McDonough Co., Illinois: 1883

Jan 1, 1883 Went to Clay D. to New Years Dinner. Maze commenced hauling corn. I paid Brooks $300.00.
Jan 2 Chopped wood. Went with Maze to weigh corn. Hattie went to Chester. Alice and Lafe went home. Cold 6 below zero.
Jan 3 Cold. Chopped wood. Maze and Geo. Hauling corn.
Jan 4 Chopped wood. Snowing. Nice winter weather.
Jan 5 Took Hattie to her grandmas. Chopped wood. Cold.
Jan 6 Jake & Geo. finished hauling corn. I went home with him and on to Cedar.
Jan 7 Sunday. Kit has distemper very bad. At home.
Jan 8 Stormy night. Will here after kettle. 2 below zero.
Jan 9 Fearful cold day 18 below zero. Helped Will butcher.
Jan 10 Terrible wind from North cold. Bad on stock.
Jan 11 Took grandmother load corn. Hauled 2 loads wood for mother. Harlie here all nite.
Jan 12 Went to Adie Nulls funeral. Then to town. Hebe & Ella came.
Jan 13 Very cold. Went to grandmothers. Not many there.
Jan 14 4 below zero. Ella went home. Icey.
Jan 15 Snowing. Went to mothers. Chopped her wood.
Jan 16 Snowing. Hattie gone to Chester. All eat dinner here. Fearful snow.
Jan 17 Caught 13 quails 2 rabbits. Lost my watch.
Jan 18 Caught 1 rabbit. Went got load wood on grandmothers timber.
Jan 19 Very cold 16 degrees below zero.
Jan 20 8 below zero. Got 2 rabbits. Harlie & Jake here.
Jan 21 Sunday 20 below zero all day. The coldest yet.
Jan 22 The coldest time I ever saw. 26 below zero. Pump froze up. Got load wood.
Jan 23 Went to Chester. Got 210 tiling. Good sleighing.
Jan 24 Went and got 226 tile. Nice day. Viola & Mort here.
Jan 25 I and Hattie went to mothers. Mort, Wills and I caught 7 rabbits.
Jan 26 Went to town. Settled with Brooks. Let Mother have $20.00. Misted.
Jan 27 Went to Chester. Got 130 tile. Got Oysters. Wills here at nite. Had fine time.
Jan 28 Went to town. Was no meeting. Then to J. M. Jones.
Jan 29 Snowing in morn. Went got load wood. Chopped stove wood. Turned cold.
Jan 30 Went got load wood. High West wind. Mr. Jones and Wife here.
Jan 31 Got load wood. Set forks for shed. Ground froze 2 ft deep.
Feb 1, 1883 12 below zero. Went town got nails. Fixed shed and to Hals at nite.
Feb 2 Another terrible stormy day. Sleet and snow from N. E. Went to town on horse. Back by mothers. Cold Cold. Storming tonite fearful hard.
Feb 3 Still snowing. Very bad on stock.
Feb 4 Sunday 10 below zero. Went to Wills visiting.
Feb 5 14 below zero. Went to poor farm. Got Sidney Skilec.
Feb 6 Went to mothers. Got 5 shoats for $10.00. Chopped wood.
Feb 7 Snowed hard. Put hay in barn. Hires boys put 71 cattle in field.
Feb 8 Chopped wood. Went to grandpas. Then to Clays at nite.
Feb 9 All went to Violas in sled. Nice day. Stopped in Chester and traded.
Feb 10 Took meat to grandpas to smoke. Then to town to Nices Seybold funeral.
Feb 11 Sunday. Went to Hies. Stayed all day. Nice day.
Feb 12 Chopped wood. Went to mother. Got seed corn. To grandpas at nite.
Feb 13 Went to Ann Hays sale. Then to Elm at nite.
Feb 14 Thawing, rainy and misty. Chopped stove wood.
Feb 15 Went to grandmas. Eat dinner snow melting.
Feb 16 Heavy rain last nite. Boy snow melting fast. Water very high. Washed away big bridge on road, fences etc. Turned very cold.
Feb 17 Chopped wood. Jake went to town for mail. Cold. Water going down.
