Trip 2: August 6, 1932 - March 19, 1933

August 6, 1932 - March 19, 1933

9 August 6 1932 1.30 P. M. Left Los Angeles with Martha Ruth & Christine. Arrived in Palo Alto by Coast Route 4:30 am
August 7 1932 Went on to San Francisco about 12-30 and I left the girls and took Martha over to San Raphael to spend the night with Nonas Margaret at Yolando. Had such a good time, Margaret was such a dear. Her little girl Gwendolin is a wonderful Child Oh!! Such eyes! And Buck was very kind
August 8 1932 4:30 Left San Francisco for Yellowstone Park
10 August 9th 1932 Arrived Reno Nevada 5 30 am. Slept till 10-30 Saw Caroline and all there was to be seen in Reno which was very little.
August 10 1932 Arrived Salt Lake 5-30 am slept till 11—am. Went to hear organ recital at Temple 12 noon then out to Salt Air. Had a dollar dinner after a swim in the lake—was terribly disappointed in the lake. Poor excuse of a one. Dancing till 11—Martha was kind enough to dance a waltz with me—and I did enjoy it—of course more than she did.
11 August 11th 1932 Left Salt Lake 7—30 a—m. arrived at Yellowstone Park 11—PM.
August 12 1932 Went to “Old Faithful” and around some of the Park—thrilled to death with all it’s wonders—returned toYellowstone for another night at Lampson’s Cabins
12 August 12 1932 Sunday Left for Denver way of Ogden, Cheyenne , Greeley
August 13th Sunday Arrived in . Phoned to Nona at Idiho Springs spent the night with Edith.
August 14—1932 Monday Left Denver 3—30 P.M. arrived Manito went up Pikes Peak 7:30 PM.
August 15th 1932 Tues Left Colorado Springs

August 16th 1932 Wed Arrived in in Kansas City

August 17th Thursday Arrived in St Louis Saw William King
August 18 Friday Left St Louis

August 20 Arrived in Chicago

13 August 22 Left Chicago

August 23 Arrived in Detroit

September 22 Sunday Left Detroit on buss it was hard to say good bye to the dearest daughter in the world—what a happy time we did have together and dear little Junior too—went over the Ambassador bridge and into Canada—there on through to Niagara where we saw the Falls at night with the lights turned on them—a glorious sight it was then on to “Buffalo” where we had dinner as a buss was just starting out—I decided take it and go on to Serycuse, arriving there at 4—am. Had a cup of coffee &
Sep 23 1932 Sent cards to Lucy & H. called up Lizzie Grant—took a taxie out there, had not seen her or her husband Redge [unreadable] for 40 years. We had breakfast then talked and talked after a time Quincy and Isabel came and we did have such a good time. We all went out to Lizzies daughter for drinks a lovely place in the outskirts of Syricuse.
Sep 24 1932 Ate at the breakfast table at 9 oclock what a good time we had then out to lunch with Quincy in the City after a long ride seeing all of Syricuse—we went back to Lizzies and had Oh! Such a good dinner. Then they put me on the 8 oclock bus—and I did hate to leave them all. I don’t know which was the dearest girl of the family they are all fine.
15 Sep 27 Arrived in by Ferry—6—30am. Took the train to the Grand central Station after breakfast caught the train for arriving at Hatties at 11—20--. I found her so changed and the house seeming so lonely without .
16 Sep 28 1932 Did not get up till noon—only for a cup of coffee. Hattie very deaf and hard to talk with. Took. a walk
Sep 29 1932 Went for a walk and talked—Hattie not so well.
Sep 30 1932 Washed Hatties Head read a light novel and “Adventurous Lady and started “ Pilgrim’s Progress—wrote to Lucy Mrs Dwyer, Harriett, Blanker, Handerside and washed a dress for Hattie
17 October 1st 1932 Tidied up the house, went to call upstairs in Mrs Miller played the piano, and oh how I did enjoy it went for a walk in the afternoon.
October 2nd 1932 Went to “Christs typeChurch ” in the AM. Hattie got dinner, A very nice lady across the street took me for a ride in the afternoon saw . Started “Pilgrims Progress” to read it again. Its many years since I read it the greatest of all books.
