September 22, 1927 - June 20, 1928

Facing Page: I am writing this little Diary for my two daughters Harriett and Lucy who, tho not able to go with me on my journey, will nevertheless will be with me in thoughts and good wishes every step of the way.

Mary E. Robinson

Sep 22-1927

Some ships sail east
and some sail west
By the selfsame wind that blows.
Tis the set of the sail and not the gales
that determine which way they go.
Like the winds of the East are the forces of fate.
as we travel along thru life
Tis the set of the soul that determines the goal
and not the calm or strife.
1 Sep 22-1927 Leaving Los Angeles 7-45 P.M. after saying goodbye to my two girls and three babies who brought me down to the S.P. Station in Harriett’s car.
  Sep 23-1927 Had a good nights sleep ready to jump out of bed at 7.a.m Arrived at San Jose 7-45, left there 7-55 on the local arrived Palo-Alto 9.a.m. where Maud met me, we went straight to her Hotel, The Cardinal where we had breakfast and a good visit. In the afternoon went to see Betty at her school, “Castillya School for girls”, poor child we found her very unhappy, she could not bear the thought of parting with her Mother, who was only to be in Palo Alto another week shut up in a boarding school as it were, did not agree with the sweet, delicate nature of Betty Evans. We tried to help her arrange her room and make it look comfortable but all she said was “I want to go home with Mother,” so we left her that day. had our dinner and to bed early.
2 Sep 24-1927 Maud went to the school, got Betty and we all went shopping getting little odds and ends, to fix up Betty’s room then she went to the football game, and Maud & I took in the town.
  Sep 25 1927 Had a nice day at Mills College taking a buss thro Burlingame, San Mateo, to San Francisco, going across the bay to Oakland. Found the College situated in picturesque spot right in the woods, the Campus is most attractive, Mary Elswig met us and showed us all over and started back after lunch at the College in, arriving back at Betty’s school by 5,30, tired so went to bed early.
3 Sep 26-1927 Started out 9-30 for Stanford University where Tindale and William are in College had a most delightful day, particularly impressed with the church, the beautiful windows, done by Tifiny in Mosaque, are reproductions of the old Master painting. We walked all about the Campus then back to the Hotel at 4-P.M.
4 Sep 27-1927 Visited Miss Harkers School for Girls, very old fashened, dark and gloomy, found Miss Harker extremely pleasant, and very splendid woman of the old school. had good lunch, English mutton chops the best since I left England, packed my grip and caught the 5-40 traine to San Francisco. Feeling sad to leave my dear sister Maud behind after crossing the bay to Oakland, by the light of the evening caught the 8-45 Southern Pacific train for Seattle.
  Sep 28-1927 Looking up in the morning I looked out of the window and there beheld the most beautiful scenery so up I jumped and after a cup of coffee went straight to the platform and there I sat wrapped up in it all till eleven oclock, then I wrote to Harriett and a postal to Nora & Lucy. lunched and out to the platform again till bed time.
5 Sep 29-1927 We pulled into Seattle at 6-a.m. but I did not stir from my birth till all the car full of passengers had gone, then I dressed quietly and had the porter carry my bags over to the new Richmond Hotel where I registered for 24 hours. After a light breakfast I took a sight seeing buss. Seattle may well be proud of her parks seven there are and all so beautiful. We drove for three hours through woodland park along Washington Boulevard with Washington lake on one side and a combination of the natural and cultivated on the other, after which we visited the University of Washington, even more attractively situated than Stanford is reversely was. Saw the Government Building and Locks; the only Locks in the world where fresh water and salt water meet. When we reached Ballard, we got out of our car, and watched the ship come thro the Canal and the locks do their work. Wonderful are the works of man. On to the Harbor we went where five million of Cargo pass every year to the lumber yards. Then up the hills we went thro the Residential district, Washington Woodland Park covers 1800 acres of land, right in the middle is Harding’s Monument on the spot where he made his last speech. Tomorrow I say good bye to Seattle named after the Indian Seattle meaning “Charm” and well named it indeed is.
7 Sep 30th 1927. 9-a. m. we sailed for Victoria on the Princess Catherine. A more beautiful morning could never be, sky as blue and clear, as the water on which we are sailing on both sides of the sound are the Islands of the beauty is indescribable every shade. Mrs Cooper Anderson an old friend met me in Victoria, she took me right to her home, after a good chat talking over the days dear to my heart spent together, during the years of 1895 and 1904 in Telluride. After a rest she took me for a walk where we had a beautiful view of the sea, on thro the park, where we watch the  Gentlemen’s Bowling Green. After dinner we visited the Crystle Palace and the Empress Hotel, not any of the Hotels can compare with our American Hotels, a sort of untidiness about them but very good tings they do have to eat. excelant cooking and service. Tumbled in to bed at 12:30, slept till eight oclock in the morning of October 1st 1927
8   The car was ready at 9-30 to take me to the Sunkin Gardens, these gardens are owned by a Mr Butcher who made a million dollars in the making of cement right on his own grounds the gardens are a beautiful combination of English and Japanese landscaping and one could very pleasantly spend a whole day roaming over them. but my time was limited as I had to catch the 1-45 boat for Vancouver, out of the harbor we slowly sailed while my friend waved her handkerchief till we were out of sight. Arriving at Vancouver at 5-45 P. M. took a car for an hours drive leaving on the B.P.R.R. 9 P. .M.
9 October 2nd 1927. Here we are winding our way through beautiful woods and farming country till reaching the Rockies at Revelstoke up and up we climed  round and round these magnificent mountains. I sat most of the time in the observation Car platform most of the time alone, I was not sorry that others preferred the inside for some how it seemed all the ore beautiful when I was alone, people will chatter so, I did enjoy however meeting them all later on inside and in the dining room there we could talk it over. We arrived at Baniff 10-40 P. M. went to the Mount Royal Hotel thoroughly tired out.
10 October 3-1927 When I woke up I found the ground covered with snow, and oh so cold but I jumped up and took my exercize felt fine. got a Car to take me to the Hot Springs four miles up winding mountains roads amongst the pines, oh, how fresh they smelt. had a swim, and back to the Hotel for dinner after which I started up the mountains the other way to “the cave” another hot springs, it was snowing hard but I enjoyed it every step, and would sit down on stumps of trees just listening to the rustle of the pines, on my way back I met a very nice English woman who was on her way around the world of course she was interesting and I learned a lot of things from her. Wrote to Harriett & Lucy, and discovered the train would not be in till 12 oclock. So I sent postals to the girls maud, Tindale, Betty, Nona, Flo Hiert, Lill.
12 October 4th 1927 In the morning I looked out to find the mountains were gone Oh dear, those beautiful Rockies, and how very uninteresting country and a people who seem a very unprogressive sort, living on unkept ranches.
  October 6th 1927 Arrived in Chicago 9-15 A. M. met at the Michigan Central Station by Tindalls sister, Mrs Wynn Topint the most enjoyable day with her. Just she took me to Sears Robuck & Co. They were all dressed up in their holliday regalia celebrating their 75th anniversary, we saw the rooms done in the period furniture most attractive to me was the one exactly like our old drawing room in England, Met Dr. Evans had lunch with him at the club, after which we took a most delightful drive for three hours arriving at the depot to catch the 5-40 train for Montreal, there comes to the end of another perfect day.
13 October 7th 1927 going thro more prosperous looking Country, arriving at Montreal 5-25 P.M. took a car and road for an hour, caught the 8-30 B & N. train for Boston.
14 October 8th 1927 Arrived at the North Station 7-30 A.M. phoned Martha to meet me in Malden she was not expecting me till the following day so was not at home, but George met me with a taxie and took me to the old house, 35 Lincoln St. Oh! the happy recollections this old house brought back to me of twenty five years ago when Harriett five, and Lucy 1 ½ years old, we spent two months with Mother Robinson there, then we had our dear husband and Father to welcome us home to Telluride and to be with us in thought while away visiting his old house and Mother. many changes had come to pass since then, this old house seemed very lonely and sad, only George was here in the day time, and it was very dusty and neglected looking. However Martha who teaches in Malden High School came back and cheered us up, she is a bright girl and Robinson Martha’s brother took us in his car to his home in Medford, where his dear little wife had a good dinner waiting for us. arriving back in Malden at about eleven oclock.
15 October 9th 1927 Sunday After Breakfast took a walk to town then to church. Martha had things straightened out, and dinner ready when I returned. Wrote to Lucy, sent cards to Nona, Peg and Mrs Anderson had visitors, friends of Martha, Gladice and her sweetheart to tea.
16 October 10, 1927 Did not get up till 10-20 Helped to tidy the house took a long walk, then rested played the piano to my hearts content, sold fifty shares of Ahamada Lead and opened a bank account.
  October 11, 1927 Just rested, talked to George saw old photos and went over all that had happened during the past 25 years [Oh to have been the fly on the wall during THAT conversation!]
  October 12th 1927 Wrote letters in the morning went for a long ride with Martha and her friend in the afternoon began to read the “Enchanted April”
  October 13th did not get up till late took a long walk tidied the house and got dinner
17 October 14- 1927 Hattie came on the 12-30 train, it did seem so good to see her again, tho sad to find her grown very old, 78 years, she came from Poughkeepsie, where she lives with her husband Sidney Shattuck, since her Mother’s death She too was coming to her old house to send a couple of weeks.
  October 15th 1927 Had a nice visit with Hattie getting more used to the changes that had taken place, had a walk in the afternoon to town where we both bought a pair of bedroom slippers. Old friends called and in the Evening Martha took me to the Arlington Theatre to see Fitz Leiber play Julius Ceaser.
