Return to Decatur Co.: 1896

Jan 1 to Mar 7 [Pages missing.]
Mar 8, 1896 Sunday nice day. We went to Erickson.
Mar 9 Washed forenoon. Plowed sod south of stable.
Mar 10 Plowed all day S. of stable. Windy & cold.
Mar 11 Went to Jennings. Took case eggs. Got 7½ cts doz. Took butter. Got 10 cts lb.
Mar 12 Went to see Asa morn. Plowed sod P. M.
Mar 13 Froze last night. Snowing some. Done chores.
Mar 14 Cold & stormy. Sheltered the corn in crib at stable.
Mar 15 Sunday clear & very cold. Last night. Thawed.
Mar 16 Washed forenoon. Went to Conrads.
Mar 17 Snowing and stormy. Helped Mr. Cramer.
Mar 18 Went to Jennings. Took 21 lbs butter. Windy.
Mar 19 Hauled corn to stable. Plowed sod.
Mar 20 Sorted and sacked potatoes. Finished sod.
Mar 21 I and Roy & Huey took potatoes to Lenora. Got 35 cts. bu.
Mar 22 Sunday all went to Mr. Johnsons. Cold and chilly.
Mar 23 Washed morn. Commenced backsetting eve.
Mar 23 Plowed. Nice & warm. Ground is not wet deep.
Mar 25 Went to Jennings. Took 22 lbs butter. Plowed in eve.
Mar 26 Finished backsetting. Last day of school. Terrible wind.
Mar 27 Hauled sod on dam. Made garden in eve.
Mar 28 Sunday at home all day. Nice & warm.
Mar 29 Missing
Mar 30 Went got 20 bu oats from Smith. Got drill. Roy harrowed stalks.
Mar 31 Jim Kline and bride came last eve and stayed till eve. Stormy.
Apr 1, 1896 Tried to drill oats. Took drill home. Sowed and cultivated oats.
Apr 2 Sowed and cultivated in oats. Nice & warm.
Apr 3 I and Hattie went to Jennings. Took butter. Planted potatoes.
Apr 4 Sowed and cultivated in oats. Nice dry day.
Apr 5 Easter Sunday all went to Mr. Cramers. Nice warm.
Apr 6 Finished sowing and harrowing in oats. Warm & dry.
Apr 7 Hauled rock etc on dam. Terribly windy.
Apr 8 Went to Jennings. Took 21 lbs butter. Planted potatoes by mill dam.
Apr 9 Planted potatoes and corn by mill dam. Roy harrowed weeds.
Apr 10 Hauled rock on dam. Went burying Mr. Steeles baby. Finished by mill dam.
Apr 11 I and Roy took 3 colts to Mullin place and fixed fence.
Apr 12 Sunday rained all night and today.
Apr 13 Took Donley cow to Conrads. Done chores.
Apr 14 Went to Clay Steeles to rent land, but couldn’t.
Apr 15 Went to Jennings. Took butter & case of eggs.
Apr 16 Ground wet. Done chores. Listed corn north of house.
Apr 17 Plowed in orchard. Black cloud from west eve. Big rain.
Apr 18 Ground wet. Fixed fence and dam. Jim gone.
Apr 19 Fred Erickson & wife here. Hunted Jim. Warm.
Apr 20 Plowed orchard and harrowed. Hot and fine for crops.
Apr 21 Harrowed orchard & S. W. of stable. Got 2 bu. alfalfa seed $11.50
Apr 22 Harrowed & sowed 2 bu. alfalfa seed. Set out cabbage plants.
Apr 23 Listed piece corn S. of creek. Warm & fine.
Apr 24 Finished harrowing and rolling alfalfa. Commenced to list on Greens.
Apr 25 Listed all day on Greens. Warm.
Apr 26 Sunday Mr. Johnsons here all day. Warm.
Apr 28 Took cattle to Mullins pasture. Went to Jennings in eve.
Apr 29 Went to Mullin place planted potatoes. Raked weeds eve.
Apr 30 Listed corn. Raked leaves & burned. Warm.
May 1, 1896 Listed corn on Greens all day. Done big days work.
May 2 Finished on Greens. Harrowed potatoes. Plowed garden. Set out tomato & cabbage plants.
