Walker, Kansas: 1890

Jan 1, 1890 Went & thrashed 20 bu. cane seed. Nice day. Put cattle on wheat.
Jan 2 Hauled cane & 2 shocks fodder. Went to Victoria. Cold.
Jan 3 Hauled sorgum & straw. Put cattle on wheat.
Jan 4 Went to Walker to get Hattie tooth pulled. Went to alliance. Warmer.
Jan 5  Sunday at home all day. Cold & chilly.
Jan 6 Snowing most all day from N. E.
Jan 7 Washed forenoon. Done chores. Fair.
Jan 8 Hauled out 20 shocks feed. Nice day.
Jan 9 Took cattle on wheat. Husked 7 shocks corn.
Jan 10 Husked 4 shocks corn. Went to Victoria. Took 13 doz eggs. Got 10 cts. doz. Butter 18 cts. lb.
Jan 11 Done chores morn. Rained last nite. Went to alliance. Cold.
Jan 12 Sunday snowed all day. Windy. Fed stock.
Jan 13 Hauled rye & straw. Went Walker. Cold & chilly.
Jan 14 Went to Russell. Got beef & overshoes & Essie shoes. Blizzard in eve.
Jan 15 Done chores at home. Coldest day this year.
Jan 16 5 deg. Below zero. Rubys calf came. Hauled feed.
Jan 17 Very cold. Hauled feed. Went to Walker for Mail.
Jan 18 Clear & bright. Hattie joined alliance.
Jan 19 Sunday cold. Done chores. Home all day.
Jan 20 Clear & cold. Hauled straw & fodder. Got children picture.
Jan 21 Done chores. Cold winter weather.
Jan 22 Cold day at Walker. Hauled hay. Got Lagrippe.
Jan 23 Done chores. Quite sick. Nice winter weather.
Jan 24 Hauled. Went to Walker. Got bran. Thawed fast.
Jan 25 Went to Walker Co. alliance. Thawed. Quite muddy.
Jan 26 Sunday at home all day. Nice.
Jan 27 Hattie washed. Done chores. Nice day.
Jan 28 Hauled. Nice day. Very muddy.
Jan 29 Went to Walker. Done chores.
Jan 30 Went got Mr. Taylor & commenced on well at noon. Warm.
Jan 31 Worked on well. Put in curb.
Feb 1, 1890 Worked in well.
Feb 2 Sunday. Nice day. Cloudy.
Feb 3 Hauled feed. Took butter to Victoria.
Feb 4 Worked on well. Commenced to wall.
Feb 5 Finished the wall. Went to Walker. Got buckets.
Feb 6 Hauled feed. Snowing all day. Fine for wheat.
Feb 7 Washed forenoon. Took butter to Victoria. Thawed.
Feb 8 Hauled feed & straw. Husked 5 shocks corn. Roy sick.
Feb 9 Sunday clear & fine. At home all day.
Feb 10 to 15th Hauled feed. Done chores. Took butter Victoria. Etc.
Feb 16 Sunday went to Dunkard meeting. Cold & chilly.
Feb 17 Hauled feed. Done chores. Went to meeting at night.
Feb 18 Cold & chilly east wind. Fed and chelled corn.
Feb 19 Done chores. Dull & cloudy. Went meeting.
Feb 20 Done chores. Dull & cold. Wintry.
Feb 21 Snowed last night. Hauled feed.
Feb 22 Took butter to Victoria. Cold & foggy all day.
Feb 23 Sunday clear & fine. Went to Mr. Dortlands.
Feb 24 Cloudy dull. Hauled feed.
Feb 25 Dull & it looks stormy. Took heifer to Grunts.
Feb 26 Stormy. Fed stock.
Feb 27 Hattie washed. Cold north wind.
Feb 28 Hauled feed & done chores. Cold.
Feb 29 Nothing written.
Mar 1, 1890 Went Victoria to alliance. Very cold day.
Mar 2 Sun. went to F. Hopkins to funeral. Nice day.
Mar 3 Hauled feed. Went to Walker. Herded cattle. Warm.
Mar 4 Hauled feed forenoon. Herded cattle. Cold.
Mar 5 Done chores. Cold & chilly. Went to Walker.
Mar 6 Hauled 4 loads feed. Damp snow.
Mar 7 Hauled feed forenoon. Got mail in eve.
Mar 8 Hauled 4 loads corn feed. Went to Victoria & Walker.
Mar 9 Sunday at home. South wind. Misty & damp.
Mar 10 Washed forenoon. Husked corn. Nice day.
Mar 12 Done chores etc.
Mar 13 Done chores. Very cool at nights.
Mar 14 Broke stalks on wheat. Done chores. Nice day.
Mar 15 W. Hopkins & wife here. Went to alliance.
Mar 16 Sunday Fagons here visiting. Nice day.
Mar 17 Hattie & children most sick. Planted potatoes.