18 October 16th 1927 Went to church with Martha and after dinner Robinson took us all for a long ride to Concord, a beautiful ride saw the Family lot in “Sleepy Hollow” Cemetery, Company to tea. old friends.
  October 17th 1927 Went with Hattie to a meeting of “The Old & New” club, one Hattie organized 49 years ago. very interesting.
  October 18-1927 Hattie went out for the day with friends and I rested and in the evening I took Martha to see ‘The Taming of the Shrew-perfectly wonderful, home at 12:30.
19 October 19-1927 Rested and had Hatties old friends in for tea.
  October 20-1927 Just had a quiet time with Hattie went for a walk.
  October 21-1927, Read “The Barb” just to pass the time. Wrote to Harriett.
  October 22-1927 Went for a walk, played piano and arranged to take music lessons from Pro. Blackman
  October 23-1927. Martha, Hattie went to Boston to see Fritz Leiber in “Twelfth Night” When we reached home we found Sidney here, he looks very well of course gray, but so bright and cheerful. We all had dinner together after which I showed them the girls photos of course they were delighted with them.
20 October 24-1927, Did not get up till 9.30 had a coup of coffee and off to Church with Sidney, Hattie. Heard a sort of a sermon more of a lecture on Encouraging Church in Politics. Robinson took us all to his home for dinner a wonderful reunion dinner all done by his delightful little wife Elsie. Then we went for a long ride to Lynn & etc. and home for tea at six.
  October 25th 1927 Took the train to Boston alone. Spent two hours in the Public Library, the pictures of the “Holy Grail” held me spell bound went from one room to the other all full of interesting stopped on my way home and bought a tan sport coat to run about in. I found my fur coat too warm for this kind of weather.
21 October 26th 1927. Did not stir till 9-A. M. made a pie and also a cake, much to Georges delight, in the afternoon went to the Womens Club with Hattie, she recited her Poem “Lock the door on tomorrow.” I felt proud of her, she being the Guest of Honor.
  October 27th 1927 Had some fish that did not agree with me Felt under the weather all day wrote to Harriett, Lucy and read my book The Taming of the Shrew.
22 October 28th 1927 Feeling better today still on a milk diet—had my first music lesson, thrilled to death, began with MacDowells Wild Rose. Rev Black describes me as an interesting problem simply because I seem to play without being able to read one note of Music. I shall take a few lessons and try to learn, a thing I have longed to do all my life. Letter from Arvella Neagle, hope to hear from the girls tomorrow.
  October 29th 1927. Took a ride to Melrose in the morning and to the show to see The Cat and Canary, with Hattie in the afternoon. In the Evening went to the Boston opera House & heard the San Carlo Opera Co in Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliaice, wonderful wonderful! did not get home till 1 A M.
23 October 30th 1927 Went to church with Hattie, Sidney and Martha after which Sidney too us all out to dinner. had guests for the afternoon and tea, then I excused myself and took a long walk thro the [Fair]way[?], of course wished my girls could be with me as I picked the autumn leaves to send to them when I wrote later in the Evening. They have been my life and will be till the end, but they left me for another.
24 October 31, 1927 Went to Boston visited the Art Museum, the picture that impressed most was one painted by John Singleton Copely in 1737-1815, “Watson and the Shark and another by Jene Babish Carot [Jean-Baptiste-Camille Carot], “Dante and Virgil”, and another by Abbott Thayer, “Caritas,” [can be seen at:] I had a wonderful day.
  Nov 1 1927. Had a good letter from Lucy wrote to Mrs Neagle & D[ot] Coffey and went to the club with Hattie.
  Nov 2 1927 All got up early to catch the 9-30 train, for we had to say goodbye to Hattie and Sidney. I went to Boston with them and across to the South Station where they took the train to Poughkeepsie, I went around Boston a little then came home, the house surely did seem gloomy without them so I put in two hours practicing. every day the greatest treat I ever had in all my life.
25 Nov 3 1927 Got up rather early for me as a rule I never stir till 8-30. had my bath and dressed at nine. went to the Nurses Registry to see about getting a case. They told me they could put me to work very soon. After lunch I went to Robinsons and Elsies spent the afternoon and had dinner, then they brought me home.
  Nov 4 1927 Had a good walk and my lesson at Eleven came home delighted went to Boston just to walk about the Common and up Beacon St.
26 Nov 5 1927 Spent a most delightful day with Martha in Salem Saw all the places of interest including “the house of seven gables, The Essex Institute and the Pierce Nichols House went past Cousin Marys old home, arriving back home for dinner, after which to see Fritz Lieber in “Hamlet” very late to bed.
  Nov 5 1927. M Out of bed and dressed in time to go to Trinity Church Boston for once I wished I may be rich just to sit in those very comfortable pews, and kneel on those soft cushions every Sunday. Oh those boys!! how they did sing, heavenly! heard a good Sermon on the practical side of living stayed for Communion. In the afternoon I went to Maltapan to see Mrs Neagle, had a delightful visit and a delicious tea, insisted on my staying till the last car, tired out.
27 Nov 7 1927. Did not get up till late, tidied the house, practiced three hours wrote to Hattie, Harriett, the bank, Insurance card to Lucy. and cooked dinner.
  Nov 8 1927. Off to Boston early, bought wool for flowers and made a bunch of violets for Martha.
  Nov 10 1927 Just mended, made jelly out of the grapes and practiced. Had a horred letter from Maud a card from Hattie and a good letter from Mrs Herman.
28 Nov 11 1927 Wrote to Maud Harriett & Hattie had a lesson and walk.
  Nov 12 1927 Wrote to Lizzie Smith, then into Boston with Martha to a show at the Metropolitan a wonderful building but the show was not worth remembering.
  Nov 13 1927 To Church in the Morning callers in the afternoon.
  Nov 14 1927 Went to Boston after two hours practicing, bought the girls a Bridge Luncheon Set for Christmas, had a letter from S. P. Co regarding the transfer overcharge, heard from Lucy, dear girl her letters are always so regular.
29 Nov 17 1927 Did not do much only made a cake and tidied the house finished reading “The blue window.”
  Nov 18 1927 Took a long walk over the hills of Malden bought some cards and a pot of lilies for Martha also sent lilly bulbs to the girls.
  Nov 19 1927 Took care of David we had a party in the Kitchen and a good time, he I am sure enjoyed it.
  Nov 20 1927 Went to Church alone heard the report of the church sale, one thousand dollars clear so far, pretty good for Malden, I think. heard a Greek Bishop tell us of the suffering of the poor in his country. had a delightful walk round spot pond, then road to Stoneham and back for Supper.
30 Nov 21 1927 Took in Boston Dry goods stores bought a few little things for Christmas.
  Nov 22 1927 Cleaned up the house, had a nice letter from Allace Laird inviting me to go and stay with them while in New York. Also a letter from Mrs Gill. Maud and Betty.
  Nov 23 1927 Had a delightful day went to the College club with Martha and Miss Childs as her guest, after which had the pleasure of seeing E. R. Southern in “General John Regan, a wonder he was indeed at the age of 68. I saw him 25 years ago in the same theatre “Hollis St” play Hamlet. Sad, he has to tody to the public and give up the classics, may be a relief for him simply because of the great contrast. Began to read “Jalna”
31 Nov 24 1927. Thanksgiving day, Never was there spent a more delightful one. Robin Elsie and the boy David came to dinner. Martha cooked the turkey and vegetables Elsie brought the pudding and Cranberries, and I mead the pie, mince and apple. We did not forget to say “grace” thanking Almighty God for all his goodness to us, then to bring to the end of a perfect day, came a telegram from the girls just at six oclock. I went to my room and wrote them, then said my prayers and to sleep.
1 Nov. 25 1927 Took a car into Boston looked for a dress for Martha and wrote to Lucy Allace Laird Music lesson, practiced my usual two hours.
  Nov 26th 1927 Tidied up the house helped Martha fix her dress and went to see a play with her. “What Anne brought home” a silly comedy, amusing, at that.
  Nov 27 1927 Martha went with me to St Pauls Cathedral in Boston enjoyed a good sermon by the Dean. Accomplished the Wild Rose and began Greges “To the Spring” [Edvard Grieg, Op 43 #6] how I love it and never tire of playing it
2 Nov 29 1927 Got up to find it very cold and the ground covered with snow, went to town bought pretty flower goods for the girls smocks, cut them out and got them half made.
  Nov 30th 1927 Finished the girls smocks, made a meat pie and went to Boston had lunch at the Gingerbread house on Fremont St.
  Dec 1 1927 Rested and finished my book Jalna, just a horrid book I think beautifully painted as it were but a horrid picture but it won the $10,000 prize at that.
3 Dec 2 1927 Took a lesson at eleven, then walked to Medford and had dinner with Elsie and Robin, went to Boston Saw “Oh Key!” musical comedy.
  Dec 3 1927 Made a dear little dress for my little Dorothy and I must admit there came over me a very heavy and home sick feeling how I should love to see all my babies.
  Dec 4 1927 Went to Trinity Church Boston heard a divine boys solo and choir helped Martha make 1000 sandwiches to help entertain the Y.M.C.A boys.
  Dec 5 1927 Started early for Boston there I bought Mauds Christmas present material to make a Jacket got busy and made it when I returned home.
4 Dec 6 1927 Bought Tindalls Christmas present for Maud, studs and cufflinks took such pleasure selecting them. Also other things for Maud for her family. Practiced, never forget to do that
  Dec 7 1927 Letter from Sidney, Harriett and Lucy. Dressed Betty her doll, a wonderful creature, she was in a shiny black silk made out of my black petticoat. Very handsome she was.