October 3rd 1932 Cleaned the silver, much to Hatties joy—mended my dress and in the afternoon went to town brought home little things—Candy & etc got a check cashed for 5.00 and stamp and envelopes
18 October 4th 1932 Took a long walk, Mrs Otham across the street came in and Miss Sheltze called too. Cleaned up and helped Hattie with the books.
October 5th 1932 Went out for a ride on the Buss—fassa way!!--Lovely country. Finished my book. Wrote to Mrs Barnard United States National Bank. an Lill.
October 6th 1932 Poured with rain all day long but lots of things to do looking at books & etc.
October 7th 1932 Call from Mr Boden, one I met last time I was here. Invited me to Mrs Olhsmans for Afternoon, sat on porch with Hattie, she should go out for a walk—but thinks she can’t.
19 October 8th 1932 Help Hattie dust books—she gave me a beautiful prayer book & hymnal also a copy of “Tennison”. Did some mending, and went to town, bought a pie and a few little things.
October 9th 1932 Sunday Finished “Pilgrims Progress” went to church, Hattie got dinner Mrs Miller brought down pumpkin pie, Hattie eat too much so began to read, “They had to see Paris” by “Hirner Croy”, wrote to Lucy & Harriet, and a card to Edith, went for a beautiful ride with Mrs Oldham & her Mother. Mrs Rooden all thro Vassa Grounds & etc Colledge hill & etc.
20 October 10th 1932 Help Hattie look over more books, call from Mrs Fluella walked home with her then her fine son brought me home but took me for a good ride first.
October 10 1932 Washed my hair and went to town, cashed Hatties check Dividend Malden, got a few little things at the store buttons & etc. Wrote to Harriet, Elsie, Had letters from Elsie & Harriet, Lucy, sent off postcards.
Oct 11—1932 Took a long walk to get out of the house Hattie must have it 80 all the time and I should die in such heat. Finished Pilgrims progress.
21 October 13th 1932 Thursday Started off for New York by train, arriving there 3-30—called up Mrs Dwyer—she insisted on my visiting her and if I wish can take charge of her two children—but doubtful!!
October 13 1932 Have decided to take the care of Nancy & Chubby Dwyer work is hard to get—so will do my best for a while—the Dwyers think I am the only one but they may change their mind. Had the older six month as infant in 1927
November 1st 1932 I am having a very hard time with these unruly children. However will stand it and do my best a week longer. I have told Mrs Dwyer it would be far best for all if the children had one who was more used to older children.
22 No 5th 1932 Left the Dwyers—I was sorry to leave because they were good to me but I am all tired out went into and took a Buss out to . Hattie was glad to see me and I was glad to go to bed and just sleep.
Nov 6-- Got up in time for breakfast—too tired to go to church just read and let Hattie read the prayers
23 Nov 7th 1932 Went to town—had a long car ride, and a good walk—wrote to the girls and had a nice long letter from them both.
Nov 8th 1932 Helped Hattie to tidy up the house, of course she only ordered everyone she had a good woman to clean, one who has been with her for 4 years. Got my things ready and packed.
Nov 9th 1932 Started for arriving there at 3—30 registered at the Hotel Martha Washington. Always feel at home here—had a “special meal at Childes 25cts.
24 Nov 10-1932 Started out for work, did not have much encouragement hundreds are on the Nurses Registry, went from one place to another, as usual, the harder things are the more grit I seem to have, feeling there must be some one who needs me to care for their infant.
Nov 11-1932 Mrs Dwyer told me of the “Child Training Institute.” She had to pay $50.00 to join and I should have to pay $25.00 that seemed a lot of money these hard times so after a satisfactory talk decided to think it over—Just started out on the th Ave buss for a good ride & air.
25 Nov 12th Saturday Eirly I took my little twenty-five dollars it seemed a lot to hand over to the Registry but decided it was the only thing to do—they were sure they could place me in the work I like by Wednesday—18th so let us hope. Then I took a note out to Cornell University and left it there for Archibald Cashion who is studing law there, I had no sooner reached the hotel again when he called me up seemed so glad to know I was here and promised to come and go to church with me Sunday.
26 Nov 13-1932 Sunday Archibald came and we went to “The little church around the corner.” Just a block from the Hotel the Music was so beautiful I was so thankful to be able to go. Then A. and I went to Dinner, Childs Special all I can afford and only one a day, then to the Art Museum. Hurt my knee Saturday, very painful hard to get around but went just the same, came home had tea & toast then listened to the radio. At 9oclock Archibald went home he is a fine boy and I enjoyed [t]his day very much.
