Return to Decatur Co.: 1894

Jan 1, 1894 Washed forenoon. Done chores. Nice day.
Jan 2 Killed beef. Nice day to work.
Jan 3 Snowing in morn. Hauled 6 shocks of corn.
Jan 4 Went to Jennings. Took four quarter of beef. Got 4 cts lb. Very cold.
Jan 5 Snowed most all day. Went to Standfast to stake off line.
Jan 6 16 deg. Below zero. Clear. Coldest this winter. Went to Allison in eve.
Jan 7 Sunday very cold last night. Walked to meeting, but there was none.
Jan 8 Washed forenoon. Done chores. Cold afternoon.
Jan 9 Hauled out fodder & done chores. Warmer.
Jan 10 I went Jennings in buggy. Nice day.
Jan 11 Done chores. Went to Allison eve. Seen Cass.
Jan 12 Done chores. Went to Tompson place. Got wire.
Jan 13 I and Roy went to Jennings. Stella sick.
Jan 14 Hattie, Roy, Essie went to meeting in morn. I, Roy & Huey in evening.
Jan 15 Washed forenoon. Done chores. In eve to meeting.
Jan 16 Rested and read. Went to meeting in eve. Fine.
Jan 17 Done chores. Rested. Wilkison and Bradburys here.
Jan 18 At home. Preacher went to Robinsons. Nice.
Jan 19 I and Bro. Wilkinson went to Jennings. Cold.
Jan 20 Nice snow last night. At home. Done chores.
Jan 21 Sunday at home till noon. Went to Social meeting in eve.
Jan 22 Washed forenoon. Went to Allison. Sent 70 for testament.
Jan 23 Very cold and snow flying. No school today. Coldest we’ve had in Kansas.
Jan 24 25 deg below zero. Clear & moderated P. M.
Jan 25 Cold. Went to Allison. Mr. Wheelock dead. Done chores.
Jan 26 Went to Jennings. Got set of harness. $27.00. Cultivator $25.00 Weed cutter $11.00 Calf $2.00.
Jan 27 All went to Mr. Wheelocks funeral. Nice day.
Jan 28 Sunday very high wind from N. Dusty. At home.
Jan 29 Township board here & Mr. Robinson & wife here. Nice.
Jan 30 Cold & chilly. Went got 15 hogs at Jennings. Got 1120 lb. Paid $67.20. Turned last of bank deposit. Took $165.46.
Jan 31 At home till noon. Took petition to Winter Evans & Kensers. Am most sick.
Feb 1, 1894 Washed forenoon. Warm & sunny. Done chores.
Feb 2 Went to Jennings. Nice day. Got 9 bu. ground wheat 45 ct bu. Took 13 bu to take to mill.
Feb 3 Light snow last night at home. Done chores.
Feb 4 Sunday. Kent poorly. I, Stella & Roy went to Bible reading. Nice day.
Feb 5 Washed forenoon. Went timber. Made posts. Warm & fine.
Feb 6 Went to Lenora to mill. Hot did not get grist.
Feb 7 Mr. Mrs. Johnson here. Warm. Went up river farm.
Feb 8 Went with team to Mullen place. Set posts on east side. Went to Cass’s.
Feb 9 Quite a snow last night & wind. At home.
Feb 10 Cold N. E. wind. Commenced to snow. I went to Allison for mail.
Feb 11 Sunday snowing. At home. Bad on stock.
Feb 12 Cold at home. Stroup paid me. I let Mr. Rutherford have $20.00
Feb 13 Washed forenoon. Done chores. At home. Cold.
Feb 14 Very cold & disagreeable. At home. Done chores.
Feb 15 Went to Mullen place. Tore down crib & curtains. Cold.
Feb 16 Went to Bradburys & to Mr. Rutherfords. Thawed fast afternoon.
Feb 17 Thawed. I & Roy worked. Lula to Allison.
