cook here. Rained in eve.
Mar 17 Went to Lenora. Got looking glass, Wallpaper and paint. Hot.
Mar 18 Set posts on Smith land. Plowed P. M. Warm.
Mar 19 Finished plowing S. of creek. Rolled up wire. Johnsons here.
Mar 20 I and Roy went to Jennings. Got Roy coat. Hat, etc. $3.80
Mar 21 Sunday big snow storm from N. E. Deepest yet.
Mar 22 Washed and white washed kitchen ceiling.
Mar 23 Teacher here last night. Papered kitchen. Bossies calf came. Curley had 8 red pigs. Wet.
Mar 24 Put border on kitchen. White washed pantry. Went to store $6.00 in trade.
Mar 25 Johnsons here. Painted tin roof. Clear & warm.
Mar 26 Hauled manure. Hattie cleaned house. Mrs. Cramer here.
Mar 27 Set out gooseberries pie plant etc.
Mar 28 Sun. Organized S. S. Mrs. F. Cook Supt. Nice day.
Mar 29 Set out cedars. Planted 12 rows. Chic potatoes . Big rain in eve.
Mar 30 High S. wind. Planted potatoes.
Mar 31 Plowed piece by mill dam. Assessor here. To exhibition at night.
Apr 1, 1897 Made posts. Divided fence between I and Terril.
Apr 2 Fixed division in hog shed. Bad storm.
Apr 3 Rained last night. Snowing today.
Apr 4 Sun. Sam Smiths all came. All went to S. S.
Apr 5 I took Mr. Smith to Jennings. Got washing machine, wire, etc.
Apr 6 Fixed fence. Took posts to Johnsons. Rained.
Apr 7 Cold on stock. Rained all day from N. E.
Apr 8 Cool. Fixed fence on bottom.
Apr 9 Put in alfalfa P. M. Nice & warm.
Apr 10 Sowed alfalfa N. of house.


[The period from Apr 11, 1897 – April 18 1904 are from Essie Logan’s diary]


[The following is diary from Essie keeping. This is mothers obituary as written in newspaper.]
  Mrs. D. S. Logan.
  Mrs. D. S. Logan died at her home at Allison Ks. the 5th April 1899 from rupturing of a blood vessel. She was taken sick at 10 oclock the night of the 4th and died the evening of the following day. The maiden name of the deceased was Hattie M. Bentley. She was born in Hire Township McDonough Co. Ill. Aug. 11, 1863. July 3, 1881 she was united in marriage to D. S. Logan at Blandinsville Ill. They moved to Ks. in the spring of 1885. Mrs. Logan confessed her faith in Christ in April 1893 and united with church of Christ and was an active member till her death. Her last words were. “Oh the Angels” and her spirit took its flight to the God who gave it.
  The untimely demise of this devoted wife and mother is a sad blow to this family. The husband and 6 children mourn her loss. The funeral service was at Allison and were conducted by Elder Jackson. Interment was in Allison Cemetery. 36 years old.


This from Essies remembrance: 
Apr. 5, 1899 Mother died about 6 oclock in the evening. She had been sick only about 18 hrs. & father had gone to Jennings on pony to get medicine from Dr. She felt better in the evening & had come out in parlor and sat down in her rocking chair where she died a few minutes later. We were all at her bedside & kissed her goodbye. Her last words were “Oh the Angels, and the Lord”. Mrs. Johnson was with us and prepared her body for burying. Rev. Jackson preached her funeral. His text from 1st Cor. 15th Chap. The songs were the ones that Mother liked best:
  Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.
  Shall we gather at the River.
  We’ll never say goodbye in heaven.
  Got be with you till we meet again.
  It was a chilly day and light snow had fallen. We were just completing a new addition to our house. Estella was 15 yrs. old and I was 11 and we tried to keep house and there was lots of work to be done, and we did not know how to do it very well.
  Maggie Jones came and worked for us for 7 weeks, & then Minnie Dochou came & helped us and she & father were married Jan 1st 1900. Father was 44 yrs old and Minnie 20. They drove to Oberlin & was married by a minister. Minnie dress was blue serge trimmed in white. Stella stayed home from school and prepared a nice wedding supper. We all loved Minnie & know she undertook a big task when she came into our home with 6 step children.