Monday Nov 14th 1932 Went to busses, bought a book for each of the children and sent it with a letter, took a great deal of pleasure in doing that little thing. Walked down 5th Ave never saw so many beautifully dressed or rather well dressed women in my life—talk about hard times. The Ave was crowded and really I was the only poorly dressed one on it. That’s the truth, but I enjoyed just the same, there is no style like style, could only spend 20cts on my meals today.
27 Nov 15th 1932 Toast & coffee in bed twenty five cents. Waiting hoping to be called.
28 Phoned call from the Child Training Institute to go on Interview Dr. Van Arden 47 E 66th of course I was thrilled to death and started off never dreamed I would not get the work taking charge of an Infant at 80 dollars per month. I was disappointed he took a younger nurse a German, well I am not discouraged yet tho I have been at the Hotel nearly a week.
Nov 16th 1932 Feel so well this morning rheumatism better but getting discouraged cant stay here money to scarce Childs Special dinner 25cts
Nov 17th 1932 Very cold stayed in bed and read the paper, & just waited, to discouraged to do anything.
29 Nov 18—1932 Friday Decided to go back to Poughkeepsie so phoned the “Childs Training and Archibald—paid my Hotel bill $12.50 The Archibald came we went to a show I did not like the show could not enjoy it but did try to—then caught the 8:30 train arriving in Poughkeepsie at 11 oclock—took a taxie to Hatties, could not wake her—so went to the Hotel, I had wired her I was coming—but she gave me up when I did not get here till so late
30 Sat—Nov 19th 1932 Went up to Hattie after I had my breakfast she was of course upset to think she had not heard me the night before, but got over it—and we had a nice day.
Nov 20th 1932 Sunday Went to Church, heard a good Serman, seemed just to encourage me not to give up—old people should not be turned down, he said how wrong it was. Dr. Cummings is not a young man himself. Started to read a book “Up the Years from Bloomsbury”, by George Arliss—a story of his life
31 Nov 21—1932 Put an add in the paper—got one answer for a nurse for a confinement did not think I should take it—just for the delivery was afraid to take a chance just for five dollars. Read letters from Lucy—Harriett & Nona—sent my last two dollars to Harriett
Nov 22—1932 Started Hatties dress got it all put together and think it will look very nice, kept on working so I should not think.
Nov 23—1932 Finished Hatties dress put nice old lace on it—and it certainly did look nice.
Nov 24. Thanksgiving day Hope Harriett got the two dollars for her dinner. Lucy I know had a good dinner but was not happy with all of Charlies relatives to do for—wonder when we can ever be together? Hattie had a good dinner sent in by a Friend she insisted I help her eat it so we tried to be happy--
1 Nov 25—1932 Cleaned up the house and took a long walk to see Dr. Lord Smith about work. He was very nice but not very encouraging. Finished George Arless book
Nov 26 1932 Went to town and got some fruit candy and oysters for Sunday—also to see two more Doctors.
Nov 26—1932 Sunday Very cold—do not like it at all—Wish I had never left —but too late for regrets—must go on and do the best I can. Went to St Pauls Church could not stay till the end of the service, came home and went to bed while Hattie entertained callers.
2 Nov 28th 1932 Still cold—washed my clothes and mended them, read and made two belts and took a walk.
Nov 29th 1932 Went to the Bank and got $100.00 out for Hattie to pay her bills—it is costing her too much to live in the house but she does not want to move. Martha wants her to live with her. Oh dear—what is best to do—she must decide for herself.
3 No 29th 1932 Went out to see a couple of Dr about work, not very encouraging, wrote to Lucy to cash me a check for $50.00. Started to read “Quexed” byHarrison. Good. Callers nearly every day.
Nov 30th 1932 Wed Beautiful day—ate something that did not agree with me, up three times in the night oldI think, just rested and read.
Dec 1 1932 Started out ate dressed in my uniform thought that right! Bring me luck did not find one Dr in. Callers in the afternoon and a good time upstairs with the Millers
4 Dec 2nd Got some good steak felt I must have a god meal. Felt terribly empty. Put an add in the paper began to read “Body Mind and Spirit” by Marshall Jones don’t think much of it.
