McDonough Co., Illinois: 1881-1884

Feb 27 1881 This father wrote at beginning of dairy:
  Let all your words be sincere & never deceive. Let us try to improve our time while we are in this life. That all may be well for us in our life to come. We will all have to stand before God and be judged according to the deeds done in the bodie while in this life. When this remember me.
  Selurn Dana Logan.
Feb 27 Snowing all day. Rained last nite.
Mar. 3 Snowed last nite and all forenoon. Today aunt Vnia had a wood shopping, but there was one there named Selurn Logan who hauled them 2 loads of wood.
Mar 4 I went to Willies in the morning to see the Calves. They were doing very well. It was worst adventure I ever had thro snow drifts. The lanes are blockaded.
Mar. 10 Thawed today and I went into the woods and chopped wood and hauled 2 loads and one of rails. Then went out to Willie Mackey & got calves.
Mar. 11 Rained last nite and still raining this morning with a fearful East wind.
Mar. 12 Chopped stove wood this morning. Willie brought me the broken leg filly. Then we went to town. Misted rain.
Mar. 13 Froze last nite with a light skift of snow. I went up to grandmothers and stayed couple hours. Came home and wrote letter to uncle Jimmy. Mother wrote to uncle John.
Mar. 14 I chopped wood today and made rails. Hauled up 3 loads wood on the sled and hauled 3 loads of rails along fence. Mother went to Mr. Hungates. (25 yrs. old today)
Mar. 15 The nicest spring like morn we’ve had this year. Mother went to town. I chopped stove wood, worked the colt. Made calves a trough. Looked rainey in evening.
Mar. 16 Cloudy and damp forenoon. Rained last nite with thunder. Chopped stove wood. Lorey here afternoon. Worked Colts. Thawing
Mar. 17 Hauled rails and stakes from corn pen along West fence and made rails and stakes. Froze hard last nite. Thawed today
Mar. 18 Hauled rails and wood then went to aunt Vnias to wood chopping. Get letter from S. H.
Mar. 19 Fearful snow storm last nite and all day today a blizzard, not very cold. Done nothing much all day.
Mar. 20 About 2 foot snow today Sunday at home.
Mar. 21 Clear and thawed I chopped wood. Went to town. Geo. Foster & Johnny Peel here. I went to grandmother in morning on the sled.
Mar. 22 Chopped wood. Clear and nice Mother washed.
Mar 23 Froze hard last nite. I tapped sugar trees. Hung the meat. Cleaned up timothy seed etc.
Mar. 24 Foggy this morning. Cleared off nice. Mother went to town. I wrote Viola last nite.
Mar. 25 I went to town this morning bought hatchet. Trimmed Apple trees. Snow squalls in evening.
Mar. 26 Froze hard Hauled 2 loads corn in barn and 4 loads manure on field. Went to town. Trimmed 6 apple trees.
Mar. 27 Mother went to Leonas. I went to town to a quarterly meeting.
Mar. 28 Reset the lot fence forenoon. Mother came from Leonas & Willies. Trimmed apple trees rain turned to snow.
Mar. 29 Quite a snow this morning. Worked in barn. Went to town. Trimmed apple trees.
March 30 Clear & nice Hauled 4 loads manure. Burned brush.
Mar. 31 Froze last nite. Hauled straw to grandmas.
April 1, 1881 Very cold. Chopped wood
April 2 Hauled 5 loads manure. Cold and snowing.
April 3 Sunday. Lorey Brought me 2 letters. One was an April fool. Went to meeting. Snowed
April 4 Cold & Cloudy. Hauled corn & Manure. Leona and Will came.
April 5 Nice day. Went to Election. Then to town to Holiness Meeting at nite.
April 6 Froze last nite. Chopped Willow & done chores.
April 7 Took hogs to town. Hawled willows. Raining.
April 8 Cut hedge, misted rain. Snowed P. M. 4 inches deep.
April 9 Went town in morning. Cut hedge. Tom Hainline and wife here all night.
April 10 All went to grandmothers today.
April 11 Cut hedge and timber. Heavy Thunder and rain.
April 12 Snowed. Reset fence North of lane.
April 13 Cleared off this morning fixed fence.
April 14 Fixed cellar way. Took up potatoes. Nice day. Will here
April 15 Fixed fence. Mother went to town.
April 16 Reset fence for grandmother. Went to school election.
April 17 Went to town to meeting. Easter Concert in afternoon
April 18 Hauled wood & rails. Harrowed stalks.
April 19 Set willows forenoon. Went to Willies. Got Elevice.
April 20 Plowed in stumps in forenoon. Cut stalks afternoon.
April 21 West town, took old iron, potatoes apples etc. rained
April 22 Fixed fence, marked calf. Ploughed in stumps. Warm.
April 23 Sowed 8 bu. Oats. In stumps and timother seed.
April 24 Sunday, very warm, cloudy. Went to S. S. Convention in afternoon Rained. Roads very rough.
April 25 Plouged in stumps. Very warm.
April 26 Sowed timothy seed in stomps ploughed East for oates.
April 27 Went to Bozarths & to town got some plow shoes. Rainy
April 28 Finished sewing oats. Very warm.
April 29 Fixed fence. Went town got plow sharpened.
April 30 Hauled pieces of rails forenoon. 2 loads wheat to town.
May 1, 1881 Sunday went to Willies and to Elm and Rock Creek.
May 2 Hauled 4 loads wheat to town for mother. 78 cts. Bus.
May 3 Went to Willies. Got Chaff. Plowed for corn. Rolled oats
May 4 Plowed for corn. Cool. Misted rain.
May 5 Finished plowing 4 acres for corn. Harrowed and laid it off.
May 6 Planted 4 acres corn. Plowed rest of day.
May 7 Went to Bozarths in morning. Plowed rest of day. Plowed out skunk. Showered.
May 8 Sunday at home. Had 2 showers. Warm. Cherry and apple trees in bloom. Wrote to J.L.-V.C.-E.R.-C.H.
May 9 Plowed for corn. Warm.
May 10 Hot. Plowed. Everything growing fast.
May 11 Finished plowing 14 acres and crossed it off for corn.
May 12 Planted 14 acres corn. DeBond drove I dropped.
May 13 I and mother went to town in morning. Commenced to plow East field. Took Flora to Bozarth.
May 14 Cool and nice.
May 15 Quite cool. Went to town to meeting in buggy.
May 16 Plowed and cut stalks. Lula sick in nite. Willie brought colt to pasture.
May 17 Lula throat swelled. Went bought horse.
May 18 Warm and dry. Ground hard.
May 19 Plowed. Warm & dry.
May 20 Finished plowing for corn. Very glad of it.
May 21 Harrowed with 3 horses. Ella Hebe, Viola & Mort came.
May 22 Sunday Onie & Will grandma and aunt Vine here.
May 23 Finished planting corn. Nice rain.
May 24 Raining. Went to burying of Mose Ferres Wife.
May 25 Plowed Potato Patches. Reset grandmas fence.
May 26 Rolled Corn. Plowed corn 1st time this year.
May 27 Went to town. Hot and dry.
May 28 Finished plowing 4 acres of corn. Greased harness and buggy.
May 29 Sunday. I and mother went to town to meeting. Went to Leonas in afternoon then to H.Bs. (This is his first date with my mother).
May 30 Burnt brush. Went to decoration P. M.
May 31 Went to Bozarths with Flora. (Flora is a mare)
June 1, 1881 Reset orchard fence. Plowed corn and Potatoes.
June 2 Plowed corn. Rained. Staked hedge.
June 3 Plowed corn. Went to N. Hungates. Got gentleman cow for red heifer.
June 4 Plowed 4 acres corn 2nd time. Uncle John and Jane at grandmothers. Went to Rock Creek at night.
June 5 Sunday. Went to quarterly meeting at Rock Creek.
June 6 Nice & Cool. Worked roads. Willie & Ownie here.
June 7 Cut sprouts of oats in stumps. Went to see Tom Williams. Fearful rains last nite.
June 8 Heavy rained. Worked roads.
June 9 Took hogs to town for mother. Worked roads.
June 10 Plowed corn. Mother and grandmother went to Mr. Williams.
June 11 Finished plowing corn 1st time. Went to see Hattie Bentley afternoon and evening.
June 12 Went to see Hattie. Went buggy riding.
June 13 Fixed fence for grandmother. Hard rain.
June 14 Plowed corn. Fearful hot. Hotter than hot.
June 15 Heavy rain. Went to town. Got shovel sharpened.
June 16 Clear. Drying fast. Plowed potatoes.
June 17 Plowed corn. Willie & Leona came last nite. Went to see H. B.
June 18 Went to town. Plowed. Rained in afternoon.
June 19 Sunday Rained. Went and stayed all afternoon with Hattie.
June 20 Heavy rain and wind. Stock in field.
June 21 Went to N. Hungates. Got Billy corn. Cool East rain.
June 22 Went town. Built fence.
June 23 Went to McComb to show.
June 24 Plowed corn.
June 25 Cloudy and dull.
  Essies Note. From here until Dec. 26 I find no record. But we do know that Dana Selwin Logan and Hattie Mariah Bentley were married July 3, 1881.
Dec. 26, 1881 I went helped Willie Butcher.
Dec 27 Made bridge across creek. Sawed out barn door.
Dec 28 Reset fence. Made gate. Very warm and muddy.
Dec 29 Hauled 2 loads of straw to put in barn. Staked fence. Fixed trough by old well.
Dec 30 Turned very cold last nite. Chopped wood and sat by fire. Shot rabbits.
Dec 31 Very cold. Hauled 3 loads wood. Went town and got Hattie new dress.
Jan 1 1882 Cold & Chilly. Went to Hal Jones.
Jan 2 Hauled wood. Will came and we hauled 2 loads corn and put in barn.
Jan 3 Cold wind. Mother and Geo Davidson and Harley here last nite all nite.
