McDonough Co., Illinois: 1881

Feb 27 1881 This father wrote at beginning of dairy:
  Let all your words be sincere & never deceive. Let us try to improve our time while we are in this life. That all may be well for us in our life to come. We will all have to stand before God and be judged according to the deeds done in the bodie while in this life. When this remember me.
  Selurn Dana Logan.
Feb 27 Snowing all day. Rained last nite.
Mar. 3 Snowed last nite and all forenoon. Today aunt Vnia had a wood shopping, but there was one there named Selurn Logan who hauled them 2 loads of wood.
Mar 4 I went to Willies in the morning to see the Calves. They were doing very well. It was worst adventure I ever had thro snow drifts. The lanes are blockaded.
Mar. 10 Thawed today and I went into the woods and chopped wood and hauled 2 loads and one of rails. Then went out to Willie Mackey & got calves.
Mar. 11 Rained last nite and still raining this morning with a fearful East wind.
Mar. 12 Chopped stove wood this morning. Willie brought me the broken leg filly. Then we went to town. Misted rain.
Mar. 13 Froze last nite with a light skift of snow. I went up to grandmothers and stayed couple hours. Came home and wrote letter to uncle Jimmy. Mother wrote to uncle John.
Mar. 14 I chopped wood today and made rails. Hauled up 3 loads wood on the sled and hauled 3 loads of rails along fence. Mother went to Mr. Hungates. (25 yrs. old today)
Mar. 15 The nicest spring like morn we’ve had this year. Mother went to town. I chopped stove wood, worked the colt. Made calves a trough. Looked rainey in evening.
Mar. 16 Cloudy and damp forenoon. Rained last nite with thunder. Chopped stove wood. Lorey here afternoon. Worked Colts. Thawing
Mar. 17 Hauled rails and stakes from corn pen along West fence and made rails and stakes. Froze hard last nite. Thawed today
Mar. 18 Hauled rails and wood then went to aunt Vnias to wood chopping. Get letter from S. H.
Mar. 19 Fearful snow storm last nite and all day today a blizzard, not very cold. Done nothing much all day.
Mar. 20 About 2 foot snow today Sunday at home.
Mar. 21 Clear and thawed I chopped wood. Went to town. Geo. Foster & Johnny Peel here. I went to grandmother in morning on the sled.
Mar. 22 Chopped wood. Clear and nice Mother washed.
Mar 23 Froze hard last nite. I tapped sugar trees. Hung the meat. Cleaned up timothy seed etc.
Mar. 24 Foggy this morning. Cleared off nice. Mother went to town. I wrote Viola last nite.
Mar. 25 I went to town this morning bought hatchet. Trimmed Apple trees. Snow squalls in evening.
Mar. 26 Froze hard Hauled 2 loads corn in barn and 4 loads manure on field. Went to town. Trimmed 6 apple trees.
Mar. 27 Mother went to Leonas. I went to town to a quarterly meeting.
Mar. 28 Reset the lot fence forenoon. Mother came from Leonas & Willies. Trimmed apple trees rain turned to snow.
Mar. 29 Quite a snow this morning. Worked in barn. Went to town. Trimmed apple trees.
March 30 Clear & nice Hauled 4 loads manure. Burned brush.
Mar. 31 Froze last nite. Hauled straw to grandmas.
April 1, 1881 Very cold. Chopped wood
April 2 Hauled 5 loads manure. Cold and snowing.
April 3 Sunday. Lorey Brought me 2 letters. One was an April fool. Went to meeting. Snowed
April 4 Cold & Cloudy. Hauled corn & Manure. Leona and Will came.
April 5 Nice day. Went to Election. Then to town to Holiness Meeting at nite.
April 6 Froze last nite. Chopped Willow & done chores.
April 7 Took hogs to town. Hawled willows. Raining.
April 8 Cut hedge, misted rain. Snowed P. M. 4 inches deep.
April 9 Went town in morning. Cut hedge. Tom Hainline and wife here all night.
April 10 All went to grandmothers today.
April 11 Cut hedge and timber. Heavy Thunder and rain.
April 12 Snowed. Reset fence North of lane.
April 13 Cleared off this morning fixed fence.
April 14 Fixed cellar way. Took up potatoes. Nice day. Will here
April 15 Fixed fence. Mother went to town.
April 16 Reset fence for grandmother. Went to school election.
April 17 Went to town to meeting. Easter Concert in afternoon
April 18 Hauled wood & rails. Harrowed stalks.
April 19 Set willows forenoon. Went to Willies. Got Elevice.
April 20 Plowed in stumps in forenoon. Cut stalks afternoon.
April 21 West town, took old iron, potatoes apples etc. rained
April 22 Fixed fence, marked calf. Ploughed in stumps. Warm.
April 23 Sowed 8 bu. Oats. In stumps and timother seed.
April 24 Sunday, very warm, cloudy. Went to S. S. Convention in afternoon Rained. Roads very rough.