Mar 23 1900 Roy was operated upon for appendicitis at our home at Allison. Dr. McClintock of Topeka & a trained nurse who stayed 3 weeks. He was about 15 yrs. old & fell in love with his nurse. He got along fine.
Apr 15 1900 Easter Sunday Essie broke out with measles and in another 2 weeks all rest of children had them.
Aug 30 1900 Roys 15th birthday. In evening we had apple cutting at our house. After peeling apples for awhile the guests chose their partners & went out for refreshments. The menu was sliced watermelon, apples, grapes, plums, cake with cider to drink. The guests were Lettie Byron, Frank and Sadie Scott, Dora Jessie & Eddie Gardner, Ruby Leland & Paul Mackey, Sadie John and Charlie Wilson, Gross Connie and Tearle Cramer, Lizzie Bell and Walter Johnson, Leota Shields & Ernest Kinnedy.
Mar 14 1902 Rossie Selwin Logan was born at 1 oclock. Ellsie & I were allowed to go visiting for day at Tom Cramers. Mrs. Cramer and Grandma Terrill were with Minnie & Rossie weighed 8 lbs.
Apr 6 1903 Minnies father died from leakage of the heart. He had been sick a long time. We went to his funeral the next day at the Methodist Church in Jennings & he was buried in Jennings Cemetery.
Nov 4 1903 My (Essies) 16th birthday. Father & Minnie had a surprise party for me & we played games & pulled taffy. Father gave her album.
Apr 17 1904 Mr. Tom Cramers here all day. The Christian Church at Diesdeu was dedicated.
Apr 18 Mr. John Standfast died today and left wife and 6 small children.


The main diary resumes in 1903:
Apr 18 1903 Went fixed fence at other place.
Apr 21 Bought land south 160 acres from Jake Langer. $660.00
Apr 24 Went to Mrs. Dochows & to Jennings. Huey sick. Got Stella dresser.
Apr 25 Marked pigs. 40 bars 58 sows. Roy listing.
Apr 27 Roy listed on Gates place. I fixed fence.
Apr 28 Mrs. Dochow here. Went home in rain.
Apr 29 Big snow. 3 in deep. Ice over everything.
Apr 30 Nice day. Snow melting fast. Done chores.
May 1, 1903 Nice day. I, Roy and Huey went to Jennings.
May 4 I and Roy took 20 fat cattle to Jennings. Rained.
May 5 I shipped cattle to K. C. I went with them. Roy listed.
May 6 Rained all day.
May 7 Got home from K. C. Took 56 steers to lower place.
May 8 Hauled posts out of orchard.
May 9 Went to Jennings. Roy finished listing.
May 10 Sunday went to S. S. Rained. Cramer here.
May 11 Took 8 head cattle to pasture.
May 16 Went to Lenora in wagon. Got rake teeth.
May 17 At home. Terrible high wind.
May 18 Set posts on S. line by Bishops.
May 19 Finished setting posts. Burned grass. Let Phipps have $15.00
May 20 Rained. We set out sweet potato plants.
May 22 Went to Jennings. Got wire of Bradbury & Neone.
May 23 Clarence Cover died in Riverside Calif. Fathers nephew.
May 24 Sunday to S. S. To Mr. Gardners for dinner.
May 25 Went to Mr. Edies bought horse. $300
May 26 & 27 Fixed fence. Mr. E. brought horse. M. Stewart paid for alfalfa seed.
May 28 Charlie plowed. Huey cut weeds. Rained.


 [sporadic entries for the rest of the diary]
Jun 6, 1903 Roy commenced weed cutting on Gates place.
Jun 7 Sun. Rained. Went to S. S.
Jun 13 Finished putting up hay N. of house.
Jun 14 Sunday went to [Link Box tire?] visiting. Children went to Grove meeting.
Jun 18 Put up hay I big field. Hottest day yet.
Aug 22, 1903 Finished stacking all but 2 loads in S. field on 180 ft stack.
Aug 24 Cut alfalfa N. of house 3rd time.
Aug 25 Brought 39 steers home from E. pasture.
Sep 10, 1903 Finished up 3rd crop alfalfa.
Sep 29 Bought pigs for $10.00
Sep 30 I and Roy put gable on hay barn. Bred Topsy.