  Dec 8 1927 Went for a long walk and made a cake. Rested, saw a sweet Musicle Comedy “My Maryland.”
  Dec 9 1927 Lesson at eleven, made violets and practiced the rest of the day
5 Dec 10 1927 Did up the girls pac. And sent it off cleaned up the house, took a good sleep.
  Dec 11 1927 Went to Malden church heard Mr. Smith preach one of the unusual Sermons, this time portraying Christ as the greatest “Pessimist” In the evening heard the Massiah at the Baptist church wonderful it was indeed.
  Dec 12 1927 Wrote to Mrs Herman, Lucy went to Boston got Christmas cards, sent a pac. To Maud and one to Margaret for her wedding present. Saw “Loose Uncles” a comedy. Laughed over it a lot. Began to read “Ramona” by Helen Hunt Jackson, thought I had read it long ago, having gone over every bit of the Ground so many times.
6 Dec 13 1927 Did not get up till late wrote to Peg, Margaret, Harriett and got the cards sorted.
  Dec 14 1927 Up by 7.30 practiced three hours, walked to Medford three miles, pretty tired out rested while. Elsie got luncheon, after a visit, started out to the old Royal House in Medford, an interesting show place. Home late and all tired out
  Dec 15 1927 Made Martha a smock like the girls for her Christmas. Wrote to Lucy, Cards to the Herman children, Mrs Greene, Lill Arvella, Mrs Anderson, Leonard, Mrs Gill. Letter from Lucy, Hattie a beautiful lace neck piece of the real. ‘old. Card from Arvella and handker.
7 Dec 16 1927 Lesson at eleven, washed my curtains and tidied my room. doted in my book which took me back to Southern California.
  Dec 17 1927 Went to Boston to see about [to see about] studs for Tindalls Tucseedo clothes, bought a box of stationary for Elsie and a cup and saucer for George, Met Martha had dinner and to a show.
  Dec 18 1927 Up in time to practice an hour before church. Confirmation at eleven, and a splendid Sermon by Bishop Slatery. Had a long walk with Martha and tea with Marthas friend a good kind scotch woman with two sons. I forget her name.
8 Dec 19 1927 Went to Boston to hear the Massiah at the Boston Sympthy Orchestra The Hayden and Handel Society Freida Hample Soprano Catherine Meisle Contralta Arther Hachel Tenor, and Fraser Gange Bass. Wonderful.
  Dec 20 1927 Took a ride in a Taxie out Beacon St and back by Commonwealth Ave. sent cards to Mrs Handerside Lizzie Smith Mrs Neagle and Sidney two handkerchief and a dollar for a flower for Hattie.
  Dec 21 1927 Bought a present for Lucys baby from Maud, and a wedding present for Margaret from Maud. Washed the hall curtains and tidied up the house.
9 Dec 22 1927 Visited the Boston Art Museum again also Mrs Gardeners house
  Dec 23 1927 Did up my pac to take to Robins, where we spent the evening after a most delicious supper. We had the tree for the day following they were to go to Elsies Mothers for Xmas. Igot nice presents from them all.
  Dec 24 1927 Went into Boston with Martha had dinner, sent my small offering to the poor, then up Beacon Hill we went, visited the Diocus house No 1 Joje St Met Bishop Sturges, had delightful time, after which we walked up and down Beacon Hill looking at all the curious homes old and handsome, on every corner were groups singing Christmas carols the sweetest thing and the greatest pleasure I have had of its kind, lovely, lovely. I shall never forget how beautiful it all was, we did not get home until very late, and it was so cold, but George had hot Chocolate ready, then we opened the pac. from the girls, presents for all from them all at home and a pac. from my dear sister Maud, with a check in it for ten dollars
10 Christmas Morning 1927 Enjoyed going to church and hearing the Christmas Hymns, Dinner at two Turkey and all that goes with it. Went for a walk with Martha, home and wrote to the girls, after which I said my prayers, thankful for all blessings.
11 Dec 26 1927 Packed my trunk, cleaned my room, finished Romona
  Dec 27 1927 Went to Boston with Martha for the last time to see “The Bird of Paridice,” a friend of Martha took the leading part, she toated me around to the stage entrance to meet him after the performance, found a pac. from Lill when I got home beautiful underware, cards from Mrs Anderson, Nona and a beautiful flower from Nona.
  Dec 28 1927 Left on the 10-25 train for New York. Martha accompanied me. It is with regret that I leave the old home, I have spent a most peaceful three months, George and Martha most exceedingly kind. And when I said goodbye I felt very sad but Martha being with me kept things going, and the trip was enjoyable. Arriving at the New York Central Station at 5.30 P.M. Straight to the Smith College club we went and got two very comfortable rooms together. I was tired so went to bed after a good bath, much to Martha’s disgust.
12 Dec 29 1927 Felt fine after a good night’s sleep, had breakfast went up for two, and we both played millionaires and lounged around eating and enjoying it. Later on we took a taxie down 5th Ave. Oh!! I am thrilled with New York. Truly the greatest of all cities. After dinner we went to Roxey’s theatre saw [blank] then on to supper at the Palis D. O. R. arriving home at two A. M.
13 Dec 30 1927 Had Breakfast in our bedroom but managed to get down to the Grand Central Station to catch the 10-5 train for Chappaqua! Where we had a invitation to spend the day with the Lairds. Alace met us at the depot and took us up to the house about a mile over a pretty winding road. There we met her daughter Marion, sister Blanch and old Mrs Hauthside. The old lady is a great care to them all, 88 years old very well physically but nearly gone mentally, however it is there duty to care for her like she cared for them when children, now she is a child again, it is very sad tho. Marion is a delightful girl and so is George a splendid fellow. He came home at [noon]. We had a most delicious luncheon and visit talking over everybody and everything, and caught the four o’clock train back, after promising to return the following day.
14 Dec 31 1927 New Years eve Saw Martha off on the 12.30 train for home, then came back to the club and packed and caught the 4 o’clock train for Chappaqua, Marion met me, after dinner we had such a good time playing and dancing the New Year in, but I stopped long enough to pray for my girls every blessing and happiness would be theirs thro the year 1928 and fell asleep feeling confident almighty god would care for them all through the year as he as done in the past and keep them pure in heart.
15 Jan 1 1928 Very cold morning, but enjoyed three hours ride to church, over a pretty country, the preferred going three miles as they did not like the Chappaqua Clergiman. After a rattling good toast and dinner we all took a nap then had tea and a game of bridge
  Jan 2 1928 Took a long walk with Blanch played bridge again and a good time.
  Jan 3 1928 Took the train for New York at two-thirty went straight to my room, glad to go to bed eirly, wrote all day and read a book Marion lent me “Cordelia” by Meade Menningrod. Did not think much of it.
  Jan 4 1928 Got up late and washed out some fine underware. Met Blanch at the Central Station. We first took in the Large stores Lord and Tailor & etc. Had lunch at Maillards 64 and Madison, then we took a Broadway car to the downtown district, saw Wall Street the New York sock exchange and the curb, and walked all around there, winding up in Trinity to say our prayers, a very old and desolate looking church just at the head of Wall St. came home and after dinner dressed in our best took a cab to the Metropolitan Opera House. There we heard Gali Curce in Lucia D’Lammernioor, wonderful. In all my life I never saw such a sight that tremendous opera house filled to the top with the most apppreciatible audiance possible I shall never forget the sight or the singers, Murice Egner as “Alisa” Giovanna Martinelly as Edgardo and Guiseppe De Luce as Lord Enrico Ashton. After the show we had supper at [unreadable] getting home at two AM We are certainly seeing New York all right
17 Jan 5th Terribly tired but must make the most of our time so took a 5th Ave bus down Riverside drive to General Grant Monument a most beautiful it was. Past the homes of John D Rockefellow, John Jacob Astor, and others, getting off at the Metropolitan Art Museum, the most wonderful collection we spent all afternoon there, we were both glad to get into bed and slept till 10 o’clock of the morning of Jan 6 1928
    Went for a walk through Central Park and had a good Fish dinner
18 Jan 8 1928 Sunday Went to St Thomas’ Church 5th Ave and E I st, there we saw the real class out in their Glory I enjoyed seeing them all, Rev Roclef H Brooks preached a splendid sermon and the choir of 100 voices are all mostly boys was indeed a pleasure after that we went into the big Catholic Cathedral on 5th Ave and saw the end of their services then we got on the Broadway car and went down took the Ferry over to Stratton Island a good twenty minutes ocean ride for 5.00 we came right back to the city had a good dinner then saw Blanch off on the 5-15 train and was sorry to see her go. Went to my room took a bath and to bed I went all tired out. Got up again t use a ticked I had for the opera concert at eight-thirty, there I heard the wonderful Metropolitan orchestra again and Gerte Starckgold in “Aida” I simply went just crazy with the rest of the audience.
19 Jan 9th 1928 Did not get up till eight-oclock wrote letters and rested all day. Wrote to Harriett, Garry Higginson, Lill. and Maud, got letters from Betty, Garry Higginson, Martha.
