Much like Hansel & Gretel leaving breadcrumbs along their path, our ancestors left records of their lives. And much like the fairy tale, many of those "crumbs" have been eaten by time, carelessness, wars, fires, vermin, etc. But some are still there, preserved in various repositories scattered around the country and the world. Genealogy is the search for the crumbs the birds did not find, piecing them together, and like a jigsaw puzzle, producing a picture of our ancestors lives, families, and the world they lived in.

My goal is to present the genealogy of our children's ancestors, starting with each of their great-grandparents and working back. For the most part, you'll find names, dates, places, and sources. As you will see, sources are the most important part of genealogy. Without a source, it might as well be fiction. For those relationships and events that are not yet sourced, I'm working on it. My original software didn't do sources well at all, so my main effort these days is to find and enter them. Wonderful thing about this's endless!

Click on database either in the top menu, or the menu of the left to see what we've been able to piece together from the crumbs we have been able to find. There is a short introduction on the main page that explains what you'll see and how to use some of the features in that section. There are many charts showing how we're related to many significant historical figures or make us eligible for various hereditary societies.

In Journals, there is a diary that Mary Robinson kept of two trips to the east in the late '20's and early 30's. Also, there is a series of newspaper clippings that tell quite a bit about the Robinson family in turn of the century Telluride, Colorado.

Great Generations highlights the military service of our ancestors.

Lineages will point out some hereditary societies we are eligible for. The database section has charts showing many of the lines.

What's new will tell you just that: what's been added or changed since you last visited. We're constantly finding new material so come back often!

Legal stuff, among other things, explains why you won't find your name among these pages.