Jan 4 Snowed last nite. Worst day this winter. Hattie is hooking me a comfort scarf.
Jan 5 Went for load hay forenoon. To town in afternoon got set of chairs. Mother came and stayed all nite.
Jan 6 Hauled Hay. Brought home sleigh & cultivator.
Jan 7 Foggy very heavy and damp all day. Hattie finished my comfort scarf.
Jan 8 Cloudy and dull days. Commenced to freeze.
Jan 9 Made homing. Chopped stove wood. Roads bad.
Jan 10 Went to town with Will on load on load of corn.
Jan 11 Hauled 3 loads manure. Killed rabbits and 13 rats.
Jan 12 Very cold. Moved granary. Killed 10 rats very tired.
Jan 13 Cold. Went to grandmothers to birthday dinner. 33 people there had nice time.
Jan 14 Cold & frosty this morn. Hauled corn for Will.
Jan 15 Cloudy and dull. Went to Tom & Lons today.
Jan 16 Turned cold. Will broke our wagon.
Jan 17 Hauled 2 loads corn J. C. here.
Jan 18 Went to Coal Chester got silverware etc. Small pox in Chester.
Jan 19 Hauled corn for Will. Ate dinner at Mothers
Jan 20 Killed 2 hogs. Very nice ones had 12 gallon lard.
Jan 21 Hauled corn for Will. Got sausage mill.
Jan 22 Sunday. Went to grandpas. Oyster dinner.
Jan 23 Hauled corn for mother. Got 44½ cts. Bushel.
Jan 24 Had wood chopping & carpet sewing cantal. 21 here got lots done.
Jan 25 Damp. Mother here last nite. Went to spelling school at Elm Creek last nite. I spelled whole school down.
Jan 26 Very muddy. I chopped down 4 elm trees.
Jan 27 Froze last nite. Went got 3 chichens keg & table.
Jan 28 Turned very cold. Went to town.
Jan. 29 Sunday. Fearful cold. Went to Elm Creek to meeting. Rev. Bushnell preached.
Jan 30 Cloudy & dull. Hattie washed. Roads rough.
Jan 31 Hauled wood. Roads rough.
Feb. 1, 1882 Got sow and pigs from mothers.
Feb 2 Took hogs to town. Chopped wood.
Feb 3 Went to McComb. Got breaking plow.
Feb 4 Paid taxes. Got plow sharpened.
Feb 5 Went to town to meeting and Baptizing.
Feb 6 Helped mother move town in forenoon. Hauled 2 loads of posts. Burnt buck wheat straw.
Feb 7 Went to timber for big load wood.
Feb 8 Went to Fishbars and got male hog.
Feb 9 Hauled wood in forenoon. Cut hedge.
Feb 10 Cut hedge. Went to town P. M. to Ella & Hebes.
Feb 11 Rained. Hattie made soup.
Feb 12 Very muddy. Went to Elm meeting. No meeting.
Feb 13 Bored holes in stumps poured coal oil in to burn.
Feb 14 Clear & fine. Hauled rails on sleds. Forenoon made gate and fence.
Feb 15 Reset fence. Burnt stumps
Feb 16 Cut hedge. Chopped wood forenoon.
Feb 17 Staked and ridered fence in morning. Went town and come home by Will’s. A. H. Dewit married yesterday.
Feb 18 Rained. I went to Coal Chester.
Feb 19 Sunday. Rained stayed home wrote 4 letters.
Feb 20 Cold. Ice on fences and ground.
Feb 21 Worst sleet. Broke down 1 apple tree.
Feb 22 Hauled 4 loads manure. Hattie washed.
Feb 23 Hauled rails. Went to town in afternoon.
Feb 24 Chopped wood in forenoon. Went to see R. Hainline in afternoon.
Feb 25 Hauled rails. Roads rough & bad.
Feb 26 Sunday at home. To see R Hainline afternoon.
Feb 27 Hung meat very damp.
Feb 28 Rained Creek high. Chopped wood. Hulled hazel nuts. Mrs. J. sick.
Mar. 1, 1882 Chopped wood all day. Hattie went to her grandmothers.
Mar 2 I and Charlie Carter sawed wood forenoon. Cut and laid big hedge. Hebe Kline came in afternoon.
Mar 3 Finished cutting hedge. Warm.
Mar 4 Went to Willies. Mother is poorly. Went to town.
Mar 5 Rained some. Read Magazines.
Mar 6 Made bridge across creek. Cold & chilly.
Mar 7 Burned brush. Hauled manure. Ridered fence.
Mar 8 Snowed. Sowed clover seed. Finished dragging logs.
Mar 9 Rained. I went town. Ate dinner at mothers.
Mar 10 Went to Mr. Mulls bought 50 bu. Oats at 40 cts. Bu.
Mar 11 Went to Mr. Mulls on sled and 9 ct. 10 bu. Oats. Then went to town [on] horse back. Cold and sleet.
Mar 12 Sun. at home all day. Read. Hebe came last nite at half past nine.
Mar 13 Clear. Froze hard. Have 13 little chickens. I made quilting frames. Hattie put in quilt.
Mar 14 My Birthday. Willie & Leona here. Hauled rails. Corded wood. Hattie gave me a pair of mittens and baked me a queen pudding.
Mar 15 Chopped wood & staked and ridered N. pasture fence.
Mar 16 Went to town forenoon. Then to Wills.
Mar 17 Went to Coal Chester buggy. Had $9.45 of produce.
Mar 18 Hal and Kitty here today. Sprinkled rain.
Mar 19 Set out gooseberries, raspberries, cherries & hackberries.
Mar 20 Froze last nite. Cut brush in thicket.
Mar 22 Cut brush all day. Cold at nites.
Mar 23 Went to timber and to grandmothers. Bought Celum of Mother.
Mar 24 Finished cutting the brush. Froze hard.
Mar 25 Got 14 bu. Oats. Had pictures taken.
Mar 26 Sun. heavy shower with thunder.
Mar 27 Chopped up apple tree for wood.
Mar 28 Lulys colt came last nite. Went to town and insured house and barn. Bought rake.
Mar 29 Made garden. Warm and nice.
Mar 30 Mrs. Carter here and Jasie Curtis sold 300 bu. Corn to Dans at 57 cts. Bu.
Mar 31 Hauled 3 loads manure. Then plowed rye for oats.
April 1, 1882 Went to Mr. Mulls got 26 bu. Oats. The nicest day of year. Killed 3 rats.
April 2 Sunday. A beautiful day. Went to grandpas.
April 3 Started to McComb at 2 oclock. Got home at 11. I set out trees.
April 4 Sowed oats and cultivated and harrowed. Ver hot.
April 5 Took Luly to town. Finished sowing oats.
April 6 Burnt brush & old straw stack. Shower last night.
April 7 Finished harrowing oats. Plowed orchard.
April 8 Planted Potatoes. Very Warm. Wind in East.
April 9 Planted Potatoes and sweet corn. Heavy rain. Washed away fence. Water over bottoms.
April 10 Sunday. Went to town to James Hayes funeral burying to meeting and to mothers for dinner.
April 11 Fixed bridge & fence. Went to Jasies after carpet.
April 12 Fixed fence for grandmother.
April 13 Fixed fence for grandmother again cold.
April 14 Went town. Got loads board and lathes.
April 15 Plowed sweet potato ridges. Mother here.
April 16 Sunday. Mother went home. Effie came and told us Geo. Fosters baby was dead.
April 17 Traded calves to Hal for Lathan Note.
April 18 Plowed. Effie here. Heavy rain.
April 19 Hauled 3 loads manure. Made Marker.
April 20 Hauled 5 loads manure. Clear & warm.
April 21 Mrs. J. here. Went to town.
April 22 Shelled corn chopped wood.
April 23 Sun. Cold. N. E. Wind. At home all day.
April 24 Hattie went to Wilsons. Brought shingles.
April 25 Took load corn to town. Roads rough.
April 26 Commenced to shingle barn. Warmer but not hot.
April 27 Shingled all day on barn. Harlie helped.
April 28 Harlie worked till noon. Hattie has 95 chickens.
April 29 Plowed, worked in barn. Went to town.
April 30 White frost. Went to Cedar Creek forenoon. Ella and Hebe here a few minutes.
May 1, 1882 Got load corn. Then to town. Got plank.
May 2 White frost. Finished planting potatoes.
May 3 Raining forenoon. Shingled on barn. Plowed.
May 4 Harrowed sod and bottom piece. Laid it off and planted in evening. Warm.
May 5 Terrible rain. Washed away my bridge & fence.
May 6 Took Flora (the mare) to town. Got corn money. Started rebuilding fences.
May 7 Sun. misty & cold. Went to Elm to meeting.
May 8 Fixed fence. Hard rain at nite.
May 9 Worked on road made 300 and the lags 1.00.
May 10 Plowed with cultivator for fall plowing.
May 11 Finished cultivating. Hattie went to town.
May 12 Harlie here last nite. Shelled corn. Cold rain all day. Creek banks full. Wet. Wet Wet.
May 13 Went to town. Fixed ford (bridge). Cold & wet.
May 14 Sunday nice day. Went to B. D. Wills here.
May 15 Took flour & meet to mother. Went to town.
May 16 Plowed, harrowed and laid off stubble and planted half of it. A nice day.
May 17 Finished planting corn. To town in afternoon.
May 18 Plowed out East.
May 19 Finished corn. Plowed potato ridges.
May 20 Went town got 350 sweet potato plants and set out.
May 21 Sunday. Clear. Went to Elm to S. S.
May 22 White frost. Have got 200 chickens.
May 23 Very cold. Wore mittens. Ellen & W. C. here last night.
May 24 Planted corn. Rained. Had to quit at noon.
May 25 Willies and mother came.
May 26 Heavy rain. Viola and Family came.
May 27 Raining today. Viola went to mothers. I and Hattie went to town. Hattie got hat.
