Items of Genealogical Interest

McDonough County, Illinois
May 24> Raining. Went to burying of Mose Ferres Wife.
Jul 3 [Essies Note: we do know that Dana Selwin Logan and Hattie Mariah Bentley were married July 3, 1881.]
Feb 17 Staked and ridered fence in morning. Went town and come home by Will’s. A. H. Dewit married yesterday.
Mar 14 My Birthday. Willie & Leona here. Hauled rails. Corded wood. Hattie gave me a pair of mittens and baked me a queen pudding.
April 10 Sunday. Went to town to James Hayes funeral burying to meeting and to mothers for dinner.
April 16 Sunday. Mother went home. Effie came and told us Geo. Fosters baby was dead.
Feb 10 Took meat to grandpas to smoke. Then to town to Nices Seybold funeral.
April 3 Grandpa died at 20 min. of 1 oclock. This was grandpa Jones with whom Hattie had lived since she was 16 months old.
Dec 17 Hattie sick all day. Estilla was born at 8 P. M. Coldest nite yet.
Jan 22 Went to Mr. Locks funeral. Hattie went to Hies. Cold wind.
Jan 26 I and Jim went to timber sawed wood. Mr. Alexander buried. Roads muddy.
Jun 11 Mr. Adams shot himself. I plowed. Jake, Harlie & Mrs. J. here. Nice day.
Jun 15 Sunday went to Mr. Adams funeral. Cloudy dull.
Walker County, Kansas
Aug 8 Put up millet. John Radford helped. Grant Burried.
Aug 30 Our boy (Roy) is born at 1 P. M. this afternoon Nice day.
Jan 3 Sunday snowing most all day. Mr. Clay died. Terrible time.
Jan 6 Worked on shed. Clear & cold. Mr. Clay was buried.
Nov 21 Took butter to Vic. Went to Cloe Fagons wedding.
Mar 2 Sun. went to F. Hopkins to funeral. Nice day.
Decatur County, Kansas
Oct 29 Went to see Mr. Chenoweths sick child it died in evening.
Nov 9 Sunday Baby boy was born at 6 oclock. (This Huey) Cold last night. Clear & bright today. Took Mrs. Smith home.
Dec 7 Sunday went to Mr. Chenoweths childs funeral. Cold.
Feb 1 Sunday cold. Went to Mr. Rices burying. Coldest day yet.
McDonough County, Illinois
Jan 28 Cut & hauled 2 loads wood. Went to Mrs. Darethys funeral.
Feb 28 Sunday misting. Josie Curtis died. I went in eve.
Mar 1 Went to Josies funeral and burying. Very muddy.
Mar 25 Went to Aunt Betsys burying. John Emera & Roaches all here.
Apr 5 Terrible windy & cold. I walked to town to uncle C. Hungates funeral.
Jun 5 Sunday all went to town meeting, then I and Hattie walked to Childs burying.
Decatur County, Kansas
Jan 27 All went to Mr. Wheelocks funeral. Nice day.
Nov 12 Monday Elsie Logan was born. Terrible wind. Plowed some with new plow.
Dec 22 I and men dug Mr. Chenoweths grave. Tied trees.
Dec 23 Sunday all went Mr. Steels & to burying.
Apr 10 Hauled rock on dam. Went burying Mr. Steeles baby. Finished by mill dam.
Dec 21 Went to Jennings. I and children to Mrs. Kers. Funeral. Chenoweth paid me $50.00
Feb 8 I and Hattie went to Munson Bros. funeral. [These boys drowned at Jennings].
Feb 14 Sunday all went to social meeting. Snow from south. Walter Steele came at night and said Aunt Leona [Fathers sister] died. I went and stayed till morning.
Feb 15 We went to Sister Leonas funeral and burying. Nice day.
Apr. 5, 1899 Mother died about 6 oclock in the evening]
Jan 1 [Minnie Dochou & father were married Jan 1st 1900. Father was 44 yrs old and Minnie 20. They drove to Oberlin & was married by a minister
Mar 14 Rossie Selwin Logan was born at 1 oclock.
Apr 6 Minnies father died from leakage of the heart. We went to his funeral the next day at the Methodist Church in Jennings & he was buried in Jennings Cemetery.
May 23 Clarence Cover died in Riverside Calif. Fathers nephew.
Nov 4 My (Essies) 16th birthday.
Feb 11 Went to Mr. Gardeners to a big birthday dinner. Cold.
Mar 14 My birthday. 48 yrs. old.
Apr 18 Mr. John Standfast died today and left wife and 6 small children.
Sep 26 Made cattle trough. Mrs. Dochow here. Went to Mr. Steeles funeral.
Feb 3 Sun shined some. Hauled hay and corn. Divided out 56 hogs to take to Jennings. Mrs. C. died.
Feb 5 Sunday home. Went to Mrs. C. funeral.
Norton Co., Kansas
May 10 Roy and Huey got home from other place with 94 pigs. Big wind storm. Mr. Swisher and boy got killed north of town.
Dec 17 Aunt Viola Cover died at her home in Calif. (Riverside).
Mar 14 My Birthday. 50 yrs. old. Snowy. Got flour.
Mar 28 Mr. Boyd killed himself. Sold Prince and Colos colt for $300.00
Mar 29 Mr. Boyd to be buried. Rained some.
May 12 Sat in early morning. I, Minnie, Huey, Kent, Elsie & Rossie started to Jennings in carriage. We stayed all night with Mrs. Dochows & Sunday to Mr. Lines funeral, then came home.
Dec 13 I, Minnie, Roy & Essie went to Frank Grooms place near Jennings. Ate dinner and from there we went with funeral procession to Glen Valley School house with Uncle Will Mackeys body. Funeral & then to Allison School grave yard where his funeral was preached and he was burried beside Aunt Leona. His death was caused by blood poisoning from a gun shot wound. He was 40 yrs old and left 5 children.
Dec 25 Estella came home from Logan yesterday where she has been helping Dans sister Alpha make her wedding clothes. At home all day.
Feb 19 Stella & Dan Larrick were married in the forenoon. Dan was 38 yrs. old and Estella was 23 yrs. old. They drove out to Rev. Mulkeys home & he married them. Estella had a beautiful trousseau but was married in a simple white dress. They went to house keeping that afternoon in their new house. It was a nice day & we had a nice wedding dinner for them.
Mar 25 Monday. Dana Roy Logan and Chella May Gardner were married in Grand Junction Colo. Roy was 21 yrs. old and Chella was 17 yrs. old. I and Huey went up to Gardner place and met Roy & Chella. Came home with them and staid all night with us and next morning. Went with load sows & pigs back to Gardner place to begin house keeping.


Feb 11 Roy & Chellas first baby girl Hazel born.
Various locations, Kansas
Jun 8 Got telegram. Mother died this A. M.
Aug 27, 1909 Glen was born at 7:30 A. M. Nice day.[Pauline, Shawnee Co., Kansas]
Nov 9 Hueys birthday. Essie & Edward Fitzgerald were married in Topeka by Probate Judge at Court house. Essie was 23 yrs. old & Edward 28. Edward was working in Santa Fe Offices and Essie was working at Central Topeka Paper Co.
Dec 24 Mamie Logan was born in Lenora Ks.