Return to McDonough Co.: 1891-1892

  [Skips to Dec 24 Apparently moved back to McDonough County, Illinois during this time]
Dec 24, 1891 Went to sale on Emery farm, then to town. Muddy.
Dec 25 Muddy. Rained some forenoon. Cold. Mother came.
Dec 26 Went to town. Got Roy overcoat and suit of clothes.
Dec 27 Sunday clear. Huey most sick. Len & Vina here.
Dec 28 Hattie washed. I cut & hauled 2 loads wood.
Dec 29 Cut wood. I and Hattie, Huey & Essie & mother went to town. Nice day. Roads better. Hattie got her & me clothes.
Dec 30 Took Yoe neck cow & mothers heifer to town. Got 2 dolls of Sam Heinline. Cot $5.00
Dec 31 Went town. Got lumber for hen house. Bought straw. Hard on stock.
Jan 1, 1892 Raining till morn. Turned cold & snow.
Jan 2 Cold. Went got sled of F. K. Worked on hen house.
Jan 3 Sunday cold. Took sow to Lems. Got colt.
Jan 4 Went town. Got lumber. Made hay frame. Cold.
Jan 5 Hauled load straw from Sam Hungate. Cold.
Jan 6 Went to buy hogs. Hauled straw. Cold.
Jan 7 Hauled straw. Chopped wood. Cold.
Jan 8 Hauled straw. Went to F. Ks. To oyster supper. Cold.
Jan 9 Went to town to Mantinee on sled. Cold.
Jan 10 Sunday snowing all day. Bad on stock.
Jan 11 Hauled straw. Snowing all day. Cold.
Jan 12 Stella very sick. Hattie washed. Hauled straw.
Jan 13 Went to Mrs. Hungates. Hattie sick. Got 4 hogs $27.00.
Jan 14 Butchered 8 hogs. Cold. Essie has Lagrippe.
Jan 15 Went & helped Mr. Lefler butcher. Very cold.
Jan 16 Got load straw. Went to town. Took 29 lbs meat. Cold.
Jan 17 Sunday home. All sick. They real bad. Cold & cloudy.
Jan 18 Snowing & growing. Cold all day. Bad on stock.
Jan 19 Hauled 2 loads straw. Coldest day this year.
Jan 20 Hauled one load straw. Hattie washed. Cold.
Jan 21 Went town on pony. Hauled straw. Thawed some.
Jan 22 Hauled load straw. Went took 18 lbs butter town.
Jan 23 Hauled load straw. Done chores.
Jan 24 Sunday Henry White here. Went to Tom Hainlines eve. Thawed.
Jan 25 Took 10 head cattle to White. Got $124.86. Thawed.
Jan 26 Washed forenoon. Went to town. Got children dresses.
Jan 27 Done chores. Went to town on pony. Thawed.
Jan 28 Cut & hauled 2 loads wood. Went to Mrs. Darethys funeral.
Jan 29 All home. Cut wood. Quite cold. Freezes at nights.
Jan 30 Chopped wood. Went town P. M. Very muddy.
Jan 31 Sunday all went to Hals. Muddy, cloudy, dull.
Feb 1, 1892 Washed in forenoon. Ella & all very sick.
Feb 2 Chopped in E. timber. Rained last night.
Feb 3 Chopped. Went to Ellas. Her Carl & Earl sick.
Feb 4 Chopped forenoon. Took 15 lbs butter to town. Walked.
Feb 5 Chopped wood. Went to Ellas. Tacked comfort with Hattie.
Feb 6 Hauled 4 loads wood. Made cattle trough. Cold.
Feb 7 Sunday cold E. Wind. Went to Hebes.
Feb 8  Washed forenoon. Went to town P. M. muddy.
Feb 9 Took 2 cows to town. I shipped with Hebes cattle. Clear & cold.
Feb 10 Chopped wood forenoon. Went town. Got letter from Chenoweth.
Feb 11 Went town. Borrowed $30.00 at bank. Sent $125.00 to Chenoweth. Moved 3 loads mothers things to corner.
Feb 12 Moved 2 loads to corner for mother. Darrah brought organ.
Feb 13 Bought organ. Went & got chairs, table & bedstead.
Feb 14 Sunday cold & snowing. Went to hear Smith preach. Cold.
Feb 15 Very cold night. Washed. Chopped wood.
Feb 16 Went to Colchester on pony. Thawed some. Cold.
Feb 17 Took butter & eggs to town. Went to Fischers sale.
Feb 18 I and Hattie & Huey went to Colchester. Took $12.90 worth onion sets.