Dec 3—1932 Went to town and bought Hattie bunch of artificial flowers for her birthday, dusted up the house and washed out a few things Miss Van Kleek called with flowers and Mrs Murdock handkerchief and cookies & ice cream, wrote to Harriet & Lucy, and the bank.
Dec 4—Hatties Birthday Went to “Christ’s Church” lovely service, Dr Cummings 33rd year there afternoon went to hear Evangeline Booth, very fine Dr Cummens brought flowers I got ice cream and Hattie had a good time, after tea Mrs Miller brought down lovely refreshments—cake & desert.
5 Dec 5th 1932 Started out for work to see the Doctors, Dr Brown not so good, only works with the poor, no money in that, thought I had better begin to help the poor. Dr Rogers not in, Dr Wooley a woman Dr full of encouragement. Finished “Queed”. And wrote to Elsie.
Dec 6th 1932 Bought 6 Christmas cards and material to mend my coat lining. Washed curtains.
Dec 7th 1932 Lined my coat read a lot of papers & etc.
Dec 7th 1932 Wednesday Just stayed in and fixed up Lucys bag read
Dec 8—Thursday 1932 Went down to the stores and looked around at pretty things—content not to buy as I have no money—just 10 cards 1 cent each—bought Hattie some candy 3cts and treated myself to a good meal sandwich can never keep well on the little food I have at Hatties table, thank goodness in all my life before I have had enough to eat
Dec 9th 1932 Brought home fish and Hattie surely likes good things to eat al right when I buy them. Went for a long walk and called on Mrs Flewellin such a nice woman, then her son brought me back
7 10th Tidied up the house and made a pudding sent cards to Lill, Betty Mildred, Mrs Fuller. Harriet, Flo, Louie, Edith Margaret Wrote to Mrs Anderson, Mrs Gill and Nona.
11th Sunday Went to Church very cold, good sermon, just read and listened to Hattie read.
12 Washed off marks on White painting and got some more food.
13th 1932 Tuesday Went to town and looked around, Oh dear if only Harriet would write to me more often—poor dear I fear she is worried.
8 Dec 14th 1932 Went for a walk—read and fixed my tan dress too short so let it down Then in the evening went to see and hear “Helen Keller” she was wonderful. Never have I enjoyed anything so much in my life. Blind, deaf & dumb but Oh!!! Such a face so full of the beautiful thoughts that are within her soul.
Dec 15—1932 I got Lucy to cash a check for ten dollars and it came in her letter, so went to town and got some little things for the children, beads for Lucy and slippers for Harriet and silk undies for both. Had a good time getting them.
9 Dec 16th 1932 Got the packages all fixed up prettily, ribbon & everything and tried to get Hattie interested in them—but only when I am doing things for her is he interested. Sent cards to Flo Hurt, Mrs Anders Miss Fuller, Mrs Kibber Lill, Mildred, Isabel Grant and Queeney.
Dec 17th 1932 Sent off letters and cards to Louie Hurt Mrs Thomas Mrs Gilpatric, Mrs [blank] Nona, Margaret & Betty E.
10 Dec 18th 1932 Went to church—good sermon, Dr Cummens--and at night went to the Candle Service at the church—beautiful.
Dec 19th Bought material for aprons and dish towels, for Hattie and cut them out bought a lot of groceries.
Dec 20th 1932 Went to call on Mrs Murdock across the street, took her a card from Hattie. Mrs Miller wishes to go up stairs to dinner on Christmas day.
Dec 20th 1932 Called on Mrs Rourke wrote to Martha and Elsie and got some wreathes.
11 Dec 22nd 1932 Box came form Elsie for Hattie & me also Harrietts box came finished [unreadable] read life of Hellen Keller washed Hatties Hair a big job done.
Dec 23—1932 Bought food—or I would starve. Sent a card to Carry Higgins and Mrs Lambert. Cleaned up the house
Dec 24-- Christmas Eve. Made a pudding and fixed up the kitchen then in the evening opened the boxes Lucy Harrett were lovely, dear babies made candy sent me lots of pretty things Elsie canned goods I was pretty blue
12 Christmas day 1932 Got up early and went to church 7-30 cold had breakfast and washed my hair, and curled it—then at one thirty—went up to the Millers to dinner, lovely dinner and lovely time, took them up some little bags, Hattie got tired of course and I brought her down then I went up alone while she rested. Then we had tea together.