Feb 18 Sunday. Went to Elm to meeting and to night meeting.
Feb 19 Finished shopping up wood. Piled and hauled rails against fence.
Feb 20 Went to town to debate. Eat dinner at J. Penningtons.
Feb 21 Went to debate. Ate at grandpas.
Feb 22 Went and helped Will saw wood. Thawed.
Feb 23 Went to town to debate. Sold hogs. Muddy.
Feb 24 Rained last nite. Tried to drive hogs.
Feb 25 Went to grandmas afternoon. Then to Elm at nite.
Feb 26 Took 6 hogs to town average 230 lbs. Will helped saw.
Feb 27 Hauled Elm wood. Went to Chester feel sick and bad.
Feb 28 Warm, clear. Clay and I went McComb. Wills here at nite.
Mar 1, 1883 I am very sick in bed all day. Warm.
Mar 2 Went to grandpas. Got meat. Made rails chopped wood.
Mar 3 Went to mothers. Fenced straw. Went to town.
Mar 4 Sunday. Went to town to meeting. Then to grandma and mothers.
Mar 5 Hauled 2 loads elm wood. Rested. Snowed Hard.
Mar 6 Went to mothers. Hauled wood. Cut stove wood. Cold muddy.
Mar 7 Froze hard last nite. Painted roof. Jasie Curtes & family here.
Mar 8 Cut brush. Chopped wood. Nice day.
Mar 9 Went to town. Painted sled. Came back by Wm. Jone. Hattie there.
Mar 10 Went town. Got load lumber for mother. Cold day.
Mar 11 Sunday. Spit snow. At home all day.
Mar 12 Went to grandmothers fixed gate. Got willows.
Mar 13 I and Harlie sawed wood. Got load rocks. Roads good.
May 14 Burnt logs. My Birthday, 27 yrs. old. Mother here. Gave me a cake stand.
Mar 15 Set out Willows. Cold and chilly. Hattie washed.
Mar 16 Went to Chester. Nice Day. Cut and burned hedge.
Mar 17 Took Lula (mare) to town. Ella and Mrs. K. came.
Mar 18 Sunday. Nice and warm. Went to mothers.
Mar 19 Went town. Sent for Kansas Newspaper. Got load rock.
Mar 20 Cold. Went town, took clover seed. Worked in slough.
Mar 21 Cool and fine. Work in ditch all day.
Mar 22 Took load corn to Chester. Snowed. Dug in ditch.
Mar 23 Took corn to Chester. Cold. Worked in ditch.
Mar 24 Went to town. Worked in ditch. Wills here in even.
Mar 25 Sunday. Raining. Cold East wind.
Mar 26 Worked in ditch. Went to grandpas. Eat dinner, he is sick.
Mar 27 Cold worked in ditch. Finished garden fence.
Mar 28 Worked in ditch. Fixed flood gate & fence. Cold.
Mar 29 3 inches snow. Went after Fr. For grandpa. Stayed all nite.
Mar 30 Plowed garden. Set out onions. Planted lettuce. Harlie and Walter here.
April 1, 1883 Sunday. Cloudy and dull. Hattie gone to her grandpas. I and Sedney home.
April 2 Staid with grandpa all nite. He is very bad.
April 3 Grandpa died at 20 min. of 1 oclock. This was grandpa Jones with whom Hattie had lived since she was 16 months old.
Apr 4 Rained forenoon. Went to grandmas & to town.
April 5 Hard rain today. Grandpa buried today.
April 6 Raining. Very muddy. Went to grandmas.
  [April 7—17 I cannot make out what father has written only that he and Sidney were getting corn & ground ready for planting.]

April 18

I was sick last nite. Plowed, warm & fine. Grandma and Rollo Foster here.
April 19 Plowed. Cool. Hattie and I hoed strawberries.
April 20 Finished plowing N. piece and slough went town.
April 21 Sunday dull. Misting rain terrible. N.E. Wind.
April 22 Went to Tom Wilsons to look at mare. Fearful day. Rained and snowed.
April 23 Froze hard last nite. Plowed, killed skunk. Cool.
April 25 Cultivated up north. Hattie made soap. Very hard days work.