Feb 18 Sun. went to meeting in eve, but was none. Turned cold. High N. E. wind.
Feb 19 Cold. Rutherford & Bro-in-law here. Have rented Tompson place.
Feb 20 Terrible cold last night. Done chores. Rested.
Feb 21 Washed forenoon. Done chores. Nice clear day.
Feb 22 Went Jennings. Got coal, 50 lbs sugar. Cold.
Feb 23 Hauled out fodder. Finished N. E. of house. Cold.
Feb 24 Went to Allison. Got mail. Cold & chilly.
Feb 25 Sun. at meeting eve. Nice & warm. Muddy.
Feb 26 Washed. Nice day. Snow melting fast.
Feb 27 Went got load brush. Worked on hen house.
Feb 28 Went to Lenora to Mill. Got Brushlers money $193.20.
Mar 1, 1894 Nice day. I went to Allison. Bought note of Cass.
Mar 2 Plowed sod south of hog house. Nice day.
Mar 3 Made pig pen & culvert for dam. Went to Allison in eve. Sold cow & 6 hens to Randalls $20.00 on time.
Mar 4 Sunday rained last night. Thunder & lightening.
Mar 5 Went to Jennings. Took Rev. Fulkenson. Nice day.
Mar 6 Went to river. Fixed fence on E. hog lot. Last day of school.
Mar 7 I and Roy hauled 2 loads rock for dam.
Mar 8 Plowed & scraped in dam. Terrible tired.
Mar 9 Worked on dam. Warm & fine day.
Mar 10 Started for dam, but came back. Terriblest wind & dust.
Mar 11 Sunday went to social meeting in eve. Nice day.
Mar 12 I and Roy went worked on dam. Windy.
Mar 13 All went worked on dam. Hattie made garden.
Mar 14 I & Roy went dam. Washed thro stone.
Mar 15 I and Roy went to Jennings. Took 4 2/3 bu potatoes. Got $1.00 bu.
Mar 16 All went put long box in dam. Worked hard. Huey fell in creek.
Mar 17 I and Roy hauled stone. Worked on dam. Hot & windy.
Mar 18 Sunday cooler, cloudy. N. wind. Went to Randalls in eve.
Mar 19 I and Roy hauled 3 loads rock & worked on dam. Warm.
Mar 20 Damp S. E. wind. Hauled fodder to Mullin place. Finished. Scraped on sod house.
Mar 21 Washed forenoon. Colder damp snow. I and Roy worked on sod house.
Mar 22 Still blowing & snowing some. Fixed hen nests. I went to Cass’s & Allison.
Mar 23 Set posts for wind mill. All went & planted 2 bu. potatoes. Warm & some winds S. W.
Mar 24 Damp N. E. wind & snow. Done chores.
Mar 25 Sunday organized Sunday school. Mr. Randall & wife here.
Mar 26 Snowing forenoon. Washed. At home. Worked on dam.
Mar 27 Went worked on dam. Cold & disagreeable.
Mar 28 Blowing cold. Worked on Mullen place.
Mar 29 We all went to Jennings. Windy. Got Roy & Huey clothes.
Mar 30 Went got corn. Paid 27 cts bu. Warmer.
Mar 31 Put lock on sod kitchen at Mullen place. Cold.
Apr 1, 1894 Sunday all went to S. S. Mr. Rutherfords & Masons here.
Apr 2 Washed planted potatoes north of stable. Windy.
Apr 3 Went to Geo Currys. Got cherries, strawberries, plumbes & apricots to set out.
Apr 4 Went worked on dam & set posts. Tired.
Apr 5 Worked on fence. Finished it at nite. So tired.
Apr 6 Went & plowed. Hauled 5 loads sod and put by dam.
Apr 7 Took 7 hogs to Jennings. 1164 lbs. Got 4 cts lb. Warm & dry.
Apr 8 Sunday went to S. S. Terrible dust & wind.