Dec 26-1932- Went to call on Mrs Fluelling—had such a good time tea and everything.
Dec 27- Took a long walk up College hill, and slept all afternoon.
13 Dec 28—1932 Fixed up my old black & white dress and washed it with other things. Did over Hatties dress too.
Dec 29th 1932 Did shopping food—and a long walk got a letter from Mrs Anderson, with a dollar for Harriett Cards from Flo Hurt, Lucy ten dollars in a beautiful card from Maud—cards from Arthur Hurt—Nona, Mabel Grant—Queeney, lovely picture of “Kibee” family
Dec 30 1932 Bank book and old checks from Bank—in L. A., letters from Lucy & Harriet.
14 Dec 31st 1932 Went to town—bought Lucy a card and sent it in her little pac—New Years Eve—the sadest day of all the year when my dear Lucy married, I felt I had lost nearly everything I had in the world---If only, I was sure she was happy, Oh!! How I still do miss her.
Jan 1—1933-- Beautiful sunny day—after a week of cloudy weather, did our usual reading how tired I do get of these ever lasting Diaries all about the everyday things of life—that I would not think of again, but anything Hattie does or ever has done even cooking a boiled potato is of course is more wonderful than anything else in the world. Poor old thing I suppose she will go on just comfortably till the end, with everyone lording to her—and she does not deserve it. I went to church heard Dr. Cummings preach a good sermon, he said we are filled with emotional Complexes, which have put mankind into a sort of “Slump. as a result of too much luxury living, played too much, after dinner went upstairs, and had a good time with the Millers, beautiful roses from Martha for us both first word from her much to her disgrace. I think she could have at least written to her Aunt.
16 Jan 2—1933 Cleaned up the house and dressed in my uniform started out to see the Drs—not much luck, they all think they should employ their own nurses so many of them need work of course I can their point too—but I too need work—tho I am not hungry. Wrote to Lucy and told her I should have to start back home next month. Started to read “ Penny Plain ” by Douglas.
Jan 3 1933 Went to town and bought some material for a skirt—95 cts—and cut it out. Wrote to Harriett
17 Jan 4 1933 Went upstairs and stitched up my skirt and finished it don’t know what I would do without the Millers they are so good to me Hattie is so envious whenever I leave her—its pathetic.
Jan 5-1933 Went for a long walk the weather is beautiful, took a long nap after dinner then went out and got food, some good steak I should be ill to eat only potatoes, bread sugar, and butter that is all Hattie lives on.
Jan 6th 1933 Love my book . Went to town callers in the afternoon.
18 Jan 7th 1933 Washed my hair, cleaned up the house bought things for salad—and Oh! What would I give to be home and get hold of my piano I [went] upstairs to play bridge—lovely ice cream and cake. Had a good time.
Jan 8th 1933 Sunday 29 years since my dear husbands death can it be possible? Did not go to church, he was needed so much in this world and still he had to go. Went at night to Prespeterian Church —after wrote to Nona and Mrs “, Lizzy Smiths daughter—said my prayers and went to bed.
19 Jan 9th 1933 Wrote to Junior & Lucy. Started to read “Benefits received” by Alice Grant Rosina. Went for a long walk weather beautiful—wrote to Lucy to cash me a check for [10] dollars.
Jan 10-1933 Went upstairs and made a good cake—white layer chocolate frosting, call in afternoon from Mrs Roeg and bridge at night upstairs,--I had luck.
Jan 11th 1932 Went for a walk got some food. Nap—and just rested with Hattie began Complete Poems of Emily Dickensons up late
Jan 12 1933 I got Lucy to cash me a check for three dollars am going to make it last a long time. Dressed in my uniforms and tried the Dr office again—do wish I could get work. Washed my curtains and bought some food.
20 Jan 13th Friday Mrs Miller came home from seeing the Dr all excited had to go to the hospital and have an operation on her side, so I helped her get ready, phoned for a taxie and took her there, stayed with her till she got settled then walked home with her boy Billy. Read & Mended and listened to Hattie read old diaries so tired of them—but as long as she is reading of herself she is happy so guess she will have to keep it up
21 Jan 14th 1933 Went upstairs to help Miss [blank] get things ready for her sister, she is coming home today side better after being opened up and drained. Made things for them to eat and brought custard down to Hattie.