April 26 Went to McComb. Got 3 apple trees. Eat dinner at S. Filberts.
April 27 Very fine day. Finished crossing off and planted corn.
April 28 Clear and nice. Finished planting corn on west ridge.
April 29 Plowed forenoon. Afternoon went to Chester.
May 1, 1883 Went town. Got screens. Cultivated in evening.
  [From here till May 13 he has been sick and busy with spring work, and on 12th went to Theatre.]
May 13 Sunday rained all day. Harlie and George D. here.
May 14 Reset fence west of pasture. Mrs. J. here at nite.
May 15 Took oats to town. Got wheat of mother.
May 16 Went to Chester. Nice and warm. Mother and Wills here for dinner.
May 17 Replanted corn. Organ man eat dinner. Hard rain.
May 18 Took Lula (mare) to Comet. Replanted corn. Took Flora (mare) to Comet.
May 19 Took Ket to King. Plowed Potatoes. Replanted corn.
May 20 Sunday cool and dull. Went to Elm, then to Rock Creek with Clays.
May 21 Very cold. The first heavy snow in Ohio. Very cold.
May 22 Big frost. Corn, Potatoes, beans, etc. wilted. Went town.
May 23 White frost. Sidney run off. Went to Cultivating to plant over.
May 24 Finished Cultivating. Went got seed corn. Harrowed.
May 25 Sunday. Went to town to meeting and to Wills for dinner. Rained.
May 29 Raining this morning and rained all day. Harlie and Jake here.
May 29 Went to see Charlie Hungate. Replanted corn.
May 30 Rained forenoon. Went to decoration [day] and to mothers for supper.
May 31 Replanted corn. Got done. Corn grows slow.
June 1, 1883 Rolled corn and plowed some. Got 300 sweet potato plants set out.
June 2 Rolled corn. Rained. Cut thistles. Hoed potatoes.
June 3 Sunday cloudy and dull. Harlie and Jim here.


[From the 3rd to 9th cannot make out only getting ready for spring and Rossie Tiff came to work. Rossie Logan was named for him.]
June 9 Very wet. Went to town. Hattie went home. Rossie went home.
June 10 Sunday raining. Cold from N. E. all day. Harlie here. Terrible day.
June 11 Hattie went to Clays. I hoed corn.
June 12 Hard rain last nite. Harlie & Rossie here. Went swimming.
June 13 Hoed corn all day. Ground drying slow.
June 14 Plowed corn on N. W. piece. Plowed potatoes.
June 15 Plowed corn. Rained. Hoed some.
June 16 Rained again. I went to Wills and mothers. Hoed some. Plowed till dark.
June 17 Sunday rained. Went to Cedar. Then to Rock Creek to childrens meeting.
June 18 Nice day. Finished plowing corn 1st time. Plowed on sod 2nd time.
June 19 Clear and fine. Plowed corn. Ross finished 5 acre piece 2nd time.
June 20 I plowed and Ross hoed corn. Went to Cedar. Heavy rain storm at nite.
June 21 Everything flooded. Went to Chester.
  [This is summer before Estella was born.]
  [From June 22 to July 6 writing is blurred and all I can make out is he is plowing and hoeing.]
July 6, 1883 Rossie Tiff plowed. I hoed sweet potatoes.
July 7 Misted rain from N. E. Plowed and harrowed.
July 8 Sunday. Went to Rock Creek to quarterly meeting. Cool and fine.
July 9 Plowed and cultivated. Finished east place.
July 10 Plowed some. Rained. Mrs. Charter here.
July 11 Commenced on west place. Ross fished.
July 12 Finished ploughing corn. Took load to Chester. Got fish. 60 cts. for corn.
July 13 Mowed weeds. Went to town by Mr. Hardmans.
July 14 Will here in morn.
  [Cannot make out writing. Father must have gone to K. C. for mother wrote. ‘Oh dear how lonesome without Sellie.”]
July 30 Effie stayed with us last nite. Churned forenoon. Jose came in afternoon. Helped put in quilt and we quilted.
July 31 Harley and Effie stayed here last nite. Done big washing. Quilted.