Feb 19 Damp & misty. Took straw to mothers. Put down carpet. Got safe, bedstead and lounge.
Feb 20 Took bureau table & 6 chairs to mothers. Put fence south of house. Damp & muddy.
Feb 21 Sunday damp & muddy. At home. Mother here.
Feb 22 Tacked comfort. Cloudy, misty & dull.
Feb 23 Damp. Made rails. Done chores. Warm & muddy.
Feb 24 Went to mothers birthday. Rained all day.
Feb 25 Took eggs to town. Walked. Muddy. Chopped wood.
Feb 26 Washed forenoon. Made rails. Warm.
Feb 27 Chopped stove wood forenoon. Walked town. Took butter.
Feb 28 Sunday misting. Josie Curtis died. I went in eve.
Mar 1, 1892 Went to Josies funeral and burying. Very muddy.
Mar 2 Washed. Fixed steps. Tom Hainline and wife here.
Mar 3 Fixed gate. Chopped wood. Helped C. Williams haul hay. Drying.
Mar 4 Raining. Went to town on Fashion. Terrible muddy.
Mar 5 Chopped stove wood in woods all day. Muddy.
Mar 6 Sunday at home all. Got blues bad.
Mar 7 Raining in forenoon. Went town. Took eggs. Muddy.
Mar 8 Washed forenoon. Reset E. Fence. Clear. Huey very sick.
Mar 9 Blowing gale from West all day. Began to snow night.
Mar 10 Still snowing & blowing. Very cold. Hard on stock.
Mar 11 I went town in wagon. Got cultivator & flour. Muddy.
Mar 12 Floyd Foster & Will, Bee & Bell, Allies & wife here. Warm.
Mar 13 Sunday went to Ellas. Cold & chilly day.
Mar 14 Washed forenoon. Hauled 1400 lbs hay from Hebes. Chilly.
Mar 15 Burned brush in orchard & reset fence. Cold.
Mar 16 Hauled pieces rails. Went to Effies. Got harrow.
Mar 17 Hauled load straw forenoon. Went town to see B. Foster.
Mar 18 Fixed harrow. Hauled mother load home. Cold chilly.
Mar 19 Done chores. Went town. Sold 6 cows to White. $128.00
Mar 20 Sunday all went to Tom & Lou’s. Commenced to snow.
Mar 21 Snowed last night. Worked Topsy on sled. Went town.
Mar 22 I and Luther sawed wood all day.
Mar 23 Sawed wood. I went to town. Got belt. Warmer.
Mar 24 Sawed wood all day. Went to Luthers for dinner.
Mar 25 Went to Aunt Betsys burying. John Emera & Roaches all here.
Mar 26 Raining this morning. Split wood. Went on pony to mothers. Got mail.
Mar 27 Sun. at home. Went to Grandmothers in eve. Warm.
Mar 28 Washed forenoon. I went town afternoon. Muddy.
Mar 29 Washed forenoon. I went to Toms afternoon. Warm.
Mar 30 Split wood. Fixed fence. Rained most all afternoon. Warm.
Mar 31 I went town. Got mail. Took butter.
Apr 1, 1892 Sawed wood for Leifer. Raining. Terrible wind all day.
Apr 2 Pigs came. Hard wind last night. Went to town. Fixed chimney at mothers. Got oats.
Apr 3 Sunday cloudy. Rained most all day. Ellas here.
Apr 4 Big rains last night. Lots of water. Luther & I went to town.
Apr 5 Terrible windy & cold. I walked to town to uncle C. Hungates funeral.
Apr 6 Washed forenoon. Made garden. Very tired.
Apr 7 Sowed 11 bu oats cultivated in. Warm. Ground wet.
Apr 8 Raining. Went to town. Wet and muddy.
Apr 9 Cut wood. Maudes colt came. Got oats Hebe. Muddy.
Apr 10 Sunday cold froze hard. At home all day. Muddy.
Apr 11 Sowed oats & cultivated. Cool & drying.
Apr 12 Finished sowing oats and cultivating.
Apr 13 Harrowed till 9 oclock. Terrible snow storm all day.
Apr 14 Rained & snowed most of day. Bad on stock.
Apr 15 Went town afternoon. Terrible roads. Got girls hats.
Apr 16 Took 3 hogs to town. $4.25 each. Calf died. Cold all day.
Apr 17 Esther Sunday. Rained some. Muddy.
Apr 18 – 24th


Wet cold muddy weather all week. Did nothing, but wade in mud. Chores.
Apr 24 A cold wet [day] with nothing but wade in mud.
