Return to Decatur Co.: 1893

Jan 1, 1893 At home all day. Clear & fine. Windy.
Jan 2 Washed forenoon. Shelled corn. Done chores.
Jan 3 Shelled corn. Done chores. Brad took hogs to Lenora. $5.40 hundred.
Jan 4 Helped Willie butcher. Nice day to work.
Jan 5 Set 1 post to windmill. Done chores. Fine.
Jan 6 Went to Allison. Got tobacco for calves. Cooler.
Jan 7 Cold. Spit snow. Tended to calves. Shelled corn.
Jan 8 Sunday colder. At home. Chilly wind.
Jan 9 Washed forenoon. I went to Mrs. Underwoods.
Jan 10 Damp in morn. Went got fodder. Cleared off.
Jan 11 High wind last night and all day. Done chores.
Jan 12 Shelled corn. Windy. Fixed harness. Done chores.
Jan 13 Went to Lenora. Took wheat to grind for feed. Nice.
Jan 14 Shelled corn. Done chores. Snowing in morn.
Jan 15 Sunday colder. At home all day. Done chores.
Jan 16 Washed forenoon. Got mullen cow in eve.
Jan 17 Butchered beef in afternoon. Cold.
Jan 18 Shelled corn. Done chores. Fixed hen house.
Jan 19 Shelled corn. Done chores. Fine weather.
Jan 20 Done chores. Went to Tompkins. Got load corn.
Jan 21 Went to Jennings on pony. Got money from bank.
Jan 22 Sunday warm & fine. At home all day.
Jan 23 Hauled corn & Frank hauled one. Went to Allison in eve.
Jan 24 Washed forenoon. Tended calves. Done chores. Warm & fine.
Jan 25 Done chores. Went got wheat. Hattie went to Mrs. Underwoods. Chilly.
Jan 26 Snowing. Very cold. Went to Wills. Ground 8 sacks wheat. Bad day.
Jan 27 Snowing from east. Tom Kerr here. Bought 50 bu. corn of him at 23 cts bu. Pd. him $7.65. Owe him $5.00. Went to school.
Jan 28 Hauled 2 loads fodder. Geor S. & Bradbury here. Cold.
Jan 29 Sunday cold & chilly Roy sick. Mr. Kenser here in eve.
Jan 30 Washed forenoon. Shelled corn & done chores.
Jan 31 Done chores. Went to Allison afternoon. Chilly.
Feb 1, 1893 Snowing & very cold. Children had no school.
Feb 2 Clear & cold. I am sick with the grip.
Feb 3 Let Standfast have wagon to take hogs to Jennings. Chilly.
Feb 4 Went to Lenora with wheat to grind for feed.
Feb 5 Sunday Stella sick in bed. Chilly.
Feb 6 Washed forenoon. Done chores.
Feb 7 Done chores. Went to Allison to get mail.
Feb 8 Shelled corn. Nice day. Done chores.
Feb 9 Went to Allison. Got mail. Done chores.
Feb 10 Went to Jennings on pony. Sold 7 hogs at $7.25 hundred lb.
Feb 11 Took hogs to Jennings. 7 head had 102.95. Bought 10 more fore $61.00
Feb 12 Sunday went to Willies. Nice day. Done chores.
Feb 13 Took hogs to Schule. Went to Allison. Got piece to fix pump. Terrible snow storm all night.
Feb 14 Cold snow flying. Cold, but cleared off in eve.
Feb 15 Clear & warmer. Went to Mr. Keys. Got 9 bu wheat.
Feb 16 Took 8 sacks wheat to Bowls at Jennings. Nice day.
Feb 17 Done chores. Husked & shelled corn all day. Windy.
Feb 18 Went got straw in morn. All went to Allison P. M.
Feb 19 Sunday at home. I and Roy went to Mr. Kensves. Mrs. V. here. Warm & fine.
Feb 20 Foggy in morning. Went & got straw. Cleared off.
Feb 21 Washed forenoon. Windy. Husked corn.