Mar 18 Went to Crows sale. Got oats in Gorham. Warm.
Mar 19 Went to Walker as Juror in trial of McGrachers.
Mar 20 Plowed some. Burned stubble. (Bred Kit and Maude to Kings horse.)
Mar 21 Warm. Bred Queen & Topsy to Kings horse.
Mar 22 Plowed on oats. Nice day to work.
Mar 23 Sunday terrible wind & dust. At home.
Mar 24 Terribly windy. Went to Walker morn. Plowed afternoon.
Mar 25 Plowed all day. Nice weather. Wheat fields green.
Mar 26 Went to Walker forenoon. Got coal. Cultivated for oats.
Mar 27 Terrible wind & blizzard. Snowing from north.
Mar 28 Hauled feed forenoon. Finished cultivating oats.
Mar 29 Hauled feed. Went to Mr. Fagons. Got 14 bu. oats.
Mar 30 Sunday cloudy & cold E. wind. At home. Gloomy cold.
Mar 31 Hauled feed forenoon finished. Drilled oats eve.
Apr 1, 1890 Finished drilling oats. Took drill home. Got chips.
Apr 2 Misty & damp. Grunts brought men to look at land.
Apr 3 Washed forenoon. Took butter to Victoria. Warm.
Apr 4 Fine growing weather. Husked corn. Went to Walker.
Apr 5 Done chores. Went to alliance. Warm.
Apr 6 Sunday. Went to Walter Hopkins. Nice & warm. Hot.
Apr 7 Washed forenoon. Husked corn. Nice day, but windy.
Apr 8 Terrible high wind & dusty. At home.
Apr 9 Went to Victoria. Got new wagon for $18.00. Took Kit to Gorham. Took horse.
Apr 10 Russians here to buy land. I took Maud to Kings horse.
Apr 11 Went to Walker. Harrowed stalks in orchard. Windy.
Apr 12 Raked stalks. Went to primary forenoon. Windy.
Apr 13 Sunday at home. Warm & dry. Beginning to need rain.
Apr 14 Washed forenoon. Burned stubble afternoon.
Apr 15 Went to Gorham. Listed in Corn. Warm.
Apr 16 Went to Gorham. Listed in corn. Cold raw E. wind.
Apr 17 Went to Gorham. Listed corn afternoon.
Apr 18 Finished putting in 12 acres corn. Wheat looks fine.
Apr 19 Planted potatoes in E. field. Nice day.
Apr 20 Sunday went to Dunkard meeting. Mr. Dortlands here.
Apr 21 Finished planting potatoes. Nice day.
Apr 22 Took butter to Victoria. Burned stubble. Rained.
Apr 23 Cold N. wind. Damp. Went to Gorham.
Apr 24 Went to Gorham. Got Queen & Nelly. Rain. Listed corn.
Apr 25 Went got mail. Rained all day. Cold. Done chores. Fine for wheat.
Apr 26 Moved hen house. Sold Lula to Crissman. $150.00.
Apr 27 Sunday nice day. Went to Mr. Fagons. Crops look well.
Apr 28 Put straw on potatoes all day. Hot. Hattie helped.
Apr 29 Mulched potatoes forenoon. Planted 12 acres corn P. M.
Apr 30 Listed corn in E. field. Mulched potatoes P. M.
May 1, 1890 Went to Russell. Got money at bank.
May 2 Listed corn forenoon. Finished mulching 1 acre potatoes.
May 3 Finished planting #. Field corn. Hot. Rained.
May 4 Sunday fine rain last night. Floss’s colt came.
May 5 Went to Victoria with butter. Worked on bottom. Rained. Harrowed stalks.
May 6 Raked stalks & stubble. Commenced listing. Windy. Corn nice.
May 7 Listed in nice  corn on bottom, and sorgum in orchard.
May 8 Went to Walker forenoon. Planted corn afternoon.
May 9 Plowed for sorgum. Wheat needs rain.
Mau 10 Plowed all day. Went to Walker to alliance eve.
May 11 Sunday clear & windy. At home all day.
May 12 Hattie washed. I finished plowing for sorgum. Dry.
May 13 Harrowed forenoon. Got drill.
May 14 Drilled in sorgum. Dusty & dry. Wheat suffering.
May 15 Drizzled rain forenoon. Went to Gorham in eve.
May 16 Went to Russell to alliance (picknic).
May 17 Dragged soil. Nice corn & sorgum. Took butter to Victoria.
May 18 Sunday at home all day. Dry.
May 19 Hauled 140 bu. wheat to Walker. Got 75 cts bu.
May 20 Went to Victoria Deposited $100.00 in bank. Pd. Peter Grunt in full.
May 21 Washed forenoon. Went fixed bor in spring.
May 22 Went to Fagons & took drill home. Got oats. Dry.
May 23 Done chores. Roy & Stella went to school. I got wagon tongue.
May 24 Went to Victoria. Took butter. Nice rain last night.