May 28 Sunday Clear. We went to Elm to S. S.
May 29 Replanted corn. Mrs. J. here.
May 30 Plowed corn on sod. Began to rain.
May 31 Put rafters & sheeting on barn. Dull & cloudy.
June 1, 1882 Went to town. Sold saw. Got [may a roats] for squirrels. Went to Chester got Carpet.
June 2 Raining all day. Took old saw to town. The creek very high. Very Very Bad.
June 3 Very rainy. Went town. Got meal for chickens.
June 4 Went to Cedar Creek to church to Elm in evening.
June 5 Shingled on barn all day.
June 6 Finished barn. Got roller for stubble.
June 7 Plowed corn on stubble. Warm & nice.
June 9 Cultivated on bottom piece and planted some. Had chicken first time. Plowed grapes.
June 10 Went to town in morn. Heavy rain.
June 11 I and Hattie replanted corn out East. Rained hard. I took 1250 shingles back. Hattie went to grandmothers and got ashes. Replanted sweet potatoes.
June 14 Rained last nite. I replanted corn.
June 15 Plowed corn out East. Nice and warm.
June 16 Finished corn plowing 1st time. Hattie and I went to [9 K] wool picking.
June 17 2 hard rains last nite. Went to town.
June 18 Sunday. Went to Cedar Willie & mother came home with us.
June 19 Plowed corn on stubble crossways. Very cool.
June 20 Finished stubble. Plowed orchard. Went and got cradle.
June 21 Plowed out Eacl. Hattie made soap.
June 22 Finished plowing corn 2nd time. Plowed on sod 3rd time.
June 23 Hard rain. Craddle rye. Went town. Very hot.
June 24 Finished plowing sod 3rd time. Went to Coal Chester. Bound 10 shocks rye in evan hal.
June 25 Went to Willie Grove for S. S. Convention. Rained.
June 26 Hard rain last nite. Cloudy dull. Mowed weeds.
June 27 Hoed corn. Hard rain with sharp lightening.
June 28 Hoed corn forenoon. Plowed on stubble afternoon.
June 29 Finished stubble 3rd time at noon. Mr. Mrs. J. here.
June 30 Finished plowing corn 3rd time.
July 1, 1882 Very heavy dew. Cut on rye with self Binder.
July 2 Sun. at home forenoon. Went to Wills after mother got money 20.00 Elder McNeith Culured on temperance.
July 3 Heavy rain filled up the cave. Set up rye shocks.
July 4 Very cool and nice. Went to McComb.
July 5 Finished shocking rye. Plowed corn on stubble. Plowed potatoes. Mother here.
July 6 Finished stubble piece 4 times. Plowed on sod.
July 7 Finished laying by seed corn. Rained Flora Stifled herself.
July 8 Finished plowing corn 4th time. Went to town.
July 9 Sunday. Went to John Hainlines. Hard rain.
July 10 Worked on bin in barn forenoon. To Chester in P.M.
July 11 Harlie commenced work. Went to see Mr. Barnetts.
July 12 Hoed corn and went to see Perie K.
July 13 Made hay afternoon. Hauled 2 loads.
July 14 Nice day hauled 3 loads of hay. Very cold at nites.
July 15 Finished plowing corn in forenoon. Went to Wills. Got single bed of corn. Got money of grandmother. Pd. Mother 1.00. Hard rain in evening.
July 16 Went to town to lecture in evening. Sunday.
July 17 Hauled 4 loads rock. Roads rough.
July 18 Rained last nite. Pryed up old house and went to town. Got sells.
July 19 Moved house. Harlie hauled 3 loads of rock.
July 20 Hauled 6 loads rock. Hattie went home and to Nelsons.
July 21 Hauled 4 loads rock. Cool at nights sleep under blankets 6 women and lots of children here.
July 22 Warm. Hauled 4 loads of rock and 1 load tile.
July 23 Sunday at home all day. Took good rest.
July 24 Hauled 4 loads rock. Very warm sowed turnips.
July 25 Hauled 2 loads rock. Dug in cellar for the first. Mr. Shaw helped. J. M. here. Show at Elm tonite.
July 26 Went and got 2 loads rock. Dug in cellar.
July 27 Dug in cellar. Went to town got 4 barrels lime. Mother here at nite.
July 28 Worked in cellar and drain. Keithleys cut oats with binder. Worked until after nite. Very tire.
July 29 Sunday. Raining this morning.
July 30 Dug in cellar. Went and got load of sand.
July 31 Got sand and dug in cellar.
Aug. 1, 1882 Hauled 2 loads sand one of rock. Mr. Ray and Underhill commenced work.
Aug 2 Hauled 3 loads of lumber and one of sand and rock.
Aug 3 Hauled 3 loads lumber and one of rock. Rained.
Aug 4 Very showery all day. Harlie went to help Will thrash.
Aug 5 Went to town. Got Lula shod. Went to convention in evening. Hard rain and wind.
Aug 6 Sunday. At home all day. To Cedar to a lecture in evening.
Aug 7 Hauled load lumber. Filled up drean.
Aug 8 Fixed bin in barn. Took caps off oats. Set posts for shed. Hauled 2 loads rock and one of lumber. Mr. Barnett commenced work. Nice day.
Aug 9 Finished cellar. Took masons home at nite.
Aug 10 Harley helped Hal thrash. Commence to thrash here tommarow. Thrashed 392 bu. Oats. Nice day.
Aug 11 Finished thrashing 10 oclock 79 bu. Rye. Took 2 loads oats afternoon. Got 47 bus. Went to pickneck.
Aug 12 Went to McComb as delegate. Nice day.
Aug 13 Sunday. Went to Cedar and Elm. Dunkard B. Lea.
Aug 14 Raised the house. I went to town.
Aug 15 Worked on house. Filberts here. Harlie plowed corn.
Aug 16 Went to town. Got siding. Commenced to shingle.
Aug 17 Finished South side of roof. Put rafters on kitchen.
Aug 18 Shingled on kitchen. Very hot.
Aug 19 Harley plowed and I shingled.
Aug 20 Went to Spring Creek to camp meeting.
Aug 21 Finished shingling house. Harlie plowed.
Aug 22 Mowed weeds in forenoon. Went to Mineres to picknick in afternoon.
Aug 23 Hauled load of lumber. Harlie thrashed at Wilson.
Aug 24 Harlie worked roads. I fixed cellar. Laid floor.
Aug 25 1882 Harlie plowed. Made hog pen. Mowed weeds. Hot
Aug 26 Harlie plowed. Went to town got door frames etc.
Aug 27 Sunday. Cool home at day. To Cedar at nite.
Aug 28 Went got load of brick from mother.
Aug 29 Laid platform to well. Set out straw berries.
Aug 30 Hauled sand, set out strawberries.
Aug 31 Went to town. Got brick for cellar floor.
Sept 1, 1882 Rained all day. I and Hattie lathed.
Sept 2 Harlie plowed. Went town got brick. To Elm at nite.
Sept 3 Went with Wills to Arguile to camp meeting.
Sept 4 Slacked 4 barrels lime forenoon. Etc.
Sept 5 Lathed on house forenoon. Got 5 barrels lime.
Sept 6 Hauled load sand. Built flues.
Sept 7 Went got T. H. and J. H. to plaster. Lathed etc.
Sept 8 Put on 1 coat plaster. P. L. helped Barnett quit work. Paid him 35.00.
Sept 9 Went to town. Got paint for house forenoon. Got load of sand afternoon. Mort and Viola came afternoon. Stayed for supper.
Sept 10 Sunday. We went to Wills and stayed all day. N. here.
Sept 11 Painted on house. P. L. helped. Hattie made plum preserves in afternoon.
Sept 12 Got load sand forenoon. Painted afternoon.
Sept 13 Painted. Mowed slew grass. Very warm.
Sept 14 Got plasterers forenoon. Made mud.
Sept 15 Got load sand in forenoon. Plowed afternoon.
Sept 16 Went town got barrel of lime. Got house second coated. Plowed afternoon.
Sept 17 Went to Mr. J. today. Very hot and dry.
Sept 18 Harlie plowed. I waited on plasterer. Hot.
Sept 19 Rained last nite. Went town got doors etc. Men got done plastering. Painted kitchen.
Sept 20 Painted kitchen. [Pantry] etc. Dull.
Sept 21 Cut grass. Painted. Shocked hay. Fuss with L. S.
Sept 22 Barnett finished house. Finished haying.
Sept 23 Hauled and stacked 6 loads hay. Nice day.
Sept 24 Went to Hals in evening. Nice day.
Sept 25 Went to painting. Finished house inside.
Sept 26 Painted inside. South side. P. L. helped.
Sept 27 Painted. Hattie worked with peaches.
Sept 28 Harriet and Jose here. Made new carpet. Plowed.
Sept 29 Went to reunion. Got furniture. Rained.
Sept 30 Sowed seed in orchard. Made Ciout.
Oct 1 1882 Sunday. Cloudy dull. Went to town to lecture.
Oct 2 Helped Hattie wash 2 quills. Cut hedge. Graded yard. Good rain.
Oct 3 Graded yard. Narcis here. Mother May and Gabe here.
Oct 4 Went made cider. Grandma here. Worked in yard.
Oct 5 Mowed yard. Went town. Hattie went to Hals.
Oct 6 Put in Cedar windows. Went to Hies. C. in evening.
Oct 7 Went to Chester’s and Ella’s. Rained while there.
Oct 8 Sunday. Went to Violas. Rained. Cool & wet.
Oct 9 Clear came home. Muddy, cool and fine.
Oct 10 Raining forenoon. Harlie and I put windows in barn. Ground axes.
Oct 11 Finished cutting hedge and plying brush.
Oct 12 Went town took load of oats. Put wire on fence.
Oct 13 Went to McComb with Hal. Took kit.