Feb 22 Hauled load of straw. Shelled corn. Wallack hauled 100 bu. for 25ct bu.
Feb 23 Went broke prairie forenoon. Too dry. Windy.
Feb 24 to 28 Done chores. Went to Jennings & etc.
Mar 1, 1893 Clear & still. Warm. Done chores.
Mar 2 Nice days. Warm. Freezes nights.
Mar 3 Snowing & blowing from north. Got very cold.
Mar 4 Cold last night. Went to Allison. Warmer.
Mar 5 Sunday. Nice day. Bedford Jennings here.
Mar 6 Washed forenoon. Went to show at Allison eve.
Mar 7 Shelled corn. Went to Stanfasts. Got note & [liece?]. Rained.
Mar 8 Cloudy & windy. Plowed S. of house. Ground too dry.
Mar 9 Finished plowing S. of house. Nice day.
Mar 10 Plowed sod on N. E. 40 acres. Terrible high wind.
Mar 11 Plowed forenoon. Last day of school. Roy got French harp. Estella book. Essie cards. Mr. Cass had exhibition at night.
Mar 12 Sunday nice forenoon. Terrible dust & wind P. M.
Mar 13 Plowed sod all day. Terribly windy & chilly.
Mar 14 Froze hard last night. Could not plow. Went to Allison. Done chores.
Mar 15 Went to Lenora to Mill. Got children a wagon. Terrible cold S. E. wind.
Mar 16 Shelled corn. Done chores. Went to see Coop eve.
Mar 17 Done chores. Freeze at nites. Cold & chilly.
Mar 18 Took 25 head cattle to Bedford Jennings. Got $580.00. Nice day.
Mar 19 Sunday went to Wills, then home. Cold.
Mar 20 to 26 Plowed corn. 4½days. Cool and good to work.
Mar 26 Sunday went to Kensets afternoon. Nice.
Mar 27 Plowed sod all day. Commenced on W. side.
Mar 28 Plowed all day. Very warm & hot.
Mar 29 Plowed all day. Tired. Ground terrible dry.
Mar 30 Plowed all day. Dry. Very tired.
Mar 31 Plowed till noon. Hauled 2 loads cobs.
Apr 1, 1893 Plowed all day. Tired at night.
Apr 2 Sunday went to Wills afternoon. Hot.
Apr 3 Finished plowing sod at noon. High wind. Dry.
Apr 4 All went to Jennings. Got me Roy & Huey hats.
Apr 5 Made drag. Hattie washed. I let Mrs. Underwood have $5.00 till night.
Apr 6 Harrowed S. W. of house forenoon. Terrible prairie fire N. W. Went & helped fight it till night.
Apr 7 Harrowed out N. in morn. Husked and shelled corn. Killed hog in eve.
Apr 8 Done chores forenoon. Went to Allison eve. Got brush for drag. Cool.
Apr 9 Sunday went to S. School at church organized it. Nice day, but cool.
Apr 10 Washed forenoon. Shelled corn. Done chores. Went to meeting at school in eve.
Apr 11 Light rain last night. Helped Mr. Chenoweth shell corn. Hauled manure in eve.
Apr 12 Went to trial at S. House as witness for Mike Stanfast. In eve to meeting.
Apr 13 Bros Mitchell & Wilkinson here. Went to Wills to meeting at night.
Apr 15 Washed morn. Done chores. Still cool & dry.
Apr 16 Sunday all went to S. S. and meeting. Mr. Mason and Mitchell here.
Apr 17 Done chores and Hattie & I went to Thompson place in eve. Warm.
Apr 18 Washed forenoon. Went to meeting afternoon. Hattie was baptized. Warm.
Apr 19 Windy & disagreeable. Cold at night. Done chores.
Apr 20 At home. Terrible wind, dust and cold.
Apr 21 At home shelled corn. Done chores.
Apr 22 Went Jennings. Got home 4 oclock. Essie sick. Went to Jennings. Got medicine.
Apr 23 Sunday terrible wind. I and Hattie went to meeting. Essie & Stella sick. Mr. Samples here.
