Return to Decatur Co.: 1905

Jan 1 1905 Staid home. Put cattle up to feed.
Jan 2 Done chores. Weighted corn. Calf died up west.
Jan 3 Went to Lenora. Sold house to Mrs. Loyd $450.00. Rossie sick.
Jan 4 Went to Jennings. Roy done chores.
Jan 5 Dr. Hardesty came to see Rossie. Done chores.
Jan 6 Roy & I went to Jake Stroups. Hauled 23 hogs to Jennings.
Jan 7 Roy & I, Jake Stroup & Pete Dochow took 62 hogs to Jennings to ship. Average weight 320 lbs.
Jan 8 Essie & Elsie went to Church. Rest staid home.
Jan 9 Hauled hay. Done chores.
Jan 10 Cressler vaccinated 50 calves. Snowy. I am sick.
Jan 11 Sick all day. Tuggle here all night.
Jan 12 Mr. Mrs. Wash Miller here all day. Little red sick steer got well.
Jan 13 Hauled hay & wood. Done chores.
Jan 14 Done chores. Killed a beef.
Jan 15 Minnie went to S. S. Rest staid home.
Jan 16 Washed. I went to Jennings. Done chores.
Jan 17 Went to Jennings to get salt for steer. Roy and Huey hauled hay.
Jan 18 Done chores. Tended to sick steer. Made mince meat. Mrs. Dochow & Pearl here also Gardners.
Jan 19 Hauled hay. Cleaned barn. Went to Tuggles.
Jan 20 Hauled hay. Commenced to breed young sows. Steer still sick. Nice day.
Jan 21 Steer died. Hauled hay & wood. To Jennings for medicine.
Jan 22 Still damp. Bradbury here to buy home place.
Jan 23 Washed. Hauled hay. Done chores.
Jan 24 Hauled hogs for Stroup. Cold and rough.
Jan 25 Bradbury & Noon here to see land.
Jan 26-27-29 Done chores. Hauled feed. Nice weather.
Jan 29 Sunday at home. Cold & snowy.
Jan 30 Snowing. Cold E. wind. Hard on stock.
Jan 31 Cold & snowy. Done chores.
Feb 1, 1905 Sun shined some. Done chores.
Feb 2 Coldest in 5 yrs.
Feb 3 Sun shined some. Hauled hay and corn. Divided out 56 hogs to take to Jennings. Mrs. C. died.
Feb 4 Took 9 loads hogs to Jennings. Terrible day to be out.
Feb 5 Sunday home. Went to Mrs. C. funeral.
Feb 6 Hauled hay & wood. 12 below zero.
Feb 7 Snowing hard till noon. Very cold. Done chores.
Feb 8 Marked Rons Bull. Had a time. Thawed some.
Feb 9 Went to Jennings. Terrible cold. Children went to spelling school.
Feb 10 Coldest day of year. First pigs came. Hauled 2 loads corn & 2 of wood.
Feb 11 13 deg. Below zero. Very cold.
Feb 12 Sunday staid home all day. Done chores.
Feb 13 Hauled hay. Butchered hog.
Feb 14-18 Hauled feed. Done chores etc.
Feb 19 At home. Mrs. Dochow & children here.
Feb 20 Done chores. Hauled hay. Put 6 sows with pigs in stone barn.
Feb 21 Went to Lenora to look at place.
Feb 22-25 Hauled hay. Done chores. Took cattle to Jennings to ship.
Feb 26 Staid home. Selvin & boys took cattle to Jennings.
Feb 28 I and Roy started to K. C. with 4 cars cattle and one of hogs. $5.25 hundred lbs.
Mar 1, 1905 Hauled hay & 7 loads manure.
Mar 3 Got home from K. C. Took fat cattle average 1300 lbs each.