Oct 14 Went to town. Got center table. Harlie got work done. Lecture at Elm.
Oct 15 Went to Rock Creek. Heard new preacher. Then to Elm at nite.
Oct 16 Raining most of day. Went to Wills and Mothers to see about paint.
Oct 17 Went to mothers and painted on house. First freeze. Nice day.
Oct 18 Went to mothers and painted. Cool & nice.
Oct 19 Hattie went to Mrs. Carters. I finished mothers house. Nice and cool. Heavy frost.
Oct 20 Went to Chester. Gathered corn. Dug sweet potatoes.
Oct 21 Painted West side barn. Went to town. Finished digging sweet potatoes. Had 4 or 5 bushels.
Oct 22 Sunday. Went to James Baileys burial.
Oct 23 Painted on mothers barn. Nice and cool.
Oct 24 Went to Hies to Crystal wedding. Nice day.
Oct 25 Painted house on corner. Had hard time. Hattie went to grandmas.
Oct 26 Went to Chester. Gathered corn. Killed hog.
Oct 27 Hauled 98 bu. Oats to town 32 cts. bushel. The nicest of weather.
Oct 28 Raining this morning. Went to Keithleys sale. Ella and Hebe came in evening.
Oct 29 Nice day. Worked hard.
Oct 30 Went to plow slough. Killed skunk. Went to town and to grandmothers.
Oct 31 Took load of corn to grandmothers. Rained.
Nov 1, 1882 Cut hedge for mother. Went to town.
Nov 2 Husked 2 part loads corn. White. John Peel and Stafford here.
Nov 3 Husked 27 bu corn. Took to White. 50 cts. bu.
Nov 4 Took Mr. White load of corn. Gathered 1 to feed.
Nov 5 Sunday. Went to Cedar Creek. Then to grandpas.
Nov 6 Dull and misty. Pulled turnips. Husked load corn.
Nov 7 Took load corn to grandpa. Got load rails and some boards. Went to election. Husked corn.
Nov 8 Husked 2 loads white corn. A very warm day.
Nov 9 Raining this morning. Ground and chopped tree. Made rails.
Nov 10 Rainy. Went town. Got mail. Went to mothers.
Nov 11 Husked part load yellow corn. Went to Coal Chester. Viola and Mort came.
Nov 12 Sunday. Turning cold all day. Went and got grandma and mother.
Nov 13 Husked 2 loads white corn. Cold and chilly.
Nov 14 Husked 2 loads corn. Nice day. Warm.
Nov 15 & 16 Husked corn. Warm.
Nov 17 Went to town and to mothers. Hie and Hall here.
Nov 18 Damp and misty. Chopped wood etc.
Nov 19 Sunday. Went to Halls. George H and Beds there.
Nov 20 Husked 2 loads corn. Very nice day.
Nov 21 Got 2 loads corn. Snapped one. Took to grandmothers. Nice day.
Nov 22 Got 2 loads corn. Looks like rain.
Nov 23 Got 1 more loads corn. Froze. Hebe took mother hogs.
Nov 24 Froze hard last nite. Got load corn forenoon. Went to Chester. Was offered 60 cts. bu. for 700 bushels corn. Delivered by Dec. 1st.
Nov 25 Husked 2 loads corn. Took Wills to him at nite. Sleety and snowing. Mrs. J. here. Moved stove. Have 26 loads corn husked.
Nov 26 4 or 5 inches snow this morning. Went to Rock Creek to meeting at nite.
Nov 27 Snapped corn & took to grandmothers.
Nov 28 Snapped corn and husked 2 loads. Snowing.
Nov 29 Husked 2 loads corn. Clear day. Hattie washed.
Nov 30 Thanksgiving Day. Husked 2 loads corn.
Dec 1, 1882 Husked 2 loads corn. Snapped one. Nice day.
Dec 2 Went and took grandma load corn. Took 8 ears to D. office. Came back and ate dinner at grandpas. Alice there.
Dec 3 Hals, Hies, Clays and grandpas here. Went to Rock Creek at nite. Alice went with us. Have 35 loads corn husked.
Dec 4 Husked 2 loads corn. Hattie and Alice went to Hals in evening.
Dec 5 Husked last load. Snowing hard. Snapped load.
Dec 6 Hauled wood on sled. Put cows in field. Put fence in between me and Foster. Cold.
Dec 7 20 degrees cold. Took hogs to town. Got 5.60 per cwt average 305 lbs.
Dec 8 Went paid mother off at nite. Hauled rye.
Dec 9 Took load rye to town. Sleety and misty.
Dec 10 Went to Wills in afternoon in sleigh.
Dec 11 Snapped 4 loads corn. Scott Keithley and children got 4 loads.
Dec 12 I and Jake C. snapped 6 loads and husked one. Goys got 4 loads.
Dec 13 Chores. Got ready to butcher. Went to Wills.
Dec 14 Cold Butchered 2 hogs. Had 11 gal lard. Good day.
Dec 15 Cold and disagreeable. Went mothers & town.
Dec 16 6 below zero. Chopped wood. Burned brush.
Dec 17 Sunday 5 inches snow. Went to Mrs. J. then to Cedar.
Dec 18 Hauled load hay for mother. Got calf. S E. wind.
Dec 19 Took load corn to Chester. Thawed fast.
Dec 20 Raining all day. Husked corn.
Dec 21 Went to town. Clay and Harriet here.
Dec 22 Chopped wood. Hattie made mince for pies.
Dec 23 Clear nice. Went to Cedar at nite.
Dec 24 Sunday. Went to Cedar. Rob and Eliza came home with us. Thawed.
Dec 25 Went to McComb. Got accordion and horses shod.
Dec 26 Went got load wood. Chopped stove wood.
Dec 27 Went to J. Hamilton sale. Sold my corn to Maze.
Dec 28 Went got load wood. Put hay in barn. Cold.
Dec 29 Cut stove wood in forenoon. Went got load wood.
Dec 30 Very frosty. Cut wood for cook stove.
Dec 31 Went to Cedar. Wills, mother, Linthia here. Lafe and Alice here at nite.
Jan 1, 1883 Went to Clay D. to New Years Dinner. Maze commenced hauling corn. I paid Brooks $300.00.
Jan 2 Chopped wood. Went with Maze to weigh corn. Hattie went to Chester. Alice and Lafe went home. Cold 6 below zero.
Jan 3 Cold. Chopped wood. Maze and Geo. Hauling corn.
Jan 4 Chopped wood. Snowing. Nice winter weather.
Jan 5 Took Hattie to her grandmas. Chopped wood. Cold.
Jan 6 Jake & Geo. finished hauling corn. I went home with him and on to Cedar.
Jan 7 Sunday. Kit has distemper very bad. At home.
Jan 8 Stormy night. Will here after kettle. 2 below zero.
Jan 9 Fearful cold day 18 below zero. Helped Will butcher.
Jan 10 Terrible wind from North cold. Bad on stock.
Jan 11 Took grandmother load corn. Hauled 2 loads wood for mother. Harlie here all nite.
Jan 12 Went to Adie Nulls funeral. Then to town. Hebe & Ella came.
Jan 13 Very cold. Went to grandmothers. Not many there.
Jan 14 4 below zero. Ella went home. Icey.
Jan 15 Snowing. Went to mothers. Chopped her wood.
Jan 16 Snowing. Hattie gone to Chester. All eat dinner here. Fearful snow.
Jan 17 Caught 13 quails 2 rabbits. Lost my watch.
Jan 18 Caught 1 rabbit. Went got load wood on grandmothers timber.
Jan 19 Very cold 16 degrees below zero.
Jan 20 8 below zero. Got 2 rabbits. Harlie & Jake here.
Jan 21 Sunday 20 below zero all day. The coldest yet.
Jan 22 The coldest time I ever saw. 26 below zero. Pump froze up. Got load wood.
Jan 23 Went to Chester. Got 210 tiling. Good sleighing.
Jan 24 Went and got 226 tile. Nice day. Viola & Mort here.
Jan 25 I and Hattie went to mothers. Mort, Wills and I caught 7 rabbits.
Jan 26 Went to town. Settled with Brooks. Let Mother have $20.00. Misted.
Jan 27 Went to Chester. Got 130 tile. Got Oysters. Wills here at nite. Had fine time.
Jan 28 Went to town. Was no meeting. Then to J. M. Jones.
Jan 29 Snowing in morn. Went got load wood. Chopped stove wood. Turned cold.
Jan 30 Went got load wood. High West wind. Mr. Jones and Wife here.
Jan 31 Got load wood. Set forks for shed. Ground froze 2 ft deep.
Feb 1, 1883 12 below zero. Went town got nails. Fixed shed and to Hals at nite.
Feb 2 Another terrible stormy day. Sleet and snow from N. E. Went to town on horse. Back by mothers. Cold Cold. Storming tonite fearful hard.
Feb 3 Still snowing. Very bad on stock.
Feb 4 Sunday 10 below zero. Went to Wills visiting.
Feb 5 14 below zero. Went to poor farm. Got Sidney Skilec.
Feb 6 Went to mothers. Got 5 shoats for $10.00. Chopped wood.
Feb 7 Snowed hard. Put hay in barn. Hires boys put 71 cattle in field.
Feb 8 Chopped wood. Went to grandpas. Then to Clays at nite.
Feb 9 All went to Violas in sled. Nice day. Stopped in Chester and traded.
Feb 10 Took meat to grandpas to smoke. Then to town to Nices Seybold funeral.
Feb 11 Sunday. Went to Hies. Stayed all day. Nice day.
Feb 12 Chopped wood. Went to mother. Got seed corn. To grandpas at nite.
Feb 13 Went to Ann Hays sale. Then to Elm at nite.
Feb 14 Thawing, rainy and misty. Chopped stove wood.
Feb 15 Went to grandmas. Eat dinner snow melting.