Oct 16-17, 1903 Thrashed wheat over across river.
Oct 24 All went to Jennings. Boys gathered corn.
Oct 28 Finished hauling & stacking alfalfa
Oct 29 Finished gathering corn on Terrill land.
Oct 30 Finished shingling hog barn.
Nov 1, 1903 Rained all day at home.
Nov 18 Finished thrashing on Gates place. Hauled wheat to Jennings.
Nov 20 Put cattle on N. alfalfa. Mr. D. bought 2 steers at $15.00 each. Painted on hog barn. Children S. to supper.
Nov 21 Nice & warm. Dressed 21 turkeys.
Nov 28 Thanksgiving day. Went to meeting in day. Mrs. Dochows all here. Nice & warm.
Nov 29 Cold. Went to Pleasant Hill meeting.
Dec 3, 1903 Minnie & I went to Mrs. Dochows & Jennings.
Dec 7 Hauled 69 hogs to Jennings. Average 262 lbs.
Dec 8 First snow fell. Hauled wheat for J. Stanfast children picked up cobs.
Dec 16 Cattle lowest since 1896. Worth $4.20 Hr. lbs.
Dec 22 Took 22 dressed turkeys to Jennings to ship to Denver.
Dec 25 We all went to Mr. Millers for Xmas dinner. Mr. Cramers there.
Dec 30 The warmest day. Just like spring. Hauled hay. Burned cobs for hogs.
Jan 10 1904 Snowed for 1st time to cover ground.
Jan 9 Butchered 2 hogs. Nice day.
Jan 2 Minnie and I went to Jennings. Was offered $4.50 for 1 load cattle. Bought cooper.
Jan 19 Took 45 hogs to Jennings. Average 230 lbs. at $4.40
Jan 23 Put 80 head of cattle in Cramer stalks. Snowed last night.
Jan 24 Sunday all went to S. S. Very cold E. wind. This has been a nice open winter till now.
Jan 25 Fine show. 6 deg. Below zero.
Jan 26-28 Mr. Price, Mr. F. Brock and Mr. Morfed here. Finished hauling corn.
Jan 31 Found Essie’s heifer dead and 1 two year old steer dead from Stalks.
Feb 1, 1904 Black steer died. Terrible wind & dust.
Feb 2 Clear & nice. No school. Harrowed stalks all day.
Feb 6 Took 35 head of steers to Jennings. Average weight 1448 lbs. and acted the fool and sold them at $4.40. Three of shrinkage and they sold in K. C. for $4.85 hundred. Lost over $100.00
Feb 11 Went to Mr. Gardeners to a big birthday dinner. Cold.
Feb 12 Phillips, Bliss & Joe Henry stayed all nite last night.
Feb 13 Very warm. Windy & dusty. Turned cold in eve.
Feb 14 Sunday went to S. S. Mr. Millers here. Cold.
Feb 16 Took Dexter to Phillips.
Feb 23 I, Minnie, Elsie, Kent and Rossy went to Jennings. Got suit of clothes. $5.80
Feb 25 Tore down old cattle shed and burned trash. 13 sows has 102 pigs. Hauled hay.
Feb 26 I and Stella went to Jennings. Minnie and Essie finished quilt.
Feb 27 Made garden. Roy & Hughie cleaned out hog barn good.
Feb 28 Nice day. Went to S. S. Have 130 pigs now.
Mar 9, 1904 Put in telephone. At home. Went Spall sale.
Mar 10 Went & bought 18 fat hogs out south.
Mar 11 Went to Jennings. Bought hogs of Mr. Fish & Duncan.
Mar 12 Mr. Small & May here. Ore sow had 16 pigs. Took 48 hogs to Jennings.
Mar 14 My birthday. 48 yrs. old. Minnie gave me a whick broom & Stella a hanckerchief, Roy dished. Huey harrowed. Black cows calf came.
Mar 15 Hogs sold this winter & spring. 162 head brought $1888.70. 162 head brought $1670.74. Dehorned & marked calves.
Mar 19 Sold 2 sows and grinder to shoe maker.
Mar 21 Assessor here. Last of sows had pigs today. Washed. Took up carpets. White washed. Fixed garden fence. We have 192 pigs from 24 sows.
Mar 22 Papered 2 north rooms. Nice day. Huey harrowed.
