Dorothy Birthday Feb 6 1928
Dorothy Married Dec 30th 1945
Graduated Feb 1945
Books I’m reading—1939
Island Magic by Elizabeth Goudge
All this & Heaven too by Margaret Field
Fanny Kimball by Margaret Armstrong
A Southerner discovers the South by Jonathan Daniels
Books I am reading Jan 15th 1938
The Inside of Europe—very good—not light reading by John Gunther
A New book of Cleopatra by Emily Ludwig
Mrs Buncles book Miss Buncle marries Stevenson (very good)
One life one Kopeck by Walter Durauty (terrible)
The Citadel
San Michel
A City of bells by Elizabeth Goudge
Island Magic by Elizabeth Goudge
Came to California Sep 1919
Lucy Married Jan 1st 1921
Books I have read
The Bishops Mantal by Agnes Hurnball
The Mirical of the Bar wonderful
Showman of Vanity Fair by Leonard Stevenson
The Rise of Henry Morco by Bently
Good books I have read—March 30 1936
Thers Always Tomorrow Margaret Harrison
4 2 President Hoover
Dodsworth by Sinclair Lewis Modern but amusing
Words written by a Grandmother I found them to be only too true
“What need is there to fret or worry or scheme for God may be trusted to repay what you sincerely and humbly believe life owes you for work well done, for fortitude in disappointment for responsibilities well shouldered, for patience and perseverance in the face of apparent failure.
Be patient, the debt will be paid you in full in his own good time, and with interest.”
Books are Keys to wisdom’s treasures
Books are gates to lands of pleasure
Books are paths that upward lead
Books are friends.
Come let us read
Sonnets from the Portuguese Mrs Browning
Books I have read
Sense and Sensibility Jane Austen
Flying Inn Chesterton
Penny Plan Dugless
Biography of Washing Irving splendid
The Bargain True No good.
The Woman who Made or Novels Grant Overton
Grant and Clay Sara Ware Bassed
My Musical Life Walter Damrosch
Just my sentiment too—
When I was young my imagination was always in the advance, picturing out the future, and building castles in the air, now memory comes in the place of imagination and I look back on the regions I have traveled. Thank God—the same plastic feeling that used to deck all my future with the hues of Fairy land throws a soft coloring on the past until the very roughest places through which I struggled with many a heartbreak loose all their asperity in the distance.
From, Washington Irvings Biography great 1929
Things sent to Hattie and which should be returned when she is through with them.
Brown dress, red dress, White flannel wrapper—blue dress thin one. Irish crochet lace—pearl beads white shawl I gave her mother
All these things I have sent her. Then the things I should like from the house when she is through are the long mirror in the setting room, large rug in the sitting room, blue set of dishes, Photo of :Dante” family tea pot, Silver,
It is not sad to be old if, when the physical sight dims—the soul sees more clearly and the light from the world to come illuminates the last dark bit of the way.
A quiet saunter about a cathedral effects like a walk in one of his beloved Americas forests. I cannot compare the scenes, but their sublime and solitary features produce the same dilatation of the heart and swelling of the spirit the same aspiring and longing after something exalting and indefinite something—I know not what—but [unreadable] thing I know this world cannot give me—Washington Irving’s Biography
If you [aupuly]—day by day, God understands and will see you through it but only day by day—Bishop Wilkinson
It is not a fact that Religion has been tried and found wanting Religion has been difficult and not tried. G. K. Chesterton
Our real friends are those who make us do what we can—Emerson
“Religion is a service of God out of a greatful love of God.—Phillips Brooks
Try to do three things every day
1st Comit a few words to memory
2nd See something beautiful and speak of it to some one
3rd Do something for someone
Alice Freeman Palmer
Courage for the Great sorrows of life and patience for the finale ones, and when you have accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace—God is awake. Victor Hugo
The three Christian Attributes are Sincerity, Courage, Faith. Bishop Manning
God helps him who helps himself. Euripedes
12 greatest writers
1.      Shakespeare
2.      Dante
3.      Homer
4.      Virgil
5.      Milton
6.      Balsac
7.      [blank]
8.      Goethe
9.      Molier
10.  Plato
11.  Dickenson
12.  Voltaire
Study of Literature nourishes youth
Entertains old age
Adorns prosperity
Solaces adversity
Is delightful at home and unobtrusive abroad
Who loves, forgets himself
oppresseth not
The one he loves, doth more than clothe and feed, and find a home for his own meals
He does consult, honor her respect her feelings, as they were his won
True love sustains the mind, and makes the spirit thrive, uplifts the Earthly towards the spiritual part, It makes the dullest clod a thing of life.
Its presence fills the darkest hurt with light Illumes it’s walls with day it silvers on the wooden spoon and gilds the gourd with Gold
Books that are good
“Egoist” Meridith
Life of Christ Hill
A Mans Man—Hay
Le Pelit word Greenfell
Qweed by Harrison
Benefit Received—Alice Grant Rodman
[unreadable] Eyes Harrison
Lost Ecstasy Mary Robert Rinehart
Culters By Aldrich
Raw Material Dorothy Canfield
Little Women
The Sheltered life by Ellen Glascow
Books that are good
Up the Years from Bloomsbury George Arliss
Select Dialogue of Plato Socrates
Guy Dombays by Johnson good
Struck by Lightning Kline
The Holy Spirit in Life & Service Discein
Pictures of the Floating World Amy Lowell
A Golden age of Cultures Ellsworth
Oxfordbook of Verse
Life in the World to come Walpole
Greek Literature Murry G
Home Record
352 E 91st
Los Angeles
County Recorder Office
Insurance Policy Prudential
No. 4790163
No. 5830214
Books I have read
“The Blue Window by—
Jalma by Mazo Dela Rouchewinner of the $1000.00 prize
“The Enchanted April,” auther of the Elizabeth & her German Garden
“Ramona” by Helen Hunt Jackson
Shakespear, Hamlet, Taming of the Shrew, & Julius Ceasar
The Media
The Bridge of San Luis Ray by Thornton Wilder
Dark Hester by [unreadable] Duglas Shadwick
Memoranda [2]
All our Yesterdays by [unreadable]
Dusty Answers by Rosamond Lehman
Time of Man by Elizabeth Roberts
Green Meadow by Elizabeth Roberts
From Mendelsohm to Whagner by J. M. Davidson
Pompelia and her Poet by Harriet Gaylord
Andromed of Wemple St by Dorma Cheston
Terrible Temtation Charles Reed
Penny Plain Duglas