Walker, Kansas: 1888

Mar 18, 1888 Sunday very high S wind. Dust.
Mar 19 Snowing from north. High wind. Blizzard. Done chores.
Mar 20 Essie very sick. Tonsiu swollen. Morts came.
Mar 21 Viola stayed all night. Snowing. I took her home. Warmer.
Mar 22 Washed forenoon. Frank S. here afternoon. Very warm.
Mar 23 Clear & fine. Plowed afternoon. Very warm.
Mar 24 Cold damp mist from N. E. all day. Hard on stock.
Mar 25 Sunday cold wind damp. Turned colder at night.
Mar 26 Froze hard last night. Washed.
Mar 27 Went got coal forenoon. Plowed afternoon. Cold & chilly.
Mar 28 Froze last night. Plowed afternoon. Warmer.
Mar 29 Went to Morts to carpet sewing. Stella fell down stairs. Dislocated her shoulder.
Mar 30 Took Morts buggy home. Planted potatoes afternoon.
Mar 31 Damp & misty from N. E. Morts children here. Made garden. Trimmed trees.
Apr 1, 1888 Lulas colt came. Mort, Mr. Simpson & Carnes here.
Apr 2 Hattie washed. I plowed afternoon. Nice day.
Apr 3 Planted sweet corn.
Apr 4 Took Drill to Bonfielt horse. Viola here. Windy day.
Apr 5 Done chores forenoon. Plowed afternoon.
Apr 6 Finished plowing for cane. Planted ½ acre potatoes. Warm & fine.
Apr 7 Took Maude & Lula to Grunts Clyde. Nice day.
Apr 8 Misted rain. Went to Mr. Simpsons. Mort here in eve.
Apr 9 Planted corn. Cooler & windy. Planted 20 rows in E. field.
Apr 10 Went to Russell. Took cane seed. $1.50 bu. Took Lula to Dr.
Apr 11 Clear & fine. Washed & cleaned house.
Apr 12 Paper on wall forenoon. Listed corn afternoon.
Apr 13 Put on wallpaper. Listed in afternoon.
Apr 14 Put down carpet. Cut potatoes. Listed corn afternoon. Mr. Mrs. Radford here in evening.
Apr 15 Sunday I went to Dunkard meeting & all of us to S. S. Then to Morts.
Apr 16 Listed corn all day. Cool dry wind and dust.
Apr 17 Planted potatoes all day. Sprinkled rain.
Apr 18 Listed on corn all day. Hattie washed.
Apr 19 Listed corn all day. Cool and getting dry.
Apr 20 Listed corn all day. Fine to work.
Apr 21 Finished about 35 acres corn. Took Doll to horse 2nd time.
Apr 22 Sunday hot & dry. Mr. Radford here with letter.
Apr 23 Radford & wife brought plot of house. Very dry. Hattie washed.
Apr 24 Went Grunts in morn. Windy & dry. Dragged corn.
Apr 25 Dragged corn. Windy. Terrible bad dust.
Apr 26 Got ready to start to southern Ill.
Apr 27 Went with Mort to Russell. Took train. Went to K. C.
Apr 28 Traveled across Mo. Last night, then to St Louis & to Mt. Vernon. Band played in Sts. Hot.
Apr 29 Went through car works & to see electric light plant.
Apr 30 Went with Borland to see land. Very muddy.
May 1, 1888 Went with Mr. Judd to see land.
May 2 Got to St Louis last night, then to K. C.
May 3 Come to Russell, then to Walker & home.
May 4 Went to Mr. Grunts. Bred Maude. Very nice day.
May 5 Sowed 3 acres cane. Marked 3 horses. Damp.
May 6 Sun. the heaviest rain last night this year. Went to S. S. then to Mr. Hopkins in eve.
May 7 Cold & misty from north all day. Shelled seed corn.
May 8 Hauled 2 jags hay. Bred Doll. Mulched potatoes.
May 9 Listed corn all day. Very hot.
May 10 Listed corn with 3 horses. Very hot.
May 11 Listed corn all day. Cool at nights.
May 12 Took Floss to Grunts 1st time. Listed corn.
