Norton Co., Kansas: 1905

Mar 7, 1905 Snowed, rained. We all moved from Cass place near Allison where we had lived since Mar. 14, 1895 to the farm 1 mile W. of Lenora, which was 18 miles east of Allison. We brought 2 loads and sprung wagon. Got here at 2 P. M.
Mar 12 Went up to Cass place at Allison with 2 wagons & the next day brought 2 loads chickens and turkeys.
Mar 21 Went up to other place at Allison and brought down 20 cows.
Mar 24 Went up to other place with 2 wagons and brought 21 young sows. Essie took Co. examination.
Mar 27 I and Roy went up other place and brought 17 swarms bees.
Mar 30 I, Roy & Kent, Huey went up to other place & brought 37 cattle.
Apr 2, 1905 Sun. Kent got his eye hurt. Home. Guy Foster rode Mellie down.
Apr 3 Planted potatoes in orchard. Took cattle to stock yards in Lenora.
Apr 4 Got up early & I and Roy went and loaded cattle & I went to K. C. with cattle. Got $5.75 hundred lbs. for 37 head. Average weight 1272 lbs. each.
Apr 6 I got home from K. C.
Apr 14 I and Roy went up to other place and staid all night and next day hauled hogs to Jennings. 76 head average weight of each 226 lbs. Got $5.37½ hundred lbs. Hogs brought.
Apr 16 Went to meeting at square top P. M. To funeral afternoon.
Apr 28 Took John Bennett and Henry Swendener up to look at other place.
Apr 29 Got scales. All went to Town P. M.
May 1, 1905 Got 1 load corn. Washed. Worked on scales.
May 3 J. H. Wilson came & I and Huey went up to other place. Staid all night and brought 2 calves & 102 pigs down here. Sold Wilson 2 mares. Beauty & Floss for $350.00 and 60 hogs at $5.00 per hundred lbs.
May 5 Bought black horse team of Mr. Turner for $162.50. I and Boys went to other place and got 40 fat cattle & four cows.
May 7 Went to meeting at square top school house.
May 8 Began to dig cellar for new house. Big revival meeting began in Lenora.
May 9 I started to K. C. with stock. Roy & Huey went up to other place.
May 10 Roy and Huey got home from other place with 94 pigs. Big wind storm. Mr. Swisher and boy got killed north of town.
May 11 I got home from K. C. Got $5.20 for cattle. Boys worked on cellar.
May 12 Hauled rock. Worked on cellar. Lloyd helped.
May 27 Big rain & hail. River up highest its ever been. Up to corner of barn.
  [From May 27 till now nothing was written, but during this time the building of the New house.]
Aug 12, 1905 I went up to Mr. Bennetts. Got load corn.
Aug 13 Sunday hot. Went to meeting morn. Ross and Stella got whooping cough.
Oct 9, 1905 Butchered 1st hog. Got steers of Fraziers.
Oct 10 Got 40 steers. Cutting.
Oct 11 Boys got cattle from other place. Sold 16 bu. apples. Bought 1st load corn of Thompson.
Oct 12 Finished inside of house & scrubbed floors. Got light plant.
Oct 13 Commenced porches. Paid Mr. Tuggle.
Oct 14 Cold day. Went town. Worked on house.
Oct 15 Sunday staid at home. Mr. & Mrs. S. Barrick Dan Lottei here.
Oct 16 Monday. Washed. Hauled hay. Worked on house.
Oct 26 Mr. Mellon got painting done. Paid $26.00. Made balester.
Oct 27 We commenced to move into new house. Ross got his boots. Snowing.
Ot 28 Moving all day.
Oct 29 Sunday staid home all day. Raining & snowing.
Oct 30 Moving and fixing. Snowing.
Oct 31 Done chores. Went to meet Mrs. Dochow.
Nov 1, 1905 Mrs. Dochow & children went home. Jim came to work on porch.
Nov 2 Mr. Little fixed hot water pipes. Mr. Tuggle got done on house.
Dec 17 Aunt Viola Cover died at her home in Calif. (Riverside).
Dec 24 Staid home. In eve went to Xmas tree at Lenora in eve.
Dec 25 Christmas day at home. Took hogs to ship.
Dec 26-27 Washed. Shipped hogs. Took roosters to town. Made hominy.