  Jan 10 1928 Off I went alone this morning to see New York down 5th Ave I went taking in everything. Windows are beautiful bought two articles10ch bottle of almond cream and a tube of tooth paste. Had lunch at place on Broadway I forget the name, wound up at Paramount Theatre saw Louis Stow & [blank] in Helen of Troy, one of the Greatest of Moveys. I certainly did enjoy it always like Louis Stow. Had a fish dinner and home I came
20 Jan 11 1928 Got out early this morning took a 5th Ave Buss along West Front drive to 125gh St took the Fort Lee Ferry boat across the Hudson to Jersey city Long Island, then down to Cortland St on the “Elevated” took the Ferry down the Hudson to Weehauky, two very enjoyable boat rides, seeing the large liners resting and getting done over for their next voyage. The Majestic sails Saturday at Midnight; Felt like buying a ticket over right off, but decided to wait a while. Wrote to Lucy, Hattie and Mr Bond of the International Trust Co. to ask if there was any report on Tuds Estate. Saw Warnemakers Line
21 Jan 12 1928 Put in the whole day in the City up 5th Ave down Madison Ave and over to Park Ave not store worth while did I not visit. The Famous Elizabeth Arden Parlors I found and enjoyed came home and served till twelve oclock at night.
  Jan 13 1928 Visited the store of Lord & Taylor Sent cards to Maud, Lucy, Harriet, Lill and wrote to Betty. Visited the Public Library, a splendid building in the heart of New York, but can’t compare with Boston public Library.
  Jan 14 1928 Up by 8-30 packed my trunk got all ready then went out had a god breakfast then to the Bannk, paid my bill took a buss to the New York Central Station caught the 12-15 N.Y. Central train to Poughkeepsie arriving there at 3 a.m. checked my grip, looked about for a room, and found one three blocks from Hatties, then I called them up and informed them I was here all settled in a room. They could not understand that way of doing, however it proved most satisfactory. I had a good nap then went up to see them I found Sidney home too and Oh! What a dear sweet house they have, all the comforts of life and lots of very handsome and some old things had a lovely evening.
22 Jan 15 1928 Up in time for Church but went to the wrong one, St Pauls instead of Christschurch. Met Sidney and Hattie after and had dinner with them had such a nice time Sidney showing me a lot of family Silver and other things, so much to talk about. Tea with the old china one very dear set Hattie said should belong to Lucy at Hatties death.
23 Jan 16 1928 Did not get up till late in time to meet Sidney for lunch at the Hotel spent the afternoon with Hattie called on Mrs [blank] a dear old lady but so bright and cheery, had dinner with Hattie.
  Jan 17 1928 Bought Hattie a flower and ice cream, then left her to lunch with Sidney downtown went for a long ride and supper with Hattie and Sidney. First time Sidney could get away from the Bank in time for dinner.
24 Jan18 1928 Ten oclock Miss Scheltz came to take me for a delightful ride in her sedan, all around Vasa College grounds, then on along the River drive beautiful scenery of mountains and vallies, lunch with Hattie at home, read and sewed and caller came at three invited to have tea with her and go to a lecture at Vasa.
  Jan 19 1928 Quite cold today looks like snow Stayed in the house, enjoyed looking over Hatties scrap books. Very interesting, also her many interesting poems & etc reminiscing Hattie remembers the things she wants to all right and her mind is a wonder, she got lunch and dinner at home, would not let me do anything to help. Sidney too busy at the bank to even get home to meals, one afraid he is over doing, not what you would call young any more, seems valuable to the Bank, and a kind good husband & brother in Law.
25 Jan 20 1928 Still cold off for a car ride to Vasa College. Walked all around then transferred to the Hudson River State Hospital where after viewing the buildings and the glorious view from the top of the hill, happened to ask if visitors were admitted in the building, to which they replied, I think you can, so they phoned and got a guide, who took me all over it seemed very sad to see all those people shut up in there, some of them seemed happy an contented enough, and certainly well cared for. A great institution, he called my attention to a man who was determined to stand in front of the looking glass the day I was there they had decided to cover it with a sheet, thinking perhaps to break him of the habit, but no, there he stood just he same and never even turned to look at the door where we stood, talking about him. Home just in time for dinner, amused them all telling of my experience.
26-27 removed  
28 Jan 21 1928 Got permission form Mrs Cannon upstairs to use her piano, had a good time going over the “Wild Rose” and “To the Spring.” And Hattie played some Hymns. Then went down and read Dante Hattie gave me a nice photo of him, which I prize shall have it framed as I prize it.
29 Jan 22 1928 Went to Christs Church heard Dr Singer, we all had a cozy breakfast, at home, went out for dinner, after which I took a long walk up Vasa hill. A gentleman at the boarding house told me about the walk, and would have liked to go with me, but I should have had to talk and could not have enjoyed the wonderful view and air half so much as I did when alone. I sat there for an hour, just gazing on the beautiful Hudson and Katskill Mountains. Cozy tea at home with Sidney & Hattie.
  Jan 23 1928 Up by 7-30 packed my grip down to breakfast, my last breakfast with Hattie & Sidney, called a cab, said good-bye, this brings to the end a most delightful visit, one that I shall ever remember, arrived in New York 4-20, phoned to Smith College only to find they could not let me have a room, but allowed me to keep my headquarters there, trunk & etc till hey did have one, so I went to the Martha Washington Hotel, am comfortable and more centrally located, but of course environment not so pleasant.
1 Jan 24 1928 Walked to Smiths College Club to get mail heard from Maud, Lucy, International Trust Co, Deed for Cemetery lot in Denver, Duplicate. Shopped for Maud bought [unreadable] set 50 dollars at Lord & Taylors. Silk Kemona and [unreadable] at Franklin Simons and had them sent. As I was eating luncheon it occored to me a very good time to go to Sheppiqua and get Blanch to write my business letters for me. So off I went to the (storming, terrific wind blowing) Grand Central, arriving there in an hour, walked up the hill in an other fifteen minutes and very much surprised they were, Alice had gone to her daughters in Philadelphia Grandma & Blanch made it very pleasant for me, Grandma was on her good behavior, and had a good time, they persuaded me to stay all night, Marion came home and we all played Bridge.
2 Jan 25 1928 Coffee in bed, then up and helped with the work in the afternoon friends came in and we had a table of Bridge. After dinner Blanch and Marion drove me to the Depot, arriving back in New York 9-10. My good comfortable bed was appreciated more than ever.
  Jan 26 1928 Had coffee & toast sent up 45 cts Never again. Started out 1230 to find work. With Dr Coffeys and Mrs Hermans splendid letters thought it would be an easy task, but not so easy. To three Drs I went Dr James Hoyt Kerby 72 E 91st. Dr Chas Gilmore Kerby 132 W 91st had a good walk thro the park from one “Kerby” to the other. Then to Dr. George L. Broedhead 46 West 53 St. Felt rather discouraged so put an add in the Sunday paper. Had dinner an went to one of the best shows, a Comedy “The Royal Family” showing up the live of the Texxxxxtal Cavendish Family, Haidee Wright as Fanny Cavendish. Ann Andrews as Julia Cavendish, and Otta Kruger as Antony Cavendish. Enjoyed it very much
3 Jan 27 1928 Stayed in all day hoping for a phone call to go to work. Sewed and mended wrote to Harriett and read “The Medea of Euripides” anything but a cheerful book to read just when I feel a little discouraged for I am spending money I should be keeping for my old age, if it happens to be my lott to live after I am unable to work, but please may God spare me this.
4 Jan 28 1928 Had to go out for a good walk tho it was storming, blowing and snow, to the Bank I went and got the mail from “Smith’s” College. Letters from Maud, Hattie and a good one from Martha, Finished embrodering the towel or rather scarf I hope to use in my dining room if I ever have one. Washed out and ironed my clothes. To bed eirly. Snowing & blowing
  Jan 29 1928 Still snowing and very cold had meals in Hotel and waited in room. Hoping to be called every minute on a case. By night, after writing to Hattie, Isabell Grant and the girls, put on my heavy clothes and went to hear a Special “All-Wagner” program at the Metropolitan Opera House. Pretty heavy “Wagner” is all in keeping with my feelings however “home-sick” I might call it today—love to see my girls all 4 of them, must stay my nine months, and get the full benefit of the change.
5 Jan 30 1928 Ha, Ha—had a call from a very particular lady must have New York references & etc. I did not want her ten month old child any. I will only take infant work any, Hunted up a child specialist, Dr. Kerby and he sent me to Dr Geo L. Broadhead and Dr H. Halstead. I saw them both Dr. Halsted knew Dr Coffey well, so I felt my problem was settled and soon I would get to work, so what did I do, went right and bought tickets for the Metropolitan for two, four dollars each I paid for them in the very top of the house. I know this extravagant never again will I be able! Oh such a great treat. I phoned to Marion Laird she came spent the night, got a cab, oh my dear we went in style we both dressed in our best. “Tosca” the wonderful opera sung by Jeritza, the greatest of all [unreadable] of the this day. Lotta as Baron Scapia, and who I liked better, Mario Cavaradossi. It was a night of pleasure that will go with me to the grave, I am all alone in this world is a way I am, can’t I make companions worth while, can’t afford even a home. It may be wrong to spend money this way, but I can’t see it.
7 Jan 31 1928 Walked down to the school on Park Ave & 45th St. Saw Marion to her school, then walked up to “Smith’s for mail, letter from dear old Harriett saying she had moved to Burbank. Stayed in my room all the rest of day “waiting” tried to to fix my beaded dress without much success, worked on my embroidery read “Tosca”
  Feb 1 1928 Started out to the Home Bureau where Dr Halsted gave me letters of introduction; saw Miss King who seemed to be impressed with me, she called a lady on Stratton Island, I talked to her she has a three month old baby she wants to turn over to me, she is to let me know tomorrow at ten. Was so pleased with the prospects I went to lunch at Millards 46th & Madison Ave terribly expensive but oh so good, and class, I should say so, bought two wash clothes and a hat on sale for one dollar, a ribbon to trim it with feel real dressed up, looked around at the pretty things in the Art Dpt. Oh!! And bought material for Dorothy’s dress. Had Ice cream at Allice McDougles 57 St between 5th & 6th Ave. spent enough for one day so came home wrote to Harriett, beautiful weather again just like spring. Haven’t a thing to read.