May 13 Sunday clear & cool. Mr. Simpsons here all day.
May 14 Planted corn all day with lister. Very cold nights.
May 15 Listed corn all day. Frosted. Went got 1 bu seed corn.
May 16 Finished listing 70 acres corn.
May 17 Dragged corn with plank. Cold mist all day.
May 18 Worked on corn all day. Calf died. Mort here.
May 19 Went to Gorham afternoon. Warm.
May 20 Mr. Fagons here visiting. Warm.
May 21 Went to look at land up N. E.
May 22 Took Flora to Grunts. Dragged corn. Radford here.
May 23 Finished dragging corn. Rained afternoon.
May 24 Listed on 12 rows cane. Plowed corn. Sowed cane afternoon.
May 25 Hauled rock for road. Finished sowing cane.
May 26 Took Maud to Grunts. Plowed potatoes.
May 27 Sunday started to Morts. Met Mr. Hule & wife and came back home.
May 28 Terrible windy last nite. Some rain. Went to Russell.
May 29 Plowed 60 rows corn in east field. Very warm.
May 30 Took Flora to Grunts 2nd time. Plowed corn afternoon.
Jun 1, 1888 Plowed corn all day. Very tired.
Jun 2 Plowed corn. Very hard days work. Rained last night.
Jun 3 Sunday went to S. S. then to Morts. Windy.
Jun 4 Plowed corn in orchard forenoon & potatoes in field afternoon.
Jun 5 Plowed corn in east field. 94 deg. Hottest this year.
Jun 6 Finished plowing corn over 1st time in east field.
Jun 7 Mort here in morn. Very windy. Loafed in afternoon.
Jun 8 Plowed corn in east field 2nd time. Windy.
Jun 9 Plowed corn all day. Cool & fine. Getting dry for wheat.
Jun 10 Sunday went to store with Mort. At home all day.
Jun 11 Plowed corn. Very dry. Hard rain last night.
Jun 12 Went to Gorham forenoon with butter. Plowed corn.
Jun 13 Plowed corn all day. 100 deg. Fine for corn.
Jun 14 Finished east field 2nd time. Hot Commenced on west field.
Jun 15 Took Maud to Grunts. Went to Hays. 98 deg. Hot.
Jun 16 Plowed corn all day. Hoed weeds.
Jun 17 Sunday clear. South. Went to S. S. F. S. here.
Jun 18 Plowed corn all day. Nice day to work.
Jun 19 Plowed corn. Fine rain in eve.
Jun 20 Went to Gorham with butter. Plowed. Very hot.
Jun 21 Plowed corn forenoon. Mr. Kniffer here. Warm.
Jun 22 Plowed corn. Hot. Finished 1st time.
Jun 23 We went to Hills to look at cattle. Warm.
Jun 24 Sunday cold and clear. Morts and Mr. Miner here.
Jun 25 Took Flora to Grunts. Rained last night. Plowed potatoes and commenced to lay by corn.
Jun 26 Plowed corn. Went to Gorham in morn. Warm. Rained some.
Jun 27 Plowed corn. Laying it by. Very dry & hot.
Jun 28 Plowed corn in east field. Very dry & hot.
Jun 29 Plowed corn forenoon. Sold heifer to Russians for $14.00. Windy. Letter from Judd making threats.
Jun 30 Went to Gorham took 19 lbs butter. Very dry & hot wind. Corn wilty.
Jul 1, 1888 Sunday very dry & hot. Home all day.
Jul 2 Helped wash. Hot & dry. Dug potatoes.
Jul 3 Went to Russell. Fine rain last night.
Jul 4 Went to Walker to celebration. Hot & dry.
Jul 5 Plowed corn in east field. Hot and dry.
Jul 6 Finished east field 3rd time. Rested P. M.
Jul 7 Plowed corn in West field. Hot & dry. Corn wilted bad.
Jul 8 Sunday went to Mr. Simpsons. Fine shower.
Jul 9 Plowed corn all day. Very warm.
Jul 10 Took butter to Gorham. Hot & drying fast.
Jul 11 Plowed corn in forenoon. Worked in spring in eve.