April 25 Plouged in stumps. Very warm.
April 26 Sowed timothy seed in stomps ploughed East for oates.
April 27 Went to Bozarths & to town got some plow shoes. Rainy
April 28 Finished sewing oats. Very warm.
April 29 Fixed fence. Went town got plow sharpened.
April 30 Hauled pieces of rails forenoon. 2 loads wheat to town.
May 1, 1881 Sunday went to Willies and to Elm and Rock Creek.
May 2 Hauled 4 loads wheat to town for mother. 78 cts. Bus.
May 3 Went to Willies. Got Chaff. Plowed for corn. Rolled oats
May 4 Plowed for corn. Cool. Misted rain.
May 5 Finished plowing 4 acres for corn. Harrowed and laid it off.
May 6 Planted 4 acres corn. Plowed rest of day.
May 7 Went to Bozarths in morning. Plowed rest of day. Plowed out skunk. Showered.
May 8 Sunday at home. Had 2 showers. Warm. Cherry and apple trees in bloom. Wrote to J.L.-V.C.-E.R.-C.H.
May 9 Plowed for corn. Warm.
May 10 Hot. Plowed. Everything growing fast.
May 11 Finished plowing 14 acres and crossed it off for corn.
May 12 Planted 14 acres corn. DeBond drove I dropped.
May 13 I and mother went to town in morning. Commenced to plow East field. Took Flora to Bozarth.
May 14 Cool and nice.
May 15 Quite cool. Went to town to meeting in buggy.
May 16 Plowed and cut stalks. Lula sick in nite. Willie brought colt to pasture.
May 17 Lula throat swelled. Went bought horse.
May 18 Warm and dry. Ground hard.
May 19 Plowed. Warm & dry.
May 20 Finished plowing for corn. Very glad of it.
May 21 Harrowed with 3 horses. Ella Hebe, Viola & Mort came.
May 22 Sunday Onie & Will grandma and aunt Vine here.
May 23 Finished planting corn. Nice rain.
May 24 Raining. Went to burying of Mose Ferres Wife.
May 25 Plowed Potato Patches. Reset grandmas fence.
May 26 Rolled Corn. Plowed corn 1st time this year.
May 27 Went to town. Hot and dry.
May 28 Finished plowing 4 acres of corn. Greased harness and buggy.
May 29 Sunday. I and mother went to town to meeting. Went to Leonas in afternoon then to H.Bs. (This is his first date with my mother).
May 30 Burnt brush. Went to decoration P. M.
May 31 Went to Bozarths with Flora. (Flora is a mare)
June 1, 1881 Reset orchard fence. Plowed corn and Potatoes.
June 2 Plowed corn. Rained. Staked hedge.
June 3 Plowed corn. Went to N. Hungates. Got gentleman cow for red heifer.
June 4 Plowed 4 acres corn 2nd time. Uncle John and Jane at grandmothers. Went to Rock Creek at night.
June 5 Sunday. Went to quarterly meeting at Rock Creek.
June 6 Nice & Cool. Worked roads. Willie & Ownie here.
June 7 Cut sprouts of oats in stumps. Went to see Tom Williams. Fearful rains last nite.
June 8 Heavy rained. Worked roads.
June 9 Took hogs to town for mother. Worked roads.
June 10 Plowed corn. Mother and grandmother went to Mr. Williams.
June 11 Finished plowing corn 1st time. Went to see Hattie Bentley afternoon and evening.
June 12 Went to see Hattie. Went buggy riding.
June 13 Fixed fence for grandmother. Hard rain.
June 14 Plowed corn. Fearful hot. Hotter than hot.
June 15 Heavy rain. Went to town. Got shovel sharpened.
June 16 Clear. Drying fast. Plowed potatoes.
June 17 Plowed corn. Willie & Leona came last nite. Went to see H. B.
June 18 Went to town. Plowed. Rained in afternoon.
June 19 Sunday Rained. Went and stayed all afternoon with Hattie.
June 20 Heavy rain and wind. Stock in field.
June 21 Went to N. Hungates. Got Billy corn. Cool East rain.
June 22 Went town. Built fence.
June 23 Went to McComb to show.
June 24 Plowed corn.
June 25 Cloudy and dull.
  Essies Note. From here until Dec. 26 I find no record. But we do know that Dana Selwin Logan and Hattie Mariah Bentley were married July 3, 1881.
Dec. 26, 1881 I went helped Willie Butcher.
Dec 27 Made bridge across creek. Sawed out barn door.
Dec 28 Reset fence. Made gate. Very warm and muddy.
Dec 29 Hauled 2 loads of straw to put in barn. Staked fence. Fixed trough by old well.
Dec 30 Turned very cold last nite. Chopped wood and sat by fire. Shot rabbits.
Dec 31 Very cold. Hauled 3 loads wood. Went town and got Hattie new dress.