Mar 23 Finished harrowing alfalfa. Terrible wind & fire N. W. Jennings. Papered 2 rooms.
Mar 25 Went to Jennings. Took eggs.
Mar 26 Cut wart off colts leg.
Apr 1, 1904 I, Roy, Hughy & Kent took 36 fat cattle to Jennings. Hot & windy.
Apr 3 Easter Sunday. Mrs. Dochow & Pearl came. I went to K. C. with stock.
Apr 12 Planted potatoes on S. Bottom.
Apr 14 Hauled 2 loads hogs to Jennings.
Apr 15 Took 2 loads hogs to Jennings. Estella, Elsie and Essie rode along with Roy and got their new spring hats. Terribly cold.
Apr 16 Took 4 loads hogs to Jennings. Averaged 184 lbs.
Apr 17 Bought hogs of Teel and Shoerinsky and Nellins. At $4.60
Apr 24 Sunday at home all day. Blue cows calf came. Snowed in eve.
Apr 25 Washed. Cold. Planted sweet potatoes.
Apr 26 I, Roy, Hughy & Kent went to Jennings. Odd fellow day.
Apr 29 Rained listed corn southwest field.
Apr 30 Went to town. Rained. Lots of water everywhere.
May 2, 1904 I and Mr. Gardner went Norton. Roy listed.
May 3 Rained last night & today. Went set posts in east pasture.
May 11 Boys got wire of Wilsons and went and put on E. pasture. Bought steers of Terrill. Lulas colt came last night dead. First lettus.
May 13 Took 94 steers to E. pasture. Grass good.
May 14 Put in flume. Roy bought calves of McClure.
May 15 Sunday went to S. S.
May 16 & 17 Worked on road all day. Cool & fine.
May 19 I went to Jennings. Pearl Dochow here. Commenced to wean Ross.
May 20 We have 130 little chickens. Went to pasture to see cattle.
May 21 Children went to town. Walter Steel awful sick.
May 22 Went S. S. In afternoon to see Mr. Cramers.
May 23-28 Cut and stacked alfalfa.
May 29 Sunday went to meeting. Essie was Baptized. Lots here.
Jun 1, 1904 Went to Jennings. Bought team of F. Simpson.
Jun 2-3-4 Cut hay. Sprinkled rain. Turned hay dull & cloudy.
Jun 5 Cool & cloudy. Maudes colt came in morn.
Jun 6-7 Stacked hay. Went got Dr. for Maude. She died in night.
Jun 8 Rained morn. Stacked 4 loads alfalfa.
Jun 9 big rain last night. Roys cows calf came.
Jun 10-11 Stacked alfalfa both days.
Jun 12 Sun. nice day. Went to S. S. Children went to Mr. Gardners.
Jun 13-14-15 Stacked hay & plowed corn.
Jun 17 Big rain last night. I and Pete went to Jennings for stacker.
Jun 18 Stacked hay cut north with new stacker.
Jun 19 Sunday another big rain. Mr. Mrs. Jake Langor are here.
Jul 1, 1904 Finished stacking 1st crop alfalfa.
Jul 19 I went to Jennings to oil meeting.
Jul 20 Put hay up north of house. Essies team, Nellie & Coly with rake run away. I got hit very bad. Dr. Funk came. I lay senseless 1½ hrs.
Jul 21 Filled W. barn with hay.
Jul 22 Boys went to other place. I and children went to get sow at Phipps.
Jul 24 Sunday Mr. & Mrs. Gardner were baptized.
Jul 25-27 Put up hay. Finished 2nd crop.
Jul 28 I and children went to Jennings. Hot.
Jul 29 Very hot. 98 deg in shade. Rested.
Aug 30, 1904 Bought 47 head of cattle from Mr. Lunney. At $3.25 Averaged 948 lbs.
Aug 31 I and Minnie, Kent & Elsie went to Norton to fair. Nice day.
Sep 1, 1904 I took Roy Stella, Huey & Essie to Lenora. They started to Worlds Fair in St. Louis. I bought 240 acres of land from L. Larrick for $9500.00. One Mile west of Lenora.
Sep 8 Frosted last night. Finished putting up alfalfa.
Sep 13 Went to Jennings. Took 20 bu. apples at 85 cts. bu. 27 musk melons, 13 watermelons at 20 cts. each.