Apr 9 Washed forenoon. Planted potatoes N. of stable. Warm & dry.
Apr 10 Went to Cass’s got grape vines & blackberries, raspberries. Set them out.
Apr 11 Cleaned house. Plowed hay lot. Asa M. here.
Apr 12 Listed in sweet corn. Went worked on dam.
Apr 13 Rained last night. Cleaned house. Sewed up colts leg.
Apr 14 I and Roy & Stella went & planted 2 sacks of potatoes.
Apr 15 Sunday warm & fine. Went to S. S. & to Mr. Ruthefords.
Apr 16 Listed corn all day. At home. Went with John to dam.
Apr 17 I and Luther hauled 9 loads sod and built wall by dam.
Apr 18 We hauled 9 loads sod and but by dam. Cool.
Apr 19 Washed morn. Went and scraped on dam. Windy.
Apr 20 Done chores. Put sod on ends of dam.
Apr 21 I and family went & planted potatoes. Warm.
Apr 22 Sunday all went to S. S. & to Mr. Randalls. Warm.
Apr 23 Listed corn & harrowed corn west of house.
Apr 24 Listed corn. Had big rain yesterday eve.
Apr 25 Listed in corn out south Cool.
Apr 26 Listed corn. Cool & fine.
Apr 27 Finished listing. Fred here in eve.
Apr 28 Went listed corn on Mullen place.
Apr 29 Sunday went to S. S. Dusty. To Mr. Teals in eve.
Apr 30 Listed corn on Mullen place all day.
May 1, 1894 Listed corn all day. Cool.
May 2 Listed corn all day.
May 3 Listed corn. Got done with creek.
May 4 Took 4 hogs to Jennings. Got 4.35 hundred lbs.
May 5 All went to Mullen place. I listed corn. Hattie planted peas. Set out cabbage.
May 6 Sunday went to S. S. Mr. Teals, Pifar and Rutherfords all here.
May 7 Went listed corn on Mullen place.
May 8 Finished field S. of creek. Came home. Big 2 in. rain at Night.
May 9 Commenced listing on N. E. 40. Hot.
May 10 Listed corn. Ground in fine fix.
May 11 Listed corn on sod. Fine to work.
May 12 Listed all day. Tired. Big week. Listed 46 acres.
May 13 Sunday all went to meeting in Grove.
May 14 Finished N. E. by noon. Commenced to run weed cutter.
May 15 Sowed sorgum in little pasture. Cut weeds.
May 16 Cut weeds forenoon. Hoed. Went to Allison.
May 17 Went listed sorgum south field on Mullen land. Wind terrible.
May 18 Went to Lenora. Sent $300.00 to pay Mort on Marcellus land.
May 19 All went to Mullen place. Listed sorgum. Froze last nite. Killed fruit.
May 20 Sunday cold E. wind. All went to S. S.
May 21 Cut weeds all day. North place.
May 22 Corn looks well. Cut weeds all day.
May 23 Cut weeds all day.
May 24 Cut weeds on Mullin land.
May 25 Finished with creek. Plowed corn W. of house.
May 26 I and Chenoweth went to Jennings.
May 27 Went to S. S. in morn & to Brocks in eve.
May 28 Homer plowed corn & I cut weeds.
May 29 I white washed in Mullin house. Bred Topsy.
May 30 Took 2 loads & moved to Mullen place.
May 31 Homer cut weeds. Moved beds stove etc.
Jun 1, 1894 Went tried to plow sorgum. Too dry.
Jun 2 Cultivated corn S. W. of house forenoon. Done chores.
Jun 3 Sunday all went to childrens meeting and preaching. Dry & hot.
Jun 4 Homer plowed by house. I cut weeds on cane and caffer corn.
Jun 5 Rained some last night. Cool. Both plowed out N. of house. Aces place.
Jun 6 Homer finished N. of house 1st time. I plowed peanuts & went & plowed Asas place.
