At Home: October 18, 1928 - May 2, 1931

14-19 [missing]
20 October 18 1928 Took Mrs Dizney & Infant home from Good Samaritan to 206 Chesnut St [xxx] In Long Beach $50.00Got a terrible cold for two weeks could not work
Nov 24 1929 Took Mrs Powell home from Good Samaritan hospital 107th street Jews 25.00
Dec 1 Left there
Dec 3 Went to Mrs MacIntire 1026 Healitrop Drive , twins, got them straightened out in 5 days $25.00
Dec 7th Home
Dec 29th



Called on a case by Dr Brewing take Mrs Froegar and infant from the Good Samaritan took them to her Mothers Mrs Ruff 5214 Franklin a beautiful home an wonderful people. Only stayed a week should have tried to stay a year. Home Jan 5th 1930
21 Jan 26 [1930] Called by Dr Brewing to take Mrs Dizney & infant home from Good Samaritan 2491 Lyrie Ave. North Hollywood two weeks very satisfactory work $50.00
Feb 9 Home
Feb 12 Called by Dr Dietrich to take charge of Mrs Stoenshall adopted infant. Was there 4 weeks $100.00
22 March 12th Went to La Jolla to see Maud & Tindall. Gone 3 days
March 15 Went back to the Sweinhards for three weeks $75.00
April 5th Home
23 May 2 1931 Took Mrs A. F MacDonald home from Good Samaritan there 4 weeks 100.00 and ten dollars gift Home May 29th
24-27 [missing]
May 28-July 8 [Blank]