8 [October] 2, 1928 Had a call at time, and am to go to Mrs L. Newhouse 36 Hunter Place, West Brighton Staton Island on Sunday, today have been getting my things tidied up wrote to Mrs Herman, Lucy, Sidney, Isabel Grant and Maud am going to bed early.
9 Feb 3 1928 Had a good start today first to the Bank, mail, letter from Harriett, checked out of the Hotel after seeing the manager and thanking him for the very curteous treatment received by all the employees, they called me a cab, and off I went to catch the 2-20 train for Chappaqua, to spend two days with the Lairds, who should I meet but George Laird just as I was having a little lunch in the Depot, it was so very nice to have him all the way up. Alice met us. Spent such a pleasant evening with them, bridge after a good home made cocktail and dinner.
  Feb 4 1928 Spent a happy day with them all, Grandmama Handerside is certainly tiresome, but is a remarkable old lady just the same. Weather very cold, house especially this comfortable one is much preferable to out of doors.
10 Feb 5 1928 Go up and was dressed at 7 a.m. Thought I would get a cup of coffee and skip off, before they heard me but of course say goodbye to them all in bed but nothing doing, they all got up had breakfast together, then took me to the station, Arrived in New York at 12 oclock, went right and had my trunk checked through to Staton Island, then took the Elevated railway to the South Ferry where the boat sailed for Staton Island, arriving there at 2.30. Mrs Newhouse met me and took me to the house, a good fifteen minute ride from the ferry. There I found the baby that was to be my charge, a dear fine boy he is two & half months old. Everything is of course strange but all will adjust itself in a few day I know it will be hard to be tied in, after a whole year doing just as I like, but it has to be.
11 Feb 6 1928 Little Dorothys birthday. Things going along pretty well baby well trained so far, household well organized a family with plenty of money but oh so common, the baby needs all the more care to keep it from being spoiled, splendid food and everything to do with I can stand it for a couple of months.
  Feb 7 1928 Beginning to get into the “system” again, have loads of time on my hands, finished my towel I was embrodering. Read “Julius Ceaser.” The Newhouses go out a lot, am glad of that as I don’t care for their company at all, they do try to be very kind but don’t know how.
12 Feb 8 1928 Nice quiet day, cold and rainy, just poured all day, could not put the baby out, but sewed and enjoyed staying in with him.
  Feb 9 1928 Not much of interest will happen any day is just the same routine, food at 6 am bath9-food 10,out of doors till two, in a nice yard, sleep all the time. Food at 2 o clock food after a good play and rub, and into bed and asleep by six. Long evening
  Feb 9 1928 Had a letter from Lucy surely did give me the homesick feeling; but there is no use I mean to stay in the east and see all I can of it, till my ticket runs out, my girls don’t need me any way they have their husbands and children, I have not anyone, but I did have them for a long time. That’s why I miss them so.
13 Feb 10 1928 Same as usual only embroidered a guest towel for my home at some future time everything O.K.
  Feb 11 1928 Mrs Newhouse has suddenly decided to go to Los Angeles and California wants me to go too, nothing doing! in that line, have my return ticket through South, must stay my full time, very awkward—means me to get out again and hustle another case. They leave on Monday.
14 Feb 12 1928 Left Mrs Newhouse she gave me $25.00 for the week and $1.50 for trunk. Got the 11 oclock boat for New York. Took a boat right away for the Statue of Liberty, a thirty-five cent trip, we went right to the top up & up, wonderful view, North, south, east & west, never shall forget it, came back went through New York Aquarium, the Seals there were marvilous. There to the Washington Hotel again where I registered, did not have as nice a room this time, tidied up had dinner there to a beautiful organ recital at St Thomases Church at eight oclock, after which home to bed
  Feb 13 Got up eirly went right down about a case, Mrs King gave me the name of a Mrs Dwyer, in Jersey City was to go and see her next day at ten thirty then I took a ride down 5th Ave and back to the hotel to rest went to bed at 6 oclock.
15 Feb 14. 1928 Sent cards to the girls and to Maud took the Jersey City Tube at 53rd Street & Broadway, arrived at Mrs Dwyer home #8 Lending Court. Found her very nice, comfortable home, arranged to go to her at 10 oclock tomorrow, care for a three months old baby at a hundred per month, there I took a buss right across Jersey City to the Ferry another way to Staton Island. Where I arranged to have my trunk shipped over to Jersey City
  Feb 15 1928 Up eirly took Jersey City tube for Jersey City, arrived on my case 10.30. dear baby girl, everything going on fine.
16 Feb 16 1928 Nothing very startling same routine, finished the embroidery towel.
  Feb 17th 1928 Letter from Lucy, Nona Sidney & Maud all in the same mail. All excitement in the house card club meeting hard to keep my baby quiet.
  Feb 18 1928 Snowing so hard, beautiful to look out and watch, baby so good no trouble at all.
  Feb 19 1928 Went for a walk in the snow everything going on fine wrote letters to Lucy, Maud Hattie & card to Lill.
  Feb 20th 1928 Had a day off stated for New York on the Ferry just for a change, landed at Dessprouer St, in the busy part of the day could not cross the street for trucks & etc all are experience but never again that way, w[ai]ted while my hair was near celled, then lunched in the “Grand Central” and to the Movey, “Parrimount” [blank], home by 10-30. everthing OK.
17 Feb 21 1928 Baby as good as can be, alone all day till dinner at 7. Finished a dear little dress for Dorothy, heard from Lucy, Blanch, wrote to Harriett, Nona, did some magazine reading.
  Feb 22 1928 Ash Wednesday Took the Baby to the Dr H C Coroles, thoruly examined, in fine shape. Went through the famous tunnel, a wonderful piece of engineering, two tunnels right under the Hudson one going and other coming just for Auto, all lined with white tiling, and well lighted the charge a toll of 50 for each auto, had a good nap when I got back.
18 23rd 1928 Rained all day, sewed and mended & etc uniforms all too long. Had to put them up.
  24 1928 The same routine every day, got out for one hour walk this afternoon
  25 1928 Baby is doing so well, and my work becomes more interesting everyday, this child has been sadly neglected, money enough for the best has been paid out, she has not had the care she should have had so my work will be here for a while, heard from Martha Hattie, Lucy.
19 Feb 26 1928 Sunday Took a car to Bayonne, about three miles from here, was back for supper too tired to read even.
  Feb 27th 1928 Regular routine, love my work baby improving all the time. Father, & Mother talk of nothing else, whole conversation at dinner is the baby.
  Feb 28. 1928 Day off, joy, I say, Took Ferry to New York, sent off Dorothys dress lunch at Huylers, then took a car to Coney Island, had such a god time back by ten oclock. Everything OK.
  Feb 29 1928 Wrote to Harriett, Blanch. Nothing specially happened,
20 March 1st 1928 Weather beautiful, letter from Harriett sent her one by airmail, also wrote to Lucy.
  March 2nd 1928 Cut out a little dress for Betty June, Began a good book, “Little Rivers” by Henry Van Dike, besides doing the regular work.
  March 3rd 1928 Nearly finished the little dress Betty June will be delighted with it. Such pretty material [unreadable], white with pink & blue flowers, must send it on Monday, when I am out can’t wait till Easter. Had a good walk this afternoon.
  March 4th 1928 Had a busy day so much company and showing off, also took the baby’s photo, hope it will be good, just tired out, big dinner and lots of talking, too much combined with work.
21 March 5 1928 Had such a nice day in N. Y. First sent Betty June her little dress, then to St Thomas Church for the Midday Service, Lunch, then took a 5th Ave buss, along Riverfront drive as far as the New Medical Hospital center at 168th coming back I got off went thro the Natural Museum at 158th & Broadway. Also hopped in to a most interesting old church, “The Chapel of Intercession.”  At 155th & Broadway. Altogether spent a most satisfactory day arriving back in Jersey City by 9-30.
  March 6th 1928 Had a lot of little extras to do today, sewing and mending wrote to Hattie.
22 March 7th 1928 Had the house to ourselves Maid and all were out, nice quiet supper alone, scramble eggs, toast & etc. to bed eirly.
  March 8th 1928 Had a long ride with Mrs Dwyre & Mrs Simpson, out to Newark, we went to see Mrs Dwyres sister who is a nurse in the Sister of Charity Hospital in “Hawthorn”
  March 9th 1928 Doing a little fancy work, a pillow cover that I have had a year Christmas I made one for Maud, got this to make for myself, and am only just doing it. Can pick it up at odd times. Read Dr Cadmans article in the New York paper every morning. That’s about all.
23 March 10 1928 Took a long walk with the baby in the carriage this afternoon she is doing splendidly.
  March 11 1928 My birthday. Yes!!! And I spent a very pleasant considering I am so far away from those I love so dearly and no letters from them, all forget it takes so long for letters. Mrs Dwyre gave me a beautiful lace collar, and Mr D a box of candy. Very nice of them. Went to church in the morning had company for dinner very pleasant altogether.
  March 12 1928 Nice quiet day everything going smoothly. Letter from Hattie, and a present of a handsome Letter opener Letter from Sidney too.