Feb 16 Heavy rain last nite. Boy snow melting fast. Water very high. Washed away big bridge on road, fences etc. Turned very cold.
Feb 17 Chopped wood. Jake went to town for mail. Cold. Water going down.
Feb 18 Sunday. Went to Elm to meeting and to night meeting.
Feb 19 Finished shopping up wood. Piled and hauled rails against fence.
Feb 20 Went to town to debate. Eat dinner at J. Penningtons.
Feb 21 Went to debate. Ate at grandpas.
Feb 22 Went and helped Will saw wood. Thawed.
Feb 23 Went to town to debate. Sold hogs. Muddy.
Feb 24 Rained last nite. Tried to drive hogs.
Feb 25 Went to grandmas afternoon. Then to Elm at nite.
Feb 26 Took 6 hogs to town average 230 lbs. Will helped saw.
Feb 27 Hauled Elm wood. Went to Chester feel sick and bad.
Feb 28 Warm, clear. Clay and I went McComb. Wills here at nite.
Mar 1, 1883 I am very sick in bed all day. Warm.
Mar 2 Went to grandpas. Got meat. Made rails chopped wood.
Mar 3 Went to mothers. Fenced straw. Went to town.
Mar 4 Sunday. Went to town to meeting. Then to grandma and mothers.
Mar 5 Hauled 2 loads elm wood. Rested. Snowed Hard.
Mar 6 Went to mothers. Hauled wood. Cut stove wood. Cold muddy.
Mar 7 Froze hard last nite. Painted roof. Jasie Curtes & family here.
Mar 8 Cut brush. Chopped wood. Nice day.
Mar 9 Went to town. Painted sled. Came back by Wm. Jone. Hattie there.
Mar 10 Went town. Got load lumber for mother. Cold day.
Mar 11 Sunday. Spit snow. At home all day.
Mar 12 Went to grandmothers fixed gate. Got willows.
Mar 13 I and Harlie sawed wood. Got load rocks. Roads good.
May 14 Burnt logs. My Birthday, 27 yrs. old. Mother here. Gave me a cake stand.
Mar 15 Set out Willows. Cold and chilly. Hattie washed.
Mar 16 Went to Chester. Nice Day. Cut and burned hedge.
Mar 17 Took Lula (mare) to town. Ella and Mrs. K. came.
Mar 18 Sunday. Nice and warm. Went to mothers.
Mar 19 Went town. Sent for Kansas Newspaper. Got load rock.
Mar 20 Cold. Went town, took clover seed. Worked in slough.
Mar 21 Cool and fine. Work in ditch all day.
Mar 22 Took load corn to Chester. Snowed. Dug in ditch.
Mar 23 Took corn to Chester. Cold. Worked in ditch.
Mar 24 Went to town. Worked in ditch. Wills here in even.
Mar 25 Sunday. Raining. Cold East wind.
Mar 26 Worked in ditch. Went to grandpas. Eat dinner, he is sick.
Mar 27 Cold worked in ditch. Finished garden fence.
Mar 28 Worked in ditch. Fixed flood gate & fence. Cold.
Mar 29 3 inches snow. Went after Fr. For grandpa. Stayed all nite.
Mar 30 Plowed garden. Set out onions. Planted lettuce. Harlie and Walter here.
April 1, 1883 Sunday. Cloudy and dull. Hattie gone to her grandpas. I and Sedney home.
April 2 Staid with grandpa all nite. He is very bad.
April 3 Grandpa died at 20 min. of 1 oclock. This was grandpa Jones with whom Hattie had lived since she was 16 months old.
Apr 4 Rained forenoon. Went to grandmas & to town.
April 5 Hard rain today. Grandpa buried today.
April 6 Raining. Very muddy. Went to grandmas.
  [April 7—17 I cannot make out what father has written only that he and Sidney were getting corn & ground ready for planting.]

April 18

I was sick last nite. Plowed, warm & fine. Grandma and Rollo Foster here.
April 19 Plowed. Cool. Hattie and I hoed strawberries.
April 20 Finished plowing N. piece and slough went town.
April 21 Sunday dull. Misting rain terrible. N.E. Wind.
April 22 Went to Tom Wilsons to look at mare. Fearful day. Rained and snowed.
April 23 Froze hard last nite. Plowed, killed skunk. Cool.
April 25 Cultivated up north. Hattie made soap. Very hard days work.
April 26 Went to McComb. Got 3 apple trees. Eat dinner at S. Filberts.
April 27 Very fine day. Finished crossing off and planted corn.
April 28 Clear and nice. Finished planting corn on west ridge.
April 29 Plowed forenoon. Afternoon went to Chester.
May 1, 1883 Went town. Got screens. Cultivated in evening.
  [From here till May 13 he has been sick and busy with spring work, and on 12th went to Theatre.]
May 13 Sunday rained all day. Harlie and George D. here.
May 14 Reset fence west of pasture. Mrs. J. here at nite.
May 15 Took oats to town. Got wheat of mother.
May 16 Went to Chester. Nice and warm. Mother and Wills here for dinner.
May 17 Replanted corn. Organ man eat dinner. Hard rain.
May 18 Took Lula (mare) to Comet. Replanted corn. Took Flora (mare) to Comet.
May 19 Took Ket to King. Plowed Potatoes. Replanted corn.
May 20 Sunday cool and dull. Went to Elm, then to Rock Creek with Clays.
May 21 Very cold. The first heavy snow in Ohio. Very cold.
May 22 Big frost. Corn, Potatoes, beans, etc. wilted. Went town.
May 23 White frost. Sidney run off. Went to Cultivating to plant over.
May 24 Finished Cultivating. Went got seed corn. Harrowed.
May 25 Sunday. Went to town to meeting and to Wills for dinner. Rained.
May 29 Raining this morning and rained all day. Harlie and Jake here.
May 29 Went to see Charlie Hungate. Replanted corn.
May 30 Rained forenoon. Went to decoration [day] and to mothers for supper.
May 31 Replanted corn. Got done. Corn grows slow.
June 1, 1883 Rolled corn and plowed some. Got 300 sweet potato plants set out.
June 2 Rolled corn. Rained. Cut thistles. Hoed potatoes.
June 3 Sunday cloudy and dull. Harlie and Jim here.


[From the 3rd to 9th cannot make out only getting ready for spring and Rossie Tiff came to work. Rossie Logan was named for him.]
June 9 Very wet. Went to town. Hattie went home. Rossie went home.
June 10 Sunday raining. Cold from N. E. all day. Harlie here. Terrible day.
June 11 Hattie went to Clays. I hoed corn.
June 12 Hard rain last nite. Harlie & Rossie here. Went swimming.
June 13 Hoed corn all day. Ground drying slow.
June 14 Plowed corn on N. W. piece. Plowed potatoes.
June 15 Plowed corn. Rained. Hoed some.
June 16 Rained again. I went to Wills and mothers. Hoed some. Plowed till dark.
June 17 Sunday rained. Went to Cedar. Then to Rock Creek to childrens meeting.
June 18 Nice day. Finished plowing corn 1st time. Plowed on sod 2nd time.
June 19 Clear and fine. Plowed corn. Ross finished 5 acre piece 2nd time.
June 20 I plowed and Ross hoed corn. Went to Cedar. Heavy rain storm at nite.
June 21 Everything flooded. Went to Chester.
  [This is summer before Estella was born.]
  [From June 22 to July 6 writing is blurred and all I can make out is he is plowing and hoeing.]
July 6, 1883 Rossie Tiff plowed. I hoed sweet potatoes.
July 7 Misted rain from N. E. Plowed and harrowed.
July 8 Sunday. Went to Rock Creek to quarterly meeting. Cool and fine.
July 9 Plowed and cultivated. Finished east place.
July 10 Plowed some. Rained. Mrs. Charter here.
July 11 Commenced on west place. Ross fished.
July 12 Finished ploughing corn. Took load to Chester. Got fish. 60 cts. for corn.
July 13 Mowed weeds. Went to town by Mr. Hardmans.
July 14 Will here in morn.
  [Cannot make out writing. Father must have gone to K. C. for mother wrote. ‘Oh dear how lonesome without Sellie.”]
July 30 Effie stayed with us last nite. Churned forenoon. Jose came in afternoon. Helped put in quilt and we quilted.
July 31 Harley and Effie stayed here last nite. Done big washing. Quilted.
Aug 1, 1883 Father writes, “I got home from K. C. Cut hedge. Went to town.
Aug 2 Sold hogs for 45.25 cwt. Got oats. 25 bu.
Aug 3 Helped Will children thrash. Pulled onions.
Aug 4 Helped Ella Hawkins thrash. Got pigs of mother.
Aug 5 Sunday, went town in evening. Got beef.
Aug 6 Thrashed had 340 bu oats. Sold 256 bu.
Aug 7 Mowed weeds. Helped Will thrash.
Aug 8 Went to Chester to Miners picknick.
  [From here to Aug. 26 cannot make out.]
Aug 26 Sunday. Went to Ellas. Very warm.
Aug 27 Worked in ditch. Very cool at nights.
Aug 28 Went to mothers. Worked in ditch.
Aug 29 Got grapes, apples and corn.
Aug 30 Laid tile all day. Got done. Peasson helped.
Aug 31 Got bull for red heefer. Worked on road.
Sept 1, 1883 Filled up tile ditch. Made krout. Went town.
Sept 2 Sunday. Ella & Wills here. Dry and dusty. Went to camp meeting in evening.
Sept 3 Hauled manure. Dusty.
  [From here to Sept 23 I cannot make out writing. Lots of rain.]
Sept 23 Sunday. Went to John Hainlines. Nice and cool.
Sept 24 Took pump to mother. Got wood. Cut pop corn. Made 8 gal. Krout.
Sept 25 Got load wood. Cut hedge. Gathered corn.
Sept 26 Dug in well for mother. Got 14 ft. deep. Frosted.
Sept 27 Went got load brick and walled finished well for mother. Cool.
