Later Years in Kansas

Apr 22, 1908 We all went to Stella & Dans for dinner then left on afternoon train for Topeka. Took St. Car and went out to see Minnie sister Grace at Christs Hosp. Then we visited St. Hosp. and at 11:15 took Santa Fe train for Burlingame and Roy met us and we all went to their place to live a while. This was yr. when it rained so much.
May 2, 1908 All of us including Roys drove up to Eskridge to see a farm Father bought. It was a 40 mi ride & we all had a good time.
May 13 I & Minnie went to Topeka to visit Grace in Hosp. again.
Jun 1, 1908 We rented a house in Burlingame and moved to it.
Jul 6, 1908 We loaded our things & moved to our new place. 3 miles S of Eskridge. Essie, Elsie & Kent drove cows, and it rained on us all way. We were glad to get out of town on a farm and there were lots of peaches & blackberries getting ripe.
Sep 26, 1908 Bought home 500 sheep from K. C. to feed.
Oct 6, 1908 Bought 400 acres land 7 mi S. of Topeka known as the what Cheer Farm. Paid $28500.00. (This was yrs. later sold to Gov’t and now the Forbes Air Force Base & Supply Depot stands on it).
Oct 9 Mother came to visit us. Nice day.
Oct 14 Made 40 gal cider.
Oct 19 Took mother in buggy to Burlingame to see Roy. Rained. Hebe came.
Oct 20 Took Hebe to train. Rained hard.
Oct 22 Huey went to Topeka to start to Business College at Stricklers.
Oct 23 Hard snow from N. all night. 1 ft deep.
Oct 24 Took sheep to W. corn field. Nice day.
Nov 14, 1908 Got done gathering corn. Nice day.
Nov 16 I went to Topeka & finished arrangements for Huey to go to Stricklers.
Nov 18 Got home from Topeka. Nice day.
Nov 21 Huey went to Burlingame to see Roy.
Nov 22 Huey started to Strucklers. During Nov. bad weather. Elsie, Kent, Ross went to Country school. Essie was out in Decatur Co. teaching her 2nd term of school.
Dec 8, 1908 Shipped sheep to K. C. brought $5.65. Highest price this fall.
Dec 11 Made 6 gal. mince meat. I went got tooth pulled.
Dec 30 Mr. John Logan here to see about buying place.
Jan 5 1909 Logan phoned from Maple Hill & said he’d buy the place.
Jan 19 Roy came in buggy to town in eve.
Jan 26 Nice day. Started to move to Pauline.
Jan 27 Went to Topeka. Got ring.
Jan 29 Hard wind all night last night. Tore barns down. Did lots of damage.
Feb 1, 1909 I started for Lenora.
Mar 16, 1909 Paul Mackey began working for me for $25.00 mo.
Apr 6, 1909 Started to Ill. Mother very poorly. I went to Blandinsville afternoon. Got papers the 8th. Mr. Houston came out and acknowledged deeds and papers. Fixed mother better.
Apr 9 I started home at 3:20. Got home Sat the 10th.
Apr 11 Terrible wind all day. Roy here on way from Topeka with lumpjaw mare.
Apr 26 We got Rossies picture from Dan.
Apr 27 I started to Lenora. Nice day.
Apr 30 I got home from Lenora. Froze last nite.
May 4, 1909 Mr. S. Larick came to see place and like it fine. We planted squash seed. Hot.
May 3 I went to Topeka and bought Billy $67.00
May 14 Rained 4 in. water. Some what wet.
May 15 Took 31 steers to Stephenson pasture. Roy left mare here.
May 16 Sunday I and Minnie went to Wakarusa. Nice.
May 17 Draged & harrowed corn N. of house. Nice day.
May 18 Planted & replanted corn. Rained.
May 19 Wet. Cut weeds. Took Bell to horse.
May 20 Went to Wakarusa for disk cultivator. Replanted corn.
May 22 Huey & Paul plowed corn. Kent planted. I and Minnie went to Topeka.
Jun 8, 1909 Got telegram. Mother died this A. M.
Jul 4, 1909 Sunday Cool S. E. wind.
Jul 5 All went to Vinewood to celebration.
Aug 27, 1909 Glen was born at 7:30 A. M. Nice day.
Oct 30, 1909 Have had it warm. Slept with doors and windows open. Essie & Huey are in Topeka attending Business College.
Nov 25, 1909 Thanksgiving day. Roy, Chella, & children and Will Gardner here.
Nov 26 Got done gathering corn.
Nov 27 Went to Topeka. Roy & Willie here.
Dec 3, 1909 Rained. I and Kent starting to Roys to get hogs.
Dec 18 Left baby home. Went to Topeka made to house & 2 acres in Lenora.
Dec 21 Shortest day of year. Has been very cold.
Dec 24 Snowing. I and Kent hauled hay. Kent went Pauline to meet Essie & Huey.
Dec 25 Xmas day at home. Had good time. Santa remembered us all.
Dec 27 Butchered 2 fine hogs. Made ½ gal sausage.
Jan 22 1910 Butchered fat hog. Thawing fast.
Jan 26 Mr. Shoemaker & Bro came to look at land.
Mar 1, 1910 I went to Lenora to look at Whipple land.
Apr 3, 1910 Mrs. Dochow came to visit us.
Apr 9 Cousin Ethel Kline came from Ill. for a visit.
Sep 8, 1910 Sold our place to Mr. Chas Joss for $35,000.00
Sep 9 Popa & Minnie went to Lenora to make out deeds. Essie staid in Topeka where she is working. Kent started to Stricklers.
Sep 21 Started moving to Lenora.
Oct 17, 1910 I went to Topeka in eve. Essie, Kent and I went to Auditorium.
Nov 9, 1910 Hueys birthday. Essie & Edward Fitzgerald were married in Topeka by Probate Judge at Court house. Essie was 23 yrs. old & Edward 28. Edward was working in Santa Fe Offices and Essie was working at Central Topeka Paper Co.
Dec 24, 1910 Mamie Logan was born in Lenora Ks.