Jun 7 Went & plowed all day. Finished 35 acres 1st time. Cool. Brought buggy home.
Jun 8 I went to Jennings. Bred Maud. Dust & wind.
Jun 9 I took cultivator. Got harrow. Give Homer $5.00
Jun 10 Sunday all went to S. S. and meeting & baptizing.
Jun 11 Homer plowed till noon. I plowed potatoes & sorgum.
Jun 12 I finished piece S. Creek. Cut weeds in sorgum.
Jun 13 Drilled rice, corn & sorgum. Roy run weed cutter.
Jun 14 Drilled in sorgum on back setting. Rained at night.
Jun 15 Very hot. Drilled in sorgum. Took drill home.
Jun 16 Plowed corn by school house. Warm. Brought organ home.
Jun 17 Sunday nice rain. Went to S. S. Klines, Masons and Randalls all here.
Jun 18 Went to S. field. Plowed in sorgum all day. Dry.
Jun 19 Went to Mr. Bishops. Hot.
Jun 20 Went plowed corn by house Marcellus place all day. Dry & hot.
Jun 21 Fine rain this morn. Set out cabbage and plowed sorgum at Ares.
Jun 22 Went to Marcellus place. Finished kaffer corn 1st time. Laid corn & potatoes by on bottom.
Jun 23 Big rain last night. Went to Bowls. Got 6 bu corn at 50 cts. bu. Set out sweet potatoes.
Jun 24 Sunday clear & fine. I went to S. S. with Chenoweths.
Jun 25 Plowed corn west of house. Homer came eve.
Jun 26 Plowed corn S. of house. Ground wet.
Jun 27 I & Homer finished corn N. of house. Windy.
Jun 28 Went & plowed on Marcellus place. Windy hot.
Jun 29 Terrible hot. Plowed till 3 & came home.
Jun 30 Plowed all day south of creek. Hot day.
Jul 1, 1894 All went to S. S. Came home & rested.
Jul 2 Homer finished south of creek. I plowed.
Jul 3 I went to Jennings. Got $25.00 for school order.
Jul 4 Cool & fine all went to Allison for celebration.
Jul 5 I plowed & Roy run cutter N. E. 40.
Jul 6 We both hoed weeds. Culters came home.
Jul 7 Cut weeds on sorgum. Fixed dam.
Jul 8 Sun. all went to S. S. Home rested.
Jul 9 Hoed melons, sweet potatoes & run lister between rows of potatoes.
Jul 10 Worked on dam morn. Went to Allison P. M. Hot.
Jul 11 Terrible dry. Worked on dam. Pulled weeds.
Jul 12 Terrible hot. Fixed hog fence. Most sick.
Jul 13 Fixed hog lot. Went & got gate finished hog fence.
Jul 14 I and Mason hoed forenoon. Mrs. Vandozen here. Fixed fence. Went to Allison.
Jul 15 Sunday all went to meeting, then to Chenoweths. Hot.
Jul 16 Hoed & washed. Corn drying up.
Jul 17 Worked on road all day. Hot & dry.
Jul 18 Worked on road till noon. Hot.
Jul 19 I and Standfield went to Harts Grove to speaking. Hot.
Jul 20 I and Roy went to Jennings. Hattie & children went to Mackeys.
Jul 21 Plowed sorgum in S. field. Went to Allison.
Jul 22 All went to S. S. Mrs. Bishop, Verna, Masons here.
Jul 23 I worked on dam. Hattie washed. Randalls all here.
Jul 24 Got calf of Randalls. Worked on dam. Very warm.
Jul 25 Hot winds. Worked on dam. Corn dying.
Jul 26 Hot winds. I and children went & cut load of corn. Went to school meeting. Was elected clerk.
Jul 27 Went & bought 2 cows of John S. $25.00. Very hot.
Jul 28 Went to Jennings. Stephinson bought cows in eve.