Apr 25 Plowed & planted potatoes in mothers garden forenoon.
Apr 26 Harrowed down stalks. Tired.
Apr 27 Finished harrowing. Went to town.
Apr 28 Commenced to plow for corn east of house. Cool.
Apr 29 Plowed for corn. Bred Maud to Norman in Blandinsville.
Apr 30 Plowed for corn. Showery. Mother brought letter from Onie.
May 1, 1892 Sunday went to mothers. Ella came home with us. Bought potatoes. Big rain.
May 2 Washed forenoon. Went to town in eve. Made corn pen for mother. Rainy.
May 3 Rained most all day. Roads bad. Hunted squerrels.
May 4 Hauled wire & posts in morn. Rained in eve.
May 5 Big rains last night & hard winds. Lots of fence down. Luther helped build fence.
May 6 I went town in morn. Walked. Sold hogs. Painted shed. Shelled seed corn.
May 7 I and Luther took hogs. Made soap.
May 8 Sunday cold. Went to Rock creek to quarterly meeting in eve. Rained.
May 9 Went to town forenoon. Muddy & cold.
May 10 Washed forenoon. Went to grandmothers. Rainy.
May 11 Went town. Got paint. Painted wagon. Cold.
May 12 Worked road afternoon with team. Tired of clay hills.
May 13 Heavy rains last night. Children went to school last day.
May 14 Went to town. Staid most all day. Cloudy.
May 15 Sun. went to Luthers afternoon. Cool & chilly.
May 16 Washed in morn. Big trees blowed down. Windy.
May 17 Plowed most all day. Rained eve. Ada H. here. Commenced to give Stella organ lessons.
May 18 Plowed in morn, then big rain. Terrible wind at night.
May 19 Went town in morn. Blowed big trees down.
May 20 Plowed some. Got ready to plant corn.
May 21 Plowed, harrowed and planted 5 acres corn.
May 22 Sun. Geo. H. and Hebes here all day. Nice day.
May 23 Plowed and planted corn forenoon. Cultivated P. M.
May 24 Finished cultivating corn east of house.
May 25 Plowed in stumps all day. Hot showery.
May 26 Big rain this morn. Went town. Plowed afternoon.
May 27 Plowed all day in stumps. Harrowed in eve.
May 28 Planted corn forenoon. Rained all day. Went town.
May 29 Sunday hot. At home. Roads all bad.
May 30 Raining all forenoon. Went town. Done nothing. Discouraged.
May 31 Rain forenoon. Washed. At home.
Jun 1, 1892 Rained. Went hunting. Cut weeds.
Jun 2 Damp & misty. Went hunting & to grandmothers.
Jun 3 Went to grandmothers forenoon. Took Topsy to town.
Jun 4 Plowed & finished planting corn. Hot & muddy.
Jun 5 Sunday all went to town meeting, then I and Hattie walked to Childs burying.
Jun 6 Went & helped Len Bond plow. Showery & hot.
Jun 7 Helped Len till noon. Ground muddy. Big rain in eve.
Jun 8 Went to Hebes. Got load corn. 42 cts. Plowed corn.
Jun 9 Plowed corn. Topsy sick. Commenced on stump field.
Jun 10 Plowed corn. Went town eve. Very hot.
Jun 11 Plowed corn in stumps. All went town. Bred Maud 2nd time.
Jun 12 Sunday terrible hot. At home all day.
Jun 13 Plowed corn in stumps. Very hot day.
Jun 14 Helped Len Bond plow corn. Hot.
Jun 15 Plowed corn 2nd time. Went town to see show. Hot.
Jun 16 Hot. Took Hattie & children to train to go to grandpa Bentleys.
Jun 17 Plowed S. W. corner corn on stumps 2nd time. Rained afternoon.
Jun 18 Plowed N. W. corner stumps. Went town on pony. Hot.
Jun 19 Sunday went Luthers in morn, then to Rock Creek in eve. Had nice time.
Jun 20 Rained last night. Plowed corn in stumps. Went town, but got no letter.
Jun 21 Churned. Plowed in stumps. Went town at noon. Got letter from Hattie. Tired & hot.
Jun 22 Plowed in stumps 2nd time. Then east of house 3rd time.
Jun 23 Plowed forenoon. Went town. Got Hattie and children home.
Jun 24 Washed in morn. Plowed out east 3rd time. Cool.
Jun 25 Hoed cabbage. Went town. Got organ box flynets. Hot.
Jun 26 Sunday aunt Caroline, mother, & Ella here. Cool.