May 3 Sunday at home. Warm & fine. Rested.
May 4 Took Donley cow to Conrads. Went to Mrs. Chenoweths burying. Listed corn.
May 5 Listed corn on Mullin place.
May 6 Listed corn on Mullin place.
May 7 Listed corn all day. Rained at night.
May 8 Fine rain last night. Worked on dam at Mullin place. Finished listing north of creek. Tired.
May 10 Sunday cloudy & dull. At home.
May 11 I and Roy went to Jennings. Worked Bet. Listed corn on Mullin place.
May 12 Listed corn all day.
May 13 Listed corn all day. Cool & fine to work.
May 14 Finished listing corn at noon. Mrs. Taylor and Duncan here.
May 15 Rained forenoon. Made weed cutter. Plowed south for sorgum.
May 16 Plowed and sowed sorgum. Very tired.
May 17 Sun. All went to Wills. Worked Nell. Warm.
May 18 Plowed and sowed sorgum. Roy cut weeds.
May 19 Big rain in morn. Went to C. Fosters. Finished sorgum.
May 20 Made hog pen. Cresler sow had 20 pigs. Roy & Hattie went to Jennings.
May 21 I took sick last night with tooth. Harrowed potatoes. Went to bed.
May 22 Took weed cutter to shop. Replanted corn. Straight had 9 pigs.
May 23 Plowed and sowed Millet. Killed 5 skunks. Very hot.
May 24 Sunday all went to meeting out south. East dinner at Bro. Cramers.
May 25 Roy cut weeds on Greens. I plowed and sowed millet. Preacher came.
May 26 Took preacher to Dresden. Hot. Plowed corn N. of house.
May 27 Plowed corn. Went got cattle.
May 28 Cut weeds south of creek. Cut alfalfa west of hog lot by Terrills.
May 29 Went to Mullin place. Cut weeds. Stacked alfalfa. 4 loads. Rained I eve.
May 30 Plowed cabbage. Roy cut weeds.
May 31 Sun. big rain last night. At home.
Jun 1, 1896 River is up. Went to Mullin place. Fixed fence.
Jun 2 Took cattle to pasture. Hattie and girls went to Jennings.
Jun 3 Went cut alfalfa on Mullin place. Roy cut weeds. Rained in eve.
Jun 4 Finished cutting alfalfa 1st time. Raked afternoon.
Jun 5 C. Foster helped stack hay. Roy cut weeds.
Jun 6 Finished stacking at 3 oclock. High wind. Plowed corn. Rained in eve.
Jun 7 Sunday clear & warm. Home resting.
Jun 8 I and Foster plowed corn north on Green place.
Jun 9 to 11 Mowing weeds. Planting corn.
Jun 11 Fine rain. Hattie & girls went to Jennings.
Jun 12 Roy finished weed cutting. I plowed on Mullins.
Jun 13 Roy harrowed. I plowed corn. Very hot.
Jun 14 Sunday Mr. Cramers here. Hot and sultry.
Jun 15 I and Roy plowed corn on Greens. Very hot.
Jun 16 Finished plowing on Greens 1st time. Plowed some S. of creek.
Jun 17 Plowed on Mullin place. Hot & dry.
Jun 18 Finished plowing N. creek 1st time. Plowed some S. of creek.
Jun 19 Hoed and cut weeds forenoon. I and Hattie went to Jennings eve. Very hot.
Jun 20 I and Roy plowed all day at Mullin place. [Roy was only 11 yrs. old & yet was plowing all day.]
Jun 21 Sunday all went to Mr. Johnsons. Cool.
Jun 22 I and Roy plowed corn at Mullin place. Got over it 1st time.
Jun 23 Fine rain last night. Pulled weeds.
Jun 24 Cut weeds. Went to Jennings. Took 42 qts currants. Got 6½ cts. quart.
Jun 25 Moved weeds in grapes. Began to lay by corn on Terrills.
Jun 26 Misty & damp. Mowed orchard. Done chores.
Jun 27 Plowed corn all day. Night meeting at school house. New preacher.
Jun 28 I and Hattie went to Geo. Wheelocks. Hot.