Jul 29 Sunday Hot & dry. Went to S. S. then home.
Jul 30 Hattie washed board. Met here. Hot & dry.
Jul 31 I and Roy went cut corn on sled all day. Hot.
Aug 1, 1894 Light rain in eve. Cut corn A. M.
Aug 2 The river out of banks. Highest water we ever saw on Solomon.
Aug 3 Went plowed sorgum. Hot. Went to Jennings. Got 2 pigs. Paid $2.00
Aug 4 Finished plowing sorgum. Hot & dry.
Aug 5 All went to meeting, then home. Hot & dry.
Aug 6 Cut corn by school house. Went to baptizing, then Wilken & wife here.
Aug 7 Cut corn. Nice, but dry.
Aug 8 Cut corn till noon. Went on pony. Bought calf.
Aug 9 Bought 10 calves. Holcomb $50.00. 4 of Lieber $16.00 2 of Pine $10.00
Aug 10 At home. Glassmop brought calves. Lieber 6 head.
Aug 11 Put wire on fence. Went to Allison. Done chores. Hottest day yet 115 deg in shade.
Aug 12 Sun. all went to S. S. Hot & dry.
Aug 13 I and Roy cut corn till noon. Holcomb’s house burned.
Aug 14 Cut corn. Got chips. Hot.
Aug 15 Cut corn till noon. Bought 4 calves of Mays. 3 from Taylors.
Aug 16 Cut corn till noon. Made krout. Done chores.
Aug 17 Cut corn till noon. Made krout. Got barrel full.
Aug 18 I and Roy took 50 cabbage to Jennings. Got 2 cts lb.
Aug 19 Sunday big rain. Went to S. S. Randolls here.
Aug 20 Cut corn. Hattie washed. Got rock for dam and load chips. Hot.
Aug 21 Cut corn. Finished on Rices land. Went and set posts north of school house.
Aug 22 Went set posts till noon. Hot & dry. Done chores.
Aug 23 Finished setting posts.
Aug 24 Put wire on fence forenoon. Hot.
Aug 25 Finished fence by house. Went to Allison in eve.
Aug 26 Sun. went to S. S. then to Masons. Cool & fine.
Aug 27 Cut corn S. of house. Washed forenoon.
Aug 28 Cut corn & done chores. Hot & dry.
Aug 29 Cut corn. Board met afternoon with Chenoweths.
Aug 30 Went to Allison & Jennings. Got draft for $215.04
Aug 31 Cut corn morn. Went to Allison. Hired Mr. Cass teacher.
Sep 1, 1894 Cut corn morn. Hot & dry.
Sep 2 Sunday went to S. S. then to Bro. Randalls.
Sep 3 Washed. Cut corn all day. Hot.
Sep 4 Rained most all day. Done chores.
Sep 5 Rained. Worked on road till noon.
Sep 6 Cut corn. All went to Bakers speaking. Harts Grove.
Sep 7 Give Randalls $20.00 to buy seed wheat in Haxie. Cut corn. Dug potatoes, got chips. Cool & fine.
Sep 8 Went to Jennings. Took $5.00 trade. Cool.
Sep 9 Sun. went to Harts Grove to Co. S. S. convention.
Sep 10 Took new trough to Asa’s place. School began.
Sep 11 Took calves to Asa’s place. Cut corn.
Sep 12 Worked on Hen house all day. Cut weeds. Windy.
Sep 13 Hauled, shocked corn & husked it.
Sep 14 Dug potatoes all day. Cool & fine.
Sep 15 Took $15.40 to trade at Jennings.
Sep 16 Sun. went to S. S. then to Mr. Johnsons.
Sep 17 Worked on road by Wheelocks. Tired.
Sep 18 Worked on road. Finished it by Wheelocks.
Sep 19 Washed & dug well by kitchen door. Tired.
Sep 20 Went to Hill City. Got 40 bu. rye & started home.