Sep 16 Dup 40 bu. potatoes.
Sep 17 Took 24 cows & heifers to Jennings to ship to K. C.
Sep 18 Shipped the cattle. Mils Wilson went with them. Paid Shook for Jennings Echo to be sent to Hebe Kline. Blandinsville Ill.
Sep 19 Went to Jennings. Sold land to Brock.
Sep 20 I and Minnie made deeds to land. Dug about 70 bu. potatoes.
Sep 22 I went to Jennings. Took Shook 40 watermelons at 10 cts each, musk melons 5 cts each.
Sep 23 Dug potatoes by melon patch. Made cattle trough.
Sep 24 I, Roy, Stella & Essie went to Jennings. Got new hats.
Sep 25 Sunday all went to S. S. Mr. Wilsons here.
Sep 26 Made cattle trough. Mrs. Dochow here. Went to Mr. Steeles funeral.
Sep 27 Cut 4th crop alfalfa. Bought corn of McClure.
Sep 28 Went to Lenora. Got lumber for scales.
Sep 29 Went to E. place. Got cattle. Divided. Took back 30 calves & 1 cow. Put all fat cattle together over in hay on potatoe patch.
Oct 11, 1904 put 126 head cattle in feed lot.
Oct 13 Stacked alfalfa. Rained. Marked 170 pigs.
Oct 17 Finished stacking alfalfa. Hay seed. I and Roy made feed troughs. Minnie, Essie & Elsie picked Gennet apples. Minnie made 10 gal cider. Mr. Randell finished hauling 396 bu. corn.
Oct 20 Went got 3 boars of Fish for $30.00. Commenced to bred sows.
Oct 27 Went to James sale. Bought 2 sows and 1800 bu. corn at 30 cts bu.
Oct 29 Went to Jennings. Took wheat for Baxter. For st Mizer put 6 head horses on alfalfa. At $1.00 mo. W. E. Wilson put 4 head in.
Oct 31 Went to Jennings. Bought of different ones. 3200 bu corn at 30 cts. bu.
Nov 1&2, 1904 Roy & I husked corn. Nice weather.
Nov 3 Killed hog. Got 3 loads corn. Went school to speaking at night.
Nov 4 Got 3 loads corn. Nice day.
Nov 5 Mrs. May got $2.50 worth apples and did not pay. Got 3 loads corn.
Nov 6 Went to S. S. Mr. Gardners here. Nice day.
Nov 7 Got 3 loads corn. Randall hauled 3 loads.
Nov 8 Went to Election at Jennings. Had Rossies picture taken.
Nov 9 Sprinkled hogs. Worked on feeder. Randall and Black boys got killed.
Nov 10 Snowed all day. Cold.
Nov 12 Brought cattle from Tyrell place. Got 8 loads corn this week. 23 loads to date.
Nov 13 Sunday nice day. Went to S. S.
Nov 14 Done chores. Got 2 loads corn.
Nov 15 I went to Jennings. Got Barrells & coop. Roy got load corn.
Nov 16 Dressed 72 turkeys. Roy got one load corn. Got draft from mother.
Nov 17 Took turkeys to Jennings to ship to Denver.
Nov 21 Went to Gardners & Teals. Did not buy cattle.
Nov 30 Commenced thrashing alfalfa. Had 22 bu.
Dec 1, 1904 Finished thrashing 65 bu. Cold tonight.
Dec 3 Dehorned steers, got of Teal. Hauled hay. Leil Mackey helped move fence.
Dec 4 Snowing all day. Mrs. Dochow here.
Dec 5 Nice clear day. Roy started to school. I done chores. Fixed fence. Bedford Jennings put 49 horses in stalks. $1.00 per head each mo.
Dec 7 I and Stella went to Jennings. Stella had picture taken.
Dec 8 Went to Lewis to see cattle. Nice day.
Dec 9 Hauled hay for hogs from W. Tired.
Dec 10 Butchered 2 hogs. Done chores etc. Nice day.
Dec 11 Sun. at home. Cold N. wind.
Dec 12 Got 10 loads corn. Morford stayed all night.
Dec 13 Snowing. Cold. Done chores.
Dec 14 Made pen in front of big barn.
Dec 15 Hauled hay from over east for sows.
