What's New?

25 May 2012
Removed Family History data and exhibits (pictures) from the database area. Not something I wanted to do, but plagiarism and copyright violations by others uploading data to Ancestry family trees prompted this action. The database section now just has BMDB data and source citations each person. I plan to develop a secured section to once again make FHD and pictures available to those I know. Other changes include updates to Austin, Babcock, Bancroft,Barnard, Beach, Billings, Blakiston, Boeter/Bowater, Budd, Chandler, Comstock, Edwards, Elderkin, Exhurst, Freeman, Gainsford, Gardiner, Giffard, Hallock, Horton, Ingraham, Lambton, Parshall, Pope, Roberts, Robinson, Rudd, Thirning, Thompson, Vaux, Verin, Wall, Warren, Whitcomb, Willie, Woolsey, Wright, & Youngs families
20 Nov 2011
FHD on Atwater, Wilder, Babcock, Balch, Hewitt, Barber, Barnard; New Sherman (early english) line
28 Oct 2011
Extensive updates to Woolsey FHD; extended Duncanson family;
23 Sept 2011
FHD & updates for Woolsey, Houchins
17 July 2011
Updates to Haynes, Dickerson, Cook/e, Higginson, Wynyard; Began project to add "color", Family History data (FHD) to tell the stories of our ancestors: Abbe, Abbott, Geer, Hewitt,Sexton, Walling, Mawdsley, Dewey, Amsden, Ancrew, Hopkins; Updates on 19th Century Gardners,
28 May 2011
More on Clayton, Brittain; added Borton, Neff, & Schidler; updates for Stede Bonnet article; Jesse Johnson ancestry; Swallow family
20 Mar 2011
Add Mills, Beale, Edge, Clayton, & Woolman lines, ancestral to Jennie Logan; updated the family of John Peirce or Watertown from recent TAG article; updated the family of David & Amy Smith of Illinois reflecting new information regarding the marriages of their five surviving children.
21 Dec 2010
Added Hunt, Ballenger, Brittain & Wright lines, ancestral to Jennie Logan; updated Cook data & sources from recent TAG article; added Gansevoort burials at Albany Rural Cemetery.
10 Sep 2010
Added the ability to search the entire site; Added proposed ancestry for Consider White & expanded his biography and descendant information; added Logan Mayflower descent in Lineages; added Charles Bentley (CW) & John Walling (Rev) in Great Generations.
15 Mar 2010
Added Scottish ancestry of Thomas Jackson; added ancestry of Jane Westbrook, wife of Ezra Towner.
15 Nov 2009
Redid the entire front part of the site using Dot Net Nuke.
11 Nov 2009
Hundreds of updates and citations throughout the database. Extended Stoughton & Ward. Added Bancroft, Farrington, Knight & Steward.
26 Apr 2009
Many new updates and citations. Added Rockwell and Watson.
17 Feb 2009
Added relationship chart for George Washington; expanded Shattuck family.
11 Feb 2009
Added sources for Amsden, Beers, Billings, Bugbee, Coffin, Coyne, Cook/Cooke, Cornell, Cross, Curtis, Epperson, Follett, Foote, Ford, Fox, Hanson, Hoyt, Kember, Leach, Linder, Macy, Meader, Manning, Pierce, Smith, Starbuck, Stearns, Stevens, Verin, Woolsey. Lines extended or siblings added in Gilpin, Manning, Mayhew, Stearns, Verin, Worth, Streamlined Census citations.
30 Nov 2008
Additional sources for Baldridge, Barnard, Buckingham, Bunker, Foote, & Walling families. Minor formatting tweaks in the database section, mostly for more consistency when using different browsers (Firefox & Internet Explorer)
2 Nov 2008
Added notes and sources for the Walling line.
19 Oct 2008
Added notes, additional sources for Garten/Girtons and Greens; details on Logan marriages; wiki notes for Joseph Jones, a participant in the "Mormon War", and Francis Lascelles, a regicide of Charles I.
3 Oct 2008
Added family of Thomas Stephens, son-in-law to Ellis Cook. Added family members and sources for the Girton line.
9 Sep 2008
Revised website using more modern themes and simpler navigation. Added Presidential connections to chart section. Added new photographs of Force and Cook families.
14 Jul 2008
Replaced some pictures in H. G. Cooke and Peter Cowdrey families with new scans. Added probate sources for Nantucket families. Added pictures of the "Greatest Generation" sailor.
18 Jun 2008
Added sources for Gardner lines from Nantucket Vital Records. Added chart showing relationship of Ben Franklin to Jennie Logan.
22 May 2008
Added documentation and/or extended lines for Johnson, Bunker, Swallow, Rigby, Baker, Hunter, Pedrick, Hunt, Chase and other ancestral lines of Jennie (Logan) Billings.
20 Apr 2008
Extended and documented Payne, Hill, and associated families (ancestors of Wilford Billings) with authoritative sources. Removed Joseph Billings from Civil War Great Generations. Added William Smith (ancestor of Cecil Smith) to Civil War Great Generations, including regimental history.
16 Mar 2008
Added James Smith to Revolutionary Soldiers under the Great Generations section. Added his pension file to sources for him and his wife with updates to his and her biographical data.
7 Mar 2008
Added sources for Eppersons, Thornes, Fowlers, and Neales. Added descendants of Henry Cooke. Added Babcock ancestry including lines to Robert Vose, Robert Sharp and Richard Wright of early New England. Revised bio of Col Ellis Cook. Added grave marker photos from Hanover, NJ and Gibson Co., IN.
26 Jan 2008
Due to new information, removed Hickock chart and Bouton ancestors for Mary (Bouton) Sherman.