Jun 27 Plowed 1st time stump piece 3 time. Went to Sams. Got mower. Cut hay.
Jun 28 Rained this morning. Finished cutting hay. Cool.
Jun 29 Cloudy & rained some. Took mower home. Got rake. Hauled in 2 loads hay.
Jun 30 Hauled 7 loads hay. Cool & dry.
Jul 1, 1892 Hauled 8 loads hay. Harriett & Tillie here.
Jul 2 Rainy this morn. Took rake home. Went town.
Jul 3 Sunday all went town. Len & Millie here.
Jul 4 Plowed corn in stumps all day. Cool & fine.
Jul 5 Plowed corn in stumps. Cool & fine.
Jul 6 Plowed corn out east house. Cool.
Jul 7 Finished east house forenoon. Cut hedge. Went to town.
Jul 8 Cut some hedge. Rain damp & misty. Need rain bad.
Jul 9 Helped Lem shock wheat all day. Cool & misty.
Jul 10 Sunday at home. Milo & Arabelle here from town meeting.
Jul 11 Washed forenoon. Cut hedge. Went town. Got letter from Iowa man. Hot.
Jul 12 Done chores. Finished plowing corn in stumps. Hot.
Jul 13 Went to grandmothers. Picked sage. Corn wilted. Helped Hebe with colts. Hot & dry.
Jul 14 Went town forenoon. Corn tiring bad so hot. Got washing machine.
Jul 15 Very sick. Hal brought Grace. Mother here. Hot.
Jul 16 Still sick. Hattie sent for Dr. Huston came & I suffered so much.
Jul 17 Sunday Tom & Lou here. Harriet & Geo. I am no better.
Jul 18 I am still worse. Sent for Dr. he came and said I had inflammation of bowels.
Jul 19 Dr. here and Mr. & Mrs. Wiliams. I am no better. The hottest & worst day. 99 deg.
Jul 20 Rained big rain this morn. Dr. here. I am no better.
Jul 21 Rained most forenoon. Dr. here. I am little better.
Jul 22 Big rain last night & one this morn. I am better.
Jul 23 Very sick but some better. Lem, Ella & Hebes here.
Jul 24 Sunday I am some better. Hot & muddy.
Jul 25 Washed. I am able to set up most all day. Mrs. Simpson came.
Jul 26 Very hot. Hattie took Mrs. Simpson to train.
Jul 27 Very hot & dry. Corn suffering. I am very sick.
Jul 28 Dan Needler cut oats for me. Rained in eve. I am very sick.
Jul 29 Rained. Mother brought letter from Willie. Corn burned out in Ks. With hot winds. Very sick.
Jul 30 Clear & cool. Mother brought letters. Stella sick. I am some better.
Jul 31 Sunday at home. Vina here. Hot and dry. Am poorly.
Aug 1, 1892 Washed forenoon. I am not able to do much.
Aug 2 I went town. Took chickens & onions & chicks for mother. Hot.
Aug 3 At home. Done chores, but am not able to work.
Aug 4 We all went town. Picked berries at mothers. Hot & dry.
Aug 5 Took 2 cows to Daves. Very hot & dry.
Aug 6 Took 2 hogs to White $5.25 hundred. Went town in eve on pony. Hot hot dry.
Aug 7 Sunday went to Lens afternoon. Made ice cream. Hot.
Aug 8 Washed forenoon. I went town in eve. Got mail. Corn suffering for rain.
Aug 9 Took Grace to Hals. Hattie picked berries. Got oats, wood. Light shower.
Aug 10 I and Stella went to town. Got coal. Had her teeth pulled.
Aug 11 Went to Lens in morn. Stacked oats afternoon.
Aug 12 Stacked Lens wheat forenoon. Finished my wheat afternoon.
Aug 13 Sunday Terribly hot & dry. At home all day. In eve to camp meeting.
Aug 14 Helped Mr. Lefler thrash. Went town P. M. Feel so poorly.
Aug 15 Went to Picnic to town. Terrible hot. Thrashed 312 bu oats.
Aug 16 Went to picnic at town. Terrible hot. Dusty & dry.
Aug 17 Corn suffering for rain. Went town eve. Very poorly.
Aug 18 Hot. John brought cow home. Hot & dry.
Aug 19 Hauled 3 loads oats town. 31¼ cts bu. Hot.
Aug 20 Hauled 2 loads. Went to concert at night.
Aug 21 Sunday hot & dry. Went to Ellas.
Aug 22 Took chickens to town. Hot & dry.
Aug 23 to 30 Took chickens to town. Got draft from Bensing Jr. Worked hard.