Sept 28 Went to Chester. Took tomatoes, cabbage and potatoes. Paid Ferres $70.00
Sept 29 Finished cutting hedge forenoon. Got 350.3 and 50.4 tile. Lighting at nite. Convention at Willow.
Sept 30 Sun. went to Willow grove to S. S. Convention. To Beds then to graveyard.
Oct 1, 1883 Filled up ditch. Made Krout.
Oct 2 From here till Sept. 23 cannot make out. (repeated entry)]
Oct 3 Hard rain last nite. Got 7 gallon hickory nuts.
Oct 4 Put in tile. Clear and fine.
Oct 5 From here to Oct 18 writing is ill eligible.]
Oct 18 Rained forenoon. Hauled rails. Very warm.
Oct 19 Rained last nite. Nice day. Plowed on sod.
Oct 20 We have in our cellar.
  13 bu potatoes
  3 bu apples
  2 bu onions
  10 gallon crout
  20 gallon preserves
  4 gallon ketchup
  1 peck brans, pickles etc. Went to town. Hattie and I ate dinner at Hies.
Oct 21 Sunday. Cloudy and dull. Froze ground last nite. Went to Elm. Heard the new preacher.
Oct 22 Husked load corn in forenoon. Dull and cloudy.
Oct 23 Plowed forenoon. Husked load white corn. Mother here.
Oct 24 Rained all day with snow. Harlie here. Made corn pens. Put away ploughs etc.
Oct 25 Went to mothers. Took chickens.
Oct 26 Finished ploughing sod. Went to town and chopped wood for grandma.
Oct 27 Went to McComb. Got 11 apple trees set out. Clay and Charlie here.
Oct 28 Sunday. Raining in morning at home.
Oct 29 Washed forenoon. Gathered yellow corn. Hattie went with me.
Oct 30 Very warm and dry. Gathered corn. Hattie went with me.
Oct 31 Clear and cool. Husked corn. Broke husking peg. Went town.
Nov 1, 1883 Clear and cool. Husked 2 loads corn. Made trough for colts.
Nov 2 Gathered corn. Went town. Cool.
Nov 3 Gathered corn. Took Lula (mare) to Comet.
Nov 4 Sunday Violas, mother, Wills lafe here today. Very tired tonight.
Nov 5 Rained this morn. Fearful rain at night. Went to see grandmother. Got her wood. She is very sick.
Nov 6 Clear and fine. Went for Doctor for grandmother. Chopped her wood.
Nov 7 Went to see grandmother. Got load corn.
Nov 8 Foggy. Washed forenoon. Planted peach seed.
Nov 9 Warm & nice. Went town. Got mail.
Nov 10 Gathered 2 loads corn. Horse race in town. Went to Elm at night.
Nov 11 Sunday went to Wills. Stayed all day. Went to Elm. Have 12 loads corn gathered.
Nov 12 20 degrees above zero. Froze hard. Husked 2 loads corn.
Nov 13 Got 4 loads corn. Cloudy. Very cold.
Nov 14 Very cold N. W. wind. Got 4 loads corn. Cold, Cold, Cold.
Nov 15 10 degrees above zero. Got 4 loads corn.
Nov 16 Went town. Got mail. F. C. quit work.
Nov 17 Husked 2 loads corn. Went town at night.
Nov 18 Sunday. Cloudy and cool. I went to grandmother. Went to Elm at night.
Nov 19 Warm. Husked 2 loads corn. Covered corn pens.
Nov 20 Rained last nite. Went to grandmothers. Cut wood. Went to town.
Nov 21 Rained last nite. Went to Chester.
Nov 22 Very foggy and dull. Chopped wood. Made floor for pig pen.
Nov 23 Damp and misty. Went town. Then chopped wood for grandmother.
Nov 24 Foggy. Cleared off. Went town. Had pictures took to frame.
Nov 25 Sunday went to mothers. Horseback.
Nov 26 Heavy rain. Cold. Sold White heifer. Went town. Got salt, alum etc.
Nov 27 Very frosty. Gathered 2 loads corn.
Nov 28 Nice and warm. Got 2 loads corn.
Nov 29 Thanksgiving Day. Husked 2 large loads corn. Nice day.
Nov 30 Husked 2 loads corn. Warm and muddy.
Dec 1, 1883 Husked 2 loads corn. Went town. Got pictures.
Dec 2 Froze last nite. Clear and nice. Have 42 loads corn gathered. Went to mothers in even.
Dec 3 Frosty. Husked 2 loads corn.
Dec 4 Got 2 loads corn. Kitty here in eve. Nice.
Dec 5 Husked 2 loads corn. Went to Wills at night.
Dec 6 Willie came to gather corn. Rained. I sewed pillow ticks in eve.
Dec 7 Got 4 big loads corn. Willie helped. Cloudy and dull.
Dec 8 Got 4 loads snapped and one husked. Got done had 1500 bu. Killed hot.
Dec 9 Sunday. Clear. Went to mothers and grandmothers in eve.
Dec 10 Went to Chester took 26 lbs butter. Got 15 lb. Bought red blanket.
Dec 11 Went town. Got calf muzzle. Got load wood.
Dec 12 Went cut wood for grandmother. Brought load home. Nice and warm.
Dec 13 Filled up straw beds. Scrubbed and baked.
Dec 14 Washed. Chopped Wood. Turned cold.
Dec 15 Chopped wood. Went town sent money to Maltoon.
Dec 16 Snowed last nite. John H and wife here in sled. Hattie taken sick at 6 oclock.
Dec 17 Hattie sick all day. Estilla was born at 8 P. M. Coldest nite yet.
Dec 18 Coldest day yet. Took women home. Went to mothers. Stella cross at nite. Mother here.
Dec 19 Went and got Lydie and Nana Filbert. The coldest day yet. Wills and mother here.
Dec 20 Snowed Stiella either cross or sick. I stayed in most of day.
Dec 21 Nice day. Wills went to Ellas. Mother stopped and dressed Estilla.
Dec 22 Terrible snow storm. Went town also to mothers.
Dec 23 Misty last nite. Everything covered with ice and snow.
Dec 24 Went town to see Dr. Good sleighing.
Dec 25 Went town. Took mother. Brought her home with me. Killed 2 rabbits. Narris and Jim here at night.
Dec 26 Took mother home. Sold sleigh. Got sled.
Dec 27 Helped Will move sled. Cold crust on snow.
Dec 28 At home. High fever all nite. Sick all nite.
Dec 29 Some better. Took 25 lbs butter to Duncan.
Dec 30 Sunday. Mother and Wills here.
Dec 31 Very cold. Sore throat. Did not work much.
Jan 1 1884 At home all day. Terrible snow storm.
Jan 2 Very cold. Went to Chester. Got coal stove coal and cradle.
Jan 3 Went to grandmother. Got her wood.
Jan 4 John Peel here last nite. Jim took Lydia to Wmefields to dance.
Jan 5 Took 3 sacks corn to mill. Got 27 bu. coal. Came near freezing.
Jan 6 Chopped stove wood. Went town. 34 degrees below zero last night.
Jan 7 Sunday. Good sleighing 12 below zero. Mrs. Chartie here.
Jan 8 Took load white corn to valley mill. Got .50 bu.
Jan 9 Went got wood for grandmother.
Jan 10 Cut wood for mother. Lydia quit work.
Jan 11 Took load white corn to mill. Turned cold.
Jan 12 Hattie went to her grandmas. I went to town to grandmothers.
Jan 13 8 below zero. Made hominy. Churned, baked mince pies.
Jan 14 Sunday. Went to Clays in sled. Nice day. Thawed and spoiled sledding.
Jan 15 Cloudy and dull. Hattie and I washed. Sold pen corn to McCord for 110.00
Jan 16 Chopped wood. Dressed 4 chickens. Helped Hattie.
Jan 17 Sunday. Thawing. Wills here in evening.
Jan 18 Damp. Hattie tacked comfort. I chopped wood.
Jan 19 I and Hattie washed. Rained. Very chilly.
Jan 20 Chilly South wind. Took white corn to Chester. Got 50 cts bu.
Jan 21 Cold N wind. Chopped wood for grandmother. Hattie went to Shaws.
Jan 22 Went to Mr. Locks funeral. Hattie went to Hies. Cold wind.
Jan 23 Went to Cedar Creek to church meeting. The first time Estilla goes to church.
Jan 24 Sunday. Light skirt snow. At home all day.
Jan 25 Nice warm day. Hattie washed. I spaded ditch.
Jan 26 I and Jim went to timber sawed wood. Mr. Alexander buried. Roads muddy.
Jan 27 Very cold and rough. Willie helped had coffee.
Jan 28 2 below zero. Thawed trees west of house. Very cold.
Jan 29 Down to Zero. Made rails. Hauled along fence.
Mar 1, 1884 Snowed all day. I rested most of day.
Mar 2 Sunday snowed all day. Went to Wills on sled.
Mar 3 Hattie washed. I went to Jay Huffs sale. Cold.
Mar 4 I and Hattie went to Chester. Took last load white corn. First time for Estilla to town.
Mar 5 Went and cool forenoon, snowed. Sawed wood afternoon. Very cold.
Mar 6 Went sawed wood in timber. Very cold.
Mar 7 Sawed wood for grandmother. Hattie went to her grandmas.
Mar 8 Went town on sled. Bought saw.
Mar 9 Wills and mother came on sled.
Mar 10 Chilly south wind. Went to town on horseback. Jim helped Will saw.
Mar 11 Went and sawed wood for mother.
Mar 12 Sawed wood in timber. Eat dinner at grandmothers.
Mar 13 Very warm day. Hung meat. Hattie washed. I hauled corn.
Mar 14 My birthday. Hattie gave me a gold collar button and a splendid supper. Sawed wood.
Mar 15 Went sawed and split wood. Nice and warm. Roads drying.