24 March 13 1928 Off for the day. Went to Hammakers Store, had luncheon there, then to the Bank to deposit my check 90.00 of it. Then took a long ride to Washington Park. Home by 9-30.
  March 14 1928 Nice letters form Nona and one from Maud, check for five dollars enclosed.
  March 15th 1928 Read Dr Cadmans article in the New York [blank] every morning while I eat my breakfast as that is one meal I eat alone worked on the pillow cover, can do that and attend to my work too
  March 16 1928 Got out for a good walk through Brown park such uninteresting people to eat dinner with The whole conversation is “baby! No matter how many guests, there are at the table Baby is their entertainment too.
25 March 17th 1928 Nothing whatever happened only the routine of the day, my work is very satisfactory
  March 18th 1928 All went for a ling ride through [blank line] very beautiful looking across to New York, seeing the skyline from another angle.
  March 19 1928 Out for the day. First I had my hair-dressed during that operation, went sound asleep in the chair. Felt fine after that, thought I would surprise the girls with a photograph so up I went and had my beautiful self taken, expect they will be terrible, will tear them up if they are, paid my two life insurances. Had another long buss ride dinner, home by 8-30. found a lovely box of candy sent by Lucy for my Birthday it having journeyed around after me nearly two weeks.
26 March 19 1928 Beautiful weather not too windy nor too cold. Alone with my baby all day.
  March 20 1928 Took Baby to New York to the Dr everything fine. To bed 9-30.
  March 21 1928 Letter from Lucy. Wrote to Harriett, Isabel Grant, & Hattie.
  March 22 1928 Took a long walk and went to a neighbor played the piano, too tired to enjoy it.
27 March 23 1928 Had my dinner eirly and went to the flower show given in [blank line] of course it was beautifully gotten up, but gave me a walk in “Beverly Hills” flowers there all the year ‘round, was glad however to have seen it “once” but never again would I spend a dollar on it.
  March 24 1928 Took a long drive with the family all around Bayonne another beautiful view of New York Harbor
  March 25 1928 Very, very warm today, in California, we should say “Eirthquake” weather.
  March 26 1928 Out for the day, went to Bank for money, then went to get the proofs of my Photos, not bad for me, gave an order for three. Looked up the the Steinway Hall, and practiced there for two hours Felt a cold coming on so took a good does of medicine and home to bed early.
28 March 27 1928 Letter from Blanch H. card of Children & Betty baby arrived on March 11th June Deringer finished my pillow cover.
  March 28 1928 Started to read Ivenho again cannot seem to settle down to read anything good can just do my work, that’s all.
  March 29 1928  Letters from Martha Lucy and at last Harriett pac came, lovely box of writing paper, candy from Betty June.
29 March 30th 1928 Letters from Sidney, & Hattie too. Wrote to the girls Nona, and Maud
  March 31st A grand party on tonight fifty guests, no sleep tonight
  April 1st Palm Sunday Guest for dinner, lots of showing of & etc. No church
  April 2nd Beautiful day, off to New York. Sent my photo to the girls also to Maud just got three, the[y] are lovely flatter me of course. Also sent Junia material for a romper cards to babies and Hermans. Very tired so had lunch and got on the 5th Ave buss, went by the City College of New York, beautiful building and wonderful view. Home by 9-30 tired out.
30 April 3rd Nonas birthday and our dear Mothers death, all on April 3rd Sad day it will always be for us all. May be she went just at the right time, there are so many real old ladies around here, so neglected. Letters from Arvella, Lucy, wrote to Carry Higginson, Sidney and Betty June.
  April 4th 1928 Mrs Dwyre just told me should would like me to have Saturday and Sunday off so have written Alace to look for me to spend Easter with them, how very nice to look forward to such pleasure.
  April 5 1928 Distressed to read in the New York Herald, of the death of Chauncey Depew, wonderful and truly Great, at the age of 94, He was born in Peekskill N.Y. April 23 1834. We have lost a famous man, an orator whose genial wit and stories, have charmed the English speaking world. As a railroad Executive whome old age could not daunt
31 April 6th 1928 Good Friday Could not go to church of course should have loved to but have my duties everything very satisfactory, and baby has her 1st tooth, much to the joy of the Father and Mother.
  April 7th 1928 Mrs Dwyre also gave me a ticket to the Grand Opera matinee could not accept it, as have made other plans. Met Blanch in the Grand Central Station had lunch, took a buss out Riverfront drive back by 5th Ave. had a good Dinner, chicken especial at a place on 33rd off 6th Ave. below 5th & 6th. Saw a very poor show, it served us right for going, got the train at 9-20 for Chappaque, they all met us at the station, had a refreshments and played bridge till 12 oclock.
1 April 8 1928 Easter Sunday Woke up hearing the bells ringing the birds and all sounded so beautiful thro the open windows but--, could not get up, just tired out, so slept & slept knowing it was right thing to do when I had a chance, first time after 9 weeks eirly infant calls for bottle and care almighty God know how tired I was. Up in time for dinner then a great walk to get a flower for Mrs Handyside 90 years old March 1st. It gave her pleasure just visited till they took me to the train at 5 oclock after a delightful sweet rest, arriving in New Jersey & home 9-30. No letter from the girls, mail all late, so of course went to bed very sad.
2 April 9 1928 Received a lovely box of Candy from Sidney, looked it all over and appreciated it turned the paper inside out and sent it on to the girls to enjoy. Lovely card from my dear Sister Maud.
  April 10 1928 All bustle getting Mr Dwyre off for a week to New Orleans, wrote to the girls, letter from Mrs Herman, post card from Lucy.
  April 11 1928 Woke up at 3-30 by our baby in distress, after waking her up and looking her over found she had a temp of 102 of course was very much distressed proceeded to give a good dose o-- & etc of course did not sleep any more, had an anxious day five oclock temp 101 4/10, seemed better.
3 April 12 1928 Gave bath every 4 hours temp down 101 after
  April 13 1928 Baby better, Temp normal thank heaven, Sister Rose and Sister Marion (Mrs Dwyre Sisters) to Convent Sisters have been here two days , so good and dear they are
  April 14 1928 Today the airplane has conquered the North Atlantic ocean, in the “Bremlon”, Baron Ehrenfried, Colonel Fitzmoris, and Capton Ksehler were forced to land on Island off Labrador expect to continue their flight to New York in a day or two. The baby is all right again, Sleeps a lot to catch up. Had a game of bridge with Mrs Dwyre and Mrs Simpson and Mrs Beaton, neighbors enjoyed it of course, but had to mix games and work…tired,
4 April 15 1928 Went to church, heard a good sermon on “The Resurrection” and enjoyed the last of the Easter Hymns. Alone the rest of the day with the baby, and had a good rest.
  April 16th 1928 Went for a nice walk with the baby, read and sewed on my white flannel Kamona.
  April 17 1928 Mrs Dwyre gone out of town for the day. Baby is a dear improved every day.
  April 18 1928 Off for the day, went by Buss to Newark, looked up the Prudential life Insurance Co, Found Newark very interesting Saw a most unusual statue in the city Park, “The Statue of Wars” had lunch took the tube to New York, shopped in Macy’s went to the bank and wound up at the Paramount Movey. Then at Times Squ. Saw Adolph Niewjou in “A Night of Mystery. Also Paul Whitemen Orchestra. Home at 10 oclock.
5 April 19 1928 Mrs Dwyre in bed of course a lot of extra work caring for her. Tired out tonight
  April 20 1928 Still in bed, nothing much the matter only terribly tiresome,
  April 21 1928 Just the same noting new
  April 22 Tired to death
6 April 23-1928 Spring is really here, the trees are budding, and Oh!! The birds are so sweetly singing. Baby is setting up all alone another tooth coming, she is certainly a dear, and a pleasure to be with!.
  April 24 1928 Everything running smoothly again. Mrs D. has decided there was nothing much the matter with her, so got up and went out, Thank heaven.
  April 25 1928 Thunder storm. 1st one I have heard for three years very warm this a one much cooler now. Long letter from Maud and one from Lucy
  April 26th Baby doing beautifully Started a romper for Junior, Lucys baby.
7 April 27th 1928 Wrote to Maud & Lucy took the baby for a ride along the Boulevard, had a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty, and the skyline of New York.
  April 28, 1928 Mrs Dwyre had planned to go away for a week but it is snowing and so cold has put it off till tomorrow.
  April 29th Mr & Mrs Dwyre have just got off to Madison, Mrs D. is to stay a week, taking the rest qure, of course full [unreadable] responsibility now they are away, hope that all will go well.
  April 29th 1928 Today is the funeral of Floid Bennit who have his life to aid the Bremin [Flyers]
8 April 30th 1928 Everthing is going along fairely, Adda the maid is very competent the ordering is all the extra I have to do. Mr Dwyre came back for dinner at six.
  April 31 [sic] 1928 Started a nightgown for Harriett, her birthday will soon be here. Wrote to Blanch, and Mrs Anderson.
  May 1st 1928 A beautiful day after the rain. Not to warm or too windy. The trees are beautiful lovely shade of green
  May 2nd President decorates “Flyers after oration on lawn of White House. Having a great restful day. Much warmer.
  May 3rd 1928 Took the baby for a long ride, everything doing O.K. Finished Harriets present. Wrote to Lucy.
9 May 4th 1928 The days are much the same take great pleasure with my baby and watching the trees and lawns change their color. Wrote to Hattie had a letter from the International Trust Co. saying they had mailed me a letter enclosing a draft on April 3. what I never got wrote immediately to all my last addresses & post offices. Mr D. left to bring Mrs D
  May 5 1928 All my spare time today has been spent tidying out my trunk and putting things in order. They will be back tomorrow.