Apr 24 Washed forenoon. Oiled harness. Stella sick. Nice day.
Apr 25 Damp & misty from north. Cold. Done chores. Stella better.
Apr 26 Stella had ear ache. Done chores. Went to Chenoweths for medicine.
Apr 27 Shelled corn. Done chores. Terrible dry. Wheat about gone.
Apr 28 Done chores. Went to Allison & to Mr. Chenoweths. Cold.
Apr 29 Took 5 hogs to Jennings 890 lbs. Got $6.50 hundred lbs.
Apr 30 Sunday light snow last night. I, Essie & Stella to S. S.
May 1, 1893 Washed in morn. Sowed 6 bu. cane seed P. M. Warmer.
May 2 Sowed cane. Went to Thornbrus got harrow. Bred Queen 2nd time.
May 3 Foggy in morn. Harrowed in cane. Took it home.
May 4 Tried to plant potatoes, but too dry. Dragged cane. Windy. Done chores.
May 5 Went and appraised land for Stanfast. Cold & rainy.
May 6 Took load hogs to Jennings for Stanfast. Cold and rainy.
May 7 Sunday I have sore eye. Hattie and children went to School house to meeting. Cloudy & cool.
May 8 Planted potatoes all day. Nice day. Huey sick.
May 9 Washed forenoon. I planted sorgum. Warm.
May 10 Went to Lenora. Huey still sick. Hot wind.
May 11 Listed in corn. Huey very sick. Very tired. Dry.
May 12 Listed corn part day. Done chores. Very dry.
May 13 Listed in rye all day. Dusty.
May 14 Sunday I went to Jennings. Got Dr. take flint out of my eye.
May 15 Washed forenoon. Done chores. Got lister sharpened.
May 16 Listed corn till noon. Mauds colt came.
May 17 & 18 Topsys colt came. Wind & dust all day.
May 19 Set posts by pasture. Done chores. Rested.
May 20 Went to Allison afternoon. Cool & dry. Crops not started much yet.
May 21 Sunday went to meeting. Ray Rutherfords here. Dry.
May 22 Rained last nite. Very cold & chilly.
May 23 Planted potatoes. 7 rows. Cool. Done chores.
May 24 Washed. I planted corn. Cold. I went to Stanfasts.
May 25 Went to Jennings. Sent $20.00 to Mr. Shipley. Cold.
May 26 Planted corn & then listed in corn. Cool at nights.
May 27 Listed in corn part day. Done chores.
May 28 Sunday went S. S. then to Mr. Simpsons.
May 29 Finished listing corn N. of house. Cool.
May 30 Went got sod planter & planted corn. Terrible wind.
May 31 Took planter to Pauls. Got it fixed. Planted corn.
Jun 1, 1893 Planted corn finished the sod. Ground very dry.
Jun 2 Shelled corn. Planted beans. Harrowed Potatoes.
Jun 3 Took 2 hogs Jennings. Got $6.25 hundred. Stella commenced to take music lessons.
Jun 4 Sunday nice & warm. All went to S. School.
Jun 5 Plowed sod. Ground very dry.
Jun 6 Washed morn. Plowed most all day.
Jun 7 Plowed some. Terrible hot & dry.
Jun 8 Plowed till noon. Hot winds. Terrible.
Jun 9 Plowed forenoon & in eve. Corn dying.
Jun 10 I and Mr. Chenoweth went to Jennings to funeral.
Jun 11 Sun. all went to meeting in grove. Hot & dry.
Jun 12 Plowed corn morning. Corn wilted so I quit. Hot.
Jun 13 Plowed corn morning. Went to see Brock about land. Dry, Dry.
Jun 14 Went to Stroups to see about land. Surveyed. Hot.
Jun 16 Plowed corn all day. Hot & dry.
Jun 17 I and Stella went to Jennings. Hot & dry.
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Jul 16, 1893 Sunday went to school, then to Chenoweth. Huey sick.
Jul 17 Plowed corn west of house. Rained.