Aug 1, 1883 Father writes, “I got home from K. C. Cut hedge. Went to town.
Aug 2 Sold hogs for 45.25 cwt. Got oats. 25 bu.
Aug 3 Helped Will children thrash. Pulled onions.
Aug 4 Helped Ella Hawkins thrash. Got pigs of mother.
Aug 5 Sunday, went town in evening. Got beef.
Aug 6 Thrashed had 340 bu oats. Sold 256 bu.
Aug 7 Mowed weeds. Helped Will thrash.
Aug 8 Went to Chester to Miners picknick.
  [From here to Aug. 26 cannot make out.]
Aug 26 Sunday. Went to Ellas. Very warm.
Aug 27 Worked in ditch. Very cool at nights.
Aug 28 Went to mothers. Worked in ditch.
Aug 29 Got grapes, apples and corn.
Aug 30 Laid tile all day. Got done. Peasson helped.
Aug 31 Got bull for red heefer. Worked on road.
Sept 1, 1883 Filled up tile ditch. Made krout. Went town.
Sept 2 Sunday. Ella & Wills here. Dry and dusty. Went to camp meeting in evening.
Sept 3 Hauled manure. Dusty.
  [From here to Sept 23 I cannot make out writing. Lots of rain.]
Sept 23 Sunday. Went to John Hainlines. Nice and cool.
Sept 24 Took pump to mother. Got wood. Cut pop corn. Made 8 gal. Krout.
Sept 25 Got load wood. Cut hedge. Gathered corn.
Sept 26 Dug in well for mother. Got 14 ft. deep. Frosted.
Sept 27 Went got load brick and walled finished well for mother. Cool.
Sept 28 Went to Chester. Took tomatoes, cabbage and potatoes. Paid Ferres $70.00
Sept 29 Finished cutting hedge forenoon. Got 350.3 and 50.4 tile. Lighting at nite. Convention at Willow.
Sept 30 Sun. went to Willow grove to S. S. Convention. To Beds then to graveyard.
Oct 1, 1883 Filled up ditch. Made Krout.
Oct 2 From here till Sept. 23 cannot make out. (repeated entry)]
Oct 3 Hard rain last nite. Got 7 gallon hickory nuts.
Oct 4 Put in tile. Clear and fine.
Oct 5 From here to Oct 18 writing is ill eligible.]
Oct 18 Rained forenoon. Hauled rails. Very warm.
Oct 19 Rained last nite. Nice day. Plowed on sod.
Oct 20 We have in our cellar.
  13 bu potatoes
  3 bu apples
  2 bu onions
  10 gallon crout
  20 gallon preserves
  4 gallon ketchup
  1 peck brans, pickles etc. Went to town. Hattie and I ate dinner at Hies.
Oct 21 Sunday. Cloudy and dull. Froze ground last nite. Went to Elm. Heard the new preacher.
Oct 22 Husked load corn in forenoon. Dull and cloudy.
Oct 23 Plowed forenoon. Husked load white corn. Mother here.
Oct 24 Rained all day with snow. Harlie here. Made corn pens. Put away ploughs etc.
Oct 25 Went to mothers. Took chickens.
Oct 26 Finished ploughing sod. Went to town and chopped wood for grandma.
Oct 27 Went to McComb. Got 11 apple trees set out. Clay and Charlie here.
Oct 28 Sunday. Raining in morning at home.
Oct 29 Washed forenoon. Gathered yellow corn. Hattie went with me.
Oct 30 Very warm and dry. Gathered corn. Hattie went with me.
Oct 31 Clear and cool. Husked corn. Broke husking peg. Went town.
Nov 1, 1883 Clear and cool. Husked 2 loads corn. Made trough for colts.
Nov 2 Gathered corn. Went town. Cool.
Nov 3 Gathered corn. Took Lula (mare) to Comet.
Nov 4 Sunday Violas, mother, Wills lafe here today. Very tired tonight.
Nov 5 Rained this morn. Fearful rain at night. Went to see grandmother. Got her wood. She is very sick.
Nov 6 Clear and fine. Went for Doctor for grandmother. Chopped her wood.
Nov 7 Went to see grandmother. Got load corn.