Jun 29 Windy. I and Roy plowed corn on Greens. Hot.
Jun 30 Had a big rain last night and hail. Cut weeds.
Jul 1, 1896 I plowed. Hattie & Roy went to Jennings.
Jul 2 I and Roy finished on Greens. Went to Mullin place afternoon & plowed.
Jul 3 I and Roy plowed at Mullin place all day. Corn fine.
Jul 4 Big rain this morn. Went to McKennys. Took Jim to pasture. Corn is fine.
Jul 5 Sunday went got Jim. Found McKennys at home.
Jul 6 Went & pulled weeds out of potatoes. Fred helped. Roy plowed.
Jul 7 I and Roy sowed N. of house on Mullin place. Broke plow.
Jul 8 Plowed S. of creek all day. Big days work. Cool & fine.
Jul 9 Finished plowing corn at noon. Plowed potatoes.
Jul 10 Mowed weeds forenoon. Jim McClure and I went to Jennings.
[pages missing to Sep17]  
Sep 17, 1896 Went to Lenora. Cass paid mortgage $721.00. Mr. C. shocked corn.
Sep 18 Rained last night. Cut wood.
Sep 19 Worked on cattle shed. Mr. C. and Foster helped.
Sep 20 Sunday went to Mr. Cramers visiting.
Sep 21 I and Mr. Cramer worked on shed.
Sep 22 First frost. Worked on shed all day. Cool.
Sep 23 Foster worked till noon. All went and got sorgum seed.
Sep 24 I and Roy put brush on shed. Dug potatoes eve.
Sep 25 I went Jennings got Kent his 1st suit. (Kent was 4 yrs old.)
Sep 26 I and Mr. Foster finished covering shed. Cut poles for crib.
Sep 27 Sunday went to school house to Baptist meeting.
Sep 28 Will Lieber [next?] commenced work on corn crib. I cut alfalfa.
Sep 29 Finished cutting N. orchard. Will worked on crib.
Sep 30 Will went to Mullin place. Got corn P. M.
Oct 1, 1896 Will gathered corn. I hauled alfalfa. Hot & dry. Killed hog in eve.
Oct 2 I and Will & children went to Mullin place. Put in flume. Got cane.
Oct 3 All went to picknick at Bradburys. Dusky and smoky.
Oct 4 Sunday went to Mr. Johnsons. Nice day.
Oct 5 Made wagon box in morn. Sold $4.00 of poles in eve.
Oct 6 Helped Will get load corn. Went Jennings. Got load lumber in eve.
Oct 7 to 10th


Shocking corn & helping Straup thrash.
Oct 11 Sunday hard freeze last night. J. Klines here.
Oct 12 I and Roy & Stella went got 26 bu potatoes. Husked corn.
[missing entries]  
Oct 19 I husked 2 loads corn at Mullin place. Got something in my eye.
Oct 20 I and Leiber got 2 loads corn at Mullin place. Finished N. of River.
Oct 21 I got 2 loads S. of creek. Went to Jennings to see Dr. but he was gone.
Oct 22 Got 2 loads S. of creek. Lieber quit work at noon. Rained last night.
Oct 23 I and Roy took 2 hogs to Jennings. One weighed 415 lbs. Got $2.65 hundred lbs. and one weighed 215 lbs. Got $2.80 hundred lbs. for it. Got floor for kitchen.
Oct 24 I and Roy got 2 loads on Mullin place. Nice day.
Oct 25 Sunday clear & fine. At home all day.
Oct 26 I got 2 loads corn on Mullin place.
Oct 27 Missing
Oct 28 Went got load forenoon. Fixed lot. Rained.
Oct 29 Rained most all night last night and snowed all day today. Lots wet.
Oct 30 Cut forks for stable. Thawed fast but cold wind.
Oct 31 Went to Jennings to see Dr.
Nov 1, 1896 Sunday at home. Resting all day.
Nov 2 Got load corn from Mullin place. Worked in house afternoon laying floor.
[Nov 3 & 4 Did same thing as on 2nd.]
Nov 5 Got one load corn at Mullin place. Plastered in house. Hattie and Mrs. Johnson put up curtains.