Mar 16 Sunday nice and warm. At home all day.
Mar 17 Misted rain. Commenced to smoke meat. Tore down corn pens. Stilla weigh 15 lbs at 3 mos.
Mar 18 Cloudy and dull. Went to Chester in buggy.
Mar 19 Dull and cloudy. Smoked meat. Went hunting. Harriet and Mrs. Jones here.
Mar 20 Hattie washed. I went to mothers. Sold corn at 50 cts bu and he hauls it.
Mar 21 Dull and cloudy. Jimmy smoked meat.
Mar 22 Went to grandmothers. Cut cherry trees.
Mar 23 Sunday nice and clear. Home all day.
Mar 24 Went to town forenoon. Hung gates. Put hay in barn in evening.
Mar 25 Hard rain last nite. Went to work on grandmothers fence. Got wet.
Mar 26 Clear and nice. Hattie washed. I and Jimmy reset fence. West of brush.
Mar 27 Went and fixed fence for grandmother. Ate dinner at mothers.
Mar 28 Reset fence west of grove. Cloudy and dull.
Mar 29 Went town. Took 7 lbs butter. Got cylinder for stalk cutter. To convention in eve. Hattie and Jim went to Elm in eve.
Mar 30 Sunday. S. S. Convention at Elm. S. Davis and wife, J. beam, Mr. Welch all here for dinner.
Mar 31 Cut stalks. Laid willows. Too wet to work.
Apr 1, 1884 Hard rain last night. Went to election, to mothers and to grandmothers.
Apr 2 Charlie Lathan married last nite at home. Jimmie chopped wood.
Apr 3 Froze hard. Worked floss to wagon. Went town. Cut stalks.
Apr 4 Went town afternoon. Got new carpet. Nice and warm.
Apr 5 Cut stalks. Made soap. Made garden. Sowed oats afternoon.
Apr 6 Sunday I and Jimmy went to Wills in buggy. Worked Floss. Nice and warm.
Apr 7 Snowing. Hauled 2 loads manure. Sowed oats.
Apr 8 Cold and chilly. Spit snow. Sowed oats.
Apr 9 Finished sowing oats. Cloudy and dull.
Apr 10 Finished harrowing in oats.
Apr 11 Plowed garden, potato patch. Leona and mother came.
Apr 12 Cut stalks. Drizzed rain. Went to grandmothers. Hauled 5 loads wood.
Apr 13 Goggy and dull. Went to Ellas, then to Violas in eve.
Apr 14 High wind. Got home at noon. Jimmy cut corn stalks.
Apr 15 Cut stalks in morn. Set out raspberries and strawberries.
Apr 16 Finished cutting stalks. Mother here. Hattie washed. Nice and warm.
Apr 17 Commenced to plow for corn. Went to town to paint. Hattie went to her grandmas.
Apr 18 Painted blinds forenoon. Plowed afternoon.
Apr 19 Ploughed forenoon. Jimmie run off. Finished 1st coat on blinds. Rainy.
Apr 20 High N. E. wind. Harlie and Andy Shaw, Sam Keithley here. Cold, 34 degrees.
Apr 21 Cold high N. E. wind. Went to town plowed.
Apr 22 Nice day. Hattie washed. I plowed for corn.
Apr 23 Nice and warm. Plowed. Floras colt came.
Apr 24 Nice and warm. I plowed for corn.
Apr 25 Very nice and warm. Plowed.
Apr 26 High S wind. Jimmy went town. Got letter from Lafe.
Apr 27 Sunday nice day. Went to Elm, then to Ceder to meeting.
Apr 28 Plowed for corn. Very hard days work.
Apr 29 Finished plowing for corn. Went to Chester in afternoon.
Apr 30 Jimmie cultivated. I cut my finger. Hattie washed.
May 1, 1884 Rained last nite. Harrowed and crossed off sod.
May 2 Rained. Took Flora to Houston Norman.
May 3 Jimmy harrowed east place. I planted. Hattie set out 51 cabbage plants.
May 4 Sunday. Cloudy and dull. Hard rain.
May 5 Went and harrowed some in Slough. Too wet. Finished house first coat.
May 6 Went to mothers. Took Floss to Grigsby.
May 7 Hattie washed. I finished marking east place and planted some. Hot.
May 8 Plowed thicket.
May 9 Finished planting corn. Very fine corn weather. Mrs. J. here.
May 10 Harrowed sod corn twice. Weaned Sulla.
May 11 Sun. all day at home. Cloudy and dull.
May 12 Went town. Got nursing bottle for Estilla.
May 13 Fine rain last nite. Painted porch.
May 14 Jimmy rolled and harrowed. Nice and warm.
May 15 Put down new carpet and cleaned house.
May 16 Clear and fine. Cleaned out cellar. Went town got 300 sweet potato plants. Hattie went to Kittys.
May 17 Nice and warm. Hoed potatoes.
May 18 Sprinkled rain. Jakes Clays, Mrs Charlie, Orphy Null here in evening.
May 19 Marked colts. Hattie washed. Nice rain.
May 21 Replanted corn in forenoon.
May 22 Fine Rain last nite. Went to mothers. Nice for corn.
May 23 Rained last night. Hoed. Got seed corn.
May 24 I and Jimmy replanted corn on 20. Fine day.
May 25 Sunday went to Beds. They were not home. Went to Wills.
May 26 Finished replanting corn forenoon. I kept Ruby. Hattie & Jim went to Chester.
May 27 Plowed corn on south. Jimmy hoed. Hattie washed.
May 28 Plowed corn on east place. Nice weather.
May 29 Plowed corn. Will & mother went to Chester.
May 30 Finished plowing corn over 1st time. Uncle Johns here.
May 31 Went to Chester forenoon. Dry & Dusty. Then to Wills & town in evening.
Jun 1, 1884 At home all day. Clay & Harriet here. Rained.
Jun 2 Rained nice shower. Set out 150 sweet potato plants.
Jun 3 Worked on road. Warm & fine. Nice shower at night.
Jun 4 Finished working roads. Sprinkled rain. Dull & misty.
Jun 5 Began to plow corn 2nd time. Plowed sod. Red heefer had calf at dark.
Jun 6 Hattie washed. I plowed corn on east piece. Red cow died at dark.
Jun 7 Skinned cow & took 2 hops to town. Very hot. Viola & Mort came. Killed 38 rats.
Jun 8 Hard rain this morn. Went to mothers.
Jun 9 Rained last nite & all today. Wind from north.
Jun 10 I and Hattie washed. Jimmy plowed milk weeds. I plowed in evening.
Jun 11 Mr. Adams shot himself. I plowed. Jake, Harlie & Mrs. J. here. Nice day.
Jun 12 Very hot. Plowed corn. Fine corn weather.
Jun 13 Finished plowing corn over 2nd time. Went to Chester. Got pump.
Jun 14 Plowed sod 3rd time. Fine day to work. N. E. wind.
Jun 15 Sunday went to Mr. Adams funeral. Cloudy dull.
Jun 16 Plowed corn on east piece 3rd time. Fine corn weather.
Jun 17 Plowed corn. The very best of corn weather.
Jun 18 Finished plowing corn 3rd time. Went to town in evening by mothers.
Jun 19 Fine rain last nite. Went to Chester. 85 degrees. Hot.
Jun 20 Plowed Sod 4th time. Hattie washed. Very hot.
Jun 21 Set posts for grapes. Clay got load corn. Rained. Went to town.
Jun 22 Sunday Wills & mother here. Baptism at Cedar Creek.
Jun 23 Plowed corn. Had raspberries getting ripe. Very hot & fine.
Jun 24 Jimmy plowed corn. I went to Stambaugh. Rained.
Jun 25 Plowed corn. Nice & cool. Good day to work.
Jun 26 Finished corn 4th time. Commenced on sod 5th time.
Jun 27 Went to Chester forenoon. Finished sod P. M.
Jun 28 Went fixed fence for mother. Last of strawberries. Sowed turnips.
Jun 29 Sunday I went to Cedar forenoon. I and Hattie both went to S. S. convention in eve.
Jun 30 Jimmy plowed corn. I mowed in orchard. Very hot 90 deg.
Jul 1, 1884 Jim plowed. I went to McComb got Osborn mower.
Jul 2 I went to town on Flora. Fine rain. Cut hedge. Jim plowed.
Jul 3 Finished plowing corn. Sprinkled rain. Cut hedge.
Jul 4 Went to Chester to celebration. Nice day.
Jul 5 Cut hay in orchard. Hauled in barn in eve.
Jul 6 Went to Beds. They were not home. I went to Elms. Hattie stopped at her Mas.
Jul 7 Commenced to cut hay. Thundering in west, looks like rain.
Jul 8 Cut hay in morn. Cool & fine. Put hay rack up Will helped.
Jul 9 Cut hay in morn. Hauled in 3 loads. Finished cutting in eve.
Jul 10 Hauled 6 loads hay. Got done. Will helped.
Jul 11 Cut grass for Will.
Jul 12 Went to Chester forenoon. Got grindstone.
Jul 13 Sunday went to grandmothers in eve. Nice day.
Jul 14 Cut grass for Will forenoon. Cut for Hie in eve.
Jul 15 Cloudy & dull. Helped Will with his hay.
Jul 16 Finished cutting in Hie forenoon. Commenced on my oats.
Jul 17 Rained last nite. We traded share for corn with Hie. Hattie at Maws.
Jul 18 Hal & Hie cut 2 rounds in oats. Looked like rain. Cleared off at noon.
Jul 19 Finished cutting oats. Nice day for harvesting.
Jul 20 Sunday at home. Took buggy ride in eve.
Jul 21 Took load corn to Chester forenoon. Hauled 5 loads manure.
Jul 22 Hauled 4 loads manure. Very hot. 92 deg.
Jul 23 Mowed west Slace. Hauled 2 loads manure.