Nov 8 Foggy. Washed forenoon. Planted peach seed.
Nov 9 Warm & nice. Went town. Got mail.
Nov 10 Gathered 2 loads corn. Horse race in town. Went to Elm at night.
Nov 11 Sunday went to Wills. Stayed all day. Went to Elm. Have 12 loads corn gathered.
Nov 12 20 degrees above zero. Froze hard. Husked 2 loads corn.
Nov 13 Got 4 loads corn. Cloudy. Very cold.
Nov 14 Very cold N. W. wind. Got 4 loads corn. Cold, Cold, Cold.
Nov 15 10 degrees above zero. Got 4 loads corn.
Nov 16 Went town. Got mail. F. C. quit work.
Nov 17 Husked 2 loads corn. Went town at night.
Nov 18 Sunday. Cloudy and cool. I went to grandmother. Went to Elm at night.
Nov 19 Warm. Husked 2 loads corn. Covered corn pens.
Nov 20 Rained last nite. Went to grandmothers. Cut wood. Went to town.
Nov 21 Rained last nite. Went to Chester.
Nov 22 Very foggy and dull. Chopped wood. Made floor for pig pen.
Nov 23 Damp and misty. Went town. Then chopped wood for grandmother.
Nov 24 Foggy. Cleared off. Went town. Had pictures took to frame.
Nov 25 Sunday went to mothers. Horseback.
Nov 26 Heavy rain. Cold. Sold White heifer. Went town. Got salt, alum etc.
Nov 27 Very frosty. Gathered 2 loads corn.
Nov 28 Nice and warm. Got 2 loads corn.
Nov 29 Thanksgiving Day. Husked 2 large loads corn. Nice day.
Nov 30 Husked 2 loads corn. Warm and muddy.
Dec 1, 1883 Husked 2 loads corn. Went town. Got pictures.
Dec 2 Froze last nite. Clear and nice. Have 42 loads corn gathered. Went to mothers in even.
Dec 3 Frosty. Husked 2 loads corn.
Dec 4 Got 2 loads corn. Kitty here in eve. Nice.
Dec 5 Husked 2 loads corn. Went to Wills at night.
Dec 6 Willie came to gather corn. Rained. I sewed pillow ticks in eve.
Dec 7 Got 4 big loads corn. Willie helped. Cloudy and dull.
Dec 8 Got 4 loads snapped and one husked. Got done had 1500 bu. Killed hot.
Dec 9 Sunday. Clear. Went to mothers and grandmothers in eve.
Dec 10 Went to Chester took 26 lbs butter. Got 15 lb. Bought red blanket.
Dec 11 Went town. Got calf muzzle. Got load wood.
Dec 12 Went cut wood for grandmother. Brought load home. Nice and warm.
Dec 13 Filled up straw beds. Scrubbed and baked.
Dec 14 Washed. Chopped Wood. Turned cold.
Dec 15 Chopped wood. Went town sent money to Maltoon.
Dec 16 Snowed last nite. John H and wife here in sled. Hattie taken sick at 6 oclock.
Dec 17 Hattie sick all day. Estilla was born at 8 P. M. Coldest nite yet.
Dec 18 Coldest day yet. Took women home. Went to mothers. Stella cross at nite. Mother here.
Dec 19 Went and got Lydie and Nana Filbert. The coldest day yet. Wills and mother here.
Dec 20 Snowed Stiella either cross or sick. I stayed in most of day.
Dec 21 Nice day. Wills went to Ellas. Mother stopped and dressed Estilla.
Dec 22 Terrible snow storm. Went town also to mothers.
Dec 23 Misty last nite. Everything covered with ice and snow.
Dec 24 Went town to see Dr. Good sleighing.
Dec 25 Went town. Took mother. Brought her home with me. Killed 2 rabbits. Narris and Jim here at night.
Dec 26 Took mother home. Sold sleigh. Got sled.
Dec 27 Helped Will move sled. Cold crust on snow.
Dec 28 At home. High fever all nite. Sick all nite.
Dec 29 Some better. Took 25 lbs butter to Duncan.
Dec 30 Sunday. Mother and Wills here.
Dec 31 Very cold. Sore throat. Did not work much.