Jul 18 Plowed corn in morn. Hot & dry.
Jul 19 Plowed corn. Went to Allison in eve. Hot & dry.
Jul 20 Plowed corn on back setting.
Jul 21 Plowed corn morn. All went to Grove. Dry. Will made ice cream.
Jul 22 I and Stella went to Jennings. Kent sick. Went to Allison. Corn suffering for rain.
Jul 23 Sunday I and children went to meeting morn. All went in eve.
Jul 24 Very dry & hot. Finished plowing corn 1st time on back setting.
Jul 25 Dry & hot. Went to Allison. Big rain in eve. Geo. Standfield here. Staid all night.
Jul 26 I and Standfield & Chenoweth all went to Oberlin. Heard Weaver speak. Cool & fine.
Jul 27 Staid in Jennings last night. Came home and plowed corn.
Jul 28 Harrowed corn out N. W. & done chores.
Jul 29 A very heavy rain last night. Creek high. Went to Jennings.
Jul 30 Sunday all went to S. S. Mr. Basno and Chenoweth here.
Jul 31 Plowed all day. Cool & fine. Corn growing fast.
Aug 1, 1893 Hoed potatoes. Finished laying by corn. Sowed turnips.
Aug 2 Washed forenoon. Raining. Plowed corn.
Aug 3 Plowed corn north of house and done chores.
Aug 4 Went helped put up seats in Grove in eve.
Aug 5 Plowed corn forenoon. Finished seats afternoon.
Aug 6 All went to S. School to meeting in Grove in eve.
Aug 7 Plowed corn. Done hard days work.
Aug 8 Finished plowing young corn. N. W. house first time.
Aug 9 Went to Norcatur on pony. Saw some nice fields corn.
Aug 10 Done chores. Went to Allison with Chenoweth eve. Big rain last night.
Aug 11 Done chores. Went to Standfast. Got load cobs.
Aug 12 I and Stella went to Jennings. Topsy sick afternoon.
Aug 13 Sunday all went to S. School. Mr. Ruthfords and Chenoweths here.
Aug 14 Had toothache all last night. Went to Jennings on pony. Had it broke off.
Aug 15 Worked on road. Cloudy & cold. N. E. wind.
Aug 16 Washed forenoon. Went to Brocks. Went to Chenoweths in eve for supper.
Aug 17 Done chores. I went to Allison in eve. Hattie went to Wills.
Aug 18 At home. Got mail & rested most all day.
Aug 19 Went to Allison eve. Hot. Needs rain bad.
Aug 20 Sunday all went to S. S. and to Grove to meeting in eve. Bro. Boswarty preached.
Aug 21 All went south to quarterly meeting and to Bro. Ruthefords.
Aug 22 I and Hattie washed. I have toothache bad all day.
Aug 23 I done chores. Stella & I went to church to sing. Rained some.
Aug 24 Fixed stable. Done chores. Cool & fine.
Aug 25 At home. Went to Allison. Done chores.
Aug 26 Went west 12 miles to Grave to picknic.
Aug 27 to Sep 1 Done chores and rested.
Sep 1, 1893 All went to Jennings in wagon. Got corn.
Sep 2 All went to Jennings. Got corn.
Sep 3 Made sled for corn cutter. Went to Allison. Eve.
Sep 4 All went to S. S. & to Mrs. Chenoweths.
Sep 5 Cut corn all day. Quiet tired. Terrible day.
Sep 6 Cut corn all day. Hot & dry.
Sep 7 I carried chain for road surveyors.
Sep 8 Went & helped Luther cut corn all day.
Sep 9 Luther helped me cut corn till noon. Went to singing in eve.
Sep 10 Sunday went to S. S. Mr. Rathfords here.
Sep 11 I and Hattie cut corn forenoon. Done chores.
Sep 12 Washed in morn. I went to Standfasts to get cobs. High wind.
Sep 13 I and Roy cut corn by school house.
Sep 14 Mr. Stephenson cut corn for me all day. 1.50 I finished team.
Sep 15 Finished cutting corn. I raked in eve. Windy.