19 Jan 2008
Standardized and compressed citation references/sources for FHL films and State vital records repositories. Added hyperlinks to the database pages from various people listed in the lineages, journals, and great generations sections in the main area of the site.
26 Dec 2007
Extended Butts line and added probable ancestry of Margaret Griswold Cocker
30 Nov 2007
Extended Robinson line (England).
24 Nov 2007
Added Diary of Dana Logan
31 Oct 2007
Charts for relationships to R. W. Emerson, Wild Bill Hickok, & Harriet Beecher Stowe. Wills for Wynyard, Higginson, Lascelles, etc. Further extensions of Mary Elizabeth Robinson's English Ancestry. Added Wikipedia links on the Significant Others page (SO page since moved to DB section)
23 Sep 2007
More Robinson families, charts with connections to Princess Diana, new Pierce & Higginson pictures
27 Aug 2007
Extended Robinson and Joslin/Joscelyn lines.
11 Aug 2007
Added pictures for Cooke & Pierce families. Added sources for Wilder and allied lines. Updated Wright and allied lines. Added Huguenot descent chart for Dora Woolsey and added Huguenot societies to the Lineages, links page. Moved database introduction to the main page of the database. Added color-coded icons to indicate ancestors by families.
23 Jul 2007
Added sources and revised the lineage of 18th century Carner family in Virginia.
20 Jul 2007
Reformatted database section with revised theme and "softer" font color. Added pedigree charts for top of line ancestors, descendent chart for Sir Geoffrey Plantagenet, added relationship chart for Madeline Talmadge Force & Adele (Force) Cooke. Various lists & charts are now accessed by buttons. Charts are now grouped by categories.
24 Jun 2007
Added sources for 19th century Carner families. Added 300+ individuals previously not included due to a flag setting.
18 Jun 2007
Added biographical notes and Wikipedia links. Further additions will not be noted here unless significant, but there will be many more.
15 May 2007
Added chart & hereditary society links for Stede Bonnet
6 May 2007
Added death certificate sources for Josephus Woolsey & Lula Carner
Extended/corrected Clarke, Bonnet, Allamby, Thornhill lines in Barbados
15 Apr 2007
Corrected early Woolsey families and added some source data
8 Apr 2007
Added Little Peover Parish records and extended Higginson family two generations.
Added death certificate sources for Cecil Smith family
Added royal ancestry for Margaret Wyatt, ancestor of Wilford Billings
Revised database portion of the site to show one family per page for faster loading and static page numbering
Adopted Full/short citation format
6 Mar 2007
Added Thormanby Parish record source for Robinson/Higginson families
25 Feb 2007
Added descent of Capt Thomas Bradbury from King Edward I continue to identify sources for medieval lines
29 Jan 2007
Sources now listed for many medieval lines Added final two Magna Carta Barons, both ancestors of William Skepper
1 Jan 2007
Sources for Abbott, Rice, Symonds. Lines extended w/sources for Southworth, Lothrop, House, Learned, Symonds.
31 Dec 2006
Magna Carta ancestry for Rose Stoughton. MCS charts for Wilford Billings and Harriet Robinson.
Sources for early immigrants: Balch, Bursley, Conant, Dewey, Dix, Dunham, F. Eaton, Ford, Gardner, Knapp & Mayhew.
24 Dec 2006
Extended How line
Sources for Bent, Plympton, Rutter, How, Eaton (all ancestors of Harriet (Robinson) Pierce
Removed spurious () entries appearing in the various indexes
22 Dec 2006
Telluride Scrapbook on the Robinsons
17 Dec 2006
Vital Records sources for Cogswell
Burial details for Logans, Girtons, Jones in McDonough Co., IL
James V Price in Great Generations (Civil War)
8 Dec 2006
Added ER Price to Great Generations (Civil War)
1 Dec 2006
Extended Dewey, Stafford, Bentley, & Payne lines with connections to Mayflower passengers Cooke, Alden, & Soule. Made connection between royalty gateway immigrant ancestor Edward Raynesford and King Henry III
Added Mayflower & Royalty descent charts for Billings & Logan
Added images on many lines
Added over 200 sources & countless citations including all available citations to 1850-1930 Census
Reformatted and moved site to gdcooke.org. Returned to showing all ancestors of the eight great-grandparents.
Magna Charta Sureties, Genealogical notes added or moved to Second Site area...permanently!
22 Aug 2006
Added US Census (1850-1930) source citations for Force, Robinson, Logan & Woolsey lines
Added list of Gateway ancestors to Second Site; moved list of Magna Charta Sureties from Second Site to Genealogy Lines section.
19 Aug 2006
Added US Census (1850-1930) source citations for Cooke, Pierce, Billings & Smith lines
13 Aug 2006
Removed Enigmas (those notes are now in the Second Site section).
Second Site section now includes details for all siblings, not just the ancestor.
Due to size limitations, removed ancestral generations beyond the mid-1500's. Charts still show the descent from royalty.
Added pictures, many from the Billings side. Also, many gravestones from the Cooke family plot in New Jersey.
Continue to add sources, mostly for early Hanson and Sherman lines.
30 Jun 2006
Added source citations for the Bradbury Ancestry in the Second Site section
Added SAR/DAR chart and Great Generations page for Abiel Sherman
10 Jun 2006
Changed entire site to remove frames
Changed graphic layout in the database (all ancestors or Second Site) section
Added sources for Barbados and New York Dutch lines
Added pictures in the database section. Look for little camera icons if the pictures aren't in the page.
19 Apr 2006
Corrected Eaton Mayflower chart (now it starts with the passenger, Francis Eaton instead of his son, Benjamin)
Added sources for many lines, too numerous to mention, but includes the line on the Worden chart