Dec 16 Windy. Done chores. Minnie & Stella canned & sorted 24 qts. apples.
Dec 17 I and children went to Jennings. Nice day.
Dec 18 Sunday I and Rossie staid home. Rest went to meeting.
Dec 19 Mr. Reed hauled corn. Nice day.
Dec 20 Got 11 loads corn. Dressed 17 turkeys. Went to Miss Tuckers burying.
Dec 21 I and Minnie took Turkeys to Jennings. Got 10 loads corn.
Dec 31 Bert Taylor me 32 steers. $409.23.
Jan 1 1905 Staid home. Put cattle up to feed.
Jan 2 Done chores. Weighted corn. Calf died up west.
Jan 3 Went to Lenora. Sold house to Mrs. Loyd $450.00. Rossie sick.
Jan 4 Went to Jennings. Roy done chores.
Jan 5 Dr. Hardesty came to see Rossie. Done chores.
Jan 6 Roy & I went to Jake Stroups. Hauled 23 hogs to Jennings.
Jan 7 Roy & I, Jake Stroup & Pete Dochow took 62 hogs to Jennings to ship. Average weight 320 lbs.
Jan 8 Essie & Elsie went to Church. Rest staid home.
Jan 9 Hauled hay. Done chores.
Jan 10 Cressler vaccinated 50 calves. Snowy. I am sick.
Jan 11 Sick all day. Tuggle here all night.
Jan 12 Mr. Mrs. Wash Miller here all day. Little red sick steer got well.
Jan 13 Hauled hay & wood. Done chores.
Jan 14 Done chores. Killed a beef.
Jan 15 Minnie went to S. S. Rest staid home.
Jan 16 Washed. I went to Jennings. Done chores.
Jan 17 Went to Jennings to get salt for steer. Roy and Huey hauled hay.
Jan 18 Done chores. Tended to sick steer. Made mince meat. Mrs. Dochow & Pearl here also Gardners.
Jan 19 Hauled hay. Cleaned barn. Went to Tuggles.
Jan 20 Hauled hay. Commenced to breed young sows. Steer still sick. Nice day.
Jan 21 Steer died. Hauled hay & wood. To Jennings for medicine.
Jan 22 Still damp. Bradbury here to buy home place.
Jan 23 Washed. Hauled hay. Done chores.
Jan 24 Hauled hogs for Stroup. Cold and rough.
Jan 25 Bradbury & Noon here to see land.
Jan 26-27-29 Done chores. Hauled feed. Nice weather.
Jan 29 Sunday at home. Cold & snowy.
Jan 30 Snowing. Cold E. wind. Hard on stock.
Jan 31 Cold & snowy. Done chores.
Feb 1, 1905 Sun shined some. Done chores.
Feb 2 Coldest in 5 yrs.
Feb 3 Sun shined some. Hauled hay and corn. Divided out 56 hogs to take to Jennings. Mrs. C. died.
Feb 4 Took 9 loads hogs to Jennings. Terrible day to be out.
Feb 5 Sunday home. Went to Mrs. C. funeral.
Feb 6 Hauled hay & wood. 12 below zero.
Feb 7 Snowing hard till noon. Very cold. Done chores.
Feb 8 Marked Rons Bull. Had a time. Thawed some.
Feb 9 Went to Jennings. Terrible cold. Children went to spelling school.
Feb 10 Coldest day of year. First pigs came. Hauled 2 loads corn & 2 of wood.
Feb 11 13 deg. Below zero. Very cold.
Feb 12 Sunday staid home all day. Done chores.
Feb 13 Hauled hay. Butchered hog.
Feb 14-18 Hauled feed. Done chores etc.
Feb 19 At home. Mrs. Dochow & children here.
Feb 20 Done chores. Hauled hay. Put 6 sows with pigs in stone barn.
Feb 21 Went to Lenora to look at place.
Feb 22-25 Hauled hay. Done chores. Took cattle to Jennings to ship.
Feb 26 Staid home. Selvin & boys took cattle to Jennings.
Feb 28 I and Roy started to K. C. with 4 cars cattle and one of hogs. $5.25 hundred lbs.
Mar 1, 1905 Hauled hay & 7 loads manure.
Mar 3 Got home from K. C. Took fat cattle average 1300 lbs each.