Sep 16 Viola & Mort came. I met them in Jennings in morn.
Sep 17 Sunday all went to S. S. & meeting in Grove.
Sep 18 I and Hattie took Morts to Jennings in eve.
Sep 19 I finished raking sorgum & shocked some.
Sep 20 Washed morn. Set up corn by school house. Hauled hay. Windy.
Sep 21 Hauled 2 loads sorgum & hay. Cut sorgum by hand.
Sep 22 Hauled 5 loads sorgum. Still hot & dry.
Sep 23 I & Willy cut sorgum. Windy. Tired.
Sep 24 Sunday all went to S. S. Mr. Mrs. Thornblue & Bishops here.
Sep 25 I and Willie cut corn all day. Still dry.
Sep 26 Finished cutting corn at noon.
Sep 27 Washed forenoon. Hauled feed afternoon. Dry.
Sep 28 Finished hauling. Mowed sorgum. Rained.
Sep 29 Ground very wet, best yet. Got 2 loads wood.
Sep 30 Went to Jennings. Got salt. Chicken feed in wagon.
Oct 1, 1893 Sunday I and Chenoweths went to Bishops, then to S. Church.
Oct 2 Made hen house. Cut & hauled wood.
Oct 3 Went to Jennings. Got coal & drill. $16.00. Nice day.
Oct 4 Drilled in wheat all day. Mrs. Knser here. Nice.
Oct 5 Raining went Mr. Bishops. Bought ½ calf. Killed it in eve. Cold.
Oct 6 Drilled in wheat day fine. Ground damp.
Oct 7 Took cow to Jennings. Got 1½ cts lb. Weight 1240 lbs.
Oct 8 Sunday warm & fine. Went to S. S. then to Mr. Thonbrue.
Oct 9 Went & drilled wheat at Thompson place. Hot.
Oct 10 Drilled in wheat all day. Cooler. Fine for work.
Oct 11 Went to Chenoweths. Got draft from Bensing. Sleeted. Went to Allison. Got coal oil.
Oct 12 Hauled fodder & sorgum. Drilled wheat.
Oct 13 Drilled in wheat all day. Fine for work.
Oct 14 I and children dug potatoes. Drilled wheat.
Oct 15 Sunday went to S. S. Mr. Johnstons and Thorntons here. Nice day.
Oct 16 Drilled wheat all day. Very nice fall weather.
Oct 17 I and Hattie, Kent & Huey went to Jennings. Got Huey boots. Had tooth pulled.
Oct 18 Drilled wheat all day. Very tired.
Oct 19 Washed forenoon. Finished drilling 60 acres.
Oct 20 Dug potatoes all day. Very tired at night.
Oct 21 I and children dug potatoes. Had 20 bu. Helped Will in afternoon to dig his.
Oct 22 All went to S. S. & to Mr. Bishops. Nice day.
Oct 23 I finished helping Will dig potatoes. Nice day.
Oct 24 Washed forenoon. Helped Chenoweth kill hog. Got 20 lbs shoulder meat.
Oct 25 I took potatoes & eggs to Jennings. Got me nice boots. Nice day.
Oct 26 Gathered corn forenoon. Done chores.
Oct 27 Gathered corn on sod. Cool & dry.
Oct 28 I and children went got cane seed. Fixed shed.
Oct 29 Sunday all went to S. S. Wilsons, Steels and Tompsons here. Went to Prayer meeting night.
Oct 30 Hauled some feed. Got cabbage. Will pulled turnips.
Nov 1, 1893 I went to Lenora with Mr. Wilson. Warm & fine.
Nov 2 Went got 51 lbs beef of Mr. Knser. Warm & fine.
Nov 3 I and Hattie went to Masons. I got coal at Jennings.
Nov 4 Hauled feed morn. Went to Allison afternoon. Nice.
Nov 5 Sunday all went to S. S. and meeting. All went to Prayer meeting at night.
Nov 6 to 11 Washed. Very windy & dry. Done chores. Cold nights.