Sep 21 Came on home with rye. Hot & terrible dry.
Sep 22 Fixed well curb. Dust storm. Went to Allison for Republican Primary.
Sep 23 Sun. Roy and I, Essie & Stella went to S. S.
Sep 24 Dug potatoes all day. Very tired at night.
Sep 25 Took 15.50 bu. potatoes. Got $1.00 bu. trade in.
Sep 26 I and Hattie washed forenoon. Hauled fodder.
Sep 27 Done chores. Hauled load fodder.
Sep 28 I and Hattie went to Wills. Took sweet potatoes. Dust.
Sep 29 Big rain last night. Hauled load popcorn.
Sep 30 Sandy Creek high. Went to S. S. Clear & cool.
Oct 1, 1894 Drilled in rye south creek. Rained some.
Oct 2 Drilled in rye by school house. Very windy.
Oct 3 Washed in morn. Dug 3 sacks potatoes P. M.
Oct 4 Took 5 bu. potatoes. 95 cts bu. 40 lbs Sweet potatoes. 2cts lb. 2 hogs for 4½ cts. lb. To Jennings.
Oct 5 Hauled fodder A. M. Drilled rye P. M.
Oct 6 Hauled 2 big loads fodder. Went to get alfalfa seed.
Oct 7 Sunday cold N. wind. At home. Piled up pumpkins & squash.
Oct 8 Hard freeze last night. Cut off sweet potatoes vines. Cut hay out south.
Oct 9 Washed forenoon. Got one load hay. Drilled rye afternoon.
Oct 10 Cut hay hauled 2 big loads. Dug sweet potatoes.
Oct 11 Drilled rye forenoon. Sold 27 calves. 6½ dollars each. Dug sweet potatoes.
Oct 12 Drilled rye in morn. Fixed fence. Warm.
Oct 13 Went to Conrads. Bought 2 steer calves for $11.00. Dug potatoes.
Oct 14 Sunday all went to S. S. then home.
Oct 15  I and Will dug potatoes all day. Waldron took 31 steer calves cool & fine.
Oct 16 Went to Lenora. Took 38¼ bu. potatoes. $1.00 bu. in trade & case .90
Oct 17 Washed forenoon. Dug potatoes afternoon.
Oct 18 Dug potatoes all day. Very tired.
Oct 19 Went took 27 bu. potatoes to Green, then to Lenora.
Oct 20 I and Will dug potatoes all day. Very tired.
Oct 21 I and children went to S. S. Reynolds here.
Oct 22 I and Will dug potatoes all day. Very tired.
Oct 23 I and Will & Leona finished digging potatoes. Had 225 bu.
Oct 24 Washed morn. Put potatoes in cave. Done chores.
Oct 25 Drilled rye forenoon. Done chores.
Oct 26 Mr. Beers got 20 bu. potatoes at 90 cts bu. Fixed fence.
Oct 27 Went to Jennings. Took Pumpkins. Got coal. Windy.
Oct 28 Sunday cold & windy. Home all day.
Oct 29 Washed. Board met here. Cold & chilly.
Oct 30 Drilled rye. Cleaned house afternoon.
Oct 31 Drilled rye. Cleaned house. Sent for subsoil plow.
Nov 1, 1894 Drilled rye & hauled out weeds & vines.
Nov 2 Finished drilling 45 acres rye. Done chores.
Nov 3 Took 3 colts to Aces place. Shelled corn. Got wire & posts.
Nov 4 Sunday went to S. S. Cold & windy.
Nov 5 Washed forenoon. Done chores.
Nov 6 Went Jennings. Got plow. $12.65. Voted.
Nov 7 Hauled fodder & vines for shed. Very dry.
Nov 8 Set posts. Fixed fence. Went to Allison.
Nov 9 Fixed fence & done chores. Cold & windy.
Nov 10 Went to Jennings. Got sub soil plow & coal for school house and 100 lbs sugar. $5.35.