Nov 6 Helped Will get big load corn. Went Jennings. Got big load lumber eve.
Nov 7 to 10 Shucking corn & helped Stroup thrash.
Nov 8 Sunday hard freeze last night. Resting.
Nov 9 Went got last load corn at Mullin place. Worked in house afternoon.
Nov 10 Put in ridge slats at Mullin house. White washed etc.
Nov 11 Stacked hay all day for Mr. Johnson. Tired.
Nov 12 Took 2 loads sorgum. Covered stable, etc.
Nov 13 Husked load corn on Greens A. M. Killed hog in eve.
Nov 14 Warm & fine. Got 2 loads corn.
Nov 15 Sunday warm & fine. Went to Mullin place.
Nov 16 Planted peach seed. Washed. Husked corn eve.
Nov 17 Cold damp mist & frost & ice. Husked 2 big loads corn.
Nov 18 Husked 2 loads corn. Cold & disagreeable.
Nov 19 Husked 2 loads corn. Cold & chilly.
Nov 20 Husked 2 loads. Cold all day.
Nov 21 I and Roy got load corn. Hauled wood. Put up heater.
Nov 22 Sunday cloudy & cold. Mr. Johnsons here all day.
Nov 23 Washed. Snapped load corn morn, and husked one.
Nov 24 Very frosty & damp. Husked corn. Hauled 2 loads manure.
Nov 25 Warm & damp. Got done gathering. Most sick at night.
Nov 26 Thanksgiving day. Coldest day yet.
Nov 27 9 deg below zero. Helped Mr. Cramer saw wood.
Nov 28 Missing
Nov 29 9 deg below zero. Sawed wood. Took salt to calves.
Nov 30 Washed. I cut trees on ice. Done chores. Nice day.
Dec 1, 1896 Hauled wood. Went to Jennings. Took 24 doz eggs. Got 17 cts. doz.
Dec 2 Cut poles for feed pen. Nice day.
Dec 3 Helped Mr. Cramer saw wood.
Dec 4 Hauled 2 loads sorgum. Put up heater in kitchen.
Dec 5 Got load alfalfa. Got colts. Hauled 2½ loads sorgum. Tied up apple trees.
Dec 6 Sunday all went to Mr. Johnsons. Nice day.
Dec 7 Helped wash. Hauled load sorgum. Got white corn. Warm & fine.
Dec 8 Hauled sorgum. Sawed wood.
Dec 9 Made kettle of hominy. Got sorgum. Pulled tree out of creek.
Dec 10 Sawed wood. Took up around 40 posts.
Dec 11 Set posts around orchard. Jim Kline got poles. Traded colt for more.
Dec 12 Hauled stove wood. Fixed fence by school house. Got sorgum.
Dec 13 Sunday warm & fine. At home all day.
Dec 14 Hauled sorgum. Washed. Done chores.
Dec 15 Hauled 4 loads sorgum. Warm & fine.
Dec 16 Hauled sorgum. Rolled up wire on barrel.
Dec 17 Dressed 21 turkeys. Had surprise supper on Stella. Stellas birthday. 13 yrs old. Mr. Johnsons here.
Dec 18 I and Hattie went to Jennings. Shipped turkeys. (These were turkeys Essie & Stella raised and were shipped to Denver.)
Dec 19 Hauled sorgum. Sold 250 brick. Salted calves.
Dec 20 Sunday clear & fine. At home all day. Done chores.
Dec 21 Went to Jennings. I and children to Mrs. Kers. Funeral. Chenoweth paid me $50.00
Dec 22 Washed forenoon. Fixed fence. Fine weather.
Dec 23 Fixed fence. Hauled feed. Done chores.
Dec 24 Hauled feed. Went to Allison. Done chores.
Dec 25 Christmas. All day at home. Put wire on fence. Killed rabbit.
Dec 26 Bought cow of J. Conrad. $18.00. Done chores.
Dec 27 Sunday at home. Chilly & windy.
Dec 28 Washed & done chores. Nice day.
Dec 29 Done chores etc. Damp & chilly.
Dec 30 Went to Jennings. Sent butter to Denver. Got shoes and Crocks.
Dec 31 Went cleaned out well at Johnsons. Children went to school.