Jan 15th 1933 Sunday Went to the Holy Comforter heard Rev Mr Bule preach, a good Sermon, but—do not like such high church service, brought ice cream home to Hattie and Mrs Miller, visited them in the afternoon and went for a walk love my book
Jan 15th 1933 Cashed a check Dividend for Hattie and paid her phone bill. Brought two books from the library “Kennelworth” I am reading.
22 Jan 16th 1933 Mended and tidied up and in the afternoon spent a delightful time with Mrs Roak and her sister Miss [blank] We looked at photos from Kennelworth and of the lakes. Lovely time—tea & cakes.
Jan 17 1933 Very cold and rainy still went for a walk to see Mrs Fluelling—her boy was ill—so I took her some grapes. Then did some shopping—food--.
Jan 18 1933 Still rainy and disagreeable—upstairs two hours playing piano and having a good time. I don’t know what I would do without Mrs Miller and her sister.
23 Jan 19—1932 Went to town just to look around and to the library—am so upset because I don’t hear from Harriett—I don’t know why she can’t write as Lucy does,--always make me wondering how things are.
Jan 19—1933 Got so worried about not hearing from Harriett I started out and went to a show—[blank] then took a car ride
Jan 20 1933 Cleaned up the house did some washing and went upstairs
24 Jan 21 1933 The weather is beautiful today so went for a long walk and finished my book.
Jan 22 1933 Sunday I don’t know what I would do without my little calendar that Dorothy sent me—I love it. Just stayed in and washed my hair and read—Hattie and I went upstairs, I played my composition, and Mrs Miller played and sang—Trees and “I love you” beautiful talked of her new organ position and interfiew with the reporter.
Jan 23 1933 Letter from Mrs Glascock Nona—went to the Hospital “St Francis” no chance of work there, don’t think I will ever get work here. Will just have to plan to go home where I have “friends and then be able to get work—went upstairs and studied a “bridge” book. Am getting to discouraged. Hope for a letter from Harriet today—that all is well at home.
25 Jan 24 1932 Letter from Harriett & Lucy—all is well dear letters from the children too. Went to town, bought shoes $2.95 put an add in the paper, bought food and ice cream for Billy and all upstairs.
Jan 25th 1932 Walked for an hour and stopped off at Mrs [unreadable]—had a nice visit with her—after dinner went to the library—stopped to read a book on rheumatism as my knee has been paining me again, changed my book Kennelworth for works of “Voltaire”—began “Candide” and a book “Queen Anne’s Lace” by “Frances Parkinson Keyes. Had a call to take care of an old lady, not to decide till tonight.
26 Jan 26th 1933 Went upstairs and played on the piano for an hour then for a walk, saw about Hatties gass bill and got a book on “rheumatism” from the library—knee still bad.
27th 1933 Called on Mrs Roak then she came back with me and we had ice cream, of course I have to pay for all these things but Hattie enjoys them. Sent for another five dollars from Lucy—she cashes my checks for me, played bridge upstairs.
27 28th 1932 Went for a long walk. Rheumatism better—very cold weather—but enjoy walking anything to be out of doors went to town in afternoon bought paper, envelopes, stamps and food. Mrs Bedil came down in the evening and Mrs Van Kleak called.
Jan 29 1933 Sunday Went to St Andrews Church and heard Mrs Miller play—a good sermon we had too. Finished my book on Rheumatism. Love a new book “Queen Annes Lace” by Frances Parkinson Keyes
28 Jan 30 1933 Went for a long walk and called on Mrs Murdock across street, made a large pudding and took some upstairs.
Jan 31st 1932 Oh Joy!! When I got home from my walk I found a call from Dr Lord Smith to go and nurse a patient at night just a block away—beautiful house—Mrs Barnes “Stroke”
Feb 1st Had a good night not sleepy at all—got home 7,30 got breakfast, bath and to bed, slept till 4 PM then went out got food—had dinner and to work again.
Feb 2 Patient very bad—so moved her to the hospital may have another stroke the Dr thinks. Only hope I shall have another case soon.
29 Feb 3rd Feel so well I started out to see the Dr again. Bought food Mrs Roeg called in the afternoon and played bridge at night.
