At Home: January 1 - March 1, 1936

Jan 1 1936
Edith Kennedy came home with me and we saw the Old year out and the New year in. got to sleep about 1 A M so took it easy today—she had tea & toast in bed lunched late—Alace came at 4 pm and took us to call on Leonard for an hour—then they went home—I spent the evening looking over and enjoying my cards 16 all lovely—tired and to bed eirly.
Jan 2 1936
Fair & warm very tired mended and wash my head rested in the hammock in the glorious sunshine wrote to Maud & Nona.
Jan 3rd 1936
Lill Vanderhoef came at 10 A M. stayed an hour—Junior sick with sore throat in bed dose of castor oil. Mildred and her Edith came and had lunch, Harriet and Jerome brought Betty at five oclock. We took down the tree and had a nice evening.
Jan 5th 1936
Fair & warm did not get up very eirly—worked in the garden made a cake Betty did the most of it. Went to a show—“Thanks a Million” & “Metropolitan”, home late, hungry then to bed.
Jan 5th 1936
Sunday fair & warm Slept late, read Grandmamas letters to Betty June, she loved them had such a nice day with her,, Harriett Jerome & Dorothy came after at five much to her distress, dear child.
Jan 6 1936
Fair & chilly Tidied the house up then worked in the garden cultivating the snapdragon & [unreadable] that are coming along fine. Edith & Alace surprised me for lunch about 4-30 they took me to town where I attended to business wrote to Elsie & Leonard Took a dose of castor oil and went to bed.
Jan 7 1936
Fair & chilly Got my work done both in the house and garden At three oclock Mildred and her Edith & baby came Mildred was very sad so I persuaded her to stay all night.
Jan 8 1936
Fair and warm, glorious out in the garden and hammock, Mildred and I slept late, she rested anyway—Lucy came over Mildred gave her slippers & etc for Junior—some her Junior had not worn. Harriett came later on and latter Hellen took them both home. It is hard to be with those who are in grief but it is our duty to try and help them.
Jan 9th 1936
Went to town eirly—paid for watch then to Harrietts for an hour—took her a [unreadable] table cloth—35cts and an old one. I had come home very tired
Jan 10 1936
Cloudy—worked in the garden and cleaned the garage played the piano—then after lunch went to bed and stayed there only to get a cup of tea.
Jan 11th 1936
Rained most of the night—cloudy.
Jan 12th
Fair & warm.
At 11-30 Mr P. W. Erbsen came for me to take his wife and baby Susanna home from the Ceders of Lebanon Hospital Their home is at 1123 W 45th St. Everything going on fine. Mrs E very nice bright girl. Baby terribly neglected in Hospital but strong and well.
Jan 20 1936
Have been on my case just 9 days—everything going on fine, had Sunday off, went home and rested.
King George 4th of England died 11-55 pm of throat infection, he was a King much loved and morned by his country.
Jan 21st
Proclame Edward VIII King & Emperor of all Great Britain .
Fair & Warm
Jan 22nd
Feb 9th 1936
Left my little patient and infant with regret—Mr Erbsen brought me home in his new car
March 1st 1936
Have had three weeks at home, enjoying seeing my friends and Lucy runs in a lot it is wonderful to have her just a block away.
Earthquake at 130 am and another at 2 AM