Jul 12 Went to Gorham in morn. Loafed in P. M. Essie sick.
Jul 13 Very hot & dry. Corn wilted. Poor show for crops.
Jul 14 Took Flora to Grunts. Very dry. Corn suffering. Hot.
Jul 15 Sunday Essie sick last night. Rained some.
Jul 16 Plowed some fore cane & listed. Hot & dry.
Jul 17 Went to Walker, then Gorham. Plowed some for cane. & sowed cane in eve.
Jul 18 Hattie washed. I went to store got letter from Mr. Keith.
Jul 19 I and Stella & Roy went to Russell. Got medicine for Essie.
Jul 20 Tried to plow too dry. Essie very sick. Took plow to be sharpened.
Jul 21 Took butter to Gorham. Then came by Walker. Got plow.
Jul 22  to 29th Sunday stayed in house most of time. Helped take care of Essie. A terrible dry & hot week. Corn about ruined.
Jul 30 Hattie washed. Hot winds. Corn about ruined.
Jul 31 Went to Gorham in morn. Hot & dry. Mr. Hooles here. Hot.
Aug 1, 1888 Took 18½ lbs butter to Gorham. Got 12½ cts lb.
Aug 2 I and Frank Simpson went to Gorham. Hot.
Aug 3 Got prarie chips, then went to Morts. Nice shower.
Aug 4 Hot & clear forenoon. Loafed most all day.
Aug 5 Sunday Walter & wife Morts here in eve.
Aug 6 Hattie washed forenoon. Got chips. Very warm.
Aug 7 Went to F. Simpson. Got 11 bu rye 30 cts. bu.
Aug 8 Drilled rye. Cool & fine time to work by dry.
Aug 9 Sowed rye forenoon. Went to F. S. afternoon.
Aug 10 Cut corn in east field. Windy & dry.
Aug 11 Set up 15 shocks corn forenoon. Cut afternoon.
Aug 12 Sunday Essie very sick last night. At home wrote to G. Tucker.
Aug 13 Washed forenoon. Cut corn afternoon.
Aug 15 Cut corn. Terrible hot. Wind corn dying.
Aug 16 Cut & shocked corn. Warm & dry.
Aug 17 Set up 62 shocks corn. Good day to work.
Aug 18 Set up corn all day. Fine day to work.
Aug 19 Sunday at home. Mr. North lands here in eve.
Aug 20 Set up corn forenoon. Cut afternoon. Cool.
Aug 21 Set up corn. Very warm & dry.
Aug 22 Cut & shocked corn all day.
Aug 23 Cut up corn in orchard. Very hot & dry.
Aug 24 Set up corn in morning. Went to Walker eve.
Aug 25 Went with Mr. Tanahill on the Saline River.
Aug 26 Sunday Essie very bad boils on her. At home.
Aug 27 Went to set up corn. Rained. Traded colt for cow.
Aug 28 Went to store. Rained first big rain of summer.
Aug 29 Cultivated rye & stubble. Ground works fine.
Aug 30 Cultivated orchard. Sowed turnip seed. Warm.
Aug 31 Worked in field. Cool & fine. Cultivated & harrowed.
Sep 1, 1888 Got buggy and cow of tracey for gray horse. Paid Harrie $2.50.
Sep 2 Went Mrs. Fagans but not home. Came home. Cool & fine.
Sep 3 Went to Russell with Mr. Fagons. Warm & dry.
Sep 4 Cultivated & harrowed rye stubble. Hot.
Sep 5 Finished stubble. Very hot & dry.
Sep 6 Traded with G. Fagon at night. Took bull to Casidy. Got chips.
Sep 7 Hauled fodder forenoon. Hot. Got medicine for Essie.
Sep 8 Hauled fodder. Essie very sick. Helped care for her.
Sep 9 Sunday Viola here. Very windy. Essie very sick.
Sep 10 Went to Hills. Sold 8 steers to Tanehill for $110.00.
Sep 11 Haulded fodder & went Gorham for oats. Cooler.
Sep 12 Hauled 4 loads fodder. Rained. Went to Victoria got butter bucket.