10 May 6th 1928 Had a nice day quite wrote to Lucy, Mr & Mrs D arrived about 4-20- baby looks fine, left her with them, took a walk, and car ride, back in time to give the baby her rub and put her to bed.
  May 7th 1928 Got off 11 A.M. for the day in New York. First, I went to see about my return trip, engaged stateroom on the “Morris” leaving June 2nd. Bought a dark blue umbrella very nice one, at Sacks” 5th Ave, went to the bank, 2nd & 14th St. had lunch, a lot of small errands, large string of pearls restrung & etc. very tired so took the car back and went to the Car[xx]o Theatre, just around the corner form home. In by 10-30.
11 May 8th 1928 Letter from Blanch telling me she can meet me of Saturday. Took a long walk with the baby.
  May 9th 1928 The Maids day out so had to stay close to the house. The trees are all out in bloom so beautiful it is to watch the coming forth of Spring. Dr. Cadmans articles are so interesting every morning I read them at breakfast.
  May 10th 1928 Had a comfortable day! Went to see the dressmaker about altering some dresses She was too much above doing that sort of sewing, did however consent to make my white dress over. I fixed the blue one and glad I could do so.
12 May 11 1928 Had a lot of things to get ready both to leave and to take with me tomorrow on my weekend vacation.
  May 12 1928 Got off by 11 oclock met Blanch in the Grand Central First we went to luncheon at Sack-then did a little shopping. I bought the white goods for my dress, that Mrs [blank] is to make for me, candy for Grandma – could not get tickets for the show we liked, so I bought one for the following Monday. My feet just pained so we got into a sightseeing buss and went to China town, a dreadful “holdup” it was, paid one dollar, and then another 50 cts to see absolutely not one thing new. We laughed about it any way. Blanch said, “I told you so.” & so did George, - but still I insisted on going. After that we had a good dinner, I forget the place “special chicken dinner” just off sixth street on 32nd, then we went to Roxey’s Threatre saw a very good “vaudeville”, not so good picture, “The Hangmans House”, We had to pick up our grip at the station OK I forgot to say, before I left the theater I was a obliged to take off my shoes to get relief, and much to Blanch disgust, I could not get them on again, and had to carry them out in my hand to the dressing room we had a lot of fun over it anyway. Got into a taxi and to the Martha Washington Hotel we went, Past midnight, Finally got settled slept till ten Sunday
14 May 13 1928 Had our toast & coffey in bed but got to church by 11-oclock, the little church around the corner,” Oh-The music there was more beautiful than any thing I have ever heard, the most wonderful boys choir, and boy solo and the church itself was charming, after dinner we went to the Penn Station, took a train to Long Island “Forest Hills Hotel,: and on to Jemaica. Arriving back in N.Y. in time for dinner and catch the train for Chappaquac where I said goodbye to Blanch here endith a very pleasant weekend. Arriving home at 9-30.
  May 14 1928 Had a nice day with the baby took her for a long walk got the ocean breeze, saw the dressmaker in the evening.
15 May 15 1928 My check day end of the 4th month of work, the very unpleasant task of telling Mrs D. I must leave her in two weeks. She was very much upset, called up Mr Dwyre—he came rushing home offering me every inducement to stay, I told them I must go, “and not to worry, we would get someone I would break her in before I left and everything would go smoothly.
  May 16 1928 Mrs D went to see a Nurses Registry, and interviewed several nurses—one came up to see her she liked her, Mr Dwyre and I did not. So she was out of the question.
16 May 17th 1928 No nurse in view as yet put an add in the New York papers for Sunday, Company for dinner Miss Simpson. Baby got a tiny bit of cold so kept her in.
  May 18 1928 Baby better, kept her in for another day—dose of Mag[recia] and plenty of Alb[oline] made a corset cover for Hattie and sent it to her the same pattern she has worn for 50 years.
  May 19 1928 Letter from Hattie, Mrs Anderson, looked for one from Lucy dear old girl she is so faithful with her letters do miss it when a week goes by without one. Interviewed several nurses to take my place a French girl, seemed possibly others. Not so much so, hope by tomorrow someone will come who we really like, Weather very bad for babies!! Rainy all the time but oh so lovely & green the trees are.
17 May 20th 1928 One year ago today Colonel Chas. Lindbergh, took off for Paris, from Roosevelt Field, L. I. Six ship crash in Bay amid Fog, 900 pasingers aboard, Damaged as [unreadable] [Gr]ounds. Having a time trying to get a nurse to take my place.
  May 21 1928 Got off eirly to New York, a beautiful day so took the Buss thro the New Tunnel. (Oh—I first went to the dressmakers tried on my white dress, looks very nice.) bought 2 pair hoes in Lord & Taylors pair gloves white wash--$200.00 and a lovely dress of Orgnig [Orange?] with such pretty flowers (sent off Harrietts box, for her birthday) in it—one pink & other yellow to take to the girls—had luncheon in “Sack’s a good one it was too. Took the 42nd St car drove to Ferry and a ride across to [unreadable], then some shopping,--little things, a lunch or rather tea, had tickets for the New Amsterdam Theatre, so got there rather eirly and rested, never enjoyed a Musical comedy more, A Ziegfeld production it was—“Marilyn Miller” with Jack Donahue. After twelve when I arrived home.
  May 22 1928 A nice quiet day with this dear baby. Letter from Hattie and Nona.
  May 22 1928 Now the trouble begin, she came at 2-30 think she is very good, trys to do for the baby just as I tell her, much better not to change anything at first, very tiresome in fact twice the work to train a nurse in my place.
19 May 23 1928 Things going on all right—but Oh dear, so hard to get things done right!
  May 24 1928 Was able to line my coat in between times today sun shining beautifully First bright day for ten days had the baby out in the garden gave her a good sun bath, and enjoyed it too.
  May 25 1928 Had a guest for dinner [blank] Manager for the National grocery Co. in this part of the country of course talked nothing but baby—baby—baby—tiresome for guests but never for me.
20 May 26 1928 My dear daughters Harrietts birthday, may she have a very happy one, and many many more. Still teaching the rather stupid nurse—but—very kind & hope will prove satisfactory packed my trunk in the evening, and got everything all ready.
  May 27th 1928 A lot of company all day. Things are going on very satisfactory, baby is getting more used to the nurse.
  May 28 1928 Quite a peaceful day. Mrs Dwyer gone all day. Gave me more of a chance to study the nurse and feel sure she will be all right.
21 May 29 1928 Left for New York at noon attended to sleeper reservations and bought 2 pair of stockings, and a piece of lace for cuffs, felt just exhausted and extremely lame, pain I do not like in knee so came to the Martha Washington Hotel and registered for the night. Made a little bag for Grandma, Handersyne to take to her tomorrow.
  May 30th 1928 Felt more rested, took the eleven oclock train to Chappaqua, called up the Lairds. Then they met me, took me to their lovely home up on the hill amongst the beautiful trees Ever was Westchester County more beautiful dressed all in her spring greens. May stay over till tomorrow. Played a game of Bridge
22 May 31st 1928 Decided to stay another day, so delightful it is here with this lovely family. The dear old mother is very trying, she is just wearing them all to death wish there was something could be done to make her happy in her last hours.
  June 1st 1928 We all started off eirly Blanch--Alace--& Grandma took me for a long ride to White Plaines, thro the most glorious country, where we had lunch and there said good bye to my dear friends, took the train to New York from there arriving at 3.30. checked my grip—then went out to Swarbs Toy shop, bought a dog and a cat for the two babies and a beachpail for Betty—also sent a toy to Clinton’s baby. Then walked up looked just as well as I could then up to Hotel Milt[xxx] in Roxey Theatre building where I met Mr & Mrs Dwyre, they took me into the Grill, a fashionable place to eat we did have a splendid visit [unreadable] themselves, after that we went to see “The Showboat” a very popular musical comedy. Enjoyed it immensely arriving home at 1.a.m.
  June 2 1928 Said goodbye to my dear little baby, Never was a better one. But I am leaving her in good hands. Mrs Dwyer gave me a new book the Bridge of San Lous Bay by Thornton Wilder. They certainly have been exceedingly kind and appreciative. But I had to say good bye. They driving me to the train where went to the Courtland St. Ferry, then a Taxy to the Southern Pacific Rail. Promptly at 12-45 our boat “[unreadable]” sailed away out New York bay, a beautiful sight passing the Statue of Liberty. Then I turned my attention to my stateroom No 16 and found a most delightful girl “Miss Tucker” as my companion. It did not take us long to get things straightened out and ourselves made comfortable, then we got our deck chairs well cushioned, and settled down to solid comfort. On we sailed out into the broad Atlantic. I never enjoyed anything in all my life. Dinner time came, my  seat was No 16, table 9—I soon got acquainted with a Mr & Mrs Hallis who sat across from me such delightful people on their way to visit a daughter in Tucson , after the delicious dinner we got a third lady a most charming woman—Mrs Townsley from Newark N.J. we all got together in the Lounge room and played a game of Bridge.
25 June 3rd 1928 Got out on deck by 5, AM after a good nights sleep. Just Heavenly, “Rocked in the cradle of the deep”, just sleepy all the time not a care in the world. The Stewards had my salt bath ready at 6-30, then back to bed for another snooze, and up for breakfast!! All eat too much, dozed all day till night came, then bridge again.
26 June 4th 1928 Terribly tired today, so relaxed—don’t feel I ever should be able to do anything again, never saw such a calm sea, just sailing along, enjoying watching the different people, most of them very nice, never tire of watching the ocean, and listening to it’s different stories.