Nov 11 Sunday I & children went to S. S. Cold & windy.
Nov 12 Monday Elsie Logan was born. Terrible wind. Plowed some with new plow.
Nov 13 I washed. Terrible high wind. Traded land with Mr. Cass.
Nov 14 I helped do house work. Took no land Mr. Cass.
Nov 15 Done chores. Went to Mr. Randalls. Windy.
Nov 16 Plowed. I most sick. Tonselitus. Cold. Done chores.
Nov 17 Plowed morn. Town board met afternoon. Warmer.
Nov 18 Sun. at home all day. Mrs. Conrad here.
Nov 19 Done chores. Went to Allison eve, then home.
Nov 20 Went to Allison to meet spook, but it did not come. Went to Casse’s & Shields.
Nov 21 Mr. Cass & J. Shields made deeds to land. Queen got nail in hind foot.
Nov 22 Went got drill at Asas place. Grubbed trees. Windy.
Nov 23 Grubbed trees S. of house. Cut wood.
Nov 24 I and Roy & Huey went to Casse’s. Tied up apple trees. Have had a nice week.
Nov 25 Sunday went to meeting. There was none. Came home.
Nov 26 Washed forenoon. I grubbed out trees. Nice.
Nov 27 Chopped wood. Grubbed trees. Nice day.
Nov 28 I drilled rye all day. Queen very lame from nail in her foot.
Nov 29 Thanksgiving. Nice. Mr. Johnsons all here.
Nov 30 I drilled rye south creek all day. No school.
Dec 1, 1894 I and Roy went to Jennings. Got new shoes. Chilly.
Dec 2 Sunday cloudy & dull. At home all day.
Dec 3 Drilled rye all day. Fred E. grubbed trees all day.
Dec 4 Washed morn. Went to Thompsons. Got wheat. Let Johnson have 15 bu. at 30 cts bu.
Dec 5 Finished S. field with wheat. Nice day.
Dec 6 Worked at trees south side lot. Made posts and hauled brush.
Dec 7 Plowed. N. W. wind & dirt.
Dec 8 Killed heifer in morn. Fred helped. Took a quarter to Wheelocks. Got 4 cts lb.
Dec 9 We all went to Willies. Cool but nice day.
Dec 10 Washed. Commenced to snow.
Dec 11 About 2 in. snow on ground. Cold wind.
Dec 12 Subsoiled forenoon. Fred & wife here. Nice day.
Dec 13 Fred helped me grub trees. Took 7 out. Nice day.
Dec 14 I grubbed forenoon. Went to Allison. Let Terrill have trees cut on shares.
Dec 15 Plowed forenoon. I plowed P. M. Nice day.
Dec 16 Sun. at home. Mr. Kinser here in eve.
Dec 17 Washed forenoon. I plowed afternoon. Nice day.
Dec 18 I plowed & grubbed trees. Very tired.
Dec 19 Plowed in morn. Grubbed afternoon. Warm.
Dec 20 Grubbed stumps. Plowed.
Dec 21 Plowed and grubbed all day. Fine.
Dec 22 I and men dug Mr. Chenoweths grave. Tied trees.
Dec 23 Sunday all went Mr. Steels & to burying.
Dec 24 Finished sub soiling 20 acres. Nice & warm.
Dec 25 Had Xmas tree for children. Roy got ax. Huey blocks. Kent whistle. Stella cup & saucer. Essie cup & saucer. All went to Mr. Johnsons.
Dec 26 Washed forenoon. Chopped wood. Done chores.
Dec 27 Cold & chilly. Chopped wood & done chores. Cold.
Dec 28 Cold & chopped wood. Mr. C. went to Conrads.
Dec 29 I and Roy cut wood. Went to Allison eve. Cold.
Dec 30 Sunday light snow last night. Roy sick. Cold.
Dec 31 Cold. Washed forenoon. Done chores.