May 25 Sunday went to Walker. Got mail. At home.
May 26 Went to Mr. Boyles sale. Nice day, but dry.
May 27 Washed forenoon. Cleaned house. Terribly windy.
May 28 High dry wind. Wheat dying. Went to Gorham.
May 29 Still dry. Took Nelly to Gorham. Some cloudy.
May 30 Dry & windy weather. Done chores.
May 31 Dry. Horse broke buggy tongue threw us out.
Jun 1, 1890 Went to Fullers. Came home. Hot.
Jun 2 High dry wind. Mowed rye. Suffering for rain.
Jun 3 Finished mowing 10 acre rye. Raked afternoon. Sold 33 lbs butter for $3.30 Got 10 cts lbs. Sold 23 lbs butter for $2.30 Got 10 cts lbs. Sold 33 lbs butter for $3.30 Got 10 cts lbs.
Jun 4 Tried to stack rye but too windy. Plowed corn.
Jun 5 Windy. Worked road. Terrible dry.
Jun 6 Clarence Hall helped stack rye. Terrible hot.
Jun 7 Finished stacking rye 1st piece. Hot.
Jun 8 Sunday went to S. S. Billy Naylors here.
Jun 9 Plowed corn all day. Terrible dry.
Jun 10 Finished 12 acres corn 1st time.
Jun 11 Finished cutting 6 acres rye. Raked afternoon. Hot.
Jun 12 Went to Gorham. Took butter. Got 9 cts lb. Windy.
Jun 13 Plowed corn forenoon. Stacked rye. Hot & dry.
Jun 14 Plowed corn all day. Terrible dry & hot. Crops suffering.
Jun 15 Sunday worst dry spell since in Ks. Fagons here.
Jun 16 Rained last night. Hattie washed. Finished E. piece corn.
Jun 17 Rained last night. Went to Victoria. Got 10 ct. lb. for butter.
Jun 18 Stacked rye finished. Things growing fast.
Jun 19 Went to Gorham forenoon. Big hail in eve. Plowed corn. Very hot.
Jun 20 Plowed & cultivated in sorgum. Very hot.
Jun 21 Harrowed sorgum. Plowed corn 2nd time. Hot.
Jun 22 Sunday south wind. Hot.
Jun 23 Plowed corn 2nd time. Corn growing fast.
Jun 24 Plowed corn. Very warm days.
Jun 25 Plowed corn in E. field. Hot
Jun 26 Finished plowing corn & sorgum. Hot.
Jun 27 Helped Ellie Grunt cut rye. Windy.
Jun 28 Cut rye for Ellie. Wheat for me. Warm.
Jun 29 Sunday at home all day. Hot. Windy.
Jun 30 Finished my wheat in middle field. Helped Jake cut.
Jul 1, 1890 Cut for Jake all day. Warm.
Jul 2 Cut at Jakes all day. Nice to work.
Jul 3 Cut forenoon. Rainy and damp.
Jul 4 Cool & fine. Went to Ft. Fletcher to celebration.
Jul 5 Very windy. Finished Jakes wheat. Killed 7 skunks.
Jul 6 Hot. Sunday at home all day. Terrible dry.
Jul 7 Cut E. field wheat. Very windy.
Jul 8 Cut rye for Grunt. Hot & dry.
Jul 9 Cut for Grunt. Very warm.
Jul 10 Cut wheat for Grunt. Hot & dry.
Jul 11 Finished cutting for Grunt. Cut 2 acres for me.
Jul 12 Finished cutting oats & rye for Jake. Done harvesting.
Jul 13 Sunday warm & dry at home.
Jul 14 Washed. Went to Victoria afternoon. Hot winds.
Jul 15 Took rye to Walker forenoon. Lard to Gorham. Hot.
Jul 16 Took 22 chickens to Victoria. Got 22 cts each. Hot.
Jul 17 Sold 320 acres land to J. Grunts for $4000.00. 6 hundred & 40 dollars to be paid by July 25 1890 and $3360.00 to be paid out in $10 payments at 8%.
Jul 18 Very dry & hot. At home all day.
Jul 19 Looked for thrashers all day. Hot.
Jul 20 Went to Mr. Fagons. Hot winds terrible.
Jul 21 Threshed my wheat. Had 292½ bu. Got 59 cts bu.
Jul 22 Went to Russell. Got sales bill. Hot & dry.
Jul 23 At home. Sold 4 chairs for $2.80. Washed.
Jul 24 Went to Victoria. Got oilcloth. Grunts paid. Put up sales bills. Me $90.00 cash. Check $550.00
Jul 25 Put bows on wagon (covered wagon). Went to Walker. Hot & dry.
Jul 26 I & Joe Grunt went to Hays City had contract recorded.
Jul 27 Very hot & dry at home all day. Grunts here.
Jul 28 Packed up things. Got ready for sale. Hot & dry.