Sep 13 Went to Gorham. Got gun of Wally. Killed beef in eve.
Sep 14 Windy last night. Peddled out beef. Cool & fine.
Sep 15 Went to Moors & Wrights sale. Traded Doll for 6 cows. Give $10 to boot.
Sep 16 Sunday cool last night. Hattie & children went to S. S.
Sep 17 Went Barnfellons. Made gate for Roops. Dug 2 bu. potatoes. Cool.
Sep 18 Went to Victoria. Took Doll. Got 6 cows. Warm.
Sep 19 Took butter to Victoria. Very warm. Dug potatoes.
Sep 20 Went helped drive cattle to Gorham. Dug potatoes.
Sep 21 Dug potatoes forenoon. Went to Morts to see Reg. Hot.
Sep 22 Essie not so well. Hauled fodder, dug potatoes. Cool.
Sep 23  Sunday went to P. O. Warm. Cloudy dull.
Sep 24 Went to Russell in cart. Paid notes of Grunts. $40.00
Sep 25 Cool last night. Dug potatoes all day.
Sep 26 Finished digging potatoes. Went to Victoria. Paid Mill.
Sep 27 Went to Walker. Got pigs of Cains. Cut feed. Got chips.
Sep 28 Done chores. Cut cane afternoon. Cool & fine.
Sep 29 Finished mowing piece cane. Cool & nice.
Sep 30 Sunday at home. Clear. Got Kirksville papers.
Oct 1, 1888 Cut cane in first field forenoon. Raked cane in E. Field eve.
Oct 2 Went got pigs of Mort forenoon. Got chips in eve.
Oct 3 Went & helped Mort get ready to move. Put stock in field.
Oct 4 Got corn in A. M. Went to Morts. They started back to Ill.
Oct 5 Shocked corn forenoon. Took butter to Victoria in eve.
Oct 6 Hauled out cane. Cut cane in E. fields. Killed skunk in shed. Killed prairie chick.
Oct 7 Sunday went to Mr. Fagons. Warm & fine day.
Oct 8 Finished cut cane. Cut hay afternoon. Broke Pilman.
Oct 9 Raked and hauled 1 load hay forenoon. Got chips.
Oct 10 Washed forenoon. Fixed spring afternoon.
Oct 11 Took butter to Victoria forenoon. Done chores. Dry.
Oct 12 Hauled 2 loads cane. Went to F. S. and to Walker.
Oct 13 Hauled load hay. Got chips.
Oct 14 Sunday at home all day. F. S. here in eve.
Oct 15 Hattie washed. Hauled hay. Went to Mr. Fagons.
Oct 16 Casper Roop helped fence off wheat. To Walker in eve.
Oct 17 Trained colts. Got chips in eve. Warm.
Oct 18 Went to Victoria took butter. Very warm. Got oats.
Oct 19 Went to Gorham, then to Walker. Got Braw. Cold.
Oct 20 Heavy hard freeze last night. Bought 2 cattle & calf. Got 2 loads chips. Warm.
Oct 21 Sun. rained all last night and snowed most all day. Bad on stock.
Oct 22 Went with Harvey to Hills. Got heifer. Cold & chilly.
Oct 23 Went to Gorham, then to Walker. Got oats. Warm.
Oct 24 Washed. Made cetchup. Went to Victoria took butter.
Oct 25 Hauled cane & fodder forenoon. Hattie went to Caylees.
Oct 26 Killed hog in afternoon. Fine weather.
Oct 27 Took hog to Victoria in P. M. Got 7 cts. lbs. net. Fine day.
Oct 28 Sunday went to Mr. Simpsons. His Bro. there.
Oct 29 Washed forenoon. Went to Gorham got salt.
Oct 30 Herded cattle for first this fall. Warm & nice.
Oct 31 Herded cattle. Very warm & fine.
Nov 1, 1888 Took butter to Victoria. Rained last night.
Nov 2 Herded cattle all day. Clear & fine.
Nov 3 Herded cattle forenoon. Got chip eve.
Nov 4 Sunday at home all day. Cold wind from N.
Nov 5 Washed forenoon. Herded cattle. Windy day.
