Return to Decatur Co.: 1897

Jan 1, 1897 Ringed 10 sows. Hauled feed to beds sows. Cold.
Jan 2 Cold & high N. wind. Bro. Long came. Done chores.
Jan 3 Sunday went to meeting  morn & night. Butchered 2 hogs. Fine nights.
Jan 4 Done chores & went to meeting at nights to 18th.
Jan 18 Bro. Long & Willie Carns went home. Washed.
Jan 19 Cut wood. Herded cattle. Done chores. Traded Mary off for Jerry.
Jan 20 Cut wood. Herded cattle. Warm & fine.
Jan 21 Cut wood. Done chores. Hens are so fat they are dying. Warm & fine.
Jan 22 Made kettle hominy. Cut wood. Warm.
Jan 23 Hauled load wood. Done chores. Cold wind from north in eve.
Jan 24 Sunday at home all day. Cold & disagreeable.
Jan 25 Cold. 8 deg below zero. Done chores.
Jan 26 Washed forenoon. Cloudy & cold. [Essies note “I remember so well father setting in his rocking chair and holding a couple of we smaller children on his lap and singing such songs as Little Brown Jug, Nellie Gray, Tenting tonight etc”.]
Jan 27 Put out clothes. Coldest this winter. 10 below zero.
Jan 28 Went to Jennings. Took horses to sell. Cold.
Jan 29 Done chores. Cold. Split posts. Mr. Cramer here.
Jan 30 Finished hauling sorgum from S. field. Mr. Cramer here.
Jan 31 Went to 1st social meeting here. Mr. Cramer here.
Feb 1, 1897 Washed. Took butter to Allison in eve.
Feb 2 Done chores. Hauled manure.
Feb 3 Hauled 2 loads manure. Done chores.
Feb 4 Hauled manure. Done chores.
Feb 5 Went to Jennings. Got load coal for school. Got skates for children.
Feb 6 I and Roy hauled manure and wood.
Feb 7 Sunday all went to quarterly meeting.
Feb 8 I and Hattie went to Munson Bros. funeral. (These boys drowned at Jennings).
Feb 9 Washed forenoon. Cut wood. Herded cattle.
Feb 10 Colder. Herded and made fence around oat stacks. Snowing at night.
Feb 11 Colder. Herded and made fence. Done chores. I trimmed grape vines.
Feb 12 Trimmed apple trees. Nice day. Herded cattle.
Feb 13 I and Roy hauled 3 loads manure. Mulched currants & apple trees.,
Feb 14 Sunday all went to social meeting. Snow from south. Walter Steele came at night and said Aunt Leona Fathers sister died. I went and stayed till morning.
Feb 15 We went to Sister Leonas funeral and burying. Nice day.
Feb 16 Washed forenoon. Done chores. Cleaned house.
Feb 17 Fixed fence between I and Mr. Terrills. Harrowed stalks in S. field.
Feb 18 Harrowed stalks. Traded colts to Cooks for horses.
Feb 19 Made hen nests. Went to Willies. Jim Kline here in eve. Nice day.
Feb 20 Hung meat. Hauled rock and sod on dam. Raked and burned stalks P. M.
Feb 21 Sunday commenced snowing hard. Went to Bro. Johnsons. Quit snowing.
Feb 22 Washed. Done chores. Went to Allison eve.
Feb 23 Mr. Cramer cut wood. Mrs. Cramer and Hertie here. Nice day.
Feb 24 Done chores. Cut wood. Brought Dick horse.
Feb 25 Went to Jennings. Drove Frank and Queen. Sold 14 hogs at 3 cts. lb.
Feb 26 Took 7 hogs to Jennings. 1720 lbs. We got Huey clothes. Roy had tooth pulled. Got calf and pig of cook.
Feb 27 I, Roy & Huey took 7 hogs to Jennings.
Feb 28 Cold N. E. wind. Fred Cook & wife here.
Mar 1, 1897 Cloudy & cold. Did not wash.
Mar 2 Put out clothes. Went Johnsons. Done chores.
Mar 3 Mr. Mrs. Johnson here. Done chores.
Mar 4 Went tried to sell Mullin place to Stanfast.
Mar 5-6 C. Johnson here. Cold wind and rain.
Mar 7 Went to Willies. Nice & warm.
Mar 8 Plowed by road. Washed. Nice & clear.
Mar 9 Plowed all day. Very tired.
Mar 10 Finished by road. Tired. Ground getting dry.
Mar 11 Went to Jennings. Took butter.
Mar 12 Went to Johnson. Got harrow. Finished backsetting by stable.
Mar 13 Snowed last night and forenoon. Set posts around pasture.
Mar 14 Sun. Willie & children here. Mr. Johnsons here. Cold.
Mar 15 Washed morn. Plowed S. of creek. Chilly.
Mar 16 Plowed most of day. Mrs. Cook here. Rained in eve.
Mar 17 Went to Lenora. Got looking glass, Wallpaper and paint. Hot.
Mar 18 Set posts on Smith land. Plowed P. M. Warm.
Mar 19 Finished plowing S. of creek. Rolled up wire. Johnsons here.
Mar 20 I and Roy went to Jennings. Got Roy coat. Hat, etc. $3.80
Mar 21 Sunday big snow storm from N. E. Deepest yet.
Mar 22 Washed and white washed kitchen ceiling.
Mar 23 Teacher here last night. Papered kitchen. Bossies calf came. Curley had 8 red pigs. Wet.
Mar 24 Put border on kitchen. White washed pantry. Went to store $6.00 in trade.
Mar 25 Johnsons here. Painted tin roof. Clear & warm.
Mar 26 Hauled manure. Hattie cleaned house. Mrs. Cramer here.
Mar 27 Set out gooseberries pie plant etc.
Mar 28 Sun. Organized S. S. Mrs. F. Cook Supt. Nice day.
Mar 29 Set out cedars. Planted 12 rows. Chic potatoes . Big rain in eve.
Mar 30 High S. wind. Planted potatoes.
Mar 31 Plowed piece by mill dam. Assessor here. To exhibition at night.
Apr 1, 1897 Made posts. Divided fence between I and Terril.
Apr 2 Fixed division in hog shed. Bad storm.
Apr 3 Rained last night. Snowing today.
Apr 4 Sun. Sam Smiths all came. All went to S. S.
Apr 5 I took Mr. Smith to Jennings. Got washing machine, wire, etc.
Apr 6 Fixed fence. Took posts to Johnsons. Rained.
Apr 7 Cold on stock. Rained all day from N. E.
Apr 8 Cool. Fixed fence on bottom.
Apr 9 Put in alfalfa P. M. Nice & warm.
Apr 10 Sowed alfalfa N. of house.


[The period from Apr 11, 1897 – April 18 1904 are from Essie Logan’s diary]