Feb 4th Mended and cleaned house—did some cooking homesick for a letter from Harriett, why does she not write more often? Spent the evening upstairs playing bridge nice refreshments.
Feb 5th 1933 Sunday So cold. Did not go out all—read the “Lesson for the Day” and “Lost Ecstasy” Benelord then music and supper upstairs
30 Feb 6th 1932 Dorothy’s birthday did not think of it in time so sent her a wire, “Have a happy birthday Dorothy dear, and God bless you all the years” for her first Telegram and I hope she will put it into a “scrapbook.”
Feb 7th 1933 The woman came to clean at three oclock I went with Mrs Roke to the “Tuesday Club”, a club Hattie was a member of for years, is more an “Honorary Member” I met so many delightful ladies. Mrs Hinkley, Mrs Dutcher and Mrs Sweeney formerly from Morenca. Miss Flannigan talked on “The Theatre” very good. Then we had tea, and such a good time.
31 Feb 8th 1933 Very cold 8 above—but went for a walk to get food then in the Evening went to the Dutch Reformed church with Mrs Miller to hear an Organ Recital, fine and a most Glorious singer “Sue Harvard,” a truly great Singer. “Hear My Prayers” & "Open the Gates of the Temple She is the soloist in a church in New York on 5th Ave.
Feb 9th 1933 A letter from Harriett at last—all well at home so I feel better, one from Lucy, Junior has the Mumps what next!! Took a long walk and finished my book “Raw Material”—Dorothy Caulfield am still reading “Dante”.
1 Feb 10th Still cold—streets just glass have hard work keeping on my feet. But must get out. Got some wool and began a shawl to keep me warm when I work nights don’t like to do such work for myself, can work on it when Hattie reads her old diaries, I get so tired of them, she is only happy when she is talking about herself and her Diary are all about herself.
Feb 11th Sent the children Valentines and letters all three, snowing hard but I like it went to the library, then to call on Mrs Roeg.
Sunday Feb 12 1933 Went to the Dutch Reform church just to hear the music of course I do not like the service—tho the sermon was good by Dr Jones Felt however that I had been to a sort of entertainment instead of church. In the afternoon went for a walk and then finished my book “The Bargain Tree” no good—waste of time.
2 Feb 13 1933 Still cold—a call from Mrs Sweeney—lived in "Morenay" years ago had a good visit with her talking over all that country when I had such a good time with Peggy eight years ago.
Feb 14-- Went to the Library hungry for something real good to read so got George Hellman’s life of “Washington Irving” know I shall love it. Also got “The Woman who Make our Novels” by Grant Overton. Upstairs and played piano
3 Feb 15 1933 Cleaned up house, fixed Hatties dresses—then in afternoon called on Mrs Fluelling, had such a good time, love my book—Washington Irving
Feb 16th 1933 Went for a long walk and at night went upstairs for bridge.
Feb 17th 1932 Went to town sent a message by wire to William Evans to be delivered tomorrow his wedding day.
4 Feb 18th 1933 Cleaned up the house read call from Mrs Ohldmain. Wrote a long letter to Maud & T.
Feb 19 1933 Sunday Went to Christs Church heard Dr Cummons preach an excellent sermon, reading Hatties old diaries nothing of interest in them so are very tiresome, “Getting up in the Morning” weather fine & etc but if she is reading and talking about herself that’s all she wants. But I get tired of it. Must get started home, am enjoying Washington Irving so much Heard a good sermon at the Dutch Reform Church in the evening.
5 Feb 20th 1933 Went to see Mrs Roak had such a nice time—Miss Bedele came down in the evening.
Feb 21 1933 Did some sewing and went for a good walk bridge upstairs in the eveing.
Feb 22 1933 Good letter from Harriett only they are still hard up I let her have five dollars—poor dear. Invited to a lively “Washington ” Party at the D.A.R. Lovely time.
Feb 23 1933 Went with Mrs Roke to help make dressings for the [blank] and to hear organ Recital Richard Wagner was born at Lepsic May 22 1813 died Feb 13 1883. Mr Baird organist very good, but not up to Wagner. Overture & love song good “March of the Holy Grail” not so good nor “Ride of the Valkaries”
6 Feb 24th 1933 Beautiful day—went for a walk bought goods for night gown—came home and made it.
Feb 25th Cleaned up the house and washed the windows—went with Mrs Fleming to a beautiful party given at the City Club—heard her son Larry give such an excellent talk upon the “Indians”. Finished my two books Granite clay and Irving. Mended.