Nov 12 Sunday went to S. S. & to Mr. Johnsons.
Nov 13 Went to Chenoweths & helped load hogs etc.
Nov 14 Chenoweths stayed all night. I helped them load hogs.
Nov 15 Went to school. Put in window glass. Nice day.
Nov 16 Went Jennings. Got note on Chenoweth $95.00 and on Bresters $185.50
Nov 17 Cold high wind. Fixed stable & shed. Done chores. Very cold.
Nov 18 Hauled load feed in morning. Went to Allison in eve. Cold.
Nov 19 Sunday all went to S. S. afternoon. Warm & fine.
Nov 20 Washed forenoon. Mrs. Steele here. Rained in eve.
Nov 21 Put up curtain in kitchen. Done chores. Cold & windy.
Nov 22 Killed 2 hogs. Spit snow. Clear night cold.
Nov 23 Hauled load sorgum. Went to Mays, then to Allison. Got Watch.
Nov 24 Cold & chilly. Hauled 3 shocks of fodder. Done chores.
Nov 25 Went to Allison afternoon. Got mail from Cass.
Nov 26 Sunday all went to S. S. afternoon. Warm.
Nov 27 Washed morn. I went down river to see the sick.
Nov 28 Hauled load fodder. 2 loads manure. Went Tompsons.
Nov 29 Went Jennings. Got trees set. Bought low wagon. $10.00
Nov 30 Cold N. wind at home. Very disagreeable.
Dec 1, 1893 Cold S. E. wind. Done chores.
Dec 2 Went to Allison. Got mail in eve. Cold.
Dec 3 Sunday went to S. S. In eve Geo. S. & wife here.
Dec 4 Went to Mr. Kensers last night. Sat up with Mrs. Kenser. Went to Clay Steeles had bond made.
Dec 5 Finished hauling feed. Got load corn from Brock. Put stock in field.
Dec 6 Shelled corn. Washed. Very tired. Nice, but dry.
Dec 7 Went got part load corn. Shelled it. Done chores. Warm.
Dec 8 Finished shelling corn. Let J. Stroup borrow $50.00
Dec 9 Done chores. Went to Allison & to Mr. Cass’s in eve. Dry.
Dec 10 Sunday went S. S. in eve. Warm & fine.
Dec 11 Warm. Washed forenoon. Went to Mr. Wilsons. Cold.
Dec 12 Went to Jennings. Got 52 bu corn at 25 cts bu. Chilly.
Dec 13 At home. Done chores. Cold S. wind.
Dec 14 Went to Mr. Ruthefords. Nice day. Frosty morn.
Dec 15 Went to Allison. Will & boys came from Ill. Send Macillus deed. Have recorded. Sent for cards for Xmas.
Dec 16 I and boys went up to M. Ilers. Got 2 yr. old heifer for $10.00. High wind in eve.
Dec 17 Sunday went to S. S. eve. Nice & warm.
Dec 18 Washed forenoon. Went tied up apple trees. Came back by Mackeys.
Dec 19 Hattie went Mrs. Kensors. I hauled manure. Nice.
Dec 20 Mrs. Winter here. I helped Mr. Thornbue on house.
Dec 21 Took hay to Jennings. Got $4.25. Bought 57 bu. corn at 20 ct. bu.
Dec 22 Hauled manure. Hung meat. Unloaded corn. Etc.
Dec 23 I and Roy went to Jennings in wagon. Dusty. Nice day.
Dec 24 Sun. rained last night. There was no S. S. Misty & cool.
Dec 25 Xmas at home all day. Nice. Not cold.
Dec 26 Washed forenoon. Went Tom Whites afternoon.
Dec 27 Let Mr. Thormbau have $50.00. Nice day.
Dec 28 Hauled 2 loads wheat. Went to see Mr. Cass afternoon.
Dec 29 Colder at home all day. Done chores.
Dec 30 Went to Allison eve. To Bishops. Got sheller. Nice day.
Dec 31 Sunday all went to S. S. Mr. Rutherfords. I gave S. S. cards.