  June 5 1928 Began to toss about a bit in the night—did not trouble me in the least. And hardly stayed awake long enough to realize,--up eirly & out on deck as usual, our party of five are very congenial and enjoyed a game of bridge too, came in sight of land all excitement following the coast of Florida only one mile out in some places, could even see the automobiles on the highway near Miami. The line of land is rather flat and a sameness about it, was like our California coast, but peaceful at that.
27 June 6 1928 Again out on deck eirly watching the boats going across from Florada to Havana—every one excited when we passed a terrifically large sea animal—two of them, no one seemed to know just what they were. All went to the dance tonight had such a good time
28 June 7th 1928 Entered the Gulf of Mexico—water so blue and beautiful. Feel a little more rested, more like my self, just wild over every step of the way.
  June 8 1928 Had enough energy to venture twice around the boat for exersize just poked along up to this time wrote to Lill, Hattie, Mrs Dwyre Maud, Nona and cards to Lucy, Harriet, Martha & etc. Also wrote to the Lairds –altogether ten oclock we reached the mouth of the Mississippi and every one was interested in seeing the Searchlights as we approached we were met by the pilot who escourted into and up to the river, it was all very interesting and a thing I have never seen before.
  June 8th 1928 Everyone up by 5 oclock, so beautiful along the winding river, water very muddy, but Oh- how many spring flowers & shrubs all in bloom. For the last time the musich dong called us to breakfast this time at six, only fruit coffee & rolls then we found everyone with outstretched hands waiting as it were for “tips”—I limited myself to five dollars which I had paid out as soon as I got on the boat—one to the waiter one to the steward the room steward deck hand & bell boy. Everyone was out on deck to watch our dear boat wind it’s way along till it finaly reach the New Orleans dock. Then such a shaking of hands and good-byes. Mrs Townsly and I had arranged to see New Orleans together so off we went waving good bye to the dear old ship not without regret, We took a cab to Hotel Roosevelt there I got my sleeper tickets, already reserved, arranged for a sight seeing trip wired to Harriet & to the Shirley Hotel Denver then had breakfast in the R. Grill after which started out in a “Packard” to see New Orleans, riding for over two hours seeing all the parts of interest amongst which were the haunts of the famous Napoleon House “John McDonough residence” St. Louis Cathedral, Grand Route St. John City park The French Market, “the Dueling oaks,” Delgado Museum. Beautiful [xxxtaires] Cemetery where many notables were buried. Spanish fort St Charles Ave Sea Monument. A delightful trip it was. Regretted very much not being able to go to the French restaurant for dinner, just caught my train for Denver 12-2. It was a terribly hot day, and the sleeper was close and stuffy after the glorious sea breeze, however there were very few on the sleeper, and that was a blessing. On we went thro prosperous country crossing the Mississippi several times, the most marvelous thing was the time our train was just cut in half as it were and double it up on a tug boat, and over we sailed across as easily as could be A very nice old lady had a seat opposite me, so we decided to not go in the diner but have our tea and toast brought in
2 June 9-1928 Had a good night’s sleep got myself dressed by about ten oclock, just sat and watched the scenery not having had much breakfast we in indulged in a good dinner, at Dallas our sleeper was switched off onto the Denver Fort-Worth road, that was at 8 A M We went all thro Texas then into New Mexico.
  June 10 1928 Oh!! How different the air seemed as soon as we crossed over the Colorado the air from the Rocky Mountains, never was such air, I was awake going over the old scenes “Pueblo,” where my Harriet was born—then Colorado Springs where, The “Old” Antlers Hotel where we spent our Honeymoon It all brought back many memories. Arrived in Denver at 12-10. Took a Taxi to Savoy Hotel there I tidied my self up, and called up Flo, also Mrs Gil. They were out, so I had drive them took a car up to Humboldt St walked past the old home, I found both the houses were rented, dropped in a minute to see Mrs Casper, just the same as ever at 88, walked down Colfax to the Hotel, got my things out called up Mrs Gillpatric, she said she was coming down to the Hotel, which she did and spent the evening. Got to bed by eleven.
4 June 11 1928 Flo called up at 8-A. M. Said she was coming right down so just rested until she came—Oh yes, I washed a lot of stockings & things and pressed my dresses, then she came in about eleven and we just talked & talked, then we got dressed & went out down 16th to D & F. Oh!!—what small country stores these do seem. Took my glasses to be mended & had lunch at Teholtzs tea room, then went up to the Denver after that took a car home with Flo, she has a nice little bungalow on Addams St, there she insisted on my resting till she got dinner. Claud came in 6-30, and we all had a good time. After dinner we walked up to Joy’s saw them all there, then they put me on the car and to bed by 11 oclock.
5 June 12 1928 Edith came at ten oclock took me for a delightful ride out to al the parks, and wound up at her lovely new home on Kearing St. where we had such a good lunch, and spent a delightful afternoon she driving me back to the Hotel at 5 P. M. I was pretty tired so just had a little supper sent up and went to bed eirly. Flora called up and invited me out to dinner Friday night.
  June 13th 1928 Got out eirly went to the Denver to try to get a corset cover for Hattie & to see about my sleeper. Find I am obliged to go home by way of San Francisco. Came back to the Hotel found Mr Gillpatric here and Flo came later we started right out to “Eliches Gardens,” just the same old place, very beautiful at this time of year, rather cold, but we had a lot of fun and just to be able to tell the girls we, all went on the Merry go round and the train then we walked all around and enjoyed the flowers. At six we had dinner in the new dining room. Mr Giles treat, and a treat it surely was too. A wonderful dinner eat too much. Then we saw them dance, and came back by 11.30.
6 June 14 1928 Started out Eirley, sent off a corset cover to Hattie cost me 50.00 then went to the International Trust Co. [2 words unreadable]. Saw the manager of the trust division Mr. Holbrook. Feel just satisfied with the way he is handling the estate, came back to the Hotel in time to receive Mrs Fuller, the same old Mrs Fuller, surely did seem good to see her again. It was pouring with rain so we had lunch in the Hotel, then just talked till, to our surprise we found it was five oclock, she rushed off to get her dinner and I rushed upstairs to change my dress and tidy up. Then walked up 17th St to Humboldt then to Mrs Caspars where in the [morning] Flora had invited me to dinner, I found the whole family there Floras girl, a nice golden haired type just 15 years, and her son just out of his first year in Boulder University; we had lovely evening together after a delicious dinner, Oh yes!!!! I forgot to say a very old friend Mrs Mason was there too, Flora having invited her to meet me it was such a pleasure to see here again, We talked and talked over everything that had happened. At about nine oclock They drove us home or rather up to Flo’s in their nice new Packard. Flo and Claud was there to greet me soon went to bed
7-8   [written across the top of these two facing pages]: On Thursday the 16th went out to Luise Hurts for dinner, had such a good time there House is so cozy and all are doing well. Seem to have got these 2 days [unreadable].
8 June 15 1928 Got up, not till 10 clock just looked around till about 12 oclock, then we went to town and to the bank, after that took a car out to Fairmount Oh! It was so beautiful out there, the graves were well cared for and all was beautiful, but—after I put flowers on the graves we had to leave them because the mosketoes were dreadful, would have eaten us all up. We hunted up Clauds car and sat in that till he was ready to take us home. Ten we had a good dinner after which we walked up to Joy’s had a visit with her then home to bed. I am writing this in the Pulman three days later hence the bad writing.
9 June 17 1928 After breakfast we all got together a good lunch and instead of going to church we went for a picknic, It was my only chance, so I pray Almighty God to forgive us, Never was there a more beautiful day—not too hot nor too cold, we got as far as Morrisson—turned off up a road leading to the prettiest spot by the side of a spring there we had our lunch, Lecie—Claud—Flo—Violet & [blank]. After we climed about awhile Louie the same as of old, all going over old times and having such a good time. Just as we used to do, in days gone by. The we all got into the car and started out over the mountains stopping every once in a while to enjoy the smell of the pines. We arrived home by 9-30, never enjoyed anything more in all my life.
11 June 18 1928 Slept until late Flo & Claud called me to say good-bye to Claud, 7-30 had a good breadfast and washed out my cool dress then packed up, called up everyone to say Good bye. Then a taxi, where Flo, Louie went with me to the depot, there Violet joined us with a beautiful basket of fruit from them all. We got permission for them all to go thro the gates and they stayed till the train pulled out at 4-20 lovely of them dear old Friends. The sleeper was rather crowded but I settled myself down and slept five oclock. Had a trout dinner at six, then to bed.
12 Jun 19 1928 Awful noise, everyone seemed to get up eirly but not me—I crawled out about 9-oclock had a cup of coffee and toast and then proceeded to catch up on my dear old “daily reminder” don’t know if any one can read this or not. Most of the day I spent on the platform, the Union Pacific took us on the outskirts of Salt Lake 85 miles of water, upon reaching Ogden we switched onto the Southern Pacific comfortably cool all along. Snowcapped Mountains & what should be hot desert.
  June 20 1928 Arrived at San Francisco 8-45 Just in time for breakfast after which caught the 9-45 train for home. Ocourse I became very anxious to see them all. Was met at Glendale station by Harriett Jerome, and the dear children. Oh such a home coming, They all looked so well and prosperous. Good car & etc. drove me to their home 414 Niagara St Burbank, such a nice house with a room all to myself—I went to sleep full of thankfulness for one of the dearest daughters in the world, looking forward to seeing Lucy & family on the morrow—it was not her falt that they could not meet me.