7 Feb 26 1933 Sunday It is snowing hard, so did not go to church in all day and what a lazy day it was, got so tired of “diaries”
Feb 27 Went to the library got two books “My Musical Life” “Walter Damrosch”. And “Sketch book”. Got a check cashed for Hattie, 100.00 all to be paid out for rent and house expenses but not food, she should not live so extravegently but who can tell her anything.
Feb 28 1933 Snowing again—went for a long walk and stepped in to see Mrs Boeg—had a good visit with her—and said Goodbye.
8 March 1st 1933 Ash Wednesday Went to church heard such a good Sermon by Dr Flemmings “Should like to hear all his “Lenton Services but will enjoy being with Lucy through lent. Told Hattie I must leave her next Tuesday. I know she will miss me but it can’t be helped, I must earn my living.
March 2nd 1933 Went for a long walk my knee is less tired each time I take a walk and I seldom am kept awake with it. Long letter from Lucy--
March 3rd Rested all day and mended old clothes. Played on piano upstairs.
9 March 4 1933 Great day= “Inauguration of President” Franklin D. Roosevelt. Heard it all over the Radio upstairs. Then in the afternoon Mrs Oldman took me to visit the D.A.R. lots of interesting things there, at night bridge upstairs—I won the prize tho I didn’t win it—they gave me one as a parting gift they have been so good to me.
March 5th 1933 Went to church at 11am Read and rested the afternoon Mrs van Klech called.
10 Monday March 6th 1933 Changed library Books called on Mrs Cannon in her new house, tea and a delicious cake
March 7th 1933 So disappointed to find the Banks all closed, wanted to leave for Detroit today can’t get any money so must stay till can, Lucy will be so disappointed that I cannot be with her on her birthday, I wrote her not to worry—my eyes seem strained so cannot read just now—so—walk and get the air and hope!!!
March 8th 1933 Banks still closed do not feel like doing one thing but wait—wait—wait, faced up, and played bridge upstairs in the evening
11 March 9th Banks still closed Terrible wind all night and still blowing, spent the last cent I have on food.
March 10th 1933 Found the Banks are open to supply emergency funds so Aunt Hattie said she would give me twenty dollars so I can start out and spend my birthday with Lucy. Packed and got all ready but found there was no buss connections—so must wait till tomorrow. Enjoyed my last evening with Hattie.
12 March 11 1933 Started off to catch the 8-45 train for . It was hard to say goodbye to Hattie, the Millers all came down to see me off, they have been so kind, Oh dear Terrible Earthquake in California—Long Beach and all Los Angeles—Shall I go on??—yes! I had better—hope all is well with Harriet & them all and my little house of course is the least consideration hope it is not smashed to pieces—had to wait an hour in New York, one thirty started off road all night by way of the Grayhound Buss through Summersville, Allentown, Harrisburg, Lewistown, Duncanville, Blairsville, Pittsburgh. Stayed over an hour and left there at 8 A M on
13 March 12th 1933 Did not sleep at all so am tired such a birth I did have only wish could hear that all is well “but no news is good news”. I left orders with the “Western Union” to catch me on the buss at one of the stations on the way but no news. Arrived at 6__45 P. M. Lucy and Charles met me at the Depot. And she had waited to celebrate my birthday. Nice cake and everything. Dear girl—she certainly is the very best daughter but if I had only heard from Harriet, that all was well
14 March 13th 1933 Thank goodness, a letter from Harriett at last—she was terribly upset from the shock, but no one hurt. I was so tired that I did not get up till ten Oclock and rested the rest of the day.
March 14th 1933 Helped a little with the work.
March 15th 1933 Charlie took us for a long ride out in the country, got some fresh eggs. I made an apple pie for dinner
March 16th 1933 Mended and read and enjoyed Junior.
15 March 17th 1933 We did the work up together and had such a good visit
March 18th 1933 Made a cake then we went to town to a show Lucy, Junior, and I went to see Constance Bennett in [blank] then we had dinner down town, such a good time we did have.
March 19th 1933 [blank]
16-24 [blank]