Return to Decatur Co.: 1899-1903



[The period from Apr 11, 1897 – April 18 1904 are from Essie Logan’s diary]


[The following is diary from Essie keeping. This is mothers obituary as written in newspaper.]
  Mrs. D. S. Logan.
  Mrs. D. S. Logan died at her home at Allison Ks. the 5th April 1899 from rupturing of a blood vessel. She was taken sick at 10 oclock the night of the 4th and died the evening of the following day. The maiden name of the deceased was Hattie M. Bentley. She was born in Hire Township McDonough Co. Ill. Aug. 11, 1863. July 3, 1881 she was united in marriage to D. S. Logan at Blandinsville Ill. They moved to Ks. in the spring of 1885. Mrs. Logan confessed her faith in Christ in April 1893 and united with church of Christ and was an active member till her death. Her last words were. “Oh the Angels” and her spirit took its flight to the God who gave it.
  The untimely demise of this devoted wife and mother is a sad blow to this family. The husband and 6 children mourn her loss. The funeral service was at Allison and were conducted by Elder Jackson. Interment was in Allison Cemetery. 36 years old.


This from Essies remembrance: 
Apr. 5, 1899 Mother died about 6 oclock in the evening. She had been sick only about 18 hrs. & father had gone to Jennings on pony to get medicine from Dr. She felt better in the evening & had come out in parlor and sat down in her rocking chair where she died a few minutes later. We were all at her bedside & kissed her goodbye. Her last words were “Oh the Angels, and the Lord”. Mrs. Johnson was with us and prepared her body for burying. Rev. Jackson preached her funeral. His text from 1st Cor. 15th Chap. The songs were the ones that Mother liked best:
  Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.
  Shall we gather at the River.
  We’ll never say goodbye in heaven.
  Got be with you till we meet again.
  It was a chilly day and light snow had fallen. We were just completing a new addition to our house. Estella was 15 yrs. old and I was 11 and we tried to keep house and there was lots of work to be done, and we did not know how to do it very well.
  Maggie Jones came and worked for us for 7 weeks, & then Minnie Dochou came & helped us and she & father were married Jan 1st 1900. Father was 44 yrs old and Minnie 20. They drove to Oberlin & was married by a minister. Minnie dress was blue serge trimmed in white. Stella stayed home from school and prepared a nice wedding supper. We all loved Minnie & know she undertook a big task when she came into our home with 6 step children.
Mar 23 1900 Roy was operated upon for appendicitis at our home at Allison. Dr. McClintock of Topeka & a trained nurse who stayed 3 weeks. He was about 15 yrs. old & fell in love with his nurse. He got along fine.
Apr 15 1900 Easter Sunday Essie broke out with measles and in another 2 weeks all rest of children had them.
Aug 30 1900 Roys 15th birthday. In evening we had apple cutting at our house. After peeling apples for awhile the guests chose their partners & went out for refreshments. The menu was sliced watermelon, apples, grapes, plums, cake with cider to drink. The guests were Lettie Byron, Frank and Sadie Scott, Dora Jessie & Eddie Gardner, Ruby Leland & Paul Mackey, Sadie John and Charlie Wilson, Gross Connie and Tearle Cramer, Lizzie Bell and Walter Johnson, Leota Shields & Ernest Kinnedy.
Mar 14 1902 Rossie Selwin Logan was born at 1 oclock. Ellsie & I were allowed to go visiting for day at Tom Cramers. Mrs. Cramer and Grandma Terrill were with Minnie & Rossie weighed 8 lbs.
Apr 6 1903 Minnies father died from leakage of the heart. He had been sick a long time. We went to his funeral the next day at the Methodist Church in Jennings & he was buried in Jennings Cemetery.
Nov 4 1903 My (Essies) 16th birthday. Father & Minnie had a surprise party for me & we played games & pulled taffy. Father gave her album.
Apr 17 1903 Mr. Tom Cramers here all day. The Christian Church at Diesdeu was dedicated.
Apr 18 Mr. John Standfast died today and left wife and 6 small children.