Nov 6 Election day Harrison & Morton. Very warm & fine.
Nov 7 Cold & chilly. Hulled turnips. Rain in eve and night.
Nov 8 Very cold N. wind. Took turnips to Gorham. Got coal. 1st coal this winter to burn.
Nov 9 Herded cattle. Cold & wintry for Nov.
Nov 10 Herded all day. Warm & fair.
Nov 11 Went to Hooles. Not home came home.
Nov 12 Herded all day. Warmer & fair.
Nov 13 Herded all day. Waller Fagon here. Dance at Walker.
Nov 14 Herded forenoon. Hauled cane & fodder. Damp & misty.
Nov 15 Colder, icy. Kept stock in lot & fed.
Nov 16 I am quite sick all day. Sore throat. Guincy. Hattie done all work.
Nov 18 Sun. at home all day. Some better. Dull & cool.
Nov 19 Went to Walker got Bran & lamb. Clear & cool.
Nov 20 Hauled fodder & cane. Damp & cool.
Nov 21 Took butter to Vic. Went to Cloe Fagons wedding.
Nov 22 Herded cattle. Nice day for Nov.
Nov 23 Frost. Herded cattle. Nice day. Still.
Nov 24 Herded forenoon. Burried turnips. Cold & chilly. Went to Walker.
Nov 25 Sunday went to Mr. Northlands afternoon. Warm.
Nov 26 Herded cattle. Hauled load fodder. Warm.
Nov 27 Herded cattle. Wally Fagon took buggy to Victoria. Warm.
Nov 28 Herded till noon. Cold. Essie fell & cut her forehead for machine. Got Prof Blakes Almanac. Went to Fagons.
Nov 29 Herded cattle. Cold & chilly all day.
Nov 30 Took butter to Victoria. Herded afternoon. Warm & fine.
Dec 1, 1888 Herded forenoon. Killed hog in eve. Warm & fine.
Dec 2 Sunday at home. Windy. Mr. Simpsons here all day.
Dec 3 Herded cattle all day. Went to Mr. Fagons in eve.
Dec 4 I and Joe Fagon herded together. I traded for Black Jim.
Dec 5 Herded cattle. Picked up cow chips. Wind north cool.
Dec 6 Herded cattle Hauled big load chips. Mr. F. got heifer.
Dec 7 Herded cattle all day. Very warm & fine.
Dec 8 Herded cattle. Warm & fine.
Dec 9 Sunday herded forenoon. Mr. Trimmer here. Warm.
Dec 10 Tommy herded I & F. S. went to Hays. Paid tax. $16.22.
Dec 11 Cold & N. E. wind. Herded cattle all day.
Dec 12 Went to Walker. Washed. White washed hitchin. Cleaned hog house. Warm.
Dec 13 Herded cattle. Went to Gorham. Red Murmas cow took Jim.
Dec 15 Herded forenoon. Cold. Took white shoat to Gorham. Misted some.
Dec 16 Sunday clear & cold. Herded forenoon. Rested in eve.
Dec 17 Tommy herded. Hauled 5 loads manure. Killed hog.
Dec 18 Went to Russell. Took hog. Fine day.
Dec 19 Herded cattle all day. Wrote to K. Warm.
Dec 20 Herded cattle all day. Clear & fine.
Dec 21 Herded forenoon. Took eggs, butter, chickens to Victoria.
Dec 22 Herded cattle all day. Windy warm lots of dust.
Dec 23 Sunday herded all day. High south wind.
Dec 24 Hauled 3 loads feed forenoon. All went and got big load chips. Chilly.
Dec 25 Went to Walker. Got 320 lbs. Bran. Wet & damp. Mist from north. Coldest yet.
Dec 26 12 deg. Of zero. Hattie washed. Done chores. Clear & bright.
Dec 27 Herded forenoon. Got big load of chips. Warm in eve.
Dec 28 Fed cattle. Went to Walker. Got chips. Fine in eve.
Dec 29 Went to big wolf drive. Got one cayotte.
Dec 30 Sunday snowed last night. Melting today.
Dec 31 Herded forenoon. Cold clear & bright. Done chores.