Jul 24 Hauled 5 loads manure. Went to town in eve.
Jul 25 Hattie washed. I plowed yard. Fixed wire by east fence. Jimmy run off.
Jul 26 Took corn & apples to Chester. Hard wind and rain.
Jul 27 Sunday went to Wills. Cloudy & dull.
Jul 28 Went to see thrashers forenoon. Cut apples. Went got tile.
Jul 29 Hattie washed, then went to Hals. I went to get hands to thrash.
Jul 30 Helped Will thrash. Hilman & Jay Ferrie stayed here all night.
Jul 31 Thrashed my oats. Had 665 bu. off 15 acres. Engaged 500 bu at 25 cts. bu. Took load to town.
Aug 1, 1884 I hauled 4 loads oats to town. Very warm. Got tile.
Aug 2 Hauled 3 loads oats, got 2 of tile. Harlie helped fence.
Aug 3 Sunday had a splendid rain last nite at home all day.
Aug 4 Hauled 2 loads oats. Finished hauling. Cool & fine.
Aug 5 Plowed on stuble. Nice day. Hattie washed. Cool of nights.
Aug 6 Plowed forenoon. Mowed weeds east afternoon.
Aug 7 Helped Lathams thrash. Cool of nights.
Aug 8 Went to McComb. Forepans show there. Paid for mower.
Aug 9 Plowed forenoon. Mowed weeds on pasture afternoon.
Aug 10 Sunday Hal here a few minutes. Nice day.
Aug 11 Plowed forenoon. Made 8 gal chrout. Went to Chester in evening.
Aug 12 Hattie washed. I plowed in morn. Cut weeds in thicket in eve.
Aug 13 Cut weeds in thicket. Very warm.
Aug 14 Finished cutting brush.
Aug 15 Helped C. thrash.
Aug 16 Helped Hie thrash. Nice & warm.
Aug 17 Sunday raining this morning.
Aug 18 Helped Hie thrash forenoon. Went to Chester with Will. Rained.
Aug 19 Estella very sick all day. Very hot 90 deg.
Aug 20 Helped Hattie wash. Burned off thicket.
Aug 21 Sy Fisher & Sammy Hungate commenced to tile. I went to town.
Aug 22 Plowed forenoon. Got 190 tile. Very hot.
Aug 23 Plowed forenoon. Helped fill up tile ditch. They got done.
Aug 24 Sunday at home. Went to Wills in eve. Tried to tend my own business.
Aug 25 Mowed sough forenoon. Helped Hattie nite.
Aug 26 Went to Miners picnic in afternoon. Learned lesson.
Aug 27 Helped Geo. Keithley thrash. Got plow sharp.
Aug 28 Mowed weeds around corn. Hard rain all nite. Got watermelons plowed afternoon.
Aug 29 Rained last night. Plowed in afternoon. Cool and fine.
Aug 30 Plowed all day. Cool & fine. Ella & Hebe here.
Aug 31 Sunday Hebes & Will here. Estella commenced to vomit was sick.
Sep 1, 1884 Plowed forenoon. Cool & nice Indian Summer.
Sep 2 Cool & nice. Helped Will Null thrash forenoon. Took oats to town.
Sep 3 Plowed forenoon. Went to Chester afternoon. Hot.
Sep 4 Estella very sick all night very hot. 90 deg. I went to McComb to see Dr. Harrison.
Sep 5 Hattie washed 90 deg. Hot. Harriet & Tilly here. Estella slept most of day.
Sep 6 Plowed in slough forenoon. Very hot 92 deg.
Sep 7 Sunday home all day. Herb Shaw, Cora Ellie, Garry here all day.
Sep 8 Finished plowing thicket slough. 90 deg. Mrs. Jones here.
Sep 9 Took 3 sacks potatoes forenoon. Hauled rails & very hot.
Sep 10 Went to Chester in wagon. Got barrel salt.
Sep 11 I and Hattie washed. Stella very sick. Hal here.
Sep 12 Estella got worse all nite. Harriet & lots here. Hal went for doctor.
Sep 13 Doctor stayed all nite last night. Estella a little better.
Sep 14 Sunday Estella is better. Harley & George, mother Wills, Garry & Deby all here.
Sep 15 Estella is better. Very hot. Sowed timothy seed. Hung 125 seed corn. Aunt Betsy wood here.
Sep 16 Hard rain. Hattie washed. Geo & Harlie here. Hung corn. Corded wood.
Sep 17 Made soup. Cool & fine. Hung seed corn. Gathered Hazel nuts. Kitty here.
Sep 18 Took tile to town. Filled up straw bed.
Sep 19 Went to McComb with Wills to reunion. Wind blew up & rained.
Sep 20 Lulas colt came. Viola & Mort came at night. I went to town. Hauled manure around apple trees. Came back & got load of wood.
Sep 21 Sunday went to grandmothers. Aunt Catherine there. Warm.
Sep 22 Went to W. C. Hainline then to town. Very warm.
Sep 23 Grandmother, Aunt Catherine, Elizabeth here. Rained most all day.
Sep 24 Went to Wills. Came back by Mrs. J. Warm & fine.
Sep 25 Washed forenoon. Went to Chester afternoon.
Sep 26 Rained most all day. Fixed sewing machine.
Sep 27 Made 5 gal crout. Took Lula to gregshy.
Sep 28 Sunday rained forenoon. Convention at Rock Creek. Clear afternoon at home.
Sep 29 Made watermelon preserves. Cut hedge.
Sep 30 Went to mothers. 80 deg. She wasn’t home.
Oct 1, 1884 Cut hedge. Rained got wet. Helped Hattie sew.
Oct 2 Hattie washed & I shelled white corn. Clear.
Oct 3 Estella very sick. Sent for Dr. by Geo. Keithley.
Oct 4 Stella better. Went to Valey Hill with niece. Corn heavy. Rained in eve.
Oct 5 Sun. Harret, Effie Curtis here.
Oct 6 Stella better. Hattie washed.
Oct 7 Cut thistles. Will here, rained most of day.
Oct 8 Dug sweet potatoes and some irish. Speckled heifer to red bull. Rained creek bank full.
Oct 9 Went buggy riding. First frost this year.
Oct 10 Measured line between I and Stambaugh. Dug irish potatoes.
Oct 11 Hauled stove wood. Put hay in barn. Went got potatoes.
Oct 12 Sunday foggy. Went to mothers and to Grace Sapington Burgsen.
Oct 13 Went to grandmothers to big dinner. 55 there.
Oct 14 Made bottom in wagon. Hattie washed fine.
Oct 15 Wills went to Chester. Took butter. I husked corn. Cut stove wood.
Oct 16 Jimmy came. Husked part load corn. Sawed trees.
Oct 17 Husked 2 loads corn. I went to town. Mother here. Sold Sols note.
Oct 18 Husked 80 bu. corn. Have had a nice week. Indian summer.
Oct 19 Sunday went to Tom Hainlines. Aunt Catherine there. Nice day.
Oct 20 Gathered, husked corn. Went and got load of stove wood.
Oct 21 Rained all day. Bought 3 hogs of Bell Crow. Jim went to G.
Oct 22 Hattie washed. Made hog trough. Killed hog. Cold.
Oct 23 Husked 2 loads corn. Froze the 1st time this year. Took mother meat.
Oct 24 Cool and chilly. Husked 1 load corn. Went to Chester. Got coal.
Oct 25 Got 4 loads corn. Clear & fine. Jim went to meeting at night.
Oct 26 Sunday raining all day at home.
Oct 27 Washed. I went to Wills & to mothers.
Oct 28 Husked 3 loads corn. I & Hattie went to town. Hattie got a hat.
Oct 29 Got 4 loads corn. Frosty in morn.
Oct 30 Got 3 loads corn.
Oct 31 Got 2 loads corn. Killed hog. Fine weather.
Nov 1, 1884 Now have 30 loads corn husked. Got 2 more today. Went to Chester. Got overcoat & cap.
Nov 2 Sunday went to Beds. Clear & fine.
Nov 3 Husked 3 loads corn. Rained in eve.
Nov 4 Went to election. Moved stove. Husked 1 load of corn.
Nov 5 Husked 3 loads corn. Clear.
Nov 6 Husked 2 loads & snapped. Went to Chester & changed overcoat.
Nov 7 Husked 2 loads corn & snapped one.
Nov 8 Husked 2 loads corn. Went to Violas in afternoon.
Nov 9 Went to Ellas Sunday. Came home in eve. Fine warm weather.
Nov 10 Husked 2 loads, snapped 2, finished gathering corn.
Nov 11 Went to Wills & mothers. Then to town. Clear & fine.
Nov 12 Went & hauled wood for grandmother. Hattie went to Hies.
Nov 13 Hattie washed. Clear & fine. I went to town.
Nov 14 Helped Will gather corn. Clear & fine.
Nov 15 Helped Will finish gathering corn.
Nov 16 Sunday clear & warm. Went to mothers.
Nov 17 Hauled manure. Misted from N. E. Plowed garden. Hie & Jase here.
Nov 18 Went to Chester. Got coal. Hal put 3 colts in my field. Roads good.
Nov 19 Butchered hog. Cut trees. Made sausage.
Nov 20 Hattie washed forenoon. I went to town in evening. Hattie to Mrs. Jones.
Nov 21 Sawed wood forenoon. Took claves to mother afternoon.
Nov 22 Rained all day.
Nov 23 Sunday Harlie & Geo. Here. Turned cold. High wind with some snow.
Nov 24 14 deg. Above zero. Cold & sawed wood.
Nov 25 Went to town. Snow & misted.
Nov 26 Cut wood. Will & mother here.
Nov 27 Thanksgiving. Went to Wills & to town.
Nov 28 Hattie washed & churned. Burned brush.
Nov 29 Snowed all day. Jimmy went to mothers.
Nov 30 Sunday home all day. Killed 12 rabbits & 1 quail.