The main diary resumes in 1903:
Apr 18 1903 Went fixed fence at other place.
Apr 21 Bought land south 160 acres from Jake Langer. $660.00
Apr 24 Went to Mrs. Dochows & to Jennings. Huey sick. Got Stella dresser.
Apr 25 Marked pigs. 40 bars 58 sows. Roy listing.
Apr 27 Roy listed on Gates place. I fixed fence.
Apr 28 Mrs. Dochow here. Went home in rain.
Apr 29 Big snow. 3 in deep. Ice over everything.
Apr 30 Nice day. Snow melting fast. Done chores.
May 1, 1903 Nice day. I, Roy and Huey went to Jennings.
May 4 I and Roy took 20 fat cattle to Jennings. Rained.
May 5 I shipped cattle to K. C. I went with them. Roy listed.
May 6 Rained all day.
May 7 Got home from K. C. Took 56 steers to lower place.
May 8 Hauled posts out of orchard.
May 9 Went to Jennings. Roy finished listing.
May 10 Sunday went to S. S. Rained. Cramer here.
May 11 Took 8 head cattle to pasture.
May 16 Went to Lenora in wagon. Got rake teeth.
May 17 At home. Terrible high wind.
May 18 Set posts on S. line by Bishops.
May 19 Finished setting posts. Burned grass. Let Phipps have $15.00
May 20 Rained. We set out sweet potato plants.
May 22 Went to Jennings. Got wire of Bradbury & Neone.
May 23 Clarence Cover died in Riverside Calif. Fathers nephew.
May 24 Sunday to S. S. To Mr. Gardners for dinner.
May 25 Went to Mr. Edies bought horse. $300
May 26 & 27 Fixed fence. Mr. E. brought horse. M. Stewart paid for alfalfa seed.
May 28 Charlie plowed. Huey cut weeds. Rained.


 [sporadic entries for the rest of the diary]
Jun 6, 1903 Roy commenced weed cutting on Gates place.
Jun 7 Sun. Rained. Went to S. S.
Jun 13 Finished putting up hay N. of house.
Jun 14 Sunday went to [Link Box tire?] visiting. Children went to Grove meeting.
Jun 18 Put up hay I big field. Hottest day yet.
Aug 22, 1903 Finished stacking all but 2 loads in S. field on 180 ft stack.
Aug 24 Cut alfalfa N. of house 3rd time.
Aug 25 Brought 39 steers home from E. pasture.
Sep 10, 1903 Finished up 3rd crop alfalfa.
Sep 29 Bought pigs for $10.00
Sep 30 I and Roy put gable on hay barn. Bred Topsy.
Oct 16-17, 1903 Thrashed wheat over across river.
Oct 24 All went to Jennings. Boys gathered corn.
Oct 28 Finished hauling & stacking alfalfa
Oct 29 Finished gathering corn on Terrill land.
Oct 30 Finished shingling hog barn.
Nov 1, 1903 Rained all day at home.
Nov 18 Finished thrashing on Gates place. Hauled wheat to Jennings.
Nov 20 Put cattle on N. alfalfa. Mr. D. bought 2 steers at $15.00 each. Painted on hog barn. Children S. to supper.
Nov 21 Nice & warm. Dressed 21 turkeys.
Nov 28 Thanksgiving day. Went to meeting in day. Mrs. Dochows all here. Nice & warm.
Nov 29 Cold. Went to Pleasant Hill meeting.
Dec 3, 1903 Minnie & I went to Mrs. Dochows & Jennings.
Dec 7 Hauled 69 hogs to Jennings. Average 262 lbs.
Dec 8 First snow fell. Hauled wheat for J. Stanfast children picked up cobs.
Dec 16 Cattle lowest since 1896. Worth $4.20 Hr. lbs.
Dec 22 Took 22 dressed turkeys to Jennings to ship to Denver.
Dec 25 We all went to Mr. Millers for Xmas dinner. Mr. Cramers there.
Dec 30 The warmest day. Just like spring